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Open/closed shelves 开架/闭架书库 Librarian 图 Information desk 咨询处

课程作业谈论 教育相关词汇
Graduate school 研究生 Business degree 商学位 Higher education 高等教育 Adult education 成人教育 Undergraduate 本科生 Postgraduate 研究生 Universal education 普及教育 Read it through the way 安章节顺序读 Read books from cover to cover 完整的读完一本书 Brush up on 温习 Keep drifting away 走神 Hold you interest 抓住你喜欢的 The whole course 整个情节 Attend a lecture 上课 Take sb. Out of sth. 说服某人做某事 Seminar schedule 论文安排 Make a cope of 复印一份 Take the course 选课 Go over 略过 Narrow it down 缩小 Fill up 课程人数已满 Information science 信息科学 Go over my notes 复习笔记 On-line education 网络教育 Traditional school 传统学校 Term paper 学期论文 Assignments 作业 Reading assignment 阅读作业 Research 研究 Poll 民意测验 Project 学生独立钻石的课外课题 Presentation 针对某一专题发表的演讲 Class list 班级人名列表 The English speech contest 英语演讲比赛 Get frozen up 僵住 Made a start 开始 Cover every aspect of the topic 包括主题的每个细节 An extra copy 额外的复印本 Get through this novel 读完小说 Environmental science 环境科学 Lecture notes 课堂笔记 Fill sb. In 给某人补课 Schedule=school timetable 课程表 Individual study 自习

Online catalogue 网上图书一览表 Reference material 参考资料 Reference desk 咨询处 Catalogue 目录 Index 索引 Reference stacks 书库 Delivery/circulation desk 借书台 Check out 登记并借出 Library card /admission card 借书卡 Date slip/deadline /date of expiry 期限 Due 应付费 Overdue 过期 Pay a fine 交罚款 Renew 续借 Out on loan 借出的 Reserved/book 预借 In circulation 在书库里 Out circulation 借走了 Test paper 考试卷 Periodical(/pieri`odikel/) journals 定期刊物 Current/back issue 最新的/过期的一期 Bibliography 书目(籍者检索目录) On the shelf 在书架上 Journal 日报 Paper back 平装 Hard back 精装


Individual coaching=tutorial 个别指导 Journal 周记 Attendance /participation 出勤率 Miss a class 缺课 Cut a class 旷课 Course arrangement 课程安排 Application form 申请表 Assessment 综合评估 Give to lecturer for marking 给老师批改 Focus of course 课程核心 Extension 延期 Enforce attendance /participation 强迫到课 Resources 资料 At least 2000 words in length 至少 2000 个字 Fixed answers 固定答案 Specialized course 专业课 Required course 必修课 Optional/selective course 选修课 Basic course 基础课 Be based on lecture/notes 考笔试 Make out /recognize handwriting 字难认 Final-examination 期末考试 Quiz 小实验 Oral text 口试 Be backed up 堆积作业 Make up the exam 补考 Student record card 学生成绩单

The housing office 住宿办公室 Tuition 学费 Dormitory deposit 宿舍保证金 Live off campus 学生住宿经理 Security office 安全管理处 Rest room 休息室 Room and board 食宿 Cafeteria 自助餐厅 Accommodation 住宿 Lounge 大厅 Gymnasium 体育馆 Auditorium 礼堂 Orientation program 新生训练 Teaching facilities 教学设施 Assistantship 助学金 Scholarship 奖学金 English evening 英语晚会 After-school activities 课外活动 Social investigation 社会调查 Voluntary labor 义务劳动 Register/enrole (登记、报到) Admissions office 招生办 School discripline 校纪 Letter of recommendation 表扬信 A grant-aided student 领助学金 Registration form 注册表 Teaching building/lecture theatre 阶梯教室 Locker room 更衣室 New students enrolments 新生报到处 Recreation center 娱乐室 Opening ceremony 开学典礼

Office hour 教授与学生谈话时间 Office hour 坐班时间 Be lost/be all at sea/in the dark 听不懂 Figure out/make sense/catch/follow words 听懂 Drop off 放弃 Doze off 打瞌睡 Associate professor 副教授 Lecturer 讲师 Punctual/prompt 不迟到 不早退 Run over time/late 常拖堂

Credit system 学分制 Mark/score/grade 分数 Blue-book 考卷 Report card 成绩单 Open –book exam 开卷考试 Pop text 抽考 Passing/failing grade (不)及格 Perfect grade 好分数


工作、 二、 工作、生活场所
Job resume 工作简历 Be very impressive 印象很深刻 First impression 第一印象 Hand in resume 投简历 Drop off one’s resume/CV 役简历 Apply for a job 申请工作 Help-wanted section 招工广告栏 The want ads 招聘广告 an assistant director 助理 A teacher certificate 教师资格认证 Job-hunting 找工作 Job interview 工作面试 Application letter 求职信 Fill in/out application form 填写申请表 Position /post/offer/vacancy/opening 职位 Accept/take the post 接受 Turn down/refuse 拒绝 Keep waiting for the response 等待回音 Useful/past experience 有用的/过去的工作经验 Experience in the position 职业经验 Professional experience 专业技能 Appeal to sb. 适合于某人 Be equally competent for job 同样能够胜任工作 Easy to get along with 容易与人相处 Meet and make new friends 结识新朋友 Self-confidence 自信 Pay offer 工资待遇 Working /office time 工作时间 Full scope to show one’s ability 完全发挥个人能力 TA(teaching assistant)助教 RA(research assistant) 研究助教 Sales/marketing manager 销售经理 Computer technician(/teknisen/) 计算机技术员 Stack of papers 成堆的文件 Further talk 进一步谈判 Immediate boss 直接上司 Count the days until retirement 退休前的数白子 Clerk(/cla:k/) , office worker 办公司人员

Night shift 夜班 Overtime/extra hours 加班

Admissions office 招生办公室 Miss contact with… 与…失去联系 Bring her capability(/keipebiliti/) into fuller play 发挥 她能力方面的优势 Target audience 目标读者 Invisible train platforms 隐形火车月台 Spoil my excitement 毁掉我的(创作)激情 Best-selling novels 畅销小说 Come up with the names 起名字 Pop out of her childhood dreams 从她的童年时的梦中找 到灵感 Advertising section 广告部 An impressive reputation 声誉不错 Present job 目前的工作 A large international company 大型外资企业 Right candidate for this position 职位的合适候选人 Head broker 经纪人经理 Stock market 股票市场 Deal with the clients on the daily bases 与底层客户打交 到 Handle accounts 处理账务 Report to sb. 向某人汇报 Benefits package 福利方案 Paid vacation 带薪休假 Personnel department 人事部 Resign from his position 从某一职位辞职 Exchange information 交流信息 Small trading company 小型贸易公司 A public relations officer 公职人员 Job prospects 职业前景 Marketing director 销售经理 Advertising strategies 广告策略 Stay competitive 保持竞争能力 Human resources 人力资源 Commercials 商业广告 Keep ahead of 领先于 Draw up a budget 做出预算 Strong business competition 激烈的商业竞争


Lower the cost of 降低成本 Electronics company 电子公司 Recruit(/ruikerute/) graduate students 招聘研究生 Switch his work time 调换工作时间 Put me on evenings 把我的工作安排在晚上 Pay your own way 为你的选择付出代价 Record companies 制片公司 Annual check-up 年检 Twin-bed room 有两张单人床的双人房 Double-bed room 有一张双人床的双人房 Bedroom 卧室 Entrance hall 门厅、大堂 Shared social area 共用空间

Air conditioner available 空调 Furnace/stove 炉子 Switch 开关 Cupboard(closet) 碗橱 Curtain(/kitten/)/drape 窗帘,窗子 Heater 热水器 Wallpaper 墙纸,壁纸 Comb 梳子 Sheet 床单 Pillow 枕头 Mat 席子 Mattress 床垫 Couch 沙发 Chest 柜子,橱 Carpet 地毯 Rug 小地毯 Shower 淋浴

Two guests under the name 用这个名字登记的是两个客 人 Get a discount for the inconvenience 为造成的不便打折 An additional 15% discount 额外的折扣 Make a mess 弄脏 Cut down on their living expenses 消减生活开支 Have an apartment for rent 有房出租 Welcome any time by appointment 预约后随时欢迎 Save the trip 缩短旅程 Housing developers 房地产开发商 Housing coordinator 房屋中介 Dispose 定金 Deposit 押金 Enrolment 登记注册 Landlord 房东 Tenant 住房 Landlady 房东太太 Property 房产

Two blocks from their old home 离旧房子有两个街区 Surroundings (房屋周围)环境 Downtown area 市区 Laundry 洗衣店 Downtown 市中心 Suburb 郊区,市郊 Rural areas 乡村 Far from the bus stop 远离汽车站 Near the airport 临近飞机场

Honeymoon suite 蜜月套房 Basement 浴室 Kitchen 厨房 Shared kitchen 公用厨房 Living room 客厅 Balcony 阳台 Single room 单人间 Double room 双人间 Share room 共用间



Be badly injured in a car accident 在车祸中爱重伤 Spot(认出,发现,找到,预先认准、猜中) a place to park the car 找到方停车 A parking space 停车位 Speeding 超速行驶 Crash into 撞上 Ran into a tree 撞倒树上 Fall off 失落 Overtake the truck ahead of him 超过前面的卡车 Turned suddenly 打了个急转弯 Non-stop train 真达火车 Get on the train 上火车 A dining car 餐车 Subway entrance 地铁入口 Break down 抛锚 Flat tire 暴胎 Rush hour 高峰期 Traffic jam 堵车 Car accident 事故 Garage 修车场 Give sb a ride/lift/hitchhiker 搭车 Shuttle bus 班车 Second-hand automobile 二手车 Parking permit/sticker 停车场 Parking lot/area, car park 停车规则 Tow away 拖车 Pay a fine 罚款 Be on diet 节食 Eat out/full /stuffed/done 吃饱了 Snack bar 快餐小吃店 Take-away 外卖 Vegetable salad 蔬菜沙拉 Pudding 布丁 Delicious /tasty/terrific 好吃 Horrible/awful/disgusting 难吃

Bank book /pass book 存折 Open an account 开户 Earn interest 赚取利息 Savings account 储蓄存款账户 Current account 活期存款账户 Check/ cheque account 支票账户 Deposit account 定期存款账户 Annual interest rate 年利率 Monthly savings account 按月计息账户 Daily interest account 按天计息账户 Instant account 速成户头 Service charge 服务费、手续费 Signature card 签名卡 Draw/withdraw 提款 Order check/cheque 记名支票 Rubber check/cheque 空头支票 Blank check/cheque 空白支票 Exchange rate 汇率 Denomination = face value 面额 Four in hundred 四张一百元面额 Give the money in fives / tens 换成五元或十元面额 Bill 钞票 Change 零钱 Password/code 密码 Amount in figures 小写金额 Amount in words 大写金额 Credit card 信用卡 The balance of bank account 账户余额 Traveler’s check / cheque 旅行支票 Unit 货币 value / worth 面值 Commercial /merchant bank 商业银行 Full refund 全部偿还

Watch my weight 关注我的体重 Ruin your health 毁掉你的健康 Ice cream 冰激凌 apple pie 苹果派 Chocolate cake 巧克力蛋糕 Make it to the bar 及时到酒吧赴约 Dessert 甜点 steak 牛排 Fast food 快餐 Fried food 油炸食品 Pizza 比萨 Tip(a fat tip ) 小费 Order 点菜


Extension 延期 Overdraw / overdraft 透支 Payday 发日薪 Pay slip /envelop 薪水单 An excessive amount 巨款 Mortgage 抵押 By installment 分期付款 Apply for / grant a loan 申请/批准贷款 Debt 债务 Collateral 担保物 Fill out / in 填写 Chequebook / checkbook 支票簿 Loan 贷款 Joint account 联名账户 Cashier 收银员 Teller 银行职员 Statement 对账单 Money order 汇票 Accountant 会计 A.T.M 自动取款机 Pay phone 公用电话 Change 零钱 Long distance call 长途电话 Local call 市话 Phone book /yellow pages / telephone directory 电话簿 Hang up 挂电话 The line is busy 电话占线 Hold the line /hold on 别放电话 Operator 接线员 Put / get ….through to … 接通 Take /leave a message 捎 / 留口信 Answer the call /call back 回电话 Dial the wrong number 打错电话 (toll) free call 免费电话 Receiver 听筒 Dial the number 拨电话 Static 干扰 Put through 接通 Tie up 占着电话 Be off 下线断线 Get back to sb. 过会打给你

天气场景 医院场景
Freeze to death 冻死 Be sensitive to weather changes 对天气变化敏感 Weather forecast 天气预报 Turn cold all of a sudden 突然变冷 Windy / strong wind 多风的 / 强风 Foggy / dense / heavy fog 雾天 / 浓雾 Snowstorm 暴风雪 Warm up 转暖 Wet 潮湿 Become / get worse 天气变糟 Sunny / clear up 明天 / 变晴 Mild /agreeable 温和 Cloudy 多云 Shower / downpour 雷雨 / 大雨 Thunder /lightening 打雷 / 闪电 Major breakthrough in… …方面的主要突破 Beyond cure 无法治愈 Get treatment 治疗 High blood pressure 高血压 Twist one’s ankle 扭伤 Hurt /injury/wound 受伤 Mental hospital 精神病医院 Surgeon 外科医生 Dentist 牙医 Symptom 症状 Have /catch a cold 感冒 Have a sore throat 嗓子痛 Have a stomachache 胃痛 Have a fever 发烧 Flu 流感 Have a cough 咳嗽 Have a headache 头痛 Give a prescription 开药方 Have an operation 动手术

On the phone 在电话里 Make a phone call to sb. 给某人打电话


Tablet 药片 Injection 注射 Capsule 胶囊 Take an X-ray 照片子 Stay in hospital 住院 Aspirin 阿司匹林 Preventive injection 预防针 Cold cure 病历 Pills 药丸 Take one’s temperature 量体温 See a doctor 看病 Send for a doctor 请医生 Take one’s blood pressure 量血压 have a toothache 牙痛 Feel chilly 觉得发冷 Throw up 呕吐 Have a stuffed nose 鼻子不通 Board 登机 Transfer 转机 Departure /arrival time 起飞、到达时间 Check-in 登机处 Outer mechanical problem 机械故障 Delay /cancel 延迟 取消

看电影、购物、 看电影、购物、聚会场景
Round the corner 即将到来 Get the opera tickets in advance /before-hand 提前买歌 剧票 Tickets at the door 临近开演前的票 Buy the tickets on the spot 现场买票 At half price 半价 At a higher price 更高的价格 Go out of one’s way to do sth. 尽力做某事 Out of stock 脱销 Lord of the rings 指环王 Violent content 暴力内容 Strong language 激烈的语言 Put a warning label on albums 在唱片上由警示标签 Freedom of speech 言论自由 Mall 购物中心 Shopping centre / mall 购物中心 Shove into the closet 束之高阁 Knapsack 背包 Booking office / box office 售票处 Be sold out 卖光 Be moved / touched 感动 Student discount 学生折扣 Appreciate 喜欢 / 欣赏 Exaggerate 夸张 Be taken / occupied 座位被占 Dress circle 前排座位 Back seat 后排座位 For free 免费 Bargain 便宜货 Style/size/color 风格/尺码/颜色 Large /medium /small 大/中/小 Exchange /return 找零

Make a reservation 预定 Confirm a reservation 确认预定 Cancel one’s reservation 先到先服务原则 One-way ticket 单程票 Round-trip ticket 往返票 Layover/stopover 中途停留 Timetable 时刻表 Fare 票价 Toll 通行费 Non-stop flight 直达航班 Connecting-flight 转机 First class 头等舱 Business class 商务舱 Duty-free shop 免税店 Excess charge 超重 Vacant seat 空座 Destination 目的地 Extra charge / surcharge 附加费 Seat arrangement /assignment 定座 E.T.A(estimated time of arrival) 预计到达时间 E.T.D(estimated time of departure) 预计起飞时间 Flight ,airport ,air ticket 航班,飞机场 飞机票 Aisle seat ,window seat ,take off/land 过道位,靠窗座 位,起飞/着陆


A clearance sale 清仓甩赎买 Horror movie 恐怖片 Thriller movie 惊险片 Tragedy 悲剧 comedy 喜剧 Science fiction (movie) 科幻电影 Art file 艺术片 Action movie 动作片 Love story /romance 浪漫爱情片 Disaster movie 灾难片 Detective movie 侦探推理片 A long queue / line 长队 Leading role 主角 Make sb smile 使某人开心 Get upset easily over little things 容易在小事上生气 A strange personality 个性古怪 Emotional problems 情绪问题 Had a great time 过的很愉快 In a bad mood 情绪糟糕 A very had temper 脾气很不好 Talkative 多嘴的 Half a dozen of words 没说几句话 Hit the ceiling 索然大怒 Made a fuss over the issue 把某件事情搞的特别糟 In one’s place 代替某人 Share one’s feeling 有同感

Go sightseeing 观光 Historical buildings Street signs 街景标志 Grand Canyon 科罗拉多大峡谷 Nile River 尼罗河 The great natural wonders of the world 世界自然奇迹 What a view ! 多棒的景色 Colorado River 科罗多拉河流 Driftwood 被遗弃的零星物品 Tropical rain forests 热带雨林 Fountain 泉水,喷泉 Beaches 海滩 Waterfalls 瀑布 Castle 城堡 Diving 潜水,跳水 Surfing 冲浪 Water skiing 滑水 Water polo 水球 Beach towel 大浴巾 Walking boots 步行靴 Sunscreen 防晒霜 Hilly areas 丘陵地带 Resorts 胜地 Beaches /coastal areas 沿海地区 Ferry 渡船 River cruise 巡游




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