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()(). 150 . 120 . (, 115 ) :(, 30 ) ( 5 ; 1.5 , 7.5 ) 5 .Ƨ, A,B,C ., 10 ۧ. . :What is the man going to read? A.A newspaper. B.A magazine. C.A book. A. 1.Where did this conversation most probably take place? A.At the airport. B.At the post office. C.On the train. 2.Why do the man and the woman decide to take the underground? A.It's direct. B.It's cheap. C.It's fast. 3.How much does the woman weigh now? A.145 pounds. B.140 pounds. C.135 pounds. 4.What is the disadvantage of Professor Smith's class? A.Uninteresting lectures. B.Difficult test questions. C.Too many students. 5.For what class hasn't the man prepared? A.Biology. B.Chemistry. C.English. ( 10 ; 1.5 , 15 ) 4 .Ƨާ, A,B,C ., 5 ., 5 .. 6 , 6 7 . 6.For what reason is the woman making the phone call? A.Changing an appointment. B.Canceling an appointment. C.Making an appointment. 7.Why will the woman call next week? A.Because she is away all week. B.Because she hasn't made up her mind yet. C.Because she hasn't brought her diary with her. 7 , 8 9 . 8.What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? A.Strangers. B.Neighbours. C.Friends. 9.When should they get there? A.At 8:30. B.At 9:30. C.At 10:00. 8 , 10 12 . 10.Where would the man prefer to live?
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A.Near the university. B.Near the train station. C.Nowhere in the city. 11.How many apartments is the man interested in? A.2. B.3. C.4. 12.What should the man pay if he decides to rent an apartment? A.The rent only and nothing else. B.Some money for possible damage only. C.The money for the rent and possible damage. 9 , 13 15 . 13.What is the most probable occupation of the speaker? A.Manager of a company. B.Professor of a university. C.Engineer of a company. 14.What is the speaker most likely to talk about next? A.Technology. B.The consumer market abroad. C.Targets for the coming year. 15.What has been increased most? A.Profits. B.Results in the market. C.The whole sale. ( 5 ; 1.5 , 7.5 ) , 16 20 ,., 20 , 60 .. . Information about the ski trip Name Destination. Date of Departure Things he will take Bob 16 17 9th ski jacket a 18 ski hat a sweater. the red 19 brown gloves Made in Italy Color:Blue It is worth $

Details of the swimming suit



:(,45 ) ( 15 ; 1 , 15 ) A,B,C,D ,, . :It's so nice to hear from her again. , we last met more than thirty years ago. A.What's more B.That's to say C.In other words D.Believe it or not D. 21.Steven's exam results put him the top ten students in his grade. A.among B.between 22.Ballet is amazing; you go ,you are likely to find yourself going again and again. B.once C.unless D.while 23.Both of the sofas they ordered online arrived, but fit through the doorway.
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A.none B.nor C.neither D.either 24.If transport costs into consideration at the beginning , the factory would have been built far from its present place. A.will be taken B.were taken C.had been taken D.were being taken 25.What do you think about dress in the shop window? Oh, it's beautiful. You may give it to Linda as birthday present. A.a; a B.the ;a C.a ;the D.the ;the 26.The girls a game called Bomb happily when the teacher suddenly entered the classroom. A.played B.were playing C.are playing D.had played 27.Why are you staring at me? You look stupid! The way you wear is annoys most. A.which B.where D.what 28. the two designs ,and you will find what problem there is with yours. A.Comparing B.Compared C.To compare D.Compare 29.I need to call my friend David coat I walked off by mistake yesterday. whose that C.with which D.with her 30. Three times in a row ,the boxer decided to give up fighting. A.Having defeated B.To have defeated C.Having been defeated D.To have been defeated 31.Daniel, you into things . How can anyone be so clumsy? A.always knock B.are always knocking C.always look D.are always looking 32.I did very well in the English exam last week. I did . I got a full mark. better B.not better worse D.even worse 33.When can I get my car back? I think it sometime later today. Give me a call around 3 o'clock. A.will be finished B.finishes C.will finish D.will be finishing 34.China is known greatly in terms of its cultural values over the past few years. change B.having changedC.changing have changed 35.Mary was only too ready to help others, seldom, , refusing them when they turned to him. A.if never B.if not C.if anyD.if ever ( 20 ; 1.5 , 30 ) ,, A,B,C,D ,, . Nearly two decades has passed , I still remember my favourite professor, James Sehwartz. Whenever he smiles ,it's as if you'd just been told the funniest joke on earth .Almost all his students are his friends, and almost all his students know his life story. When James was a teenager ,his father 36 him to a fur factory where he worked . This was during the Great Depression. The 37 was to get James a job. He entered the factory ,and immediately felt as if the 38 had closed in around him. The room was dark and hot , the windows covered with dust, and the 39 were packed tightly
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together ,running like trains. The fur hairs were flying , 40 a thickened air ,and the workers, 41 the pieces of fur together , were bent over their needles 42 the boss marched up and down the rows ,searching for them to go faster .James could hardly 43 . He stood next to his father ,frozen with fear ,hoping the boss wouldn't 44 at him , too. During lunch break ,his father took James to the boss and pushed him in front of him, 45 if there was any work for his son. But 46 there was barely enough 47 for the adult labours ,for no one would give it up once he takes a job. Thus , for James, it was a 48 . He hated the place. He made a 49 that he kept to the end of his like: he would never do any work that brought 50 to someone else ,and he would never allow himself to 51 money off the seat of others. "What will you do?" his mother , Eva , would ask him. "I don't know," he 52 say. He ruled out law ,because he didn't like 53 , and he ruled out medicine , because he couldn't take the 54 of blood. "What will you do?" 55 , my best professor I ever had became he thought it was the job not to hurt anybody. 36.A.sent B.took C.carried D.admitted 37.A.situation B.condition C.idea D.way 38.A.lights B.doors C.chances D.walls 39.A.goods B.workers C.machines D.vehicles 40.A.creating B.sending C.taking D.disturbing 41.A.collecting B.pulling C.drawing D.sewing B.after C.if D.though 43.A.breathe B.see C. walk D.hear 44.A.attack B.scold C.rush D.scream 45.A.doubting B.questioning C.asking D.demanding 46.A.also B.still C.yet D.even 47.A.time C.officeD.occupation 48.A.comforting B.regretting C.blessing D.forgiving 49.A.request B.promise C.plan D.arrangement 50.A.harm B.injury C.damage D.inconvenience C.make D.let 52.A.should B.would C.could D. might 53.A.police B.lawyers C.judges D.government 54.A.sight B.feel C.sense D.scenery 55.A.Generally B.Luckily C.EventuallyD.Basically :(,40 ) : ( 15 ; 2 , 30 ) , A,B,C,D ,, . A STUDY CENTER COURSES From Paragraph to essay Of particular relevance to students who wish to improve their organizational
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skills and who feel that their final product is never clear enough. Thursday 10:0012:00 Kiran Singh Source Material How do you gather information for a project or paper? A practical course which looks at sources of information and how to use cataloguing systems. Monday 10:0011 :00 Kiran Singh Express Yourself An advanced course suitable for students who are about to step into organizations where they may have to voice their opinions often. Monday 12:002:00 Dave Parrin Media Use Open to all students ,this course focuses on the many ways we can benefit from the radio and television. Group projects form part of course. Tuesday 9:0011:00 Steve Ansell The Short Story A research into the world of popular writers. One story is selected for adaptation into a short play and group performance. Pre-arranged groups welcome. Thursday 11:001:30 Mrs Owen Caught for Speeding Open to all students .Simple eye exercises to help you with speed reading. How to be selective on the page . Using headings, topic sentences and paragraphs for easy access. Wednesday 11:001:00 Mrs Owen Tense about Tenses For those who worry about their use of wordsa look at tenses and other aspects of the language through poetry and song. Good voice helps but not a must. Saturday 10:0012:00 Steve Ansell 56.If a student takes the course The Short Story, he can't take . A.From Paragraph to Essay B.Tense about Tenses C.Source Material D.Media Use 57.Which of the courses can develop the students' team work? A.From Paragraph to Essay B.The Short Story C.Caught for Speedi ng D.Express Yourself 58.From where can a student read this? A.On the radio. B.On television. C.In a local newspaper. D.On a school notice board. B Eddie's father used to say he'd spent so many years by the ocean, breathing seawater .Now,
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away from that ocean ,in the hospital bed ,his body began to look like a beached fish. His condition went from fair to stable and from stable to serious .Friends went from saying , "He'll be home in a day," to "He'll be home in a week ." In his father's absence ,Eddie helped out at the pier(), working evenings after his taxi job. When Eddie was a teenager ,if he ever complained or seemed bored with the pier ,his father would shout, "What ? This isn't good enough for you?" And later ,when he'd suggested Eddie take a job there after high school ,Eddie almost laughed, and his father again s aid, "What? This isn't good enough for you ?" And before Eddie went to war , when he'd talked of marrying Marguerite and becoming an engineer ,his father said , "What? This isn't good enough for you ?" And now ,regardless of all that ,here he was ,at the pier ,doing his father's labor. Parents rarely let go of their children ,so children let go of them .They move on. They move away .It is not until much later, as the heart weakens ,that children understand ;their stories, and all their accomplishments ,sit on top of the stories of their mothers and fathers ,stones upon stones , beneath the waters of their lives. Finally ,one night , at his mother's urging ,Eddie visited the hospital .He entered the room slowly .His father ,who for years had refused to speak to Eddie ,now lacked the strength to even try. "Don't sweat it ,kid," the other workers told him. "Your old man will pull through .He's the toughest man we've ever seen." When the news came that his father had died ,Eddie felt the emptiest kind of anger ,the kind that circles in its cage. In the weeks that followed, Eddie's mother lived in a confused state . She spoke to her husband as if he were still there .She yelled at him to turn down the radio . She cooked enough food for two .One night ,when Eddie offered to help with the dishes ,she said. "Your father will put them away." Eddie put a hand on her shoulder. "Ma," he said ,softly , "Dad's gone." "Gone where?" 59.In Paragraph 4, the writer indicates that . A.Children like moving away from them parents B.Children often feel regretful because they leave their parents C.Children wouldn't have achieved so much without their parents' support D.Children can never understand how much their parents have devoted to them 60.The underlined sentence probably means " ". A.Don't give it up B.Don't worry about it C.Don't let him down D.Don't touch it 61.Which of the following shows the right order of the story? a.Eddie's father died. b.Eddie worked as a taxi driver. c.Eddie married Marguerite. d.Eddie was bored with his father's job. A.baed B.deab C.beda D.deba 62.From the last part of the passage ,we learn that . A.Eddie's mother liked to l isten to the radio B.Eddie often helped his mother wash the dishes C.Eddie and his wife lived in his mother's apartment
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D.Eddie's mother missed her husband so much that she was at a loss C Are you a problem shopper? The answer is "Yes" , if you or someone else thinks that you sometimes get carried away with shopping .In other words ,do you or does someone else think you are occupied in extreme shopping ? If people have regrets later about their shopping , or have an "out-of-control" feeling about the quantities of what they buy or the amount of credit they use , they may be considered to be problem shoppers. Extreme shopping can lead to a more serious problem Caddictive shopping . Addictive shoppers feel driven by the desire to shop and spend money . They experience great tension which drives them to shop and spend money and they feel a "rush" during the time they are occupied with the shopping activity. Extreme or addictive shopping may result from long-time unpleasant feelings, of which anxiety ,pain and shame are common ones,. When we feel bad inside ,we often do something to make ourselves feel better . In this case ,we often go shopping . A few people shop to relieve their boredom or emptiness .For some people ,the motivation is a desire for status ,power ,beauty or success .Some love to shop as it makes them feel valued in the eyes of the shop assistants .Others shop simply because it makes them forget , at least temporarily , tension ,fear or unhappiness in their life. Besides ,shopping malls are designed to encourage continual shopping . For instance ,there are some malls where you can't see clocks displaying the time because they don't want you to become too aware of the time you spend there .What's more ,food courts, coffee shops and restrooms are provided ,so you don't have to leave the mall because of your physical needs. Therefore ,once you become aware of how market forces work ,you will certainly come to control your shopping behavior .For example ,how much time you will spend an d what areas you will visit can be decided before you enter the mall. Keep a written account of what items you will buy and how much money you will spend . Make a plan for what you are going to buy before you feel the urge to shop and then stick to it . That is vital for gaining self0control. 63.Which of the following people may not be problem shoppers? A.Those who cannot control the amount of credit they use. B.Those who just walk around the shopping malls. C.Those who are occupied in too much shopping. D.Those who feel sorry for their shopping. 64.According to the passage, what may not result in addictive shopping? A.The awareness of how market forces work. B.The desire for status ,power ,beauty or success. C.Boredom, emptiness ,tension ,fear or unhappiness in people's life. D.Long-time bad feelings of anxiety ,pain and shame. 65.What does the author suggest to control our shopping behaviour? A.Never going to the shopping malls because there are many tricks. B.Applying for a credit card before we go shopping. C.Making the shopping time as short as possible. D.Making a shopping list before we go shopping. 66.The author writes this passage to .
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A.inform the shopping malls how to attract more shoppers B.provide solutions to the problem shopping. C.scold the problem shoppers D.tell a shopping story D Unusual incidents are being reported across the Arcitc. Inuit()families going off on snowmobiles to prepare their summer hunting camps have found themselves cut off from home by a sea of mud .There are also reports of sea ice breaking up earlier than usual, carrying seals beyond the reach of hunters. Climate change may still be a rather abstract idea to most of us ,but in the Arctic it is already having great effects Cif summertime ice continues to shrink at its present rate ,the Arctic Ocean could soon become almost ice-free in summer .The knock Con effects are likely to include more warming, cloudier skies ,and higher sea levels .Scientists are increasingly eager to find out what's going on in the Arctic. For the Inuit the probkm is mgent. They live in unsteady baiance with one of the toughest environments on earth. Climate change, whatever its causes, is a direct danger to their way of life. Nobody knows the Arctic as well as the locals, which is why they are not content simply to stand back and let outsider experts tell them what's happening. In Canada, where the Inuit people are trying hard to guard their hard-won autonomy in the country's newest land, Nunavut, they believe their best hope of survival in this changing environment lies in combining their ancestral knowledge with the best of modern science. This is challenge in itself. The Canadian Arctic is a vast , treeless polar desert that's covered with snow for most of the year. Adventure into this area and you get some idea of the hardships facing anyone who calls this home. Farming is out of the question and nature offers few pickings. Humans first settled in the Arctic a mere 4,500 years ago, surviving by taking advantage of sea fist. The environment tested them to the limits: sometimes the settlers were successful, sometimes they failed and disappeared. But around a thousand years ago, one group appeared that was uniquely well adapted to deal with the Arctic environment. These Thule people moved in from Alaska, bringing dogs, iron tools and the like. They are the ancestors of today's Inuit people. 67.Which of the following is not likely to be the effect of climate change? A.Shorter and shorter summertime. B.Ice-free summer around th e Arctic. C.Higher sea levels. D.More dloudy skies. 68.The Inuit people believe the solution to the climate change problem is . change their way of life use their ancestral knowledge make the best of modem science use their ancestral knowledge and modern science 69.It can be c oncluded from the last paragraph that . A.the first settlers in the Arctic survived by taking advantage of sea fish's hard to farm in the Arctic due to the climate change C.the ancestors of Inuit people stood out among the settlers D.the Thule people from Alaska invented iron tools 70.Which of the following is the best title of this passage?
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A.Climate change and the Inuit B.Climate change around the Arctic C.Global warming around the world D.The Inuit and their ancestors around the world ( 5 ; 2 , 10 ) , . . . SELF STUDY TIPS However difficult you find it to arrange your time, it will pay off in the long run if you set aside a certain part of the day for studying - and stick to it. 71 . But don't forget to make sure that you have enough left for recreational activities or simply to be "with" yourself: reading a novel or watching a television programme. As part of your weekly schedule, it is also advisable to consider exactly what you have to do in that week, and make sure that you handle the most significant tasks first. 72 . On a physical level, make sure you have an area or space for studying. 73 .If you always study in the same place, preferably a room of your own , you will find it easier to adjust mentally to the activity when you enter that area. You should have everything that you might need at hand. Make sure that all the physical equipment that you use , such as a desk, chair etc. is at good height for you. If you use a personal computer, there are plenty of guidelines available from the movement on angles, lighting and the like. 74 . If you are working on topic your teacher has set, but finding it hard to concentrate, it may be that you actually need to take your mind right off it for a period of time. 75 .After a period away from the test, having not thought about it at all, you may return to it refreshed and full of ideas. A.It's wise to leave the easier or less urgent areas of your work until later B.It's all too easy to read something and then forget where it came from C.Consult these and avoid the typical student aches and pains D. "Airing the mind"can work wonders sometimes E.Make use of equipment that is available to you F.It is best to make a weekly schedule G.Don't do it just any where (, 35 ) :(,35 ) (20 ) , ̧. , :1. 60.2.. : the Coming-of-Age ceremony auditorium

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Dear Tom, Last Friday, I took part in the Coming-of-Age Ceremony in our school, which was quite a meaningful occasion in my life. That's what we did on this special occasion. Do you have similar events in the USA? Please let me know if you do. Yours, Li ua () (15 ) ,. 50. In your spoken English class , your teacher shows you the following picture .You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.

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:(,30 ) ( 5 , 1.5 , 7.5 ) 15 ACABB ( 10 ; 1.5 , 7.5 ) 610 BCCBA 1115 ACAAC ( 5 ; 1.5 , 7.5 ) 1.5 .;, 0.5 ; . 16.Europe 17.January 19.tie 20.354 :(,45 )
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:( 15 ; 1 , 15 ) 2125 ABCCB 2630 BDDAC 3135 BCADD ( 20 ; 1.5 , 30 ) 3640 BCDCA 4145 DAADC 4650 DBCBA 5155 CBBAC :(,40 ) ( 15 ; 2 , 30 ) 5660 ABDCB 6165 DDBAD 6670 BADCA ( 5 ; 2 , 10 ) 7175 FAGCD :(,35 ) (20 ) ,: 1. 20 , 5 . 2.,,, ,. 3.:,,. 4.,,.,ա . 5. 60, 1 . ,One possible version: Dear Tom, Last Friday, I took part in the Coming-of-Age Ceremony in our school, which was quite a meaningful occasion in my life. Formally dressed, we gathered at the school auditorium at 2 pm, waiting for the great moment to come. On the stage sat our beloved teachers and some parents. At the beginning, our president and a parent delivered to us their congratulations and best wishes. We could feel both their love and expectations. Then two students, representing us, expressed our gratitude and determination to take on responsibilities. The most moving moment came when we were given the letters from parents. Tears rolled down my face as I read, recalling each memorable moment in my life and feeling the ever-lasting love from my parents. At the end of the ceremony, all of us promised to try our best, not only for ourselves as adults, but also for our families and our society. The Coming-of-Age ceremony, for me, is more than a ceremony; it is instructive lesson. That's what we did on this special occasion. Do you have similar events in the USA? Please let me know if you do. Yours, Li ua (15 ) ,: 1. 15 , 4 . 2.,,,, ,. 3.:,,,,
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,Z,. 4.,,., . 5. 50, 1 . ,One possible version: As we can see in the picture, two workers are working very hard building the railroad. When their boss comes, he is shocked to find that their tracks have failed to meet the set of tracks coming from the opposite direction. Keep your goals n mind and constantly compare what you are doing with your goals. That's what I'd like to say to the men. It is easy to get lost in the details of our lives, forgetting about the way we are heading, just like the two workers buried in their present task. If they keep on working like this, they will never achieve their goals. Make sure you are on the right track towards your goals, and you will see growth each time you make an effort. Text 1 M: Excuse me, could you please tell me if the Miami flight will be arriving on time? W: Yes, sir. It should be arriving in about 10 minutes at Hall C. M: Thanks. Text 2 M: Since it's rush hour, let's take the underground. W: OK. It's not as direct as the bus but it's faster. M: Yeah. And there will be less chance of a traffic jam. Text 3 M: Jane told me you were on a diet. W: Yes, I am. M: How much weight have you lost? W: Well, to start with, I weighed 150 pounds. The first two weeks I took off 10 pounds, but then I gained back 5 pounds over the holiday. Text 4 M: What do you think of Professor Smith's class? W: Well, his lectures are interesting enough but I think he could choose some easier questions for the tests. M: I couldn't agree more. Text 5 W: The biology class next Monday has been replaced by a chemistry class. M: That's awful. I'm not prepared for that. W: Me neither. I wish we would have an English class. Text 6 M: Lakefield's. good morning. W: Good morning. This is Diana Watson. I'm afraid I have a problem wi th my appointment next week. M: Would you please tell me the reason?
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W: Oh, I'm away al week. M: Fine, so you're canceling your appointment at 12 midday on Wednesday. Then, would you like to make another appointment now? W: No. I haven't got my diary here. I'll call next week. M: OK, Mrs. Watson. Thank you, Goodbye. Text 7 M: Hi, Jane, I wonder if you're free tomorrow night. W: Well, George, I guess I am. Why do you ask? M: I have just got a pair of pre-safe "Star Wars" movie tickets from a friend and was thinking of inviting you along for the opening show. Are you interested? W: Of course, I am! Thanks for inviting me! M: No problem. W: So, what time are we going? M: Well, let's see. The movie starts at 10 PM. We should get there at least half an hour earlier because there'll be a long line. I think I could pick you up at your house at 9, if that's OK with you. W: 9 o'clock? That's fine with me. M: Okay, good. W: So, see you tomorrow at 9 then? M: Yeah. That's great. I'll see you tomorrow night, Jane. W: Okay, George. Bye! M: Bye, Jane. Text 8 W: Hi! Welcome to the Service Centre. How can I help you? M: Hi, yes. I'm interested in renting a two-bedroom apartment. W: Well, I would like to ask you a few questions before I show you what we have available, so that we will be able to match your needs better. First, what price range are you interested in? M: Somewhere between $400$500 a month. W: Okay. Do you have a specific location in mind? M: Well, I would like to live somewhere near the university. Or at least on a bus line. W: And when would you like to move in? M: On the first of the month. W: Okay. Here are the photos of the apartments that fit your preferences. M: Thank you. The one on Broadway Avenue looks nice. I would like to see it. and the one on Main Street. W: Sure. Let me get keys and we will go look at them. If you choose to rent one of them, we would need some money for possible damage. You will be responsible for everything inside. If you like, we can sign an agreement today. Text 9 Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please. Before I go on to talk about our target for the coming year, let's have a look at our performance over the year. Since I am in charge of our company, I'm going to divide my review into two parts: first, financial and them technology. On the financial front, the results have been very pleasing. The whole sale has increased by 28%,
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costs have dropped by 3% and profits are up by 16%. So the company as a whole has performed well. Some sales have done very well, especially in China, our largest export market. The consumer market at home has been very competitive and will continue to be so. Our results in this market have been rather disappointing, just 2% up compared with last year. Text 10 W: Come on, Bob. Let's get ready for the ski trip in Europe. M: Yes, but what's the exact date to leave? W: January 9th I think. M: OK. Well. I don't need to get ready. I can just take a few things, you know, a ski jacket, a sweater, my ski boots. I don't need much. W: You need more than that. How about gloves? And how about a hat? You're got a great black ski hat. Take that. M: Oh, right. Where is my that? Great. I found it. And here are my black gloves. Ahhhhere's my blue sweater. I'll take this too. What else? Maybe I'll take this W: Bob, our hotel has a swimming pool. Take a swimming suit. Your blue one. M: Right, right. My blue swimming suit. You know, I got it tin Italy. It cost me $354. I like it very much. Then W: Then, what else? M: Of course, I'll take my white bathrobe. Well, I think I am readyWait, I guess I'll take my black suit, too. And this white shirt and my red tie. So we can go out at night. W: I thought you only needed a ski jacket, a sweater and a pair of ski bots. M: No. actually, what I need is a bigger suitcase. I think I'll take an extra pair of jeans, and maybe a few more shirts W: Bob, that's to many things.

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