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1. 5 ABC 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. A. Yes, please. A. Two days. B. Sorry, sir. B. Great. C. Buy a big house. C. Very high.

A. To get an A in the exam. B. Its interesting. C. Im afraid not. A. On Friday. A. It is old. B. In a library. C. Im sure. C. No, you cant play football.

B. It is behind the door.

2. 7 ƦƧ ABC 6. How does the girl feel sometimes? A. Sad. B. Worried. C. Lonely.

( ) 7. Whats the boys suggestion for the girl? A. To keep a bird. B. To keep a cat. C. To keep a dog.

( ) 8. What does the man advise the woman to wear? A. A dress. B. A shirt. C.A white suit.

( ) 9. What will the girl probably do? A. Buy a new dictionary. B. Go back home. C. Use the boys dictionary.

( ) 10. What does the man advise the woman to do? A. Watch TV. B. Go to the cinema. C. Watch a film online.

( ) 11. What does the factory use to make paper? A. Wood. B. Grass. C. Old clothes.

( ) 12. When does Toby think they should stay at home? A. Every night. B. On school nights. C. On weekends.

3. 4 ƦƧާ ABC . 13 15 ( ) 13. Who was the model()plane made by? A, The girl. B. The boy. C. The girls father.

( ) 14. What does the boy think of the model plane? A. Ugly. B. Expensive. C. Beautiful.

( ) 15. Where will the model plane be put up? A. In the dining room. B. In the living room. C. In the bedroom.

16 18 ( ) 16. Why cant the girl improve her grades?

A. Because she doesnt study.

B. Because she doesnt like all subjects.

B. Because she doesnt study in the right way. ( ). 17. What does the girl do when she reads? A. She tries to remember every word. B. She plans with her pen. ( ) 18. What can help the girl get better grades according to the boy? A. Watching TV. B. Good study habits. C. Memorizing new words. B. She writes down the main ideas.

19 22 ( ) 19. What did the girls mother get for her birthday last year? A. A handbag. B. A dress. C. A mobile phone.

( ) 20. How long has the girls mother had her mobile phone? A. For two years. B. For three years. C. For four years.

( ) 21. What will the girl do to get the money for her mother s present? A. She will ask money from her parents. B. She will borrow some money.

B. She will find a part-time job to make some money. ( ) 22. Where does John work now? A. In a bookstore. B. In a restaurant. C. In a supermarket.

23 25 . praise greet ( ) 23. What was wrong with Jenny? A. She couldnt get on well with her classmates. B. She was always angry with her parents. C. She always failed the exams. ( ) 24. Who does Jenny ask for help? A. Her teacher. B. Tom. C. Her classmate.

( ) 25. What shouldnt Jenny do when her classmates make mistakes? A. Laugh at them. B. Play jokes on them. C. Both A and B.

15 26. -- _____ do you improve your listening? --I improve my listening_____ watching English movies. A. What; by B. How; by C. Where; on D When; on

27. --Jenny, I would like some milk for a change. --_____.Its on the table. A. Help yourself. B. Never mind. C. With pleasure. D. Change it, please.

28. ---Would you like to share with us the ____how you study English well? A. reason B. cause C. excuse. D. secret

29. ---Does it ____if were a bit late for the evening party? ---Of course not. No hurry. A. count B. work C. matter D. trouble

30. ---She wants to sell me old bike for 300 yuan. ---That sounds like a bad deal. What a(n)____price. A. expensive B. unfair C. cheap D. impossible

31. ---Why do you think they dont trust() you? ---Their conversation suddenly ____the moment I enter the room. A. broke down B. broke off C. broke out D. broke up

32. Usually we get ____about something and end up ____in Chinese. A. exciting; speaking C. excited; speaking B. exciting; speak D. excited; speak

33. My brother ____get up late, but now he ____up early. A. used to; used to get C. used to; is used to get B. is used to; is used to getting D. used to; is used to getting

34. She _____a lot in the past two years. A. changes B. changed C. has changed D. had changed

35. Those shoes ____ well, and they will ____soon. A. sell, sell out B. sell, be sold out C. are sold, sell out D. are sold, sold out

36. ---Would you like me to get you a cup of tea? ---Thats great. That is ____what I need at the moment. A. exactly B. completely C. luckily D. often

37. ---Her father s ____made her family very sad. ---Im sorry to hear that. A. die B. died C. dead D. death

38. ---Dont you like singing? ---____. I often sing alone in my room. A. Yes, I did. B. No, I dont. C. Yes, of course. D. No, I didnt.

39. What____ me most was that the smile on her face at that moment. A. impressed B. moved C. influenced D. helped

40. ---How do you ____the old books? ---I play to sell them out. A. do with B. deal with C. meat with D. talk with

15 When my son, Mark, was in the third grade, he saved all his pocket for over three months to buy holiday presents. The third Saturday in December Mark said he had made his __41__and had twenty dollars in his pocket.

I drove him to a nearby supermarket. Mark __42__a hand basket and went in while I waited and watched in the ___43__. It took Mark over 45 minutes to choose his presents. _44___ he came to the checkout counter () and __45__ into his pocket for his money, It was not there! There was a hole in his pocket, but no _46___. Mark stood there holding his basket, tears falling down his face. Then a __47__thing happened. A woman came up to Mark and took him in her arms. You would help me a lot if you let me __48__ for you, said the woman.It would be the most __49__ gift you could give me. I only ask that one day you will pass it on. When you grow up, I would like you to find someone you can _ _50_. When you help others, I know you will feel as good about it as I do now. Mark took the money, dried his tears and ran back to the checkout counter as __51__ as he could. That year we all enjoyed our gifts almost as much as Mark enjoyed __52__ them to us. I would like to saythank you to that __53__ kind woman, and tell her that four years later, Mark went house to house ___54__ blankets and clothes for the homeless people in the fire. And I want to promise her that Mark will never forget to __55__ passing it on ( ) 41. A. mind B. money C. list D. gift C. dropped down D. train D. Quickly D. held on

( ) 42. A. threw out ( ) 43. A. car ( ) 44. A. Firstly ( ) 45. A. arrived ( ) 46. A. basket ( ) 47. A. interesting ( ) 48. A. spend ( ) 49. A. awful ( ) 50. A. help ( ) 51. A. fast ( ) 52. A. paying ( ) 53. A. so

B. picked up C. bike

B. bus

B. Finally B. reached B. presents

C. Actually C. got

D. lifted D. money D. surprising

C. clothes C. boring D. send

B. exciting C. take

B. pay

B. expensive B. pay B. slowly C. fight

C. ugly D. love

D. wonderful

C. happily

D. sadly D. gaining

B. receiving C. very

C. giving D. too

B. such

( ) 54. A. cleaning ( ) 55. A stay

B. sweeping C. go

C. collecting D. keep

D. changing

B. have

(30 )

On Sundays my father wore that gray apron. After breakfast he always announces,Go ahead everyone, Ill wash the dishes! For the next hour Dad did the dishes, singing songs like I Had a Hat When I Came In. I suppose it was strange for a boys father to wear an apron. It was the last Sunday in August. My father seemed happy as we walked home from the supermarket together. Tommy, he said, There comes a time in every boys life when he must take on responsibilities. Starting today, I want you to wash the dishes on Sunday morning so your mother and I can read the newspaper.

Wash the dishes? Anything wrong with doing the dishes, son? I started to say something about a mans job or a womans work, but I knew quickly that my protests would be of no use. I didnt taste a bit of breakfast that morning. Dad seemed excited as he talked about a soccer game on TV and didn t notice me at all. Suddenly, everything grew quiet. My sister began to clear the table. My brother was eating the last of the egg on his plate. And then my father said to my mother, Lets go and read the paper, dear.

So this was what my life had come to. I could learn Latin well. I could be good at playing baseball. I could do anything, but I could never do those dishes. There was nothing left but to refuse. My father came back into the kitchen, and in his right hand was the old apron. I want you to have this, Tommy. Itll keep your clothes from getting wet. And before I could say a word, he had put the thing on me.Thank you, son. I looked down at the apron. It had seen better days, I could see my dad reaching for the dishes. Soon I was singing about I Had a Hat When I Came In. The words came out of nowhere. And I knew the kind of man I wanted to be. ( ) 56.We learn from the reading, the father regarded doing housework as a persons ____. A. interest B. responsibility() C. task D. entertainment()

( ) 57. Hearing his father s suggestion, the writer thought the idea was _____. A. unacceptable B. impossible C. unpractical() D. boring

( ). 58. When the writer was in the kitchen, the father came back to ____. A. show him how to do the dishes C. check his work B. take with him D. put the apron on him

( ) 59. The result of story probably is that ____. A. the writer still thought doing dishes was not his job B. the writer did nothing but to refuse C. the writer accepted his father s idea and did as his father had done D. his father did the job instead ( ) 60. The reading is mainly about ____. A. the education of family responsibility B. a united and happy family C. a story of the father and his son D. a lesson of doing dishes

The American Museum of National History

Address: Central park west 70th St. New York Tel: 2123456-51009 Traffic: On the upper west of Manhattan, it is conveniently reached by bus, underground or car.

Parking: There is a small parking which charges()7.75 per day but its often full. Parking in the
neighborhood is also limited.()

Museum hours: 10:00am-5:45pm Sunday through Tuesday.
10:00am-9:00pm Wednesday,Thursday and Saterday.

Admission: a pay-what-you-wish-basis 3.20 suggested for grow-ups, one fourth for children and free
Friday evening from 5:00pm-9:00pm. The museum is open every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving. ( ) 61. The best way to the museum is by ____. A. bus or underground ( B. train C. car D. walking

) 62. You are not allowed to enter the museum ____. A. on Christmas B. on Saturdays B. On New Years Day D. at 10am on Sunday


) 63. How much will four grow-ups and four children pay to visit the Museum at 3pm on Friday? A. Nothing B.25.6 C.39.2 D.16( ) 64. From the reading we know that ____.

A. the Museum will be full on Thanksgiving B. its difficult to park a car C. children are free anytime D. its not easy to find the Museum ( ) 65. If you want to get information about the Museum, you can ____. A. phone 2123456-51009 B. go to the pay-what-you-wish-basis C. send an Email to the neighborhood D. wait for letters at home

C I was watching some little kids playing soccer. These kids were only five or six years old. I would
just call them Team One and Team Two. Nobody scored in the first period. The kids were just playing happily. In the second quarter, the coach() of Team One put in some beginners. His best player now guarded the goal. The game changed very quickly. The coach of Team Two left his best players on, and the Team One beginners were no match for them. Team Two moved around the little boy who was now the Team One goalie( ).Team Two began to score goals. The goalie did everything he could to stop them. Team Two scored two goals quickly. This angered the young boy. He became a little tiger-shouting, running, and diving. But by himself he could not change the situation. I soon learned who the goalies

parents were. They cried encouragement to their son. After the third goal, the little kid changed. He could not stop them. He began to look sad. After the fourth goal, the little boy began to cry. He fell to his knees and put his hands to his eyes. When the boy fell to his knees, I saw his father run onto the field. He picked up his son so everybody would know that this was his boy, and he hugged him and held him. He carried him off the field, and then I heard him say,Scotty, I am so proud of you. You were great out there. I want everybody to know that you are my son. Daddy, the boy cried,I could not stop them. I tried, Daddy. I tried and tried, but they scored on me. Scotty, it does not matter how many times they scored on you. I am proud of you. I want you to go back out there and finish the game. Maybe you are going to get scored on again, but it does not matter. Go on, now. You are the real winner. ( ) 66. Which of the following should be the best title for the reading? A. A Soccer Match B. Real Winner D. Try Your Best

C. Tried Many Times But Failed (

) 67. From the reading we know that ____. A. Team One beat Team Two B. The goalie was not the best player in Team One C. Team Two scored at least 4 goals D. The boys parents were ashamed() of his sons failure

( ) 68. Which of the following best explains the word divingin the reading? A. swimming ( B. jumping C. crying D. hitting

) 69. Scottys father wanted to tell his son that ____. A. he wanted everybody to know his son B. Scotty would surely change the situation C. he was proud of Scotty whether he would win or not D. he thought Scotty would not get scored on again

( ) 70. The goalie fell to his knees and put his hands to his eyes mainly because ____. A. he tried his best but failed B. he felt sorry for his parents C. everyone would laugh at him D. he was hurt badly when stopping scored

35 a) 10 found; feels; miss; choose; allowed

71. Another thing that he ____ very difficult was listening.

72. This kind of cloth ____very soft. 73. I really ____ the old days. 74. Teenagers should not be ____ to drive a car. 75. I can not ____ which pair of shoes to buy. 10 It was a very hot day. It seemed that everybody was looking for s__76___ cool to eat, so an ice cream store was a great p___77__ to stop. A little girl, holding her money tightly in her hand, entered the store. Before she could s__78___ a word, the store clerk told her to get outside and read the s___79__ on the door, and stay out unless she put on her shoes. She left slowly, and a big man f _80____ her out of the store. He watched as she stood in front of the store and read the sign: No bare() Feet. Tears started rolling down her face when she t___81__ and started to walk away. Just then the big man called her. Sitting down on the road side, he took o___82__ his 12-size shoes, and put them in front of the girl, saying, Here, these may be too big for you, but you can buy your ice cream w___83__ them. Then he lifted the little girl up and set her f___84__ into the shoes. Take your time, He said ,I get tired of moving them around, and it will feel good to just sit here and eat my ice cream. The little girl shuffled() up to the counter and o___85__ her ice cream. He was a big man, all right. Big feet, big shoes, but most of all, he had a big heart. 76 ____ 81____ 77____ 82____ 78____ 83____ 79____ 84____ 80____ 85____

. .(15 ) Linda 80 1. Ͽ 2. 3. 4.

1. What will you do if you have a lot of money? 2. How is your vacation in Xiamen? 3. Why are you working so hard?

4. When should I return the book? 5. Where is my football, Mum? 6. W: Sometimes I feel a little lonely. What should I do? M: I think you should make more friends. 7. W: I want to keep a dog, but my parents dont let me do that at home. M: Dogs sometimes may hurt people. If I were you, I would keep a bird. 8. W: What do you think I should wear at my birthday party? M: If I were you, Id wear a dress. 9. W: I have left my dictionary at home. What should I do? M: Dont worry. You can use mine. Here you are. 10. W: I want to go to the cinema, but my mother doesnt let me go out at night. M: If I were you, I would stay at home and watch a film online. 11. W: Does the factory in your hometown use wood to make paper? M: No, it uses old clothes to make paper. 12. W: Toby, do you think we should stay at home every night? M: No, I think we should stay at home on school nights. 13 15 M: Whats in that big box, Jenny? W: Oh, its a model plane. M: Can I have a look? W: Sure, you can. M: Wow, I have never seen such a beautiful model plane. W: Thank you. I made it this morning. But where can I put it up? M: It should be put up in the bedroom. W: Er , Let me see. I think its better to put it up in the living room. M: Thats a great idea. 16 18 W: I study and study and I still cant improve my grades! What should I do? M: Maybe youre not studying in the right way. W: what do you mean? M: When you read, do you write down the main ideas in a notebook? W: No, I dont. I just try to remember every word. M: I also see you watching TV when you study. If I were you, I wouldnt watch TV until I finishing studying. You need good study habits, or you wont get better grades. W: Thanks. Ill try my best.

M: Im sure you can do better in the future. 19 22 W: Hi, Mike. Next month is my mother s fortieth birthday. But I dont know what to buy her. M: If I were you, I would buy her a nice handbag. Its very popular. W: But I bought one for her last year for her birthday. M: What about a nice dress? W: Sorry, she is a little fat. She never wears a dress. M: Oh, by the way, how long has she had her mobile phone? W: For three years. M: Then you can buy her a new mobile phone. She must like it. W: But I dont have enough money. What should I do? M: You can find a part-time job. My friend John is working in a supermarket. I can ask him to help you find one there. W: Thats really nice of you. M: Ill call you as soon as I have any news. W: Ok, thanks a lot. M: Thats all right. 23 25 Dear Jenny: Thank you for your last letter. You said you always argued with your classmates these days. You were very worried and didn t know what to do. I think some of us have the same trouble as you. Perhaps you may do like this: First of all, you should always keep happy and then you may not get angry with others easily. Second, often talk with your classmates. And often praise them when they do something well. Third, you should be friendly to greet them when you meet. Say please and thank you more often. Fourth, help your classmates when they are in trouble. Dont laugh at them or play jokes on them when they make mistakes. I hope the four pieces of advice can help you. Best wishes! Tom 6---12 CAACCCB 19---22 ABCC 13---15 ACB 23---25 ABC

1---5 CBAAB 16---18 CAB 26---30 BADCB 41---45 CBABB 56---60 BADCA

31---35 BCDCB

36---40 ADCAB

46---50 DDBDA

51---55 ACCCD

61---65 AADBA 66---70 BCCCA

׳ 71. found 72. feels 73. miss 74. allowed 75. choose

76.something 77. place 81. turned 82. off 78. say 83. with 79. sign 84. feet 80. followed 85. ordered



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