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Open/closed shelves / Librarian Information desk

Graduate school ㏅ Business degree ┡ Higher education Adult education Undergraduate Postgraduate ㏅ Universal education Read it through the way Read books from cover to cover Brush up on Keep drifting away Hold you interest The whole course Attend a lecture Take sb. Out of sth. Seminar schedule Make a cope of Take the course Go over Narrow it down ㎡ Fill up ┚ Information science Go over my notes On-line education Traditional school ㏊ Term paper Assignments Reading assignment Research ㏅ Poll Project Presentation Class list ㎾ The English speech contest Get frozen up Made a start Cover every aspect of the topic An extra copy Get through this novel ㎡ Environmental science Lecture notes Fill sb. In Schedule=school timetable ┚ Individual study

Online catalogue Reference material ┩ Reference desk Catalogue Index Reference stacks Delivery/circulation desk Check out Library card /admission card Date slip/deadline /date of expiry Due Overdue Pay a fine Renew Out on loan Reserved/book In circulation Out circulation Test paper Periodical/pieri`odikel/ journals Current/back issue / Bibliography On the shelf Journal Paper back Hard back


Individual coaching=tutorial Journal Attendance /participation Miss a class Cut a class Course arrangement ┚ Application form Assessment Give to lecturer for marking Focus of course ┚ Extension Enforce attendance /participation Resources At least 2000 words in length 2000 Fixed answers Specialized course Required course Optional/selective course Basic course Be based on lecture/notes Make out /recognize handwriting Final-examination Quiz ㎡ Oral text Be backed up Make up the exam Student record card

The housing office Tuition Dormitory deposit Live off campus Security office Rest room Room and board Cafeteria Accommodation Lounge Gymnasium Auditorium Orientation program Teaching facilities Assistantship Scholarship English evening After-school activities Social investigation Voluntary labor Register/enrole () Admissions office School discripline ㏊ Letter of recommendation A grant-aided student Registration form Teaching building/lecture theatre Locker room New students enrolments Recreation center Opening ceremony

Office hour Office hour Be lost/be all at sea/in the dark Figure out/make sense/catch/follow words Drop off Doze off Associate professor Lecturer Punctual/prompt Run over time/late

Credit system Mark/score/grade Blue-book Report card Open Cbook exam Pop text Passing/failing grade Perfect grade ≤


Job resume Be very impressive First impression Hand in resume Drop off ones resume/CV Apply for a job Help-wanted section ㏁ The want ads an assistant director A teacher certificate Job-hunting Job interview Application letter Fill in/out application form ㎑ Position /post/offer/vacancy/opening ┡ Accept/take the post Turn down/refuse Keep waiting for the response Useful/past experience / Experience in the position Professional experience Appeal to sb. Be equally competent for job ┞ Easy to get along with Meet and make new friends Self-confidence Pay offer Working /office time Full scope to show ones ability TAteaching assistant RA(research assistant) ㏅ Sales/marketing manager Computer technician/teknisen/ Stack of papers Further talk Immediate boss Count the days until retirement Clerk(/cla:k/) , office worker

Night shift Overtime/extra hours

Admissions office Miss contact with Bring her capability/keipebiliti/ into fuller play Target audience Invisible train platforms ┡ Spoil my excitement Best-selling novels ㎡ Come up with the names Pop out of her childhood dreams Advertising section 懶 An impressive reputation Present job A large international company Right candidate for this position ┡ Head broker Stock market ㎐ Deal with the clients on the daily bases Handle accounts Report to sb. Benefits package Paid vacation ㏖ Personnel department Resign from his position ┡ Exchange information Small trading company ㎡Ŧ A public relations officer Job prospects Marketing director Advertising strategies Stay competitive Human resources Commercials Keep ahead of Draw up a budget Strong business competition


Lower the cost of Electronics company Recruit/ruikerute/ graduate students ㏅ Switch his work time Put me on evenings Pay your own way Record companies Annual check-up Twin-bed room Double-bed room Bedroom Entrance hall Shared social area

Air conditioner available Furnace/stove Switch Cupboard(closet) Curtain(/kitten/)/drape Heater Wallpaper Comb Sheet Pillow Mat Mattress Couch Chest Carpet Rug ㎡ Shower

Two guests under the name Get a discount for the inconvenience An additional 15% discount Make a mess Cut down on their living expenses Have an apartment for rent Ω Welcome any time by appointment Save the trip Ŧ Housing developers Housing coordinator ㏖ Dispose Deposit Enrolment Landlord Tenant Landlady Property

Two blocks from their old home Surroundings (╋) Downtown area Laundry Downtown Suburb ㏖ Rural areas Far from the bus stop Near the airport

Honeymoon suite Basement Kitchen Shared kitchen Ŧ Living room Balcony Single room Double room Share room ㉨


Be badly injured in a car accident ㎽ Spot() a place to park the car A parking space ┡ Speeding Crash into Ran into a tree Fall off Overtake the truck ahead of him Turned suddenly Non-stop train Get on the train A dining car Subway entrance Break down ㉩ Flat tire Rush hour Traffic jam Car accident Garage Give sb a ride/lift/hitchhiker Shuttle bus Second-hand automobile Parking permit/sticker Parking lot/area, car park Tow away Pay a fine Be on diet Eat out/full /stuffed/done Snack bar ㎡ Take-away Vegetable salad Pudding Delicious /tasty/terrific Ŧ Horrible/awful/disgusting

Bank book /pass book Open an account Earn interest Savings account Current account Check/ cheque account Deposit account Annual interest rate Monthly savings account Daily interest account Instant account Service charge Signature card Draw/withdraw Order check/cheque Rubber check/cheque Blank check/cheque Exchange rate Denomination = face value Four in hundred Give the money in fives / tens Bill Change Password/code Amount in figures ㎡㎑ Amount in words ㎑ Credit card The balance of bank account Travelers check / cheque Unit value / worth Commercial /merchant bank Full refund

Watch my weight Ruin your health Ice cream apple pie Chocolate cake Make it to the bar Dessert steak Fast food Fried food Pizza Tip(a fat tip ) ㎡ Order


Extension Overdraw / overdraft Payday ㏖ Pay slip /envelop ㏖ An excessive amount Mortgage By installment Apply for / grant a loan / Debt Collateral Fill out / in ㎑ Chequebook / checkbook Loan Joint account Cashier Teller Statement Money order Accountant A.T.M Pay phone 는 Change Long distance call 는 Local call ㎋ Phone book /yellow pages / telephone directory 는 Hang up 는 The line is busy 는 Hold the line /hold on 는 Operator Put / get .through to Take /leave a message / Answer the call /call back 는 Dial the wrong number 는 (toll) free call 는 Receiver Dial the number 는 Static Put through Tie up 는 Be off Get back to sb.

Freeze to death Be sensitive to weather changes 겂 Weather forecast Turn cold all of a sudden Windy / strong wind / Foggy / dense / heavy fog / Snowstorm Warm up Wet Become / get worse Sunny / clear up / Mild /agreeable Cloudy Shower / downpour / Thunder /lightening / Major breakthrough in Beyond cure Get treatment High blood pressure Twist ones ankle Hurt /injury/wound Mental hospital Surgeon Dentist Symptom Have /catch a cold Have a sore throat Have a stomachache ┍ Have a fever Flu Have a cough Have a headache Give a prescription Have an operation

On the phone 는 Make a phone call to sb. 는


Tablet Injection Capsule Take an X-ray Stay in hospital Aspirin Preventive injection Cold cure Pills Take ones temperature See a doctor Send for a doctor Take ones blood pressure have a toothache Feel chilly ≤ Throw up Have a stuffed nose Board Transfer Departure /arrival time ㉯ Check-in Outer mechanical problem ㎒ Delay /cancel


Round the corner Get the opera tickets in advance /before-hand Tickets at the door Buy the tickets on the spot At half price At a higher price Go out of ones way to do sth. Out of stock Lord of the rings Violent content Strong language Put a warning label on albums Freedom of speech Mall Shopping centre / mall Shove into the closet Knapsack Booking office / box office Be sold out Be moved / touched ㎔ Student discount Appreciate / Exaggerate Be taken / occupied ┡ Dress circle ┡ Back seat ┡ For free Bargain Style/size/color // Large /medium /small //㎡ Exchange /return

Make a reservation Confirm a reservation Cancel ones reservation One-way ticket Round-trip ticket Layover/stopover Timetable Fare Toll Ω Non-stop flight Connecting-flight First class Business class Duty-free shop Excess charge Vacant seat Destination Extra charge / surcharge Seat arrangement /assignment E.T.A(estimated time of arrival) E.T.D(estimated time of departure) Flight ,airport ,air ticket Aisle seat ,window seat take off/land ┡ ┡/


A clearance sale Horror movie Thriller movie Tragedy comedy Science fiction (movie) Art file Action movie Love story /romance Disaster movie Detective movie A long queue / line Leading role Make sb smile Get upset easily over little things ㎡ A strange personality Emotional problems Had a great time In a bad mood A very had temper Talkative Half a dozen of words 嵐 Hit the ceiling Made a fuss over the issue In ones place Share ones feeling

Go sightseeing Historical buildings Street signs Grand Canyon Nile River The great natural wonders of the world 쓎 What a view ! Colorado River Driftwood Tropical rain forests Fountain Beaches Waterfalls Castle Diving Surfing Water skiing Water polo Beach towel Walking boots Sunscreen Hilly areas Resorts Beaches /coastal areas Ferry River cruise



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List 1 - I. Social Lif


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