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51, fill a prescription

Would you please fill this prescription for me?

52, fill in for ; fill one ’s place(position, shoes); take the place of; take over Say, Dave, can


you fill in for me tonight at the restaurant? I’d like to go out of town.

53,food for thought ;thought-provoking

There is a lot food for thought in what he had to say.

54,for nothing

To pay to see that movie would be foolish, when you can see it on TV for nothing.

55,from top to bottom

A: Maybe you lost your wallet in this room.

B: I’ve searched it from top to bottom..

56, get of on the wrong foot

I got off on the wrong foot, and I don’t have any idea which way to turn now.

57,get a lot out of something ……

The training program was difficult, but she got a lot out of it.

58, get at

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

59, get away with …..

A: Did you know that Bob is leaving for home tonight? He isn’t planning to take his final exams.

B: He can’t get away with that

60,get going ; get moving

A: It looks like we won’t have enough time to do all we wanted to.

B: Who says we won’t? let’s get going.

61, get on one’s nerve

A: Why did you come to the meeting late? I left a message with your roommate about the time change.

B: She has a very short memory and it really gets on my nerve sometimes.

62, get started on

We should get started on the project.

63, get time off from work

Oh, so she was able to get time off from the work.

64,give credibility to

A: did you hear about Jim?

B: I wouldn’t give that rumor any credibility.

65,go easy on

Well, since it’s your first and only ticket, the judge will probably go easy on you.

66,go in one ear and out the other

Well, you know Mike, everything’s in one ear and out the other.

67,go jogging

Are you ready to go jogging?

68,go to one’s head

A: Have you noticed how John’s changed since he became student government president?

B: I think the whole thing has gone to his head, and he used to be so sociable and open.

69,got the time

A: Got the time?

B: It’s a little after ten.

70, graduation announcements

Have you ordered your graduation announcements?

71,graon about

How come Michael’s always groaning about something?

72,guest lecturer

The only person who understood the guest lecturer was the professor.


A: What a gorgeous jacket. It must have cost a fortune.

B: Not at all. It’s a hand-me-down.

74,hand down

Lee won the chess match hands down.

75,have a way with

Bonnie really has a way with words.

76,have had it with

I’ve had it with being sick in bed. I’ve read most of these magazines twice.

77, head and shoulders above

In computer programming, Susan is head and shoulders above the rest of us.

78, hit the spots

This lemonade sure hits the spots.

79, hold the grudge

A: I wish I hadn’t hurt Mary’s feelings like that. You know I never meant to.

B: The great thing about Mary is that she doesn’t hold the grudge.

80, I have no idea which way to turn

81, I have seen worse

82, in advance ;before hand, ahead of time

It’s a really nice apartment. But the owners want two-month rent in advance and I just don ’t have it.

83, in case

Let’s take our suits along in case the sun comes out.

84, in next to no time

A: Are you going to be using the copying machine long?

B: I’ll be through in next to no time.

85, in the red in the black

86,in the works

An advanced course in theoretical chemistry is the works.

87, keep to oneself

I’m amazed that you still haven’t gotten to know your neighbors.

88, kill time

Gosh, what can we do to kill the next 10 hours?

89, leave…up to somebody

We’ll have to leave the decision up to him.

90, letter of recommendation ;letter of reference

91, look on the bright sides of things

92, no kidding

93, on the tip of one’s tongue

A: Are you sure you can’t remember the name of that record?

B: It’s just on the tip of my tongue!

94, quitting time

I’m glad it’s almost quitting time.

95, take it over

Don failed physics and had to take it over.

96, than necessary

The lab was cooler than necessary.

97, That’s easer said than done.

98, There is nothing to it.

I can run this projector. There’s really nothing to it.

99, with flying colors

A: How did Ellen do on her American History exam?

B: She passed with flying colors.

100, You can bet your life

A: Will Prof. Smith come to class on time?

B: You can bet your life.




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