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Part A 70
I. Choose the similar word or phrase for the underlined part in each sentence. (5 scores) 1. Summer time activities are usually involved around quite a few outdoor sports. A. a bit of B. a little C. a number of D. lots of 2. Im trying my best to find a specific craft as the gift for my dad on Fathers Day. A. particular B. accurate C. normal D. different 3. They intend to set up a nursing home for the old by the side of the river. A. repair B. build C. design D. form 4. Were you able to talk in sentence when you were two years old? A. Must you B. May you C. Could you D. Would you 5. Apart from Scotland, what place else do you plan to tour in the holiday? A. Like B. Without C. Within D. Including II. Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. (15 scores) 6. I always go to work _______ because its good exercise and I hope to keep fit and healthy. A. in a car B. by coach C. on my bicycle D. by air 7. The excitement of baseball make _________ terribly crazy! None of them missed even one single game. A. us B. them C. him D. you 8. Would you like to stay in a guesthouse or a hotel? _______. I guess a caravan will be the best choice. A. Both B. Each C. Either D. Neither 9. How did the woman who bought a bunch of handbags pay? ________. We spent a long time counting and she forgot her change! A. In cash B. By credit card C. By cheque D. On internet 10. The professor didnt leave the office _______ all the work was done. A. before B. when C. after D. until 11. The tour guide showed us around the house ________ Hemingway lived in his fifties. A. which B. where C. that D. when 12. In Leeds Castle, the kings dinning room, like all the other important rooms, ____________ in the past.

A. is the same as it was B. are the same as they were C. is the same as it is D. are the same as they are 13. On the notice board are some advertisements for __________. You maybe can find a right place to visit. A. local restaurants B. weekend activities C. tourist attractions D. latest inventions 14. The waitress asks us _________ here because this is a non-smoking area. A. to speak loudly B. not to smoke C. for some drinks D. to go for a meal 15. _________ is the museum from the sports centre? About 10 minutes on by bus. A. How far B. How often C. How much D. How long 16. This problem is terribly easy! _________ student in my class can give you the right answer within a second! A. A B. Any C. Some D. Most 17. Do you find barefoot boogie very much _______? You cant think about your problems while dancing. A. relaxing B. bored C. excited D. challenging 18. I plan to travel by train because its _______, you can get to the station easily. A. faster B. slower C. more convenient D. more crowded 19. Our flight _________ in thirty minutes! We must hurry, or well miss boarding! A. lands B. took off C. is landing D. is taking off 20. It is in West Road Cinema _______ Black Swan will be first shown on Friday! A. that B. where C. which D. what III. Cloze test. Fill in the blanks with the best choices to complete the passages. ( Total scores:20. A:5 scores B:15 scores ) A Salads are very popular in western countriesTheyre made from uncooked vegetables or They are tasty too Salads are great to eat in 22 when fruits this makes them 21 and the weather is hot They are light and coo1 Heres a way to make a 23 salad First some buy lettuces tomatoes and 24 Buy a salad dressing too Next wash the vegetables carefully Then, 25 the vegetables and put them in a bowl After that add the dressingFinallymix the vegetables and the dressing upAnd there you have your salad! 21 Adelicious Bcolorful Chealthy D. beautiful 22 Aspring Bsummer Cfall D. winter 23 Avegetable Bfruit Cflower D. meat 24 Apears Blamb Chamburgers D. carrots 25 Aclean up Bmix up Ccut up D. put up B A 14-year-old boy from the USA was described as a hero() yesterday after he saved the life of a woman in another country One Dean Bluey from Dallas Texas a school boy who has much 26 in computer day was he 27 an email to a friend on the InternetSuddenly he received a message saying Help! Pain! Help!The message was from Finland 28 kilometers away from America

I didn't know 29 I should do Dean said to a reporter afterwardsIt was really difficult to tell if the message was real So Dean did nothing at first 30 the message kept coming By then it was easy to see that someone was in trouble, Dean said. He 31 and found that the sender was a student called Tarja, who was alone in a university library. She was ill. What was 32 , there was no phone around her. Her only way of communicating with the world was by e-mail. Dean 33 the police immediately. And they realized that the situation was quite serious. They called the police in Finland. Then an ambulance hurried to the library. 34 , she was still alive and was sent to the hospital quickly. I'm glad she's OK, Dean said. It's hard to believe, but 35 saved her life. 26Ainterest 27Asent 28Ahundred 29Ahow 30ASo 31Atelephoned 32Abetter 33Acontacted 34AHardly 35Aa boy Binterested Bsends Bthousand Bwhat BAnd Breplied Bworse Binvited BHappily Bdoctors Cinteresting Cwas sending Cthousands Cwhere CBut Cfound Charder Cinterviewed CLuckily Cthe police Dinterests Dis sending Dthousands of Dwhen DAs Dtalked Deasier D. offered DCarefully Demail

IV. Reading comprehension. (30 scores) A) Read the passages and choose the best answers. A My name is woof. You think that we have a great liferightWrongI am going to tell you why. First of allwe are bored. Bored. Bored. And bored. Do you ever think about what we do all day? Nothing. Nothing at all. Our owners are busyyou knowworkinggoing to schoolaway from home all day. So what should we doWatch the house or apartmentSure. That is like watching paint dry or grass grow. Boring. Thats why we get so excited when our owners come home. We bark and run around and act as if we are very happy. But we only do this because we are bored all day. If we are luckyour owner take us for a walk. Then there is the food. We eat the same food meal after meal after day day week after week month after month. HelpWould you like to eat the same thing all the timeNoyou would not. So what makes you think we like itWe dont. We hate it. Another thing---television. Another thing---television. We hate television. Our owners watch these stupid programshour after hournight after night. Are there any programs for us on televisionNo. Not a single one. So what can we doWhat else can we do but sleepAnd so we sleep. We are not lazywe are bored.

36. Woof may be a A. boy

. B. girl C. dog D. fish

37. From the passagewe know that Woof . A. lives a great life B. is busy every day C. likes the food very much D. hates watching television 38. How many points does Woof dislike A.1 B. 2 C.3 D.4

If you have no special plans for your holidays, why not spend your time helping others Dont believe those people who say that young people today often think only of themselves. Its not true at all. More and more young people in the USA volunteer to spend their school holidays working for others. And they dont do it for money. Here are some of their stories. Alice Hamilton, 17 Im going to help the Forest Center build new hiking paths () in the mountains. Its going to be great fun Ill spend the whole summer living in a forest and breathing the clean mountain air. Im going to sleep under the moon and stars. It will be a nice sport, and Ill be able to do something good at the same time! Jason Moore, 18 This summer, Im going to volunteer with Special House Program. They build good, less expensive houses and sell them to families that are not very rich. Theyll teach me what to do, so Ill help people and also have a chance to learn how to build houses. Trish Anderson, 16 Im going to teach children who have trouble in reading. Ill work for a program called Reading for Life. Every day, Im going to help them choose and read books that they like. I want to be a teacher and I love children and reading, so this is going to be a great experience for me. 39. What does the word volunteer mean? A. Help parents do the housework B. Do something and make some money C. Learn how to build new houses D. Offer to do something, not for money 40. What does Alice plan to do in summer A. To sleep under the moon and stars. B. To breathe the clean mountain air. C. To help build hiking paths in the mountains. D. To spend the whole summer living in a forest. 41. The writers idea in this passage is that ______. A. school students should do some hiking in summer. B. its good to do something good for others in vacation. C. helping children to choose and read books is a good way. D. having clean mountain air is good for health. 42. Which is the most possible title () for this passage A. Reading for Life B. A Special House Program C. The Forest Centre D. Young American Volunteers

Some animals can be trained to help humans(). For example, specially trained dogs help blind people walk around the town safely. Some kinds of monkeys

can be taught things too. They can learn how to help people who cant use their arms or legs. The monkeys pick up the phone when it rings, carry shopping bags and do housework. In the wild, animals and humans are not usually friends, but there are a few interesting examples where they can work together. In Africa, the honeyguide bird works with humans to find food. The bird likes to eat the grubs () a type of insect that lives inside a beehive (,). It knows how to find beehives but it cant open them and get the grubs. People like to eat honey, but they arent very good at finding beehives, so the bird and the people help each other. The bird flies to a beehive and people follow it. When the people open the beehive and take the honey, they give the grubs to the bird. In Laguna in the south of Brazil, fishermen and dolphins work as a team. The ocean isnt very clean, so the fishermen cant see the fish. However, dolphins can find them easily by using sounds. When the dolphins find a large group of fish, they make a noise to tell the fishermen. Then the dolphins push the fish to the beach. The fishermen wait in the water near the beach and catch a lot of fish in their nets. The fishermens nets make it easier for the dolphins to catch fish too. In Laguna, fishermen and dolphins have been working together for many years. The fishermen teach their children how to work with the dolphins. The dolphins must be happy to help because they teach their babies how to work with the humans! 43. How do some dogs help people? A. They help people who cant walk. B. They help people who cant see. C. They help people who cant hear. D. They help people who cant carry things. 44. Honeyguide birds help people______. A. find honey B. find grubs C. open beehives D. make honey 45. How do dolphins help fishermen? A. They make sounds to send the fish away. B. They make sounds and then eat the fish. C. They make sounds and then push the fish to the beach. D. They make sounds to make the fish jump into the nets. 46. What is the main idea of this article? A. Animals are our friends. B. Some animals can help people. C. Animals are born to help people. D. Any kind of animals can work with humans. B). Read the passage and complete it with proper sentences in the box. (5 scores) Martin Luther King was born in Georgia, U.S.A. When he was a boy, he sang with other children in the church. Little Martin knew that it was very important to love and be kind to others. Although the church was very important to Martin, he was interested in other things, too. ___________47___________ He was not tall, but he was very strong. The boys in his town often met at Martins house for a game of football or basketball. ___________48___________ He went to college at fifteen. At first, he didnt know what he wanted to study. He knew the black people didnt have the same rights as the white people, and he

also knew that the black people were not as happy as the white people. ________49____________ He wanted to help the poor black people. Later he really became a famous man. He was fighting for the mens rights() all his life. At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. He became not only the symbolic leader() of American blacks but also a world figure(). _________50_____________ A. He wanted to work for the black people. B. Martin liked school and was a very good student. C. He was murdered() on the evening of April 4, 1968. D. He liked sports very much.

B 80
էա B էա I. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given in the brackets. (15 scores) Call the ambulance as soon as possible! The boy in the car crash is still 1 (live)! Do the people 2 (attend) classes in your education centre come from the town? (dub) a foreign film into another language doesnt sound as easy as ABC. 3 The singer and guitarist, as well as his band members, 4 (invite) to our party last week. She put down her bag, took out the decorations and 5 (hang) them on the Christmas tree. One of the meteorite 6 (collect) will sell his rocks here next Saturday afternoon. I wonder if they 7 (sell) well. 8 (not run) here! The floor is slippery and youll possibly fall down. I stayed at home with my family all day, 9 (prepare) for the big Sunday dinner. BBC 10 (broadcast) the latest news about the war in Libya early this morning. Didnt you hear it? Nowadays there are some programs on TV for the 11 (marry) who want to find a future husband or wife. Leaving the old company and starting my own company is really a rather big 12 (challenging) to me. I have to learn to face all the problems myself. Is Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling one of 13 (attract) to the youth in the twenty first century? Do you provide any courses for 14 (begin) who want to start learning English? His suggestions sound 15 (practice)! How can we finish the project within just two days! II. Pattern shift. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions in the brackets. (10 scores) 16. The couple had no idea where to find a two-bedroom flat with a reasonable price in the city

center. (Write this sentence in another way.) The couple had no idea where ______ _______ find a two-bedroom flat with a reasonable price in the city center. 17. The little boy carried all the sticks into the house. He didnt ask for others help. (Write this sentence in another way.) The little boy carried all the sticks into the house ________ ________ for others help. 18. Theres a need for us to book a room early or well find no place to stay. (Write this sentence in another way.) Theres a need for us to book a room ______ ________ or well find no place to stay. 19. The airline cancelled some flights to Afghanistan last month. (Change it into a negative sentence.) 20. Thirty percent of the students in our school intend to live overseas. (Raise a question to the underlined part.) 21. Some of Marks friends in New Zealand bungee jump once or twice a month. (Raise a question to the underlined part.) 22. His mother rarely lent him the car on weekdays, _____________? (Change it into a tag question.) 23. The assistant spent two years completing the research into the new medicine. (Rewrite it with take.) 24. The Yellow Stone Park is a very interesting place to spend the holiday! (Change it into an exclamatory sentence.) 25. Those souvenirs were so expensive that I couldnt buy them! (Rewrite the sentence with too) III. Complete the dialogues. (10 scores) A. Fill in each blank with only one word. (5 scores) Tony: Say, Anna, what are you doing tonight? Would you like to go out? I cant. Im going to work late tonight. I have to finish this report. Anna: Oh, Im 26 Tony: Well, tomorrow night? Are you doing anything then? Anna: No, Im not. Have you got any 27 ? Tony: Im going to see a musical. Would you like to come? Anna: Sure, Id love to. But I 28 pay for the tickets this time. Its my turn. Tony: All right! Thanks! Anna: And after that, how about 29 a drink together? I know a nice caf around the theatre. Anna: That 30 great! B. Choose five of the seven sentences to fill in the blanks with the sentences given in the box. Each can be used only once. (5 scores) A: Its very late. Are you still on the computer? B: Well, yes. 31 A: What kind of e-mails? B: Some are messages from my friends and some are from the relatives. A: Do you have to write them back right away? B: 32 Usually people want a quick reply.

A: 33 B: Ive already had 40 peoples addresses in my address book! 34 A: 35 E-mail is really very convenient.

A. And I think e-mail is one of the best ways to communicate with others. B. Ive got so many e-mails to go through. C. I agree with you. D. Of course!

IV. Choose 10 from the 12 words in the box to complete the passage with their proper forms. Each word can be used only once. (10 scores) name, with, make, single, large, come, build, guest, appear, fixwarm, salty

There are many unusual hotels around the world. In Greenland, there is a hotel 36 out of ice, open between December and April every year. In Turkey, there is a cave() hotel 37 a television, furniture, and a bathroom in each room. And in Bolivia(), there is the Salt Palace Hotel. Long long ago, the area around the Salt Palace Hotel was a large lake. But over time, all the waters 38 . Today, the area has only two small lakes and two salt deserts. The 39 of the two deserts, the Uyuni, is 12,000 square kilometers( ). During the day, the desert is bright white because of the 40 . There are no Uyuni salt desert roads across the Uyuni desert, so local people must show guests the way to the hotel. Around 1990, a man 41 Juan Quesada built the hotel. He cut big blocks() of salt from the desert and used the blocks 42 it. Everything in the hotel is made out of salt: the walls, the roof, the tables, the chairs, the beds, and the hotels bar. The sun heats the walls and roof during the day. At night the desert is very cold, but the rooms stay 43 . The hotel has twelve rooms. A 44 room costs $40 a night, and a double room costs $60. A sign on the hotels wall tells 45 , Please dont lickthe walls. (: Uyuni is a town in the south of Bolivia.) V. According to the texts youve leant, fill in the blanks with the words whose first letters are given. (15 scores ) Nicholas, a four-year-old c 46 student at the West London Institute, has some unusual abilities. He s 47 well before he was one, and the strangest thing about him is that he t 48 himself to read before he could speak. He is much more i 49 than other children at school, but he felt b 50 and unhappy there. Now he spends some of his time s 51 computer at the West London Institute. Although he is only four, he i 52 insects by their Latin names and plays the violin very well.

In the United States of America, high school students can have v 53 courses as well as academic courses. That means American students not only have courses to i 54 their minds, but also can train for some specific jobs, like c 55 and waiters in hotels or restaurants, mechanics and salespeople in g 56 and service stations. Most students like these courses because theyre more of the real world. If you travel to London, a book called A to Z can help you a lot with the directions. The book of maps was p 57 by Phillis Pearsall, who earned money by w 58 for a newspaper and there was a need for new street maps and started working on it. painting for others. She t 59 She collected a lot of i 60 about every street in London and k 61 it on cards. But she lost some cards b 62 with Tr because they fell out of her window and l 63 on top of a bus, and she never s 64 those cards again. Thats why you cant find Trafalgar Square in her book. Though the book is already about eight years old, it r 65 the most popular London street maps. VI. Find out the only one mistake in each sentence and correct it. (5 scores ) 66. The boy with short blond hair asked his brother for some watercolors to paint the picture. A B C D 67. It looks like the man standing beside Tom has an interest in our production. A B C D 68. World War II ended in 1940s and no one would forget such an important event in history. A B C D 69. Both my parents and I hope you to have a wonderful time with your friends on the island. A B C D 70. There are a wide range of clubs this year and do you find one that you want to join in? A B C D 71. Every one of us prefers eating at home to go out having a meal in hot weather like this. A B C D 72. Those iphones produced in Taiwan costed my cousin and me up to twelve thousand yuan! A B C D 73. Lots of people of my age are more interested in computer games than any other activities. A B C D 74. A car crash was taken place on a rainy night and two people died in the accident! A B C D 75. I wonder if you know what he dealt with the packet found outside his gate. A B C D VII. Read the passage and complete the table. There should be only one word on each blank. (5 score) TomSurfing the Internet is very exciting. We can do lots of thingssuch as playing games listening to musicchatting with our friends and so on. I really enjoy it. MikeI like surfing the Internet too because I can learn a lot from it. I can get the latest news all

over the world. I also can find the information I need so that I can spend less time on my homework JessicaIts hard to say. I agree that the Internet is helpful to our study. But its not right to spend too much time on the games. And some information on the Internet is bad for our mind. Whats moresurfing too much does harm to our eyes. In a wordwe should use the Internet in a right way. Names Tom Opinions play games listen to music chat with 76 get the latest news get useful 77 78 do homework be helpful to our study dont spend too much time on the games. be bad for our mind and 79 use the Internet 80 77. _________ 78. _____ ___ 79. _________ 80. __________



76. _________

VIII. Writing. (10 scores) Write about 80-120 words about a person with some special abilities. Please include the following information: 1. who he/she is 2. his/her appearance. 3. his/her interest. 4. his/her special abilities 5. his/her experience 6. his/her life nowadays 7. his/her plan for the future

Keys A 1-5 DABCD 21-25 CBADC 36-38 CDC 6-10 CBDAD 26-30 ACDBC 39-42 DCBD 11-15 BACBA 31-35 BBACD 43-46 BACB 47-50DBAC 16-20 BACDA

B 1. alive 6. collectors 11. unmarried 16. they could do 17. without asking 18. in advance 19. didnt cancel any flights 20. What percentage of ? 21. How often did? 22. did she? 23. It took the assistant two years to complete 24.What an interesting place the Yellow Stone Park is to spend the holiday! 25. were too expensive (for me) to buy! 26. afraid /sorry 31-35 BDEAC 36. made 41. named 46. college 51. studying 56.garages 61. kept 37. with 42. to build 47. spoke 38. disappeared 43. warm 48. taught 39. larger 44. single 49. intelligent 54. improve 59. thought 64. saw 40. salt 45. guests 50. bored 55. cooks 60. information 65. remains 27. plans 28. will 29. having 30. sounds/is 2. attending 7. will sell 12. challenge 3. Dubbing/To dub 4. was invited 8. Dont run 9. preparing 5. hung 10. broadcast 15. impractical

13. the most attractive 14.beginners

52. identifies 53. vocational 57. painted 58. writing/working

62. beginning 63. landed 67. A as if 70. D 73. D join activity

66. D. to paint the picture in 69. C. have/can have/will have 72. B cost 76. friends 77.information 78.faster/quickly/better/easily 79. eyes

68. A in the 1940s 71. B going 74. A took place 75. B how

80. correctly/properly



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