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1989 01 我 1. The flexibility of film allows the artist __________ unbridled imagination to the animation of cartoon characters. (A) to bring (B) bringing (C) is brought (D) brings 2. Traditionally, __________in New England on Thanksgiving Day. (A) when served is sweet cider (B) when sweet cider is served (C) is served sweet cider (D) sweet cider is served 3. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent __________, or pronghorn. (A) it is the American antelope (B) the American antelope is (C) is the American antelope (D) the American antelope 4. Lillian D. Wald, public health nurse and __________, was born in Cincinnati Ohio, in 1867. (A) reforming society (B) social reformer (C) who reformed society (D) her social reform 5. Copper sulfate, spread in judicious amounts, kills algae __________ harming fish or aquatic invert-ebrates. (A) does not (B) but does no (C) except (D) without

6. Of the millions who saw Haleys comet in 1986, how many people __________long enough to see it return in the twenty-first century. (A) will they live (B) they will be living (C) will live (D) living 7. __________that fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise are universally reflected in facial expressions. (A) Anthropologists have discovered (B) Anthropologists discovering (C) The discovery by anthropologists (D) Discovered by anthropologists 8.In 1964__________of Henry Ossawa Tanners paintings was shown at the Smithsonian Institution. (A) was a major collection (B) that a major collection (C) a collection was major (D) a major collection 9. __________irritating effect on humans, the use of phenol as a general antiseptic has been largely discontinued. (A) Its (B) Where its (C) Since its (D) Because of its 10.In order to remain in existence,__________must, in the long run, produce something consumers consider useful or desirable. (A) (B) (C) (D) a profit-making organization a profit-making organization which therefore a profit-making organization whichever a profit-making organization

11.The greater the population there is in a locality,__________for water, transportation, and disposal of refuse. (A) the greater the need there is

(B) greater need (C) is there great need (D) the great need 12. A historical novel may do more than mirror history; __________future events. (A) even influencing (B) it may even influence (C) may even influence (D) that it may even influence 13. __________a child, sculptor Anne Whitney showed an eager intellect and artistic talent that her parents recognized and encouraged. (A) Has been (B) It was while (C) She was (D) As 14. It is widely believed that the pull of gravity on a falling raindrop changes__________round shape into a teardrop shape. (A) (B) (C) (D) of the drop the drops drop of drops their

15.__________modern offices becoming more mechanized, designers are attempting to personalize them with warmer, less severe interiors. (A) If (B) But (C) With (D) Once 16. Not woman held a presidential cabinet position in the United States until 1933, when Frances Perkins became secretary of labor. 17. The human body relies on certainty nutrients for its survival.

18. Too much electric current may flow into a circuit as a result either of a fault in the circuit and of an outside event such as lightning. 19. The Appalachian Trail, extending approximately 2,020 miles from Maine to Georgia, is the longer continuous marked footpath in the world. 20. For years, elephants were hunted for food and ivory, and as a result theirs numbers have been greatly reduced. 21. Barges which carrier most of the heavy freight on rivers and canals are usually propelled by towing. 22. Although afflicted by serious eyesight problems, Alicia Alonso was one the principal stars of the American Ballet Theater and later formed her own dance company. 23. The ritual combat of animals are triggered by precise signals. 24. It is more difficult to write simply, directly, and effective than to employ flowery but vague expressions that only obscure ones meaning. 25. Different species of octopuses may measure anywhere from two inches to over thirty feet in long. 26. According to some theories derived from psychoanalysis, life is supposedly easier and mo re pleasant when inhibitions overcoming. 27. When rainbows appear, they are always in the part of the sky opposite directly the Sun. 28. Benjamin Franklin drew a political cartoon that is credited raising 10,000 volunteers for the American Revolutionary War. 29. The begins of the modern chemistry laboratory go back to the workrooms of medieval lchemists.

30. In many pieces of music there is a dominant theme on which the restful of the composition is centered. 31. Luminescence refers to the emission of light by means another than heat. 32.In a representative democracy, the people election delegates to an assembly. 33.George Washington Carver found hundred of uses for the peanut, the sweet potato, and the soybean and thus stimulated the cultivation of these crops. 34. A citadel, a fortress designed for the defense of a city, usually standed on top of a hill. 35. Conservative philosophers argue that the very structure of society is threatening by civil disobedience, while humanists stress the primacy of the individual conscience. 36. Since 1971 the regional corporations set up in Alaska by Congress managing everything from fishing to banking. 37. A rocket burns propellant rapidly and most rockets carry a supply that last just a few seconds. 38. Textile art is known for both its tactile and vision qualities. 39. The metal aluminum has been first isolated early in the nineteenth century. 40. Gulls can often be see swooping over large bodies of water.

1989 05 1. The difference between libel and slander is that libel is printed while__________. (A) spoken is slander

(B) is spoken slander (C) slander is spoken (D) is slander spoken 2. Great numbers of tiny shelled animalson the ocean floor. (A) Live (B) Living (C) They will live (D) If they lived 3. The knee is the joint __________the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg. (A) when (B) where (C) why (D) which 4. Closed plane figures like the square or the equilateral triangle can be grouped into a class __________polygons. (A) called (B) to call (C) is called (D) call as 5. Acids are chemical compounds that, in water solution, have __________, a corrosive action on metals, and the ability to turn certain blue vegetable dyes red. (A) tastes sharp (B) sharp-tasting (C) a sharp taste (D) tasting sharp 6. __________the history of the tough, strong-willed Nebraska farmer. (A) Not only is much of the history of Nebraska (B) Although it is much of the history of Nebraska that is (C) It is much the history of Nebraskas being (D) Much of the history of Nebraska is

7. Billie Holidays reputation as a great jazz-blues singer rests on her ability __________emotional depth to her songs. (A) be giving (B) are given (C) being given (D) to give 8. __________1895 did Cornell University begin to offer a degree in ornithology. (A) Not until (B) Not since (C) Until (D) In 9. Uniform acceleration occurs __________the rate of change remains the same over successive and equal intervals of time. (A) according (B) if (C) with (D) under 10. Peoples expectations for a higher standard of living increase __________. (A) conditions in their community improve (B) since conditions in their improving community (C) conditions improve in their community (D) as conditions in their community improve 11. Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of __________reality. (A) what it is conceived (B) that is conceived (C) what is conceived to be (D) that is being conceived of 12. All of the plants now raised on farms have been developed from plants __________wild.

(A) once they grew (B) they grew once (C) that once grew (D) once grew 13. __________relatively costly, the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs servicing infrequently. (A) Even (B) It is (C) Even though (D) There is 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) __________images out of clay, stone, and metal. The shaping of sculpture Sculpting the shapes To shape sculpture Sculptors shape

15. __________dates from the end of the eighteenth century. (A) The modern circus (B) That the modern circus (C) While the modern circus (D) The modern circus that 16. The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases. 17. The Ranger spacecraft it provided more than 17,000 pictures of the moon. 18. Many people who live in New York City thinks that life in a large city offers special advantages. 19. The scientific revolution of the early 1900s affected education by change the nature of technology. 20. Meadowlarks are about the same size than robins, but they have heavier bodies, shorter tails, and longer bills.

21. On May 20,1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 22. Translated into terms of psychological theory, association has been thought of as the basis of to learn, conditioning, and creative thinking. 23. The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed in 1865 to commemoration the alliance of France with the American colonies during the American Revolution. 24. Reptiles are widely distributed all over the world, but are much abundant in warm regions and are virtually absent beyond the treeline in the Arctic. 25. Alike light waves, microwaves may be reflected and concentrated. 26. Industrial buyers are responsible for supplying the goods and services that an organization required for its operations. 27. The most easiest process for mining gold is panning, which involves using a circular dish with a small pocket at the bottom. 28. Farm animals have been regardless by nearly all societies as a valuable economic resource. 29. Although it is any longer the big business that it was in the forties, radio continues to be a medium of essential communication, especially at the local level. 30. The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particles motion in relation to the forces acting it. 31. In the United States, both the federal and state governments have laws designed to guard consumers against deceptive advertise.

32. Gore Vidal has steadily pursue a literary career remarkable for its productivity, versatility, and unpredictability. 33. When overall exports exceed imports, a country said to have a trade surplus. 34. Instructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young applicants instep to see whether it is pliant and shows promising of a good arch. 35. Anthropologists agree that our primitive ancestors who inhabited the tropics probably have natural protection against the sun. 36. Behavior modification techniques work best with problems that manifest itself in overt actions. 37. Because they are generally taken simply to obtain a recognizable and relatively clear image, most nonprofessional photographs demand few equipment. 38. At birth, an infant exhibits a remarkable number of motor response. 39. Common to North America, those cinnamon fern is found in wet places. 40. The origins of the Democratic party is often traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas Jefferson in the 1790s to resist the policies of George Washingtons administration.

1989 08 1. The Cubists were concerned with how__________a given subject from different points of view simultaneously. (A) represented (B) do the represent (C) to represent (D) representing

2. Sometimes__________to place physics and chemistry into separate categories. (A) difficult (B) is difficult (C) it is difficult (D) that it is difficult 3. Martha Graham, __________, has run her own dance company for half a century. (A) is the great modern choreographer (B) one of the great modern choreographers (C) that the great modern choreographers (D) the modern choreographers were great 4. Long before children are able to speak or understand a language, __________communicate through facial expressions and by making noises. (A) however (B) they (C) furthermore (D) who 5. The seating of musicians in an orchestra is arranged __________to produce the desired blend of sounds from the various musical sections . (A) the conductor of (B) from the conductor (C) the conductor and (D) by the conductor 6. The worldwide race to develop an affordable synthetic fuel has so far consumed billions of dollars and __________ few results. (A) yielded (B) yielding (C) yield ha (D) has a yield of 7. Experiments in the photography of moving objects __________ in both the United States and Europe well before 1900.

(A) have been conducting (B) were conducting (C) had been conducted (D) being conducted 8. The University of Georgia, __________ in 1785, was the first state supported university in the United States. (A) chartered (B) was chartered (C) it was chartered (D) to be chartered 9. Thanks to modern irrigation, crops now grow abundantly in areas where once __________ cacti and sagebrush could live. (A) nor (B) not the (C) none other (D) nothing but 10. __________, in the late 1800s, some libraries had to keep as many as twenty to thirty copies of each of Mary Jane Holmess books on hand. (A) Inventories showing (B) That show inventories (C) Inventories show that (D) Showing the inventories 11. The scholarly interest in perception stems largely from questions about the sources and validity of what __________. (A) it is known as human knowledge (B) is known as human knowledge (C) known human knowledge (D) is human knowledge known 12. Because of the Aleuts constant exposure to cold weather, they have long recognized __________ . (A) and body needs to be fat (B) body needs the fat

(C) how fat the body needs (D) the bodys need for fat 13. another. (A) (B) (C) (D) Almost all economists agree __________ by trading with one nations that are gained nations they gain gaining nations that nations gain

14. The development of mechanical timepieces spurred the search for __________ with which to regulate them. (A) more accurate than sundials (B) more accurate sundials (C) sundials more accurately (D) more accurately than sundials 15. Anthropology is a science __________anthropologists use a rigorous set of methods and techniques to document observations that can be checked by others. (A) (B) (C) (D) in that that in that in

16.A liquid is similar to a gas because has molecules are not fixed to each other in any specific way. 17.The Conestoga wagon, used for to carry heavy loads over long distances, originated around 1725 in a region of Pennsylvania occupied by the Conestoga Indians. 18.Providence, Rhode Island, is a busy manufacturing city and seaport, as well the state capital. 19.The young of most bird species are totally dependence on parental care after hatching.

20.During most of this century, A. Philip Randolph struggled for Black rights in the United States and becomes an important figure in the labor movement. 21.It has been calculated that the Earths circumference around the equator is over forty longer miles than the circumference around the two poles. 22. A fish must constantly to gulp water in order to keep a current flowing through its delicate gills. 23. Maria Martinez, a Pueblo Indian, rediscovered the ancient art of Pueblo black pottery A and, by teaching the process to family and friends, develop a lucrative business. 24. Muscular motion is caused by the stimulate of specific nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. 25. The first libraries in the North American colonies was established in Massachusetts in the year 1638. 26. When does a neutron from one atom collides with the nucleus of another atom, a chain reaction can occur. 27. Alike other academic disciplines, sociology has several major sub-disciplines. 28. An enormous variety of information may be obtained from a largest daily newspaper. 29. Before the invention of the clock, people had to reliable on the celestial bodies to tell time. 30. How many people remember listening to Orson Welles1938 radio broadcast. The War of the Worlds, Which convince thousands that space aliens had invaded the Earth?

31. Pewter, a metal with an ancient heritage, is still practical medium for the nonprofessional metalworker. 32. According to cognitive theories of emotion, anger occurs when individuals believe that A they have been harmed and that the harm was either avoidable and undeserved. 33. Jackie Mcleans recordings have shown that he is one of the few jazz musicians who style A B of playing has kept pace with the evolution of modern jazz. 34. How Native Americans developed corn is a puzzling, for no wild corn has ever been discovered, and it grows only where people plant and tend it. 35. A principle of manager is to ensure that every action or decision achieves a carefully planned goal. 36. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives. 37. Classicism as a doctrine seeks what is universally truth and good. 38. Researchers at the University of Colorado are investigating a series of indicators that A B could help themselves to predict earthquakes. 39.Fungi are important in the process of decay, which returns ingredients to the soil, enhances soil fertility, and decompose animal debris. 40. A common use with gold in the nineteenth century was as a standard for the value of money.

1989 10 1. Quasars __________ emitting extremely intense radio waves and visible radiation.

(A) Star-like objects are (B) Star-like, they are objects (C) are star-like objects (D) are they star-like objects 2. Mary Cassatt specialized __________ mothers with their children. (A) painted (B) who painted (C) paintings (D) in painting 3. Gorillas are quiet animals, __________ they are able to make about twenty different sounds. (A) how (B) in spite of (C) because of (D) even though 4. From 1946 to 1949, __________ William Henry Hastie served as governor of the Virgin Islands. (A) (B) (C) (D) the lawyer he was the lawyer the lawyer who was the lawyer

5. __________ struck, a tuning fork produces an almost pure tone, retaining its pitch over a long period of time. (A) When is it (B) One is (C) When it is (D) Is one 6. __________ one time, Manchester, New Hampshire, was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world. (A) On (B) At (C) By (D) To

7. The edible tube mushroom __________ a cushion-like, moist cap that is light brown or darkish red. (A) which has (B) to have (C) having (D) has 8. In 1961 the entertainer Chubby Checker introduced a __________ to New Yorks rockn roll fans. (A) new dance, the twist (B) twist, was the new dance (C) twist, the new dance that (D) new dance is the twist 9. In sculpture __________modeling denotes a way of shaping clay, wax, or other pliable materials. (A) to the term (B) is termed (C) the term (D) to term 10. The capacity for flight __________insects from the other invertebrates. (A) to distinguish (B) distinguishes (C) which distinguishes (D) distinguishing 11. Although pecans are most plentiful in the southeastern part of the United States, they are found __________ Ohio and Illinois. (A) far north (B) north as far (C) farthest north (D) as far north as 12. __________ of caffeine can result in restlessness, insomnia, and even delirium.

(A) Consuming in excess (B) Excessive consumption (C) To consume excessively (D) The consumption excessive 13. Considered one of the leading poets in America today,__________. (A) a number of books and plays have also been written by Sonia Sanchez (B) Sonia Sanchez has also written a number of books and plays (C) A number of Sonia Sanchez books and plays have been written (D) There have been a number of books and plays written by Sonia Sanchez 14. Variables such as individual and corporate behavior __________ nearly impossible for economists to forecast economic trends with precision. (A) make (B) make it (C) it makes (D) makes it 15. __________ by transferring the blame to others is often called scapegoating. (A) Eliminate problems (B) The eliminated problems (C) Eliminating problems (D) Problems are eliminated 16. Sea turtles date back 100 million year and are the only ancient sea reptiles to survive the present Day. 17. At a first, the scientific method may appear to be a narrow and restrictive way of gaining understanding. 18. Since prehistoric times, artists have portrayed subjects that representative their culture. 19. How many people realize that agriculture is a source of raw materials for clothing and to shelter?

20. Mammals lose body heat to them environment in cold weather more quickly than in hot weather. 21. Mahogany is often considered the finest cabinet wood because they has most of the qualities desired for furniture making. 22. The situation comedy has proved to a remarkably durable commercial television format. 23. Calcium, the most abundantly mineral in the body works with phosphorus in maintaining bones and teeth. 24. Soil science begun with the formulation of the theory of humus in1808. 25. Scholars tend to cite 1831 as the started of the United States abolitionist movement. 26. Mary McDowell shared Jane Addams interest in social work also was a loyal supprter of the League of Nations. 27. In adolescence, a young person may experience some stress emotional due to conflicting and confusing social demands. 28. Situated in the heart of a grain-farming and livestock-raising region, Abilene, Kansas, is a prosperous trading and distribute center. 29. A hologram is a pattern usually made on film in that can create a three-dimensional image of a scene. 30. The general sales tax has been a major source of income for state governments, much of which derive more than half of their budgets from it. 31. Principal known for his dictionary, Noah Webster was also the first epidimiologist in the United States.

32. Liquid lubricants contrast widely in weighing, thickness, and boiling point. 33. Interest with major social events led to a period of growth in journalism after 1945. 34. Saint Elmos fire is a luminous blue discharge of electricity sometimes seen when a thunderstorm. 35. Almanacs in simple form have been known from the invention of writing. 36. If laid out in straight line, the human digestive tract would measure approximately thirty foot in length. 37. The relationship of Latin American music to Black music in the United States is clearly evident in the unaccented beats that are common to either. 38. Today it is generally recognized as the primary function of the Federal Reserve System is to foster the flow of credit and money that will eventually facilitate a balance in international payments. 39. Pure flint is too hard and even-grained that it chips in smooth curved flakes. 40. The typical Georgian-style house is rectangular in shape, at less two stories high, and designed around a central stairway. 1990 01 1. ---ratchet is a wheel or bar that can move in only one direction. (A) A (B) It is a (C) Although a (D) There is a 2. Thomas Jeffersons achievements as an architect rival his contributions ---a politician.

(A) such (B) more (C) as (D) than 3. The chief foods eaten in any country depend largely on ---best in its climate and soil. (A) it grows (B) what grows (C) does it grow (D) what does it grow 4. Possibly the greatest advance in ---materials came with the invention of a cheap way to make steel. (A) bridge-building (B) building of bridges (C) building a bridge (D) bridges are built 5. ---, snakes frequently subdue their prey without injecting poison. (A) (B) (C) (D) Contrary to general belief General belief contrary to Belief contrary to general Contrary belief general to

6. Two years after she was chosen president of the Texas State Senate, ---successfully for a seat in the United States Congress. (A) Barbara Jordans campaign being (B) Barbara Jordan campaigned (C) Campaigning for Barbara Jordan (D) Barbara Jordan campaigning 7. The values of a people, their customs, and their perceptions of the world ---their language. (A) are influenced (B) be influenced (C) influencing (D) influence

8. Over a very large number of trials, the probability of an events ---is equal to the probability that it will not occur. (A) occurs (B) will occur (C) can occur (D) occurring 9. ---fashioned from a wick floating in a bowl of oil functioned according to the principle of capillary action. (A) All lamps early (B) Lamps all early (C) All early lamps (D) Early all lamps 10. Annie Jump Cannon, ---discovered so many stars that she was called the census taker of the sky. (A) a leading astronomer who (B) who, as a leading astronomer, (C) was a leading astronomer (D) a leading astronomer, 11. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, ---to the body. (A) the stress it is greater (B) greater is the stress (C) greater stress is (D) the greater the stress 12. And ideal is a standard ---people judge real phenomena. (A) (B) (C) (D) how of by which for it

13. Maine has ---weather than most of the other states in the continental United States. (A) coolest

(B) the coolest (C) cooler (D) the cooler 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) Amoebas are ---small to be seen without a microscope. far too far and so far as far as

15. Graphite conducts electricity ---does not burn. (A) (B) (C) (D) because if when and

16. The methods of spectrum analysis vary according to the wavelength region were studied. 17. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy-five miles an hour who originate over tropical ocean waters. 18. A great proportion of the seeds of desert flora they possess germination-inhibiting substances. 19. Window treatment, furniture arrangement and color combine all contribute to the overall impression of a room. 20. Harvesting of grains is affected by annual changes in temperature or in the amount of moisture, but both. 21. Due to its excellent tensile strength, acetate rayon is an important material for products so as balloons, parachutes, fire hoses, and webbing. 22. It has not been determined how years sea turtles can live in their natural environment, but they will reach a very old age if left undisturbed by humans.

23. A footnote is characteristically employed to give information that is too long or too detailed be included in the body of a text. 24. Watercolors dry more faster than other paints. 25. In mathematical terms, modern algebra is set of objects with rules for connecting or relating those objects. 26. Alike most fruit trees, the quince is normally propagated from shoots or cuttings. 27. A patent gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a fix period of time. 28. In 1981 the fossil jaw of a previously unknown small mammal was found onto a Navaho reservation in Arizona. 29. The wild carrot, knew as Queen Annes lace, gave rise to the cultivated carrot in its domesticated form. 30. A statue, a monumental, a building, or a park may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished individual. 31. The Earths magnetic poles are not stationary, but slowly shift its position. 32. A emotion is not necessarily aroused by something in the outside world. 33. The elbows are joints that connected peoples up arms with their forearms. 34. Ants have an elaborate structure social, and enjoy a longevity far greater than that of most insects. 35. Municipal planners deal chiefly for the physical layout of communities.

36. A musician with multiply talents, Aretha Franklin is able to write songs that are unusually consistent in style and content. 37. Whether a healthy adult tends to feel hungry two, three, or four times a daily is a question of physiology and of culture. 38. One of the most distinction dialects of North American English, Gullah is spoken by many people in the South Carolina area. 39. The novels of John Cheever belongs to a literary tradition that is concerned primarily with manners. 40. Pennsylvania has the most institutions of higher learning than any other state has.

1990 05 1. When ---in arctic regions, the Aleuts construct igloos as temporary winter shelters. (A) (B) (C) (D) travel to travel traveling them traveling

2. Most substances contract when they freeze so that the density of a substances solid is ---of its liquid. (A) than the higher density (B) higher than the density (C) the density is higher than that (D) the higher the density 3. The mechanism by which brain cells store memories is ---clearly understood. (A) none (B) no (C) not (D) nor

4. Desert animals ---a means of retaining moisture in such a hot, dry climate if they are to survive. (A) need (B) needing (C) to need (D) was needed 5. ---state of Wyoming is also known as the Equality State because Wyoming women were the first in the nation to vote. (A) The (B) There is a (C) That the (D) As the 6. Fructose is a monosaccharide sugar that is much sweeter ---. (A) than cane sugar does (B) does cane sugar (C) cane sugar (D) than cane sugar 7. Ground plans and contour maps of the Earth ---from aerial photographs. (A) can be drawn (B) can draw (C) to draw (D) drawn 8. By the middle of the twentieth century, painters and sculptors in the United States had begun to exert ---over art. (A) (B) (C) (D) influence worldwide a great a great worldwide influence influence a great worldwide a worldwide influence

9. ---millions of galaxies exist in the vast space outside the Milky Way. (A) It is estimated that

(B) An estimate that (C) That is estimated (D) That the estimated 10. The extent of the harmful effect of locoweeds on animals depends on the soil ---the plants grow. (A) which (B) which in (C) in which (D) in 11. The operetta first ---as a popular form of musical theater in the nineteenth century. (A) to emerge (B) emerging (C) has emerged (D) emerged 12. ---complex organic catalysts originating in living cells. (A) Enzymes (B) Enzymes are (C) Enzymes which are (D) Enzymes while they 13. In the eastern part of New Jersey ---, a major shipping and manufacturing center. (A) lies the city of Elizabeth (B) the city of Elizabeth lies there (C) around the city of Elizabeth lies (D) there lies the city of Elizabeth around 14. Work in parapsychology, ---, has attracted a relatively small number of scientists. (A) is a very controversial field (B) which a very controversial field is (C) a very controversial field (D) a field very controversial which

15. ---, the constitution of the Cherokee Nation provided for a chief executive, a senate, and a house of representatives. (A) In 1827 they drafted (B) The draft in 1827 (C) In 1827 was drafted (D) Drafted in 1827 16. Sociological studies have found that deeply hold values and principles are highly resistant to change. 17. For centuries large communities of people have living on houseboats in parts of the world where the climate is warm and the waters are calm. 18. Benjamin Franklin made the first bifocal spectacles for self by sawing the lenses of his eyeglasses in half. 19. Not only do artificial reefs provide fish with food and shelter, they also serve as importantly underwater landmarks. 20. The United States Department of Agriculture supervises the quality, clean, and purity of meat. 21. All birds, alike most reptiles and a few primitive mammals, develop from embryos in eggs outside the mothers body. 22. The expansion of adult training programs has resulted partially from the feminist movement, which encouraging women to improve their skills for the job market. 23. The most significant cosmological characteristic of the galaxies are the red shift in their optical spectra. 24. James Whistler was indifferent to the titles of his painted and even changed the names of some works years after their completion.

25. Duke Ellingtons orchestra, playing his original compositions and arrangements, achieving a fine unity of style and made numerous innovations in modern jazz. 26. Moles are almost completely blind, although its tiny eyes can distinguish light from dark. 27. Noise is a psychological term referring toward unpleasant, unwanted, or intolerable sound. 28. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the United States, founded the New York Infirmary, an institution that have always had a completely female medical staff. 29. Criminal contempt, committed in the presence of the court, may consist of disorderly behavior, disrespectful, or disobedience of a judges orders. 30. The Cubist movement in art was a reaction against traditional methods of portray reality. 31. During the 1600s skilled shoemakers scarce were in what is now the United States. 32. If a atom loses any of its electrons, it becomes positively charged and can combine chemically with other atoms. 33. The National Education Association conduct extensive research on a great many aspects of education. 34. The pain-killing agent most commonly administered in dentistry is the local anesthetic, who produces loss of feeling only in a specific area. 35. Certain types of computers work properly only in environments with controlled precisely temperatures.

36. The gorilla, while not as curious than the chimpanzee, shows more persistence and memory retention in solving a problem. 37. The belief in fairies have existed from earliest times, and the literature of many countries includes tales of fairies and their relationship to humans. 38. Acrylic paint enables artists to experiment with many colors effects. 39. Salt Lake City, Utahs capital and largest city, is industrial and banking center. 40. A rats sharp teeth can gnaw through wood, plaster, or soft metallic such as lead. 1990 08 1. Resin is a substance that ---in water. (A) does not dissolve (B) do not dissolve (C) not dissolving (D) not dissolved 2. ---hardiness, daylilies can be cultivated particularly easily. (A) Their (B) Since their (C) It is their (D) Because of their 3.A biologist does not merely describe organisms, but tries to learn ---act as they do. (A) what cause them to (B) causes them to what (C) what to cause them (D) what does to them 4.Vaporization in connection with general --- has a marked effect on long C term climate.

(A) atmospheric conditions that (B) conditions are atmospheric (C) are atmospheric conditions (D) atmospheric conditions 5. The oldest city in the state, --- . (A) the Hudsons Bay Company founded Vancouver, Washington, in the early nineteenth century (B) the founding of Vancouver, Washington, by the Hudsons Bay Company in the early nineteenth century (C) Vancouver, Washington, was founded by the Hudsons Bay Company in the early nineteenth century (D) In the early nineteenth century with the founding of Vancouver, Washington, by the Hudsons Bay Company 6. --- raw materials into useful products is called manufacturing. (A) Transform (B) Transforming (C) Being transformed (D) When transforming 7. Alexander Graham Bell once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of the deaf ---of the telephone. (A) than inventing (B) than as the inventor (C) the invention (D) as the inventor 8. Because its leaves remain green long after being picked, rosemary --- associated with the idea of remembrance. (A) (B) (C) (D) and becomes became becoming to become

9. --- that of iron construction, the technology for constructing buildings with reinforced concrete developed rather rapidly. (A) Dissimilar

(B) Different (C) Not likely (D) Unlike 10. Although adult education in the United States began in colonial times, --- chief growth has taken place since the 1920s. (A) its (B) so it (C) but its (D) it is 11. (A) (B) (C) (D) Hot objects emit --- do cold objects. rays more than infrared rays are more infrared than more than infrared rays more infrared rays than

12. An Olympic marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, approximately --from Marathon to Athens. (A) the distance is (B) that the distance is (C) is that the distance (D) the distance 13. Although --- rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact. (A) apparently (B) are apparently (C) apparently their (D) are they apparently 14. One of the oldest types of aesthetic theory is that of formism, --- . (A) reference to the imitation theory is popular (B) the imitation theory is popularly referred to (C) is the reference to the popular imitation theory (D) popularly referred to as the imitation theory

15. A pandas primary activity is sleep, --- its waking hours looking for food. (A) that it spends (B) for spending (C) and it spends (D) will spend 16. The unit of measurement known as a foot has originally based on the average size of the human foot. 17. Social reformer Florence Kelly played a role in the 1893 decision of the Illinois legislature to prohibition child labor. 18. The term technology refers to the discoveries and inventions that help people improve its way of life. 19. Brooklyn, New York, had a population of about 23,000 when it becomes a city in 1834. 20. People can remember more information for higher periods of time when they use more than one sense in the process of learning. 21. Jazz first flourished in New Orleans, Louisiana, and then spread at cities all across the country. 22. Flower have long been cultivated and bred for their beauty and their fragrance. 23. When a spinning ball bounces, some of the energy contained in its rotation can transferred to its energy of forward motion. 24. One values product of a musk deer is musk, which comes from a gland near the males abdomen and is used in medicines and perfumes. 25. The economy of Little Rock, Arkansas, is basis primarily on manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and government functions.

26. The first United States citizen to become a professional sculptor was Patience Lovell Wright, which works were executed in wax. 27. A electric current can consist of charges that are positive, negative, or both. 28. Progress in the field of optically and new kinds of glass have made it possible to construct photographic lenses with a minimum number of materials. 29. In nature, the distributive of plants is obviously related to climate. 30. The United States Constitution requires that the President be a natural-born citizen, thirty-five years of age or be older, who has lived in the United States for a minimum of fourteen years. 31. How many people realize that Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings The yearling is a minor literary classic and an important contribute to regional literature? 32. Ensuring an adequate water supply have been a concern ever since people began to live in towns and cities. 33. The most substances expand in volume when they are heated. 34. Due to sophisticated transportation networks, people can now buy the same types of perishable goods in Toronto like in New York City. 35. Glaciers that develop nearly the North and South Poles advance into the sea, break into pieces, and become icebergs. 36. As inevitably as human culture has changed with the passing of time, so does the environment. 37. For some purposes it is convenient to think of a surface as the locus generated when a line straight or a curve moves through space in a prescribed manner.

38. A significant proportions of the plants and animals of Hawaii exists nowhere else in the World 39. Mass advertising is employed when person C to C person selling is impractical, impossible, or simply inefficiency. 40. Mexican jumping beans are actually seeds in which contain moth larvae whose activity causes the seeds to jump.

1990 10 1. The significance of mythology within a culture is reflected in ---, the amount of time devoted to this activity, and the relevance of mythology to ceremonials. (A) Storytellers have prestige (B) The prestige of storytellers (C) Telling stories is prestigious (D) Prestige comes with storytelling 2. Although --- some textile products, it imports many as well. (A) the exports of the United States (B) exporting of the United States (C) exporter of the United States (D) the United States exports 3. Economic goods may take the form --- of material things or of services. (A) either (B) because (C) as (D) or 4. Ragtime is a kind of music --- a strongly syncopated melody and a regularly accented accompaniment. (A) has (B) that it has (C) that has

(D) it has 5. Historically, --- chief material for making furniture has been wood, but metal and stone have also been used. (A) It was the (B) That the (C) There was a (D) the 6. All gases and most liquids and solids expand --- heated. (A) in (B) how (C) when (D) about 7. Abstraction goes into the making of any work of art, --- or not. (A) whether the artist being aware of it (B) the artist is being aware whether (C) whether the artist is aware of it (D) the artist is aware whether 8. --- often added to sauces and soups, is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. (A) Parsley, an herb that is (B) For parsley, an herb to be (C) An herb, parsley is (D) Parsley, is that herb 9. Emily Posts book Etiquette, --- in 1922, was an immediate success. (A) (B) (C) (D) published was published when it published that it published

10. Emily Posts book Etiquette, --- in 1922, was an immediate success. (A) published

(B) was published (C) when it published (D) that it published 11.A majority of people in the United States can get all the calcium their bodies --- from the food they eat. (A) require (B) requires (C) requiring (D) to require 12. (A) (B) (C) (D) --- map dates back to about 3,000 B.C. Known to be the oldest It was the oldest known Known as the oldest The oldest known

13. The best way to control rats is by seeing that they have as --- . (A) possibly little nourishment (B) nourishment possibly little (C) little as possible nourishment (D) little nourishment as possible 14. The small greenish flowers of the American elm tree appear in the spring, --- . (A) is grown long before the leaves (B) long before the leaves grow (C) the leaves before growing long (D) the growth of leaves before long is 15. In the years between 1937 and 1952, author Margaret Wise Brown ---more than a hundred books but also wrote the lyrics for 21 childrens records. (A) not only produced (B) only not produced (C) produced only (D) only have produced

16. Lizards lack the built C in body temperature control many another creatures possess 17. Doctor are discovering that there is a strong psychological component to chronic pain. 18. With her talent for business promotion, Kate Gleason expansion her familys small machine-tool company into a major manufacturer of gear C cutting machinery. 19. Using their bills as needles, tailorbirds sew large leaves together with plant fiber to forming their nests. 20. Columns may be circular or polygonal in cross section, and are generally at least four times more taller than they are wide. 21. The poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks demonstrates a major characteristically of twentieth Ccentury writing: the conflict between commitment to a social ideal and commitment to art.

22. Montessori preschools differ than public elementary schools in that the activities focus on the childs individual abilities and interests rather than academic ones.

23. Josh Billings roamed the country as a laborer when he was a young man, but settled down in his later life to become a humorist and lecturing. 24. Data received from two spacecraft indicate that there is many evidence that huge thunderstorms are now occurring around the equator of the planet Saturn. 25. Every individual cell, whether its exists as an independent microorganism or is part of a complex creature, has its own life cycle. 26. Because aluminum is nonmagnetic, it is value for protecting electrical equipment from magnetic interference.

27. Nitrogen and oxygen are too important that most living organisms cannot survive without these elements. 28. Coal and petroleum resulted when plants become buried in swamps and decayed. 29. Percapita income is a nations entire income dividing by the number of people in the nation. 30. Jim Thorpe, a football, track, and baseball stars from Pennsylvania, is considered by many to be the greatest all-around athlete of modern times. 31. For centuries waterwheels were the only sources of power aside from human and animal strong . 32. Proteins form the most of the structure of the body and also act as enzymes. 33. The attorney general of the United States advises the President on any questions of law who may arise in the conduct of administrative affairs. 34. Many of the science fiction publications by Ray Bradbury display a desire to rebel against societys depend on machines. 35. The age of a geological sample can be estimated from the ratio of radioactive to nonradioactive carbon present in the object is examined. 36. Dams vary in size from small rock barriers to concrete structures many feet height. 37. Even before the human organism developed into their present stage of home sapiens, the beginnings of culture were already evident. 38. In the United States, sleds for recreation were first produced commercial in the 1870s or thereabouts.

39. Employments agencies bring together persons qualified for specific jobs and employers who have those jobs available. 40. Salmon spend most of their adult lives in salt water, despite they return to their freshwater birthplaces to spawn and die. 1991 01 1.Orchestral instruments --- under the following types: strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion. (A) grouped (B) can group (C) can be grouped (D) to be grouped 2.--- depressions in the ocean floor are called trenches. (A) There are the deep (B) Are the deep (C) Where deep (D) Deep 3.In the course of her life, Mary Anne Sadlier ---, some fifty of them original novels and collections of stories. (A) Produced nearly sixty books (B) Produced sixty books nearly (C) Nearly sixty books produced (D) Sixty books nearly produced 4.--- xenon could not form chemical compounds was once believed by scientists. (A) (B) (C) (D) For It was That While

5.Eastern meadowlarks abound in places ---, but eat harmful insects rather than grain. (A) land is cultivated there

(B) there is land cultivated (C) where land is cultivated (D) where is cultivated land 6.Amplifiers such as those in computers and sound Creproducing systems are responsible for --- an erratic input signal. (A) strengthening (B) being strengthened (C) strengthen (D) to strengthen 7.--- John Aaron Lewis pioneered in the development of third stream music,a blend of jazz and classical music. (A) A composer, who was (B) He was a composer (C) As a composer (D) When a composer he 8.In reorganizing the curriculum of Mt. Holyoke College in the late 1800s Elizabeth Mead laid the foundation --- the modern college rests. (A) (B) (C) (D) is which on which which is on on it

9.Research into the dynamics of storms is directed toward improving the ability to predict these events --- to minimize damage and avoid loss of life. (A) and thus (B) so (C) however (D) because 10. --- lived on the North Saskatchewan River long before the Hudsons Bay Company built a fur trading post there. (A) Cree people (B) For Cree people (C) It was Cree people

(D) Where Cree people 11. (A) (B) (C) (D) --- has been a topic of continual geological research. Did the continents originate How did the continents originate Have the continents originated How the continents originated

12. Because the papaya grows readily from seed, ---spread from its home in Central America and now grows throughout the tropics. (A) to be (B) it (C) the (D) its 13. The elimination of inflation would ensure that the amount of money used in repaying a loan would have ---as the amount of money borrowed. (A) as the same value (B) the same value (C) value as the same (D) the value is the same 14. Futurism, ---early twentieth-century movement in art, rejected all traditions and attempted to glorify contemporary life by emphasizing the machine and motion. (A) an (B) was an (C) that it was an (D) that an 15. All living organisms constantly absorb carbon 14 ---their existence. (A) out (B) about (C) around (D) throughout

16. Porcelain is not a single clay, and a compound of kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, and silica. 17. The bison, know for the hump over its shoulders, is usually called a buffalo in North America. 18. Perspiration, the bodys built-in cooling mechanism occurs as a natural reaction to nervousness, intense heat, or vigorously exercise. 19. Because of the rising cost of fuel, scientists are building automobile engines who will conserve gasoline but still run smoothly. 20. The primary function of a sonometer is to calculate and demonstrate the relations mathematical of melodious tones. 21. The most useful way of looking at a map is not as a piece of papers, but as a record of geographically organized information. 22. The most useful way of looking at a map is not as a piece of papers, but as a record of geographically organized information. 23. Vitamin A is essential to bone grow and to the healthiness of the skin and mucous membranes. 24. The Moon, being much more nearer to the Earth than the Sun, is the principal cause of the tides. 25. One of the wildest and most inaccessible parts of the United States are the Everglades where wildlife is abundant and largely protected. 26. The dromedary camel is raised especially to racing. 27. The founding of the Boston Library in 1653 demonstrate the early North American colonists interest in books and libraries. 28. Public recognition of Ben Shahn as a major American artistic began with a retrospective show of his work in 1948.

29. The texture of soil is determined by the size of the grains or particles that make up.

29. To produce one pound of honey, a colony of bees must fly a distance equals to twice around the world. 30. The domestic dog, considered to be the first tamed animal, is coexisting with human beings since the days of the cave dwellers. 31. Nature not only gave the Middle Atlantic region fine harbors, however endowed it with a first-class system of inland waterways. 32. All matter resists any change in their condition of rest or of motion.

33. Swans, noted for graceful movements in the water, have been the subject of many poetry, fairy tales, legends, and musical compositions. 34. Since peach trees bloom very early in the season, they are in danger for spring frosts.

35. Like some other running birds, the sanderling lacks a back toe and has a three-toed feet. 36. Lucretia Motts influence was too significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the United States. 37. Large bodies of water and the prevalence of moisture-bearing winds often produce a condition of tall humidity, affecting the local weather. 38. Manganese does not exist naturally in a pure state because it reacts so easily with other element.

39. Scientists estimate that as many as hundred millions visible meteors enter the Earths atmosphere every day. 40. Although not abundant in nature, zinc is important for both the galvanization of iron and the preparation of alloys as such brass and German silver. 1991 05 1. ---a bicameral, or two-chamber parliament. (A) Canada has (B) Having Canada (C) Because Canada has (D) That Canada is having 2. ---time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb. (A) Saved (B) Saves (C) To save (D) The saving 3. The recent discovery of a novel by Harriet Wilson, published in 1859, ---a landmark in Black American literature. (A) has brought to light (B) light to brought has (C) brought to light has (D) has light to brought 4. ---telescopes of the 1600s magnified objects thirty-three times their original size. (A) That the (B) The (C) This is the (D) Being where the 5. Thyme, ---, yields a medicinal oil containing thymol. (A) a fragrant garden herb

(B) garden herb which is fragrant (C) fragrant garden herb (D) is an herb in a fragrant garden 6. Until the ninth century, written words were not actually separated, ---in some literary writing, dots or points were used to indicate divisions. (A) in spite of (B) contrary (C) contrast to (D) but 7. Nutritionists ---goat milk to be rich, nourishing, and readily digested. (A) consider (B) is considered (C) are considered (D) considering 8. ---conventional black ink costs newspapers about thirty cents a pound, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more per pound to the bill. (A) Furthermore (B) Meanwhile (C) Moreover (D) While 9. John Lones physical grace and ---age, sex, and culture make him an extraordinary performer. (A) his ability to transcend (B) is able to transcend the (C) the transcending ability (D) with his ability transcending 10. Before ---of synthetic dyes, yarns were often colored by dyes obtained from natural vegetable and mineral matter. (A) introducing (B) introduction

(C) the introduction (D) introducing that 11. Ducks have been domesticated for many centuries ---commercially for their meat and eggs. (A) raised (B) and are raised (C) raised as (D) are raised 12. Maggie Lena Walker, an insurance and banking executive, ---and spent her entire life in Richmond, Virginia. (A) and was brought up (B) brought up with (C) who was brought up (D) was brought up 13. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than ---. (A) the domestic marketer has (B) the domestic marketer does (C) those of the domestic marketer (D) that which has the domestic marketer 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) 15. (A) (B) (C) (D) Mercury differs from other industrial metals ---it is a liquid. whereas in that because of consequently In black verse ---of ten syllables, five of which are accented. line consists of each consists of each line each line consists it consists of each line

16. Some art historians have say that too many artists have tried only to imitate previous painting styles.

17. Inventor Granville Woods received him first patent on January 3, 1984, for a steam boiler furnace. 18. Throughout history, shoes have been worn not only for protection and also for decoration. 19. Worker bees labor for the good of the hive by collecting food, caring for the young, and to expand the nest. 20. Pathologists use their knowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other physicians. 21. Objects falling freely n a vacuum have the same rate of speed is regardless of differences in size and weight. 22. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acceptable part of a students educator as late as the seventeenth century. 23. Historians have never reached some general agreement about the precise causes of the Civil War in the United States. 24. Of all the Native Americans in the United States, the Navajos from largest group. 25.A neutron star forms when a star much more massive than the Sun dies and exploded. 26.A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of properties of plants and trees, and the habits of wild birds and beasts. 27.Quartz may be transparency, translucent, or opaque, and it may be colorless or colored. 28.In an adult human, the skin weighs about seven pounds and covers it about thirty-six square feet.

29.A leading Canadian feminist and author, Nellie McClung, struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win politically and legal rights for Canadian women. 30.Metabolism consists of a complicated series of chemicals reactions carried out by living cells. 31.Duke Ellington was the first person to compose extended jazz works and gives regular jazz concerts. 32.Seismology has not reached yet the stage where earthquakes can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy. 33.The design of the University of Virginia came at the end of Thomas Jeffersons long career as theoretician, statesman, and architecture. 34.At night the desert floor radiates heat back into the atmosphere and the temperature may be drop to near freezing. 35.Although they are in different countries, Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan are close neighbors and cooperate on numerous matters of mutually interest. 36.First incorporated in 1871, Dallas, Texas, had become the seventh largest cities in the United States by 1976. 37.Will Rogers was widely recognized for his daily newspaper column, in which he humorously criticized and commented in the politics of his time. 38.The free silver movement, promoting unlimited silver coinage, gained prominent, in the late 1800s. 39.The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from it flowing into the Pacific.

40.The Petrified Forest of eastern Arizona are made up of tree trunks that were buried in mud,sand, or volcanic ash ages ago and have turned to stone. 1991 05 1. ---a bicameral, or two-chamber parliament. (A) Canada has (B) Having Canada (C) Because Canada has (D) That Canada is having 2. ---time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb. (A) Saved (B) Saves (C) To save (D) The saving 3. The recent discovery of a novel by Harriet Wilson, published in 1859, ---a landmark in Black American literature. (A) (B) (C) (D) has brought to light light to brought has brought to light has has light to brought

4. ---telescopes of the 1600s magnified objects thirty-three times their original size. (A) That the (B) The (C) This is the (D) Being where the 5. Thyme, ---, yields a medicinal oil containing thymol. (A) a fragrant garden herb (B) garden herb which is fragrant (C) fragrant garden herb (D) is an herb in a fragrant garden

6. Until the ninth century, written words were not actually separated, ---in some literary writing, dots or points were used to indicate divisions. (A) in spite of (B) contrary (C) contrast to (D) but 7. Nutritionists ---goat milk to be rich, nourishing, and readily digested. (A) consider (B) is considered (C) are considered (D) considering 8. ---conventional black ink costs newspapers about thirty cents a pound, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more per pound to the bill. (A) Furthermore (B) Meanwhile (C) Moreover (D) While 9. John Lones physical grace and ---age, sex, and culture make him an extraordinary performer. (A) his ability to transcend (B) is able to transcend the (C) the transcending ability (D) with his ability transcending 10. obtained (A) (B) (C) Before ---of synthetic dyes, yarns were often colored by dyes from natural vegetable and mineral matter. introducing introduction the introduction

(D) introducing that

11. Ducks have been domesticated for many centuries ---commercially for their meat and eggs. (A) raised (B) and are raised (C) raised as (D) are raised 12. Maggie Lena Walker, an insurance and banking executive, ---and spent her entire life in Richmond, Virginia. (A) and was brought up (B) brought up with (C) who was brought up (D) was brought up 13. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than ---. (A) the domestic marketer has (B) the domestic marketer does (C) those of the domestic marketer (D) that which has the domestic marketer 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) Mercury differs from other industrial metals ---it is a liquid. whereas in that because of consequently

15. In black verse ---of ten syllables, five of which are accented. (A) line consists of each (B) consists of each line (C) each line consists (D) it consists of each line 16. Some art historians have say that too many artists have tried only to imitate previous painting styles. 17. Inventor Granville Woods received him first patent on January 3, 1984, for a steam boiler furnace.

18. Throughout history, shoes have been worn not only for protection and also for decoration. 19. Worker bees labor for the good of the hive by collecting food, caring for the young, and to expand the nest. 20. Pathologists use their knowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other physicians. 21. Objects falling freely n a vacuum have the same rate of speed is regardless of differences in size and weight. 22. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acceptable part of a students educator as late as the seventeenth century. 23. Historians have never reached some general agreement about the precise causes of the Civil War in the United States. 24. Of all the Native Americans in the United States, the Navajos from largest group. 25.A neutron star forms when a star much more massive than the Sun dies and exploded. 26.A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of properties of plants and trees, and the habits of wild birds and beasts. 27.Quartz may be transparency, translucent, or opaque, and it may be colorless or colored. 28.In an adult human, the skin weighs about seven pounds and covers it about thirty-six square feet. 29.A leading Canadian feminist and author, Nellie McClung, struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win politically and legal rights for Canadian women.

30.Metabolism consists of a complicated series of chemicals reactions carried out by living cells. 31.Duke Ellington was the first person to compose extended jazz works and gives regular jazz concerts. 32.Seismology has not reached yet the stage where earthquakes can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy. 33.The design of the University of Virginia came at the end of Thomas Jeffersons long career as theoretician, statesman, and architecture. 34.At night the desert floor radiates heat back into the atmosphere and the temperature may be drop to near freezing. 35.Although they are in different countries, Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan are close neighbors and cooperate on numerous matters of mutually interest. 36.First incorporated in 1871, Dallas, Texas, had become the seventh largest cities in the United States by 1976. 37.Will Rogers was widely recognized for his daily newspaper column, in which he humorously criticized and commented in the politics of his time. 38.The free silver movement, promoting unlimited silver coinage, gained prominent, in the late 1800s. 39.The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from it flowing into the Pacific. 40.The Petrified Forest of eastern Arizona are made up of tree trunks that were buried in mud,sand, or volcanic ash ages ago and have turned to stone.

1991 10 1. --- a lonely and rugged life, far from home and family. (A) Wherever the early prospector lived (B) The early prospector lived (C) Not only did the early prospector live (D) The early prospector living 2. Helium is --- all gases to liquefy and is impossible to solidify at normal air pressure. (A) more than difficult (B) the most difficult of (C) more difficult of (D) most difficult 3. Every year Canadian --- about 75 percent of their exports to the United States. (A) businesses that sell (B) selling businesses (C) businesses sell (D) that sell to businesses 4. An innovator, ballerina Augusta Maywood was --- a traveling company. (A) to form the first (B) the first to form (C) who formed the first (D) forming the first 5. When water freezes in the cracks of rocks, --- expands, causing the rocks to break apart. (A) it (B) but (C) then (D) and 6. With x C ray microscopes scientists can see through live insects --- even through solid pieces of metal.

(A) however (B) nevertheless (C) or (D) yet 7. As resident of New Mexico, Dennis Chavez --- to the House of Representatives in 1930 and to the Senate in1938. (A) when elected (B) elected (C) who was elected (D) was elected 8. --- are not leached out of soil, reclamation procedures are needed to restore the lands productivity. (A) For concentrations of salt (B) Salt concentrations that (C) If salt concentrations (D) With concentrations of salt 9. --- social crusade aroused Elizabeth Williamsenthusiasm more than the expansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the United States. (A) No (B) Nothing (C) Not (D) None 10. --- as 2500 B.C., the Egyptians used mirrors made of highly polished metal. (A) In early (B) As early (C) Early (D) Was as early 11. The quantum theory states ---, such as light, is given off and absorbed in tiny definite units called quanta or photons. (A) energy that (B) that it is energy

(C) it is energy (D) that energy 12. Quails typically have short rounded wings that enable --- spring into full flight instatly when disturbed in their hiding places. (A) they (B) to their (C) its (D) them to 13. Geysers are found near rivers and lakes, where water drains through the soil ---. (A) surface below the deep (B) deep below the surface (C) the deep below surface (D) the deep surface below 14. Algebra generalizes certain basic laws ---the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of all numbers. (A) govern (B) that govern (C) have governed (D) which they govern 15. (A) (B) (C) (D) Even at low levels, ---. the nervous system has produced detrimental effects by lead leads detrimental effects are producing the nervous system lead produces detrimental effects on the nervous system the detrimental effects produced by lead on the nervous system

16. The culinary expert Fannie Farmer taught dietetics, kitchen management, and to cook at her famous Boston school. 17. The elephant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense. 18. A few naturally elements exist in such small amounts that they are known mainly from laboratory-made samples.

19. Some insects hear ultrasonic sounds more than two octaves than higher humans can. 20. To stay warm in cold weather, cold-blooded animals must expose itself to a source of warmth such as direct sunlight. 21. A severe illness where she was just nineteen months old deprived Helen Keller of both her sight and hearing. 22. Like all ecological systems, a forest is made up of a living environment and a nonliving environment, the latter composed of air, rocks, soiled, and water. 23. The purposeful of the elementary school is to introduce children to the skills, information, and attitudes necessary for a smooth adjustment to society. 24. Notorious as a host for wheat rust, the barberry bush has been banned from many area.

25. Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage, television, and film productions on both sides the Atlantic Ocean. 26. A microphone enables a soft tone to be amplified, thus making it possible the gentle renditions of romantic love songs in a large hall. 27. Atrophy is a decrease in size of a cell, organ, tissues, or other part of the body such as a limb. 28. The poetry of e.e. cummings illustrates the way in which some poets bend grammatical rules as they strive to expression their insights. 29. In the wild, tea plants become trees of approximately thirty feet in high.

30. Accounting is described as art of classifying, recording, and reporting significant financial events. 31. The development of the watch depended upon the invent of the mainspring. 32. The ordeal of the Cherokee Indians, who were forcible moved from their homeland in the 1830s, is remembered as the Trail of Tears. 33. Physical fitness activities can lead to an alarming variety of injuries if participants push themselves greatly hard. 34. The structure or behavior of many protozoans are amazingly complex for single-celled animals. 35. Alaskas rough climate and terrain divide the state into isolated regions and the difficult of highway maintenance is a troublesome problem. 36. For hundreds of years, sailors relied on echoes to warn them of another ships, icebergs, or cliffs in foggy weather. 37. Although he is employed in the scientific and technical fields, the metric system is not generally utilized in the United States. 38. Prototypical oboes did a loud, harsh tone, but the modern oboe is appreciated for its smooth and beautiful tone. 39. Beneath the deep oceans that cover two-thirds of the Earth, tantalizing secret of the planet are concealed. 40. The pioneer John Chapman received the nickname Johnny Appleseed because he planted apple seedlings during him travels in what are now Ohio, Indiana, and Elinois.

1992 01

1. In the textile industry, the term gunny refers to ---burlap that is not of the best quality. (A) not expensive a (B) expensive, not (C) not an expensive (D) an inexpensive 2. The skyscraper, ---,is an architectural form that originated in the United States. (A) is a tall commercial structure (B) a tall commercial structure (C) a tall commercial structure which (D) of which a tall commercial structure 3. --- were stones piled at intervals. (A) The earliest road markers (B) The earliest road markers, which (C) Road markers were the earliest (D) Until the earliest road markers 4. Some procedures used for laboratory analysis of archaeological specimens are --- procedures conducted in crime laboratories. (A) resemble (B) similar to (C) same as (D) alike 5. The windmill, which has been used for hundreds of years to pump water and grind grains, --- redesigned to produce electricity. (A) it is now being (B) it now can (C) is now being (D) now being 6. In 1938, when Benny Goodmans orchestra presented a concert at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, --- was clear that jazz had at last been fully accepted. (A) There

(B) Which (C) And (D) It 7. --- a continuous mass of water on the Earths surface, all continents are islands in the strictest sense of the word. (A) The form of the oceans (B) Since the oceans form (C) To form the oceans (D) That the oceans form 8. The spiral threads of a spiders web have a sticky substance on them --- insects. (A) traps (B) trap its (C) which traps (D) which it traps 9. --- in 1635, the Boston Latin School is the oldest public school in the United States. (A) (B) (C) (D) Founded Founding To found Having founded

10. According to anthropologists, the earliest ancestors of humans that stood upright resembled chimpanzees ---, with sloping foreheads and protruding brows. (A) facially (B) their faces (C) having facial (D) they had faces 11. The kettledrum produces different tones depending on whether --with sticks that have felt or sponge heads. (A) to strike (B) when struck (C) It is struck

(D) striking it 12. --- in the latter part of the fifteenth century as a substitute for richly embroidered tapestries. (A) Wallpaper that originated (B) The origination of wallpaper (C) Originated the wallpaper (D) Wallpaper originated 13. --- was the first fully successful transatlantic cable finally laid. (A) (B) (C) (D) Not until 1866 Until 1866, just Until 1866 In 1866, not until

14. Many of the Zuni people in the southwestern United States earn their livelihoods and achieve --- as professional artists. (A) considered them popular (B) considerably popular (C) considering their popularity (D) considerable popularity 15. (A) (B) (C) (D) The flatter a hair appears under a microscope, --- wavier it is. although which and the

16. The word shore can be used rather of coastto mean the land bordering the sea 17. A radio telescope is an instrument that collects and measured faint radio waves given off by objects in space. 18. The private satellite industry sprang up in the mid-1960s to relay not only television broadcasts but too phone calls and computer data.

19. Yosemite National Park it has many spectacular natural attractions, including Yosemite Falls,One of the worlds highest waterfalls. 20. During the Colonial days, the Iroquois had an agricultural economy basing mainly on corn with supplementary crops of pumpkins, beans, and tobacco. 21. Before the retina of the eye can be examined, the pupil must to be artificially dilated. 22. The most widely writer praised of the 1960s in the United States was probably Joyce Carol Oates, who published many novels and short stories. 23. Unlike animals such as cows or horses, human beings are neither able to digest cellulose, the fibrous carbohydrate found in grass. 24. At the age of 94, composer, conductor, arranger, and acting Eva Jessye led her choral group in the first production of the opera Porgy and Bess, written in 1935. 25. In 1987 the states of ice cream in the United States amounted to fifteen quarts per year for every persons in the country. 26. The type of precipitation is affected by electrical conditions, air temperature and the percentage of humid in the air. 27. Almost destroy by fire in 1814, the White House was rebuilt and enlarged over the next three years. 28. A flight recorder shows how aircraft systems behave by giving information such as a planes high, direction, and rate of descent. 29. It is not unusual for ballet dancers wear out more than one pair of toe shoes during an evenings performance.

30. A fable is usually a short tale featuring animals or inanimate objects that can talk and think alike humans. 31. The ashcanschool in American art being a rebellion against traditional subjects and favored the painting of back-street scenes. 32. When a magnet is free suspended it becomes a compass. 33. Susan Sontags aversion to the traditional critical practice of extracting morals meaning from art is reflected in her novels. 34. Best known for his research in statistical mechanics and meson physics, Chen Ning Yang shared the Nobel Prize in 1957 to another physicist from the United States, Tsung-dao Lee. 35. Those electrons most closely to the nucleus are held there by electromagnetic force. 36. Its tremendous output of dairy products have earned the state of Wisconsin the title of Americas Dairyland. 37. The early use of a complete steel frame for towering buildings appeared in the first skyscraper, built on Chicago in 1883. 38. Some cities have a fire regulations that requires people to put smoke detectors in their houses. 39. Since flounders have markings that blend with their surroundings, it can lie camouflaged on the bottom of the ocean. 40. The determination of the path of Marss orbit in1609 became the unifying link among the two formerly separate realms of physics and astronomy. 1992 05 1. --- principal types of acceleration: linear and angular. (A) There are tow (B) Two of them

(C) The two (D) Two 2. East Liverpool, Ohio, ---the pottery capital of the United States. (A) and called (B) is called (C) calling (D) to call 3. True hibernation takes place only among ---animals. (A) whose blood is warm (B) blood warm (C) warm-blooded (D) they have warm blood 4. Like other women ---in the field of medicine, Sara Mayo found the beginning years difficult. (A) who they pioneered (B) they pioneered (C) who pioneered (D) pioneered 5. In his writing, John Crowe Ransom describes what ---the spiritual barrenness of society brought about by science and technology. (A) he considers (B) does he consider (C) considers (D) considers it 6. Green ---have the power to make food from substances found in the air and soil. (A) only plants (B) plants alone (C) the only plants (D) plants are alone 7. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined ---high levels of self-confidence.

(A) possess (B) have possessed (C) to possess (D) possessing 8. Writing pens are made in ---of shapes, sizes, and colors. (A) endless variety an almost (B) variety an almost endless (C) an almost endless variety (D) almost variety an endless 9. Under the guidance of choreographers, Martha Graham and Jerome Robbins, American dance ---new levels of artistic achievement. (A) reaching (B) has reached (C) reach (D) have reached 10. Angiosperms inhabit relatively diverse environments and may be found --- higher plants can survive. (A) (B) (C) (D) there wherever somewhere then

11. Magnesium has a specific gravity of 1.74, which means that --1.74 times as much as an equal volume of water. (A) it is weighed (B) weighing it (C) its weight (D) it weighs 12. Perhaps the primary --- of adult education was industrialization, which accelerated the pace of socioeconomic change. (A) causes growth (B) cause of the growth (C) cause was growing (D) caused the growing

13. --- as the census taker of the skyAnnie Jump Cannon contributed considerably to the field of astronomy. (A) Known (B) Knowing (C) To know (D) Knowledge 14. During adolescence many young people begin to question --- held by their families. (A) values (B) of the values (C) the values are (D) are the values 15. life. (A) (B) (C) Coral reefs are --- that teem with an abundance of exotic sea when underwater landscapes landscapes being underwater underwater the landscapes

(D) underwater landscapes 16. Abraham Lincoln delivery his most famous address at the dedication of the soldiers cemetery in Gettysburg. 17. Stalagmites are produced when water to drop directly to the floor of a cave. 18. Regulation of public utilities in the United States is carried out by locally, state, and federal governments. 19. The poet Marianne Moore was initially associated with the imagist movement, but later develops her own rhyme patterns and verse forms. 20. The most worst economic reversal of the twentieth century, the Great Depression of the 1930s, began in the United states and spread abroad.

21. Many narcotic plants and its products, such as nicotine, are effective in controlling insects. 22. In some occupations, the computer has already replaced the motor vehicle as the principal conserve of time and laboring. 23. Farming becomes more expensive when farmers are forced to apply greater quantities of costly fertilizers for to sustain yields. 24. The metaphors we use routinely are the means which by we describe our everyday experiences. 25. Scientists finding out that the universe is even larger and more complex than anyone has ever imagined. 26. Because their properties differ from those of their constituents, proper alloys can great increase the corrosion resistance of a metal. 27. The ability to retain a mental record of earlier experiences are referred to as memory. 28. The aging process is not entirely determined by heredity, but is influenced by different environmental and social circumstances as good. 29. The waterwheel is a mechanism designed to harness energy from a source instead than animals. 30. If they are prepared skillfully, soybeans they can be appetizing as well as nutritious. 31. Studies of either vision and physical optics began almost as early as civilization itself. 32. James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier Poet, wrote many of his work in standard English,but he wrote his most popular poems in the dialect of his home state, Indiana.

33. The city of Green Bay, established in 1745, was the first permanent settler in Wisconsin. 34. Whichever they may differ widely in function, all cells have a surrounding membrane and an internal, water-rich substance called cytoplasm. 35. Booker T. Washington, an educational leader, worked throughout the lifetime to improve economic conditions for Black people in the United States. 36. In the Middle Ages, books called bestiaries were prepared in an attempt to describe animals, real or imagine, that exemplified human traits. 37. Pumps can operate under pressures ranging between a fraction of a pound to more than 10,000 pounds per square inch. 38. Approximately fifty percent of the package utilized in the United States are for foods and beverages. 39. Whether as statesman, scientist, and philosopher, Benjamin Franklin was destined to gain lasting honor throughout much of the world. 40. A traditional Halloween decoration is a jack-o-lantern, which is a hollowed-out pumpkin with a scary face cut into them. 1992 08 1. With affection and humor, poet Phyllis McGinley ---of ordinary life. (A) (B) (C) (D) the virtues were praised praised the virtues she praised the virtues her praise of the virtues

2. Scientists think ---helps some tree to conserve water in the winter. (A) when losing leaves

(B) leaves are lost (C) that losing leaves (D) the leaves losing 3. The ancient Hopewell people of North America probably cultivated corn and ---crops, but hunting and gathering were still of critical importance in their economy. (A) another (B) the others (C) other (D) other than 4. Lunar eclipses occur each time the Earth blocks the Suns light from the Moon --- the Moons full phase. (A) during (B) whether (C) in which (D) whenever 5. --- all data into electronic pulses. (A) (B) (C) (D) The computer input unit changes Changing input, the computer unit Which changes the computer input unit Changes in the computer input units

6. Robert S. Duncanson was considered a painter of the Hudson River school, ---on scenes of Americas untamed wilderness. (A) which concentrated (B) which concentrated it (C) which it concentrated (D) and which concentrated 7. --- their senses, many-celled animals perceive what is happening in their environment. (A) Means of (B) By means of (C) Of the means by (D) By means

8. In central Georgia, archaeological evidence indicates that Native Americans first inhabited the area ---. (A) since thirteen centuries (B) thirteen centuries ago (C) the previous thirteen centuries (D) thirteen centuries were before 9. The large compound eyes of the dragonfly --- to see moving objects almost eighteen feet away. (A) to enable it (B) enabling it (C) it enables (D) enable it 10. Using many symbols makes --- to put a large amount of information on a single map. (A) possible (B) it possible (C) it is possible (D) that possible 11. Anarchism is a term describing a cluster of doctrines an attitudes --- principal uniting feature is the belief that government is both harmful and unnecessary. (A) and (B) whose (C) since (D) for 12. After the great blizzard of 1888 in the northeastern United States, it took some --- the snow away from their homes. (A) days to shovel people several (B) people several days to shovel (C) several days people to shovel (D) people to shovel several days

13. Probably no man had more effect on the daily lives of most people in the United States --- Henry Ford a pioneer in automobile production. (A) as was (B) than was (C) than did (D) as did 14. In copper engravings and etchings --- caused by the edges of the plate is clearly visible on the paper. (A) the impression is (B) if the impression (C) impressions (D) the impression 15. tropical (A) (B) (C) (D) Cora reefs have always been --- hazards to ships sailing in seas. one of the greatest the greatest ones ones greatest the greatest were.

16. For a long time cotton ranked first between Alabamas crops, but today it accounts for only a fraction of the agricultural production. 17. Margaret Fuller was not active in the womens-rights movement, but she asking for a fair chance for women in her book, Woman in the Nineteenth Century. 18. Most cities major in the United States have at least one daily newspaper. 19. The survival of a forest depends not only on the amount of annual rainfall it receives, and also on the seasonal distribution of the rain. 20. James Farmer, an American civil rights leader, he helped establish the Congress of Racial Equality, an organization that is dedicated to the principle of nonviolence.

21. A merger is a combination of two or more businesses down below a single management. 22. In its simplest form, a transformer is composed of two coils of wire place together without no wires actually in contact. 23. The greatest natural resource of the state of North Dakota is their fertile farmland. 24. The doctrine of eminent domain is based the legal tradition that all real property is subject to the control of the state. 25. In a controversial eating guide entitled Are You Hungry? Jane Hirschmann and Lela Zaphiropolous argue that children instinctively know what foods are good for selves. 26. Bats rely to their hearing to navigate and to find food at night. 27. Once an important port of entry for immigrants to the United States, Ellis Island recent reopened its great hall as a museum of immigration. 28. Every year Colorado is visited by millions of tourists who come for a variety of reason. 29. The energy needed for animal grow is derived primarily from carbohydrates and fats.

30. Countries tend to specialize in the production and export of those goods and services that it can produce relatively cheaply. 31. Antique auctions have become popular in the United States because a steadily increasing awareness of the investment value of antiques. 32. Alike an insect, the crustacean is an arthropod, an animal with jointed legs and an exoskeleton, a supportive covering for its body.

33. Bricks are made from clay that is processed into a workable consistency, form to standard sizes, and then fired in a kiln. 34. Her speech at the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 brought Fannie Barrier Williams local and nation recognition. 35. A paragraph is a portion of a text consists of one or more sentences related to the same idea. 36. A deficient of folic acid is rarely found in humans because the vitamin is contained in a wide variety of foods. 37. Industry utilize the gaseous element xenon when developing specialized flashlights and other powerful lamps. 38. Some types of ferns resemble trees and some are too small that they look like moss. 39. Made of sealskin stretched over a framework of whalebone or driftwood, an Eskimo kayak is completed enclosed except for the opening in which the paddler sits. 40. Our urge to classify different life forms and give us names seems to be as old as the human race. 1992 10 1. Duke Ellington was a composer, conductor, and pianist --- ranked as one of the greatest of all jazz figures. (A) him (B) although (C) or (D) who 2. --- became a state in 1876. (A) When Colorado (B) Colorado (C) It was Colorado (D) Colorado, which

3. The fragrances of many natural substances come from oils, --- these oils may be used in manufacturing perfumes. (A) of (B) from (C) whether (D) and 4. Because the saxophone is an excellent solo instrument, --- in some important orchestral works. (A) it is featured (B) while featured (C) if featured (D) feature it 5. Before Geraldine Ferraro was selected as the Democratic Partys vice presidential candidate in 1984, no woman --- run for national office in the United States on a major party ticket. (A) ever has (B) never had (C) had ever (D) having never 6. --- reaches the cells of the body, it is oxidized, or slowly burned. (A) As digested food (B) Digested food that (C) Food is digested (D) Why does digested food 7. The position of the larynx, or voice box, in the neck determines ---, swallows, and vocalizes. (A) an animal, how does one breathe (B) how an animal breathes (C) an anima breathes, how one (D) how does an anima breathe 8. The slide rule uses sliding scales with marks --- numbers and their logarithms.

(A) representing (B) represented (C) are represented (D) they are representing 9. --- executive and administrative authority in the United States government rests with a President who is elected for a four-year term. (A) That the (B) The (C) It is the (D) There is the 10.--- stereophonic phonograph records, two recordings are made of the same musical performance. (A) Creates (B) Created (C) The creating of (D) To create 11.Genes determine --- the shape of a leaf and the sex, height, and hair color of a child. (A) such as features (B) such features as (C) as such features (D) features as such 12.Californias agricultural supremacy dates from 1947, when its farm output first --- any other state. (A) that exceeded (B) exceeded that (C) exceeded that of (D) that exceeded of 13.The use of well-chosen nonsense words makes --- the testing of many basic hypotheses in the field of language learning. (A) it is possibly (B) its possibility (C) them possible

(D) possible 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) Not until 1931 --- the official anthem of the United States. The Star-spangled Bannerdid become when The Star-spangled Bannerbecame did The Star-spangled Bannerbecome became The Star-spangled Banner

15.In general, the simpler plants appeared on the Earth before those ---. (A) are structurally complicated (B) more complicated structure (C) have a complicated structure (D) their structure is complicated 16. Rebecca Latimer, a political commentator and the author of several book, was the first woman to become a United States senator. 17. Surrealist artists painted in such a manner that their pictures seem if as they came from the realm of dreams. 18. Manure can be converted into methane gas by means the activated-sludge process of sewage disposal. 19. Navajo National Monument in northern Arizona incorporates three of the most large of all known cliff dwellings. 20. By studying geometry, students can learn what to develop logical arguments through dedective reasoning. 21. The word saga is often application to any narration of events of the past, whether mythical or historical in character. 22. The success of a naval ship is determined by its seaworthiness, speedy, and maneuverability.

23. Administrative assistants are often expected to make decisions, supervision staff, delegate responsibility, and work harmoniously with managers and fellow employees. 24. Few theories are originality enough to be called unique.

25. Many critics believe that Amy Lowells most important work is not her poetry, but his biography, John Keats, published the year of her death. 26. Research on pain has been neglected, although the mainly reason people take medicine is to relieve pain. 27. Sidney Poitier, he is famous for his character portrayals, won an Oscar for his 1963 performance in Lilies of the Field. 28. The Carlsbad caverns, located in New Mexico, rank between the largest underground labyrinths in the world. 29. Commercial rock wool is made by blowing steam through molten rock such as limestone to create fine, flexibility, glasslike fibers. 30. William Taft begins his many years of service for the United States when President Benjamin Harrison appointed him solicitor general in 1890. 31. A time zone is a slightly irregular north-south belts that extends from pole to pole. 32. Harriet Monroes verse survive today as evidence of her undiscouraged zeal for the advancement of modern poetry. 33. How does the human brain work? remains one of the most profound questions confront modern science. 34. Cadence may be considered the rise and fall in intensified of sounds.

35. One out of every ten persons in the 1978 United States labor force was a teenager, compared by one out of fifteen in 1960. 36. Gypsum is too soft that it is easy to scratch it with a fingernail. 37. A gooses neck is a tiny longer than that of a duck and not so gracefully curved as a swans. 38. Like squirrels, tree shrews are bearing well-developed claws on their digits and are generally active during daylight hours. 39. Even many early leaders of the United States have provided names for towns, only George Washington is remembered in the name of a state. 40. Numerous insects, special the butterfly, have weak powers of flight. 1993 01 1. --- that as both birds and mammals become larger, their metabolic rates er (A) (B) (C) (D) unit of tissue decrease, and they generally live longer. The truth If true It is true To be true

2. Asteroids are small and therefore very difficult to identify, even when --- to Earth. (A) quite closely (B) are being quite close (C) are they quite closely (D) they are quite close 3. A number of modern sculptors have rejected --- of minimal and environmental art and developed a style of extreme realism. (A) which abstract qualities (B) there are abstract qualities (C) the abstract qualities

(D) the qualities are abstract 4. --- tributaries of the Mississippi River system were navigated by steamboats during the period before the outbreak of the Civil War. (A) More than forty (B) More than forty were (C) Forty more than (D) There were more than forty 5. Mary Eliza McDowells introduction to social service came ---, when she assisted victims of the great Chicago Fire of 1871. (A) (B) (C) (D) was sixteen years old had sixteen years at age sixteen sixteen

6. Young herons are helpless for a few weeks --- they learn to fly. (A) how (B) before (C) despite (D) since 7. The history of painting is a fascinating chain of events that probably began with ---. (A) ever made the very first pictures (B) the ever made very first pictures (C) the very first ever made pictures (D) the very first pictures ever made 8. The center of gravity of the human body --- behind the hip joint. (A) (B) (C) (D) locates locating to locate is located

9. The leaves and stems of the alfalfa plant are the only parts of the plant ---. (A) the uses for livestock fees

(B) for using livestock feed (C) used for livestock feed (D) they are used for livestock feed 10. --- choose to live in or near metropolitan areas simply because they like the rapid pace of city life. (A) So large numbers of people to (B) There are large numbers of people (C) Large numbers of people (D) Large numbers of people who 11. forces. (A) (B) (C) (D) --- to space travelers is high acceleration or deceleration Danger can be They can be dangerous What can be dangerous While danger

12. Organic chemistry has made many new products---. (A) possible (B) as possible (C) are possible (D) they are possible 13. Perfectly matched pearls, strung into a necklace, --- a far higher price than the same pearls sold individually. (A) in order to bring (B) their bringing (C) bringing (D) bring 14. Some metropolitan newspapers would make sizable volumes --- in book form. (A) than the print (B) print them (C) if printed (D) they are printed

15. Pennsylvania ranks high among the states population --- many areas are sparsely settled. (A) and yet (B) so even (C) if not (D) except for 16. Since the beginning of this century, the United States government has played an role in the supervision and use of the nations natural resources. 17. Between 1906 and 1917, political activist Emma Goldma devoted most of her efforts to writing, traveling and lectured. 18. Height, powerful and speed are attributes that coaches often look for in basketball players. 19. Many of societys wealth is controlled by large corporations and government agencies. 20. Pieces of eighteenth-century porcelain they are frequently dug up in excavations at williamsburg Virginia. 21. A major purpose of scientific analysis is to identify and examine causal connections between independent and dependence variables. 22. Vaccines for some rare diseases are given only to persons which risk exposure to the disease. 23. Recause it is a healthful way to exercise aerobic dancing is considered an excellent method for release tension. 24. Doppler radar can be used to determine the direction which in the particles of a cloud are moving. 25. Applied research aims at some specific objective, such as the development of a new produce, process, or material.

26. Most of the food what elephants eat is brought to their mouths by their trunks. 27. The highly respect zoologist Ernest Just joined the ruling board of the Marine Biological Laboratory in the 1930s. 28. Clementine Hunters primitive paintings have been exhibited at various galleries, included one at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. 29. Alike a chicken, the grouse has four toes, with the hind one raised above the ground. 30. Membership in labor unions in the United States reached its peak of 17 millions members in 1960. 31. The newer kinds of seeds produce corn it has much greater food value than older kinds. 32. In meteorology, either the formation of clouds and the precipitation of dew, rain, and snow are known as condensation. 33. Varieties of yellow grapes that have tender skin, rich flavor and high sugar content are especially suited with making raisins. 34. Despite resistance in some parts of Canada, the conversion to metric measurement have been said to be largely successful. 35. The most safest way to watch a solar eclipse is for one to look at it in a mirror while wearing dark glasses. 36. Chied Joseph La Flesche, a vigorous Omaha leader, worked hardly to make his nation a proud and progressive one. 37. The diamond is the only gemstone composed with just one chemical element, carbon.

38. In 1941 Orson Welles produced Citizen Kane a film noted for its technical brilliant, structural complexity, and Literate treatment of a controversial biographical subject. 39. Wildlife conservationists say the cover that foliage provides for animals is equal in importance to the food supplying. 40. The Leyden jar was one of the earliest form of condensers invented to store an electrical charge. 1993 05 1. Before 8000 B. C. wheat did not grow as prolifically --- it does today. (A) like (B) as (C) for (D) than 2. Both nickel and iron are whitish metals ---. (A) that are attracted by magnets (B) that magnets are attracted by them (C) are attracted by magnets (D) magnets that attract them 3. The bark of some species of oak trees yields a substance used in --- leather. (A) treating (B) to treat (C) its treatment (D) it treats 4. Although phosphorus is an essential constituent of all living creatures, ---is among the least abundant of the mineral nutrients. (A) what (B) it (C) still (D) however

5. ---- angles of any triangle always add up to 180 degrees. (A) (B) (C) (D) If three The three Three of Three are

6. The gibbon ranges over ---- other apes do. (A) than an area wider (B) wider than the area (C) a wider area than (D) an area wider than are 7. Sarah Frances Whiting opened the --- of physics in the United States in 1878. (A) undergraduate teaching was in a second laboratory (B) second teaching laboratory of undergraduate (C) undergraduate teaching laboratory was second (D) second undergraduate teaching laboratory 8. ---, some of the Earths interior heat escapes to the surface. (A) (B) (C) (D) A volcano erupts A volcano whether erupts A volcano erupts it If a volcano erupts

9. Sandra Day OConnor, the first woman member of the United States Supreme Court, believed that the courts should interpret the laws --legislate. (A) than attempt to rather (B) rather than attempt to (C) to attempt rather than (D) attempt rather than to 10. --- of minerals, which are chemical elements or compounds of varying purity. (A) The consistency of rocks (B) Rocks, consisting (C) Rocks consist

(D) Whereas rocks consist 11. Booker T. Washington, acclaimed as a leading educator at the turn of the century, --- of a school that later became the Tuskegee Institute. (A) taking charge (B) took charge (C) charges was taken (D) taken charge 12. --- white ginger, one scrapes and washes the roots before drying them. (A) (B) (C) (D) If makes When making Made The making of

13. By the time ---, Norman Rockwell had decided that he wanted to be an artist. (A) in his early teens (B) his early teens were (C) was his early teens (D) he was in his early teens 14. During the eighteenth century, Little Turtle was chief of the Miami tribe whose territory became --- is now Indiana and Ohio. (A) there (B) where (C) that (D) what 15. Pansies can be cultivated easily in home gardens, but --- plenty of water and not too much sun. (A) to require (B) they require (C) required (D) requiring

16. For make adobe bricks, workers mix sand and clay or mud with water and small quantities of straw, grass, or a similar material. 17. A dictionary allows quick access to the meaning of a word only if one knows how spell the word. 18. To simulate natural sounds in music, composers often use the orchestral instrument that they feel most near approximates the sound in question. 19. Sodium is of one the few metals that will burn when heated in air. 20. Alike traditional harmony, jazz progressions are based on triads, but the special jazz sound is created by the piling up of thirds above a basic triad. 21. Maines abundant forests and rivers has made it a haven for many kinds of wildlife. 22. In feudal times, the rank of knighthood carried no social distinction, neither any man could be a knight. 23. Ethel Harveys career illustrates some of the challenges encountered by women scientists of her generation as they sought support for they work. 24. Before the plains were settled, prairie dog towns in many places stretch as far as the eye could see. 25. Direct mail advertising serves to acquaint customers with products, alert them to new opportunities, and paving the way for other sales activities. 26. Animal life on Prince Edward Island is confined large to ducks, pheasants, and rabbits.

27. Andrew Wyeth is famous for his realistic and thoughtful paintings of person and places in rural Pennsylvania and Maine. 28. It is common knowledge that a flash of lightning is seen before a clap of thunder heard. 29. Wild elephants are almost continuously waving their trunks, both up in the air and down aside the ground. 30. Oriental rugs are considered valuable and because their designs are intricate and the weaving process is time-consuming. 31. The Montreal International Exposition, Expo 67, was applauded for displaying an degree of taste superior to that of similar expositions. 32. A motion picture director for over twenty years, Lois Weber stamped her films with herself style and personal conviction. 33. According to astronomers, the type cloud found most frequently in outer space consist of diffuse particles of dust and gas. 34. Among almost seven hundred species of bamboo, some are fully grown at less than a foot high, while other can grow three feet in twenty-four hours. 35. A foreign exchange rate is a price that reflects the relative supply and demand of difference currencies. 36. Recent studies have shown that air into a house often has higher concentrations of contaminants than heavily polluted air outside. 37. Rock decay or weathering is the results of reactions between elements in the atmosphere and the rocks constituents. 38. The phases of the Moon have served as primary divisions of time for thousands of years ago.

39. The introduction of the power loom enabled weavers to produce yard goods faster more efficiently, and less expensive. 40. In the 1880s, when George Eastman first offered the Kodak camera and film, photography becoming a popular and individualized art. 1993 08 1. There is evidence that prehistoric humans used fire --- 400,000 B. C. (A) so early (B) the earliest (C) as early as (D) so early that 2. In the late 1800s Ellen Richards, began work in the new field of sanitary science which was concerned with waste removal, water purification and ---. (A) to ventilate adequately (B) adequate ventilation (C) adequate ventilate (D) ventilation adequately 3. --- red clover, high in protein content, is an extremely important leguminous hay and pasture plant of the eastern United States. (A) The (B) There us the (C) It is the (D) That the 4. The topology of Mars is more --- than that of any other planet. (A) (B) (C) (D) like that of the Earth the Earths like that of like the Earth of that that of the Earths like

5. Ostriches are --- of living birds, attaining a height from crown to foot of about 2.4 meters and a weight of up to 136 kilograms. (A) large, strong

(B) large and strong (C) larger and strong (D) the largest and strongest 6. The glaciers that reached the Pacific Coast were valley glaciers, and between those tongues of ice --- that allowed the original forests to survive. (A) that many sanctuaries were (B) were many sanctuaries (C) were there many sanctuaries (D) there the many sanctuaries 7. --- orbits the Sun, Uranus rotates on its axis, an imaginary line through its center. (A) For it (B) It (C) As it (D) There is 8. --- duties are placed on commodities according to their value. (A) (B) (C) (D) Ordinarily, tariff Ordinary tariffs are On ordinary tariff Tariffs are ordinarily

9. --- about individuals who really existed and things that actually happened. (A) Folktales which sometimes tell stories (B) The stories of folktales sometimes telling (C) Stories sometimes told are when folktales (D) Folktales sometimes tell stories 10. --- matter in one form is transmuted to another form, a phase change is said to have taken place. (A) Such (B) Then (C) Whenever (D) Seldom

11. Noise, in the technical sense, implies a random chaotic disturbance ---. (A) usually does not want (B) usually is unwanted (C) that one does not usually want it (D) that is usually unwanted 12. During the late 1850s the question of the best route for the overland mail to California was --- in the West. (A) interest of a serious topic (B) a serious interest of topic (C) a topic of serious interest (D) serious interest of a topic 13. In his book, Social Theory and Social Structure, sociologist Robert Merton explored --- in ways that society considers abnormal. (A) those individuals whose behavior (B) why do individuals whose behavior (C) why individuals behave (D) the behavior of those individual who 14. weather. (A) (B) (C) (D) --- wooden buildings helps to protect them from damage due to Painting Painted The paint By painting

15. Carbohydrates are the most abundant and --- food sources of energy. (A) (B) (C) (D) least cost least costly less cost fewer costs

16. The Wright brothers Flyer, who they built and flew in 1903, became worlds first successful airplane.

17. Astronauts circling the Earth may get to seen sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets every day. 18. The clasmosaur, a giant prehistoric sea reptile with Uerce-looking jaws and flippers, had a muscular neck that accounted for much than half its length. 19. The sonometer is instrument used to study the mathematical relations of harmonic tones. 20. In the 1800s daguerreotypes were used a greatest deal, especially for portraits. 21. Vervet mons have a well-developed systems vocal communication. 22. The invention of a cotton gin by Eit Whitney in 1793 made cotton yarn more economy than linen yarn. 23. Scientists has found that the saliva of the octopus contains a substance that functions as a powerful heart stimulant. 24. The katydid, a type of grasshopper, is actively at night and rests motionless amid foliage during the day. 25. Soap is used as a lubricant in making tiny wires for electrical appliances such television sets and telephones. 26. Although the art of sand painting originated with neighboring Pueblo Indians, the Navajo Indians have refined and richly reinterpreted they symbology and execution. 27. In 1967, Canadas year centennial, one and a quarter million people from all over the world visited Parliament Hill in Ottawa. 28. The General Sherman tree, a giant sequoia in California, has grown to be the worlds largest plant at approximate 272 feet tall.

29. Since the turn of the century, the number of Native Americans living in Canada is increased. 30. Eleanor Roosevelt played a leading part in womens organizations, and she was active in encouraging youth movements, in promoting consumer welfare, and to work for civil rights. 31. Nutrients are substances, neither occurring naturally or in synthetic form, that are necessary for maintenance of the normal functioning of organisms. 32. Even in an age of experimentation and departures from convention, the sonata form remain among the most vital means of musical expression. 33. Researchers have found many ways of treating paper so that it will be strong, fireproof, and resistance to liquids and acids. 34. Because its body is supported by water, the blue whale can grow to a size considerable large than any land mammal alive today. 35. Langston Hughes, a prolific writer of the 1920s was concerned with the depicting the experience of urban Black people in the United States. 36. During eclipses of the Sun, the Ojibwa Indians of North America shot flaming arrows inside the sky to rekindle the light. 37. From 1892 to 1895, Alice Elvira Frecman was Dean of Women at the newly foundation University of Chicago. 38. Historical geology deals about data on the development of the Earth gathered from the study of rocks, which are analyzed to determine their age and composition. 39. Human being have thirty-thirty or thirty-four vertebrae, but a snake may have as many as three hundred. 40. Parrots have heavily bodies and exceedingly strong legs.

1993 10 1. A fuel is a substance used --- light, heat, or energy. (A) generating (B) generates (C) to generate (D) it is generating 2. The state of Maine generally has cooler temperatures than ---. (A) there are most other states (B) most other state which have (C) most other states have (D) having most other states 3. Fruit is one of the most abundant, nutritious, and --- foods a person can eat. (A) delicious (B) too delicious (C) is it delicious (D) tastes delicious 4. Prescriptions for corrective lenses that are provided by an optometrist are often brought to an optician who --- the lenses. (A) grinding (B) grinds (C) they grind (D) are ground 5. Loganberries can be used in jams --- their juice. (A) and for (B) while (C) too (D) in which 6. From her early teens ---. (A) Blanche Willis Howards determination to be an author (B) Was determined to be an author, Blanche Willis Howard (C) Blanche Willis Howard was determined to be an author

(D) An author, Blanche Willis Howard was determined to be 7. Adhesive, such as glue, tape, and gum, vary with the purpose --intended. (A) they were for (B) for they were (C) which were they (D) for which they were 8. Alaskan forests --- five or six miles inland from the Pacific coast. (A) (B) (C) (D) penetrate more rarely than more rarely than penetrate more penetrate than rarely rarely penetrate more than

9. The colors of a rainbow --- arranged in the same order. (A) which are always (B) and they are always (C) always (D) are always 10. (A) (B) (C) (D) ---, The Yearling, won a Pulitzer Prize. Marjorie Rawlings best work was Marjorie Rawlings best work Her best work was Marjorie Rawlings That Marjorie Rawlings best work

11. Jimmy Connors, well-known tennis champion, is supposed --- that he did not want to participate in all the tournaments once he had reached forty. (A) (B) (C) (D) has said he says saying to have said

12. The month is not a suitable unit of measure for determining the seasons --- the seasons are a solar, not a lunar phenomenon.

(A) in order that (B) while (C) since (D) in view of 13. The human skeleton consists of more than two hundred bones --together by tough and relatively inelastic connective tissues called ligaments. (A) are bound (B) to bind (C) bind them (D) bound 14. (A) (B) (C) (D) Not until about 20,000B. C. --- executed. were known of the oldest paintings the oldest of known paintings were the oldest known were paintings were the oldest known paintings

15. In 1727 Benjamin Franklin founded one of the first adult-education organizations --- the Junto. (A) has been called (B) which group called (C) to call (D) a group called 16. At the future, banks will be offering an increasingly broad spectrum of financial services. 17. Considered one of Americas greatest playwrights, Eugene ONeill win the Novel Prize for literature in 1936. 18. The density of a substance is calculus by dividing its mass by its volume. 19. The grouper is an ocean fish that lives in warm and temperate seas, most around rocky shores and coral reefs.

20. In the 1950s, aircraft were developed that flew high they could hardly be seen from the ground. 21. Paper is strong under tension instead crumples easily under the stress of compression. 22. Tariffs are the taxes or customs duties levied against goods that are import from another country. 23. Each person in the United States consumes an average of 560 pounds of dairy productivity every year. 24. The vascular system consist of the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatics. 25. The Hopi community of Oraibi in northeastern Arizona is one of the oldest, not if the oldest, continuously occupied settlements north of Mexico. 26. When a corporation needs to raise large amounts of capital, common stock can be issued and sell in part to outside investors. 27. The development of stratus clouds is extremely common over the cold seawater away the northwestern United States coast. 28. Contemporary management practice have been influenced by investigations in the behavioral sciences. 29. The Yukon River, which flows into the Bering Sea, gives its name to a region of Alaska and a territory of the Canada. 30. Although the United States experienced rapidly growth in the first half of the nineteenth century, it was still predominately concerned with agriculture and forestry. 31. Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin has called the first truly successful North American opera.

32. Over the past two decades, the popularity of the bicycle as a mean of transportation and recreation has increased tremendously in the United States. 33. Having resided in New Mexico for many years, painter Georgia OKeefe employs such as Southwestern motifs as bleached bones, rolling hills, and desert blooms. 34. Louisa My Alcotts most famous novels, Little Women and one of the sequels, Little Men are considered classics for childrens. 35. Weaving was a function household in the first settlements in colonial America. 36. Fascination by the promise of the internal combustion engine and its application to a self-propelled vehicle, Henry Ford constructed a one-cylinder gasoline motor in1892. 37. Marble has long been highly valued for its beautiful, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion. 38. A majority of the reports received from people claiming to have seen the legendary Loch Ness Monster have proven to be mistakes, misconceptions, or they were being tricked. 39. For convenience it is common to speak of plants as herbs, shrubs, and trees, but it is really no sharp distinctions among them. 40. The labor movement developed differently in the United States from the way did it in other countries. 1994 05 1. _____ limit to the extent which human beings may benefit from their own inventive genius. (A) Not any (B) Has no (C) There is no

(D) It not 2. The light from a laser differs _____ produced by other sources, such as electric bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and the sun. (A) from the light (B) and the light (C) the light that is (D) the light can be 3. In addition to pleasure, _____ excitement, challenge, and relaxation. (A) (B) (C) (D) the providing of games games if providing the games which provide games provide

4. Not only can walking fish live out of water, _____ they can also travel short distances over land. (A) neither (B) and (C) but (D) if 5. _____ Eijah McCoys invention of the lubricating cup in the early 1870s, machinery had to be stopped in order to be lubricated. (A) Before (B) When (C) While (D) Lately 6. As Mercury moves in its solar orbit, _____ its axis, an imaginary line that runs through its center. (A) rotates it on (B) it rotates on (C) on rotates it (D) rotates on it

7. The Hawthrone studies, _____ the monotonous working conditions of factory personnel, were a major contribution to industrial psychology. (A) in which the investigation of (B) were they investigated (C) which were investigation (D) an investigation of 8. In 1914 a bronze tablet _____ Harriet Tubman was placed at the entrance of the Cayuga Country Courthouse in Aubum, New York. (A) honored (B) for honor (C) in honor of (D) was honoring 9. It is unlikely that a nation would choose war if its goals _____ peacefully. (A) meet (B) could be met (C) having been met (D) would have met 10. Their keen senses of hearing and smell have made some types of dogs _____ in hunting and tracking and as security guards. (A) as valuable (B) of the value (C) are valued (D) valuable 11. Used only for wall surfaces that are exposed to view or require a decorative effect, _____. (A) (B) (C) (D) the exactness in shape, size, and color of face brick face brick must be exact in shape, size, and color must be face brick which is exact in shape, size and color the shape, size, and color must be exact of face brick

12. _____ were first used in electrical power production, it was necessary to add super-heaters, because turbines work best with high-pressure steam.

(A) Steam turbines (B) When steam turbines (C) For steam turbines (D) The steam turbines which 13. Sherwood Andersons novel windy McPlersons Son, _____, first appeared in 1916. (A) a restless young man who strives for better things is concerned (B) is a concerned with a restless young man who strives for better things (C) concerned with a restless young man who strive for better things (D) why is concerned with a restless young man who strives for better things 14. The redhead duck builds a deep nest of reeds _____ up to a dozen egg are laid. (A) containing (B) which contains (C) in which (D) in it 15. The dominant philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment _____ in the universe in terms of forces that could be detected by the human senses. (A) an explanation for everything (B) attempted to explain everything (C) everything was an attempt (D) explained and attempted 16. American sign language has its own distinct grammatical structure, which must be mastered in the same way as that of another languages. 17. Alasks is the larger and most sparsely populated state of the United States. 18. Fossil remains indicate that squidlike creatures called betemnites swam in the sea who covered the North American continent 70 million years ago.

19. In 1991 singer Kathleen Battle is receiving the annual American Black Achievement Award for excellence in vocal performance. 20. Scientists do not know why did dinosaurs became extinct, but some theories postulate that changes in geography, climate, and sea levels were responsible. 21. Anthropologists investigate the customs of different groups of people, particularly that in isolated areas. 22. Hydraulic machines lift heavy load, exertion large forces, drive vehicles and machine tools, and control many kinds of motion. 23. Although Shirley Jacksons fiction often dealt with frightening experiences, she also wrote autobiographical, descriptions humorous of her life in a small Vemork town. 24. When a nucleus is not dividing, it consisting of a nuclear membrane, a nucleolus, and evenly distributed genetic material. 25. Most aquatic animals breathe by means external respiratory organs called gills. 26. It is not known why only four of all the occurring naturally elements in the periodic table are ferromagnetic. 27. Rice has been a basically food for millions of people for hundreds of years. 28. Some linguists believe that the earliest language were no less complex as modern language. 29. The American artistic James Abbort McNeill Whistler promoted the idea of art for arts sake, insisting that painting had no mission to fulfill. 30. Once a teacher of French and Spanish, the writer Maya Angeiou remaining strongly committed to the goals of foreign language education.

31. Exploitation of the powers of computers depend on ones ability to load information into them. 32. Animals usually prepare for hibernation by eating large amounts of food to build out stored fat in their bodies. 33. William Jenriings Bryan was a Democratic nominee for the United States presidency third times, but he never won. 34. The domestic architecture of the Western world has responded to a number of cultural, geography and, social needs. 35. People have always fascinated by the parrots colorful feathers and its ability to mimic human speech. 36. The American astronomer Gerard Kuiper discovered a satellite of Uranus, found Titan to have an atmosphere, and advanced theoretical of planetary formation. 37. Some metal vary in resilience at different temperatures, becoming very brittle when cold. 38. The fritillaries, one of the largest group of butterflies, are found not only in this country but in many other parts of the world as well. 39. Preceding the United Stated Naval Academy was founded in 1845, sailors were trained at sea. 40. During her lifetime, Margaret Mead was internationally known as an authority on various literate and illiterate culture. 1994 08 1. Groups of muscles in the head direct the actions necessary for _____. (A) chew and swallow (B) to chew and to swallow

(C) being chewed and swallowing (D) chewing and swallowing 2. In the Osage tribe of Oklahoma, beaded belts _____ who held a high social status. (A) only by women were fashioned (B) by women were fashioned only (C) were fashioned only by women (D) were by women fashioned only 3. _____ commonly chosen as the first step to a career in public office. (A) (B) (C) (D) Why legal training is Legal training is Legal training that is It is legal training

4. In 1852 _____ one hundred piano-makers in New York alone. (A) were (B) had been (C) there were (D) being that there 5. Mammals have a larger, more well-developed brain _____ other animals. (A) than do (B) that are having (C) which have (D) that do 6. Astronomy developed from the observation _____ through regular cycles of motion. (A) going to heavenly bodies (B) the heavenly bodies going (C) heavenly bodies that go (D) that the heavenly bodies go

7. _____ the arctic regions receive little sunlight, the air there is too cold to hold much moisture. (A) Because (B) The reason that (C) Therefore (D) In consequence of 8. The wood of the holly tree, close-grained and very hard, _____ for musical instruments, furniture, and interior design. (A) is used (B) uses (C) used (D) is using 9. Many English _____ were opposed to the American Revolution of 1776 moved to Canada, where they were known as United Empire Loyalists. (A) settling there (B) they settled (C) who were settlers (D) settlers who 10. The working conditions of railroad employees were _____ hazardous in the early days that private insurance companies refused to insure the works. (A) so (B) very (C) quite (D) much 11. Elisha G. Otis invented a safety device designed to stop the fall of an elevator _____ supporting cable should break. (A) that which the (B) if its (C) might the (D) were its 12. In areas away from the poles, the size of glaciers decreases in summer because the rising temperatures cause the lower parts _____.

(A) melt (B) are melting (C) melted (D) to melt 13. The final step in manufacturing cloth is ironing it between heavy rollers, _____ calendering. (A) which process called (B) process is being called (C) is calling that process (D) a process called 14. The science of horticulture, _____ the primary concerns are maximum yield and superior quality, utilizes information derived from other sciences. (A) and which (B) in which (C) which is (D) which 15. While holding no official or elected position, _____ as a statesman of great wisdom and acumen. (A) the respect of Booker T. Washington (B) Booker T. Washington being respected (C) Booker T. Washington was respected by many (D) Many people respected Booker T. Washington 16. A symphony orchestra conductor selects the repertoire, interprets the music, and directed the musicians during rehearsals. 17. The rhinoceros is known for its distinctive horns, which continue to growing throughout the Animals lifetime. 18. Before 1800 only a few small portable lamps had been making. 19. Dreaming is a distinct and necessary part of sleeping, usually it characterized by the occurrence of rapid eye movement (REM).

20. Sea turtle hatchlings sleep afloat at the surface of the water not adults tend to sleep far below the surface. 21. Nearly all qualities in the physical world can be expressed in terms of four fundamentally measurements: length, mass, time, and electrical charge. 22. Musical chords generally consist of three or four notes, which played at the same time. 23. The novel or short story are the literary forms most typically called fiction. 24. Eclecticism is the practice of mixing elements dissimilar in style in single work of art. 25. Speed refers only toward the rate of motion without specifying any direction of motion. 26. Turbines provide power for a various of machines including electric generators and water pumps. 27. Deciduous trees are those that shed all or nearly all of its leaves each year. 28. The same molecular orderliness that makes crystals so easy to analyze mathematically makes them difficult using in the laboratory or the factory. 29. The Pacific Ocean constitutes about half of the Earths water surface and cover about one-third of the total area of the globe. 30. The Tennessee Valley Authority has chartered by the United States Congress in 1933 to construct dams, power structures, and flood-control works along the Tennessee River and its tributary streams. 糸 by+糸 was chartered

by+ 31. The cost of preparing and harvesting an acre of field corn is extremely high even though in the best of weather. 32. John Audubons firsthand acquaintance with birds and his impressionistic artistic give his drawings their high value and wide popularity. 33. One of Phillis Wheatleys earliest verses, composed in her teens, celebrates learning, redemption, and virtue, three principal themes of her work subsequent. 34. The Florida town of Seaside is laid out on its 80 acres so no point is more than a 10-or 15 minute walks from another. 35. Statistics show that there are only slightly fewer males than females in the teaching profession, yet it is popularly believed that the vast majority of teacher are women. 36. Canadian scarlet-clad guards and mounties with horseback are part of the summer scene in Ottawa. 37. Bernese mountain dogs are hardy and loyalty, and they make excellent pets. 38. The basis concepts of systems engineering have been in use for centuries. 39. Some of the most celebrated publicity stunts while the history of radio were associated with Gracie Allen. 40. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the crust of the Earth, but the nonmetals oxygen and silicon are more still abundant. 1994 10 1. Snow aids farmers by keeping heat in the lower ground levels, thereby _____ from freezing.

(A) to save the seeds (B) saving the seeds (C) which saves the seeds (D) the seeds saved 2. _____ mineral content in the bones of very young children is low compared to that of adults. (A) If the (B) That is (C) The (D) It is the 3. _____, the silvery-checked hornbill chooses a hollow tree for a nest and seals herself in until her chicks are grown. (A) Protection for predators against (B) Against protection predators for (C) For protection against predators (D) Predators against protection for 4. A floodplain is an extension of a river channel, _____ not inundated except during a flood. (A) where is it (B) but it is (C) or is (D) in case it 5. Even though John F. Kennedy failed to receive the Democratic Partys vice presidential nomination in 1956, _____ won their nomination for President in 1960. (A) he (B) who (C) and (D) but 6. Since Tampa has a mild winter climate, _____ as a tourist resort. (A) popular it (B) that as popular (C) popular

(D) it is popular 7. Cosmetics, rarely noted today for any dangerous properties, have been _____ for serious health problems in the past. (A) responsibility (B) responsible (C) its responsibility (D) the responsible 8. The United States Congress made Washington, D.C., _____ in 1800. (A) after the government center (B) of the government center (C) the center of government (D) then the center of government 9. Astronomer Maria Mitchell was the first woman _____ to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. (A) to be elected (B) was elected (C) which she was elected (D) for her to be elected 10. _____ of staging a play that help the audience understand its structure and meaning. (A) Specific aspects (B) When specific aspects (C) Specific aspects are (D) There are specific aspects 11. Illustrator Norman Rockwell specialized in finely drawn, richly anecdotal scenes _____. (A) of everyday small-town life (B) of which everyday life in a small town (C) were in a small town every day (D) small-town life every day 12. _____ depends on the density of both the object and the water. (A) An object floats whether or not

(B) Whether or not an object floats (C) Floating an object whether or not (D) Whether or not a floating object 13. Sturgeons are prized for their blackish roe, _____ when salted and served as an appetizer is called caviar. (A) which (B) such (C) therefore (D) while 14. In Navajo society, not only _____ for food and for woo, but also as a means of payment or exchange. (A) sheep were valuable (B) to value the sheep (C) the sheeps value (D) were sheep valued 15. The repertory of a concert band _____ traditionally included flourishes, marches, and music transcribed from other media. (A) (B) (C) (D) is which of has

16. Educated at home and requiring to work to support her family, Louisa May Alcott recorded many of her lifes events in her autobiographical novels. 17. It was not until the latter part of the nineteenth century that the Adirondack region of New York State was proper mapped. 18. Such special adaptations as lightweight bodies, widely wings, and unusually soft feathers allow owls to fly silently. 19. Research shows that employees whose obtain satisfaction from their jobs are more productive.

20. As glaciers reach the sea, huge chunks of ice break away of them. 21. With environmental regulations tightening, many of Californias top wine makers are starting grow grapes organically, using no herbicides or pesticides. 22. The panda becoming an endangered species because humans have encroached on the wilderness that is essential to the animals survival. 23. Advocates of the art form Abstract Expressionism emphasize free, spontaneous, and personality emotional expression. 24. Pollen grains contains half as many chromosomes as the parent plant. 25. In August 1774 John Adams left Boston and went to Philadelphia in a representative to the First Continental Congress. 26. Mary McLeod Bethune was begun to teach in 1895 and by 1923 had become president of Bethune-Cookman College in Florida. 27. The artist Frederic Remington created a large numbers of paintings of the western United States. 28. Worldwide there are approximately 270 species of carnivorous birds that make up the order Falconiformes, the scientifically name for hawks. 29. From its innermost core to its corona, the Sun has a structure typical of most star of its kind. 30. Although frequent melodramatic, Lillian Hellmans plays are marked by insight and finesse. 31. Rubbing a glass rod with silk will cause small pieces of dries paper to jump to the rod and cling to it.

32. Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of creative expression, dating it back to at least 8000 B.C. 33. Besides providing clues to the nature of atoms, mineral analysis allows to speculate geologists about the ancient Earth. 34. The first antibiotics were made from alive matter such as molds. 35. Even the richest diamond deposits, tons of rock must be mined and crushed to produce one small diamond. 36. Several ancient cultures presented math in sentences form with little or no abbreviation or symbolism. 37. Secretion by the pancreas into the bloodstream, insulin affects metabolism by allowing cells throughout the body to use glucose as fuel. 38. Most Algonquin Indian tribes except those of the north were sedentary and carried on agriculture with varying degrees of intense. 39. Although cultivated in the new world for hundreds of years, only within the last century the tomato has become recognized as a valuable food. 40. Though the different between any two languages in the world may appear to be great, they seem to function equally well as means of communication. 1995 01 1. An underlying assumption of most market research is that people are continually _____ financial decisions based on their desire for goods that give them the most satisfaction. (A) making (B) and make (C) being made (D) having made

2. _____ tempera paint, the artist mixes dry pigments with water until the mixture resembles a stiff paste. (A) In preparation (B) The preparing of (C) To prepare (D) Prepared 3. When two straight lines meet, _____ an angle. (A) it is formed (B) formed (C) they form (D) to form 4. Madge Macklin promoted the expansion of medical training to include genetics _____ supported the founding of genetics departments in North American medical schools. (A) nor (B) and (C) while (D) if 5. _____ mammals have hair at some time in their lives, though in certain whales it is present only before birth. (A) Most (B) The most (C) Most of which (D) In most of the 6. The digestive enzyme pepsin breaks down proteins into components _____ readily absorbed by the human body. (A) (B) (C) (D) that can be and are which they are to be

7. _____ the precise qualities of the hero in literary works may vary over time, the basic exemplary function of the hero seems to remain constant.

(A) Whatever (B) Even though (C) In spite of (D) Regardless 8. Not until the dedication of Yellowstone Park in the late nineteenth century _____ a national park. (A) the United States had (B) did the United States have (C) when the United States had (D) the United States having 9. Daniel Ken Inouye, Hawaiis first Congressman, was elected to the United States Senate in 1963, where _____ known for his unbiased views on civil issues. (A) being (B) it is he (C) he became (D) having become 10. subject, (A) (B) (C) (D) Because caricature tends to emphasize the peculiarities of a _____ an effective vehicle for pictorial satire. which is often and often seen as it is often many of which are

11. In the nineteenth century, Samuel Gridley Howe founded the Pekins School for the Blind, _____ for children in Boston, Massachusetts. (A) that institutes (B) while instituted (C) was an institution (D) an institute 12. Early forms of life on Earth, _____ in the absence of oxygen, required elements such as sulfur instead. (A) which lived (B) whose life

(C) lived (D) were living 13. People in prehistoric times created paints by grinding materials such as plants and clay into powder _____. (A) water to be added (B) for adding water then (C) and water added (D) and then adding water 14. Often very annoying weeds, _____ and act as hosts to many insect pests. (A) (B) (C) (D) that crowd out less hardy plants than goldenrods crowding out less hardy plants by goldenrods the goldenrods crowding out of less hardy plants goldenrods crowd out less hardy plants

15. Starting around 7000 B. C., and for the next four thousand years, much of the Northern Hemisphere _____ temperatures warmer than at present. (A) with experience of (B) experienced (C) experiencing (D) experience 16. The chief goal of biochemistry is for to understand the structure and behavior of the carbon-containing compounds that make up various components of a living cell. 17. According to entomologists, pollinating insects are attracted to flowers by scent else by color. 18. The American writer Alex Haley traveled more than a half million mile to authenticate his novel Roots. 19. Research by physician Alice Hamilton on industrially ailments and poisons led to greatly improved health conditions for workers in the early 1900s.

20. It was in the late 1930s where Dixieland jazz was appreciated by the general public for the first time. 21. Since 1920 women have been able to participate actively in the government the United States. 22. The architectural floor plan for a building is primarily a diagram of the location and function of area each of the building. area. 23. Clocks not only measure and tell time but also serve as decorated in homes and other buildings. 24. Commercial prices for gems are based in several factors including beauty, durability, rarity,and the current fashion. 25. Candle are made by dipping a wick into wax, to pour wax into a mold containing a suspended Wick, or rolling wax around a wick. 26. Avalanches occur why particles of sand, rock, or snow are dragged down a slope by gravity. 27. The average annual solar radiation received by the atmosphere varies strongly with latitude it is four times great at the equator than at the poles. 28. Peggy Guggenheim was none so much attracted to contemporary art itself as she was to the bohemian art world. 29. Radon-invisible, tasteless, and has no odor-is released into the atmosphere from soil and rocks. 30. Sparrows, small birds of the finch family, have stout beaks adapted seed eating and are useful to farmers in destroying weed seeds. 31. The poems of Sara Teasdale are noting for their simplicity and purity of form.

32. Charlotte Pekins Gilman was a leading intellectual in the womens movement while its early decades in the United States. 33. The Canadian province of Newfoundland has a rocky coast, a moisture climate, and probably the best cod-fishing areas in the world. 34. Among the favorite attractions at the National Air and Space Museum in Wahington D. C. Are the film presented on the five-story-tall screen. 35. Alchemists had the idea which by applying chemical vapors to base metals they could create gold. 36. The most often flour is made from wheat, but it may also be made from the seeds of other cereal plants. 37. Lacrosse, the oldest organized sport in North America, originally played by the Iroquois Indians throughout upper New York and lower Ontario. 38. Although most house plants are acquired already potted, they also can be grown from seeds or leaf cuttings from mature plant. 39. The unique ability of the horseshoe crab detected bacterial endotoxins was a chance discovery in the 1970s at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. 40. Although experimental television had been available since the 1920s, many people in United States did not see a broadcast until was the New York Worlds Fair of 1939. 1995 05 1. _____ Henry Ford first sought financial backing for making cars, the very notion of farmers and clerks owning automobiles was considered ridiculous. (A) How (B) Even (C) When

(D) Despite 2. The first president of Cornell University, Andrew White _____ the concept of a university unaffiliated with any religious sect or political party. (A) develop (B) developing (C) develops (D) developed 3. In order for information to be easily communicated, _____ must be organized in an understandable way. (A) there (B) and (C) it (D) how 4. Because of record snowfalls in the mountains surrounding Utahs Great Salt Lake, there is more water in the lake and its salt content is _____ it once was. (A) (B) (C) (D) least as much less than the least what less

5. Home movies began to become popular as a hobby in the United States during the 1920s, _____ of low-cost film. (A) the invention followed (B) the invention to follow (C) following the invention (D) invention the following 6. Mary Edmonia Lewis, a sculptor who studied at Oberlin College, was _____ by Hrriet ffosmer. (A) tutored in the neoclassical aesthetic (B) the neoclassical aesthetic tutored in (C) aesthetic in the neoclassical tutored (D) the aesthetic neoclassical tutored in

7. Even though rhubarb is a vegetable, _____ as a dessert. (A) popular also (B) it is popular (C) but it is popular (D) which is popular 8. Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, _____ of Radeliffe College, had worked as both an educator and a naturalist. (A) the first president (B) was the first president (C) she was the first president (D) which she was the first president 9. _____ ever developed was celluloid, a combination of natural camphor and cellulose nitrate. (A) The first plastic and (B) Being the first plastic (C) The first plastic (D) It was the first plastic 10. question (A) (B) (C) (D) Often the design of a scholarly investigation _____ by the it is addressing. to affect affects affected will be affected

11. Though once quite large, _____ population of the bald eagle across North America has drastically declined in the past forty years. (A) (B) (C) (D) it is the there is the as the the

12. Plywood was originally manufactured from logs _____ for other purposes. (A) were not suitable

(B) that were not suitable (C) which they were not suitable (D) and suitable were not 13. Aerobic exercises create a _____ oxygen in the body without seriously disrupting normal body functions. (A) demand (B) demanding (C) demanding of (D) demand for 14. A protagonist of a play is _____ in tragedy as the suffering main character. (A) what known (B) known as (C) what it is known (D) what is know 15. The beaver chews down trees to get food and material _____ its home. (A) (B) (C) (D) builds it can builds that it builds with which to build

16. The architect rural style of Mannerism used unbalanced proportions nor arbitrary arrangements of decoration. 17. The theater is perhaps the most complex of the arts, requiring a number large of people for a plays performance. 18. Some comets are visibly to the unaided eye, but only for several months, when they pass closest to the Sun. 19. Singer, comedienne, and creating of the radio character Baby Snooks, Fanny Buice had an engaging personality that delighted audiences for nearly half a century.

20. Saccharin is about 300 times as sweeter as table sugar but has no carbohydrates and no food value. 21. One of the s to the survival of any animal is its ability adapts to changes in the environment. 22. The element bromine is not found in nature in the free state because of their strong tendency to take up electrons and form compounds. 23. During dives that may reach depths of almost 5,000 feet, an elephant seal can holds its breath for an hour or more. 24. The development of the boiler is closely related to those of the steam engine, to which it is a necessary adjunct. 25. The Rodeo Association of America, formed in 1929, set up a system points for determining the national rodeo champions. 26. As the late 1940s, Jackson Pollocks art has been considered the pivotal manifestation of Abstract Expressionism, as his form of it is known. 27. Stars differ fundamental from planets in that they are self-luminous whereas planets shine by reflected light. 28. In 1973 and 1974 Dr. Sylvia Mead was selected chief scientist and aquanaut for diving projects involved the underwater laboratory Hydrolab. 29. An electromagnet is a device which magnetism is produced by an electric magnet. 30. Almost all human activity alters water quality somewhat, but not necessity as a result of pollution by human materials. 31. During periods of heavy rains, a swamp can become a naturally flood controlling device if excess runoff can be temporarily stored in its basin.

32. With the advent of power-driven machinery, home industry began toward give way to production in mills and factories. 33. Liquefied natural gas is the most volatile chemistry explosive in common use today. 34. Historian have been able to calculate the dates of events from long ago by tracing references to eclipses that took place at the same time. 35. In a small community, behavioral norms are more universally understood and accepted, and are therefore more likely being homogeneous than in a large city. 36. Anthropologists face complex problems of analysis and synthesis when they go about the task of description the culture of a group of people. 37. The guilds of the Middle Ages began as associations in merchants established for the purpose of regulating the rules of commerce. 38. Booker T. Washington viewed as one of the ablest public speakers of his time. 39. The Alaskan wilderness is filled of wildlife, including wolves, foxes,and such waterfowl as wild geese. 40. Historically, no artists have presented clearer or the more complete records of the development of human culture than sculptors have.


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