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6 ABC 5 1. A. Fine. 2. A. Its very cold. 3. A. She is a teacher. 4. A. Hes nice. 5. A. He comes by car. 6. A. I like it very much. 6 ƦƧ ABC 10 ۧ 7. What will the man do tomorrow? A. Go shopping. 8. Where is Mary now? A. In the library. B. At school. C. At home. 9. What doesnt the man like about Wuhan? A. The food. 10. What does the woman mean? A. The weather is terrible. B. To go out is not a good idea. C. The weather man is wrong. 11. What do we know about the mans brother? A. Do his homework. B. Play computer games. C. Hes not a good student. 12. When will the last train leave? A. 9:40. 4 ƦƧާ ABC 5 5 13 13 15 13. What was Eric hit by? A. Some boys. 14. Where was Eric hurt? A. On a school playground. 15. How is Maggie feeling? A. She is unlucky. B. She is angry. C. She is not happy. B. In the street. C. In the park. B. A football. C. A car. B. 10:40. C. 9:20 B. The people. C. The traffic. B. Go swimming. C. Visit Jack. B. Of course. B. Its Thursday. B. She is singing. B. My brother Jim. B. He is at home. B. Its expensive. C. Sure. C. Its March 8th. C. She is an American. C. He is nine. C. He is from Canada. C. The red one.

14 16 18 16. When will the man leave home?

A. At 7 oclock.

B. At 6:00.

C. At 4:50.

17. How will the man go to the airport? A. By taxi. B. By subway. C. By bus.

18. How long does it take the man to go to the airport? A. About ten minutes. B. About half an hour. C. About an hour.

15 19 22 19. What did Tony do yesterday morning? A. He called Abby. 20. What does Abby often draw? A. The park. B. Trees and flowers. C. His father. B. He went to the park. C. He drew some pictures.

21. What will Abby probably do tomorrow? A. She will help Tony draw some pictures. B. She will visit Billy and say happy birthday to him. C. She will show Tony and Billy some of her pictures. 22. Where will the children meet? A. At school. B. In the park. C. At Abbys house.

16 23 25 23. How long havent we seen Granny? A. For about a year. B. For many years. C. For nearly a month. 24. What did my mother and I do for Grannys visit? A. We cooked some food. B. We cleaned the house. C. We met her at the station. 25. Which is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A. Father likes to play jokes on us at home. B. Father went to the station but didnt see Granny. C. Father knew that Granny wouldnt come. ( 1 , 15 ) ( )26.____ in class is a good habit of studying. B.Taking notes C.Take notes of D.Taking notes of

A.Take notes (

)27.Thanks for helping me with my English. ----__________. A.It doesn't matter. B.It's kind of you. C.That's right D.Not at all.


)28.I really don't know____ that terrible problem. to do with D.what to deal

A.what to deal with to deal with (

)29.Why don't you ____ a Chinese language club to practice Chinese? B.join C.join with D attend

A.take part (

)30.---____do you study for an English test?---I study ___ working with friends. B.How;by C.What;by D.What;for

A.How;for (

)31.What ___you ____ do when you lived in the country?;used to C.did;use D.did;use to

A.did;used to (

)32.You can see my new house___ a window_____. B.with;open C.has;opened D.has;open

A.with;opened (

)33.There are many clouds in the sky.___it's going to rain.

A.It seems which (



D.It seems that

)34.---Are you afraid of ___ at home?---No,I've grown up. B.lonely C.being alone D.being lonely

A.alone (

)35.Great changes____ in my hometown in the past few years. B.have taken place C.had taken place D.take place

A.took place (

)36.He's going to be a doctor when he grows up.---So_______. B.I am I D.I do I (

)37.We should ____ our studies if we want to go to the best middle school. B.stop working on up with D.end up

A.concentrate on (

)38.My new friend is a ____ boy. B.fifteen-years-old C.fifteen years old D.fifteen-year-old

A.fifteen-year old (

)39.On school days we need___ our uniforms. wear C.wears D.wore

A.wearing (

)40.Childen ____ to swim in lakes alone.It's dangerous. B.should not allow C.shouldn't allowed D.shouldn't be allowed

A.should allow

.( 1 , 15 ) One Saturday afternoon, Kate went to buy something for her sister and herself. As Kate was coming out of a __41__, a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green--a good friend of Kates sisters. Kate __42__ her. Then she called a taxi to send Kate home. She 43 the driver where he should go. Kate was 44 that it was not in the direction of her home. 45 ?Kate asked. The lady smiled. When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man 46 on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, tied him

and threw him out of the 47 . At the same time, Miss Green took out a knife and __48_ Kate. She asked Kate to keep __49. The man then started the taxi. Oh, God! Im being kidnapped.Kate said to herself. She tried to escape, but not 50 . Suddenly an _51 came to her. She took out a lipstick( )from her pocket, wrote SOSon the window, and covered the word with her _52. A few minutes later, a police car 53 and the policemen saw the sign. When the kidnappers saw the policemen, they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away. The policemen then 54 But they were also 55 ( ) 41.A. school ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )42.A. knew )43.A.told )44. A. sure )45.A.What )46. A. drove )47.A.road )48. A. helped )49. A. healthy )50.A.happened )51. A. idea )52. A. hands )53.A.stopped )54. A. lifted )55. A. worried . A Kate up and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. because their daughter had finally come back safely. B. taxi B. believed B.asked B. excited B.Where B. climbed B.sight B. played B. alive B.failed B. answer B. back B.left B. held B. happy C. shop C. thanked C.wondered C. surprised C.When C. fell C. saved C. relaxed C.succeeded C. interest C. dress C.passed C. put C. afraid D. friends D. Remembered D.checked D. Pleased D.Why D. Appeared D.home D. pointed D. Quiet D.hurried D. order D. Lipstick D.turned D.picked D. Successful

One evening, it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. An old couple came to a small hotel and wanted to stay there for the night. A young man welcomed them warmly, but said Im sorry! Our rooms here are all full and the hotels nearby are all full too, for there will be an important meeting held here tomorrow. Hearing the young mans words, the old couple felt very disappointed, and turned around to leave. Just as they were leaving, the young man came up to them and stopped them: Madam and sir, if you dont mind, you can sleep in my bedroom for a night The next morning, the old couple took out lots of money to give it to the young man, but he refused to take it. No! You neednt pay me any money, for I only lend my room to you. said the young man with a smile on his face. Youre great, young man! Its very kind of you. Maybe one day, Ill build a hotel for you! said the old man. With these words, the old couple left. The young man only laughed and went on working. Several years later, the young man got a letter from the old couple, inviting him to go to Manhattan. The young man met the old couple in front of a five-star hotel.Do you still remember what I said to you several years ago? Look! This is the hotel that I built for you! said the old man. Soon, the young man became the manager of the hotel. 56. Its clear that ________. A. all the hotels were too small C. the rooms were very dirty 57. At last, the old couple spent the night ________. A. in their own house C. in the hotel 58. The young man only laughed because ________. A. he knew the old couple were poor C. the couple thought too much of it B. the old man made a joke D. he didnt like the gift B. in another hotel D. in the young mans room B. a meeting would be held D. the weather was not so bad

59. For the night, the old couple gave the young man ________. A. lots of money B. lots of thanks C. nothing D. a five-star hotel

60. The writer mainly wants to tell us that ________. A. we should be kind-hearted to others B. wed better be polite to old couples

C. old couples are rich to help young peopleD. five-star hotels need young managers B The highest bridge in the world A bridge in France is the tallest in the world. It is 270 meters high and 2.46 kilometers long. The highest pillar () is 343 meters high, 23 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower (). Beckham on the cover () of Big Comics Superior If you like football, you must know David Beckham. He is a famous football player from England. But do you know that he is on the cover of Big Comics Superior? Big Comics Superior is a magazine in Japan. Football can go around the world. Year of Einstein () The Year of Einstein started in Germany to remember the 50th anniversary () of Albert Einsteins passing away and 100th anniversary of the General Theory of Relativity (). Einstein was born in Germany. He lived and taught in Germany from 1914 to 1933. Building a bridge across the straits The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have become closer, now after Taiwanese leaders () visits and talks across the straits. On May 3, Kuomintang Chairman () Lien Chan finished his eight-day visit to the mainland. 61. The Eiffel Tower is __________ high. A. 247 meters B. 270 meters C. 320 meters D. 343 meters

62. Big Comics Superior is __________. A. a football player B. a Japanese magazine

C. a beautiful city 63. Where did the Year of Einstein start? A. In Germany. B. In America.

D. an English film

C. In England.

D. In France.

64. The four passages are probably from __________. A. instructions B. newspapers C. advertisements D. Dictionaries

What's the meaning of"straits"? A. B. C. C I believe youre the right person to write an advice column () for the students called Dear Amy! Jenny, editor of the school newspaper, said to Andy, who finally agreed to accept the job if Jenny promised not to tell it to anyone else. At first it wasnt too bad. Most of the letters he received were interesting and quite easy to answer. Then came a letter from a person named Joe. Dear Amy, it began, Im in real trouble. Ive wanted to be a songwriter all my life, but my parents wont even let me take music lessons. I have a guitar, but they both get angry if I play. Ive tried explaining, but they wont listen. I feel sad. Should I run away from home? Maybe that will make my parents agree. The letter signed Joe. Andy thought about this letter for a long time. Should he advise someone to run away from home? Probably not. But didnt Joe have a right to be a songwriter if he wanted to? Andy thought hard, but couldnt think out a good answer. Andy couldnt sleep. He just worried about poor Joe. At a bar a few days later, Eleanor, a girl in Andys math class, sat down next to him and asked, Whats wrong with you? You look a little worried. I guess I do, said Andy. If you got an problem, why dont you try writing to Dear Amy about it? asked Eleanor. Andy sighed; but she continued, in fact, I guess Dear Amy is rather busy with other problems. She still hasnt answered the phony letter I wrote her last week. Youd better read it - it may even make the most hard-hearted person cry! It was supposed to be from a songwriter named Joe. 66. Andy might be ______. A. an editor of the school newspaper B. a songwriter C. a math teacher D. a doctor in the school 67. Its clear Dear Amy ______. A. helps students who want to run away from home B. answers letters from the students C. writes songs for the students D. meets readers at a bar 68. It seemed to be easy for Andy to do the job until _____. A. he changed his name B. received a letter signed Joe C. he met Eleanor at a bar D. his name was well-known 69. In the letter Joe says that ______. A. his parents dont know about music B. his classmates dont understand him C. he would stay away from his parents D.A

D. he would obey his parents 70. The underlined word phony perhaps means ______. A. unreal B. boyish C. popular D. Favourite

.( 10 , 2 ) ,,. impressed;get excited about;laugh at;to begin with;enjoying;later on; Last year my English class was difficult for me.First of all,it wasn't easy for me to understand the teacher when she talked. ___71__.she spoke too quickly,and I couldn't understand every word. ___72__,I realized that it doesn't matter if you don't understand every word. Also, I was afraid to speak in class.because I thought my classmates might ____73 me. I couldn't always make complete sentences,either.Then I started to watch English-language TV.It helped a lot.I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of becoming a good language learner. Another thing that I found very difficult was English grammar. So I decided to take lots of grammar notes in every class. Then I started to write my own original sentences using the grammar I was's amazing how much this helped.Now I am __74__ learning English and I got an A this term. My teacher is very___75_. .( 10 , 1 ) In these days an ice cream sundae cost much less.One day,a 10-year-old boy e___(81) a hotel coffee shop and sat at a table.A waitress p____ (82)a glass of water in front of him."How much is an ice cream sundae? "Fifty c____(83)."replied the waitress.The little boy p____(84) his right hand out of his pocket and studies a number of coins in it. "How much is a d____(85) of plain ice cream?"he asked.And at this time,some people were now w____ (86)for a table and the waitress was a bit impatient."Thirty-five cents." she said rudely.The little boy again c____ (87)the coins. "I'll have the plain ice cream." he said. The waitress then brought him the ice cream,put the bill on the table and walked away.The boy f____(88) the ice cream,paid the cashier and left.When the waitress came back,she began wiping down the table and then was s____(89) at what she saw.There,placed neatly beside the e____ (90)dish,were two nickels and five pennies---it was her tip. .( 15 ) "Keep Our School", :1.,;2. 3:,;4 ;5 . (rubbish ,spit ,students on duty ) Good afternoon,everyone!

; 1-----5 A B A B C:6---10 C B C C B; 11---15A B B C C; 16---20 C B C A B;21---25 C C A A B 26---30 B D B B B; 31---35 D B D C C; 36---40 A A D B D; 41---45 C B A C D; 46---50 D C D D C ; 51---55 A B C D B 56---60 B D C D A; 61---65 C B A B B; 66---70 A B B C A 71---75 To begin with;Later on;laugh at ;enjoying; impressed 76entered77.put;78.cents;79.pulled;; 81.waiting;82 .counted;83.finished;84.surprised;85.empty () 1. Hows your brother? 2. What day is it today? 3 What does your sister do? 4. Who is the boy over there? 5. Where does he come from? 6. Which car is yours? 7. AThey say youll go shopping tomorrow. BNo. Ill go swimming with my friend Jack 8. AWho is reading over there? Is that Mary? BIt cant be Mary. Shes at home. 9. ADo you think Wuhan is a great place to live in? BWell, I love everything here, especially the food and the people. But the traffic is always too heavy. 10. AIts a mice day. Shall we go out for a walk? BWed better stay at home. The weatherman says itll rain this afternoon. 11 AYour brother must be a good student. BSure, he is. He prefers to do homework rather than to play computer games. 12. AHurry up, Dave. Its ten oclock. BDont worry. We still have 15 minutes to catch the last train. 13. AMaggie,you look sad. What has happened? BWell. My dog Eric was hurt yesterday. AReally? How come? BI took him to the park yesterday afternoon. He was hit by a football when we were walking. AA football? BRight. Someone was playing football in the park. And Eric was unlucky. ABad news. I hope its not too serious for him. BI hope so. 14. AWhite Taxi Service. May l help you? BHello. I need a taxi to the airport, please. A. What time of taxi do yon need, sir? B. My plane leaves at 700 tomorrow morning.But Id like to be there at 6.00. ACould you tell me where you live, sir?

BOf course. I live at123 Gone Street . By the way, how long does it take to the airport? AIt takes an hour to the airport. Well pick you up at 450. Is it OK? BThat would be fine. 15.AGood morning, Tony. BMorning, Abby. Where were you yesterday morning? I called you three times. Dont you remember it was Billys birthday? AOh, my god. I forgot it. I went to the park to draw pictures. I often draw pictures on weekends. BGood for you! What do you often draw? APlants, different trees and flowers. And sometimes animals. BWhen did you begin to learn drawing? AAbout 3 years ago. Id like to show you some of my pictures if you are interested. BId love to see your pictures. Billy may be interested, too. AOK. Ill call him. Ill say sorry to him about the birthday party. We can meet at our house after school tomorrow afternoon. BGreat. See you! 16 Everyone may play a joke on others on April Fools Day. And my father did so last April Fools Day. It was Sunday. And we were all sitting at the table when father suddenly smiled and said to us, Oh dear. I forgot to tell you the good news. Theres a letter from Granny. Shes coming to see us this afternoon. Im going to meet her at the station. With these words, he went o ut. How happy we were! We havent seen Granny for nearly a year. And we missed her very much. After lunch, my mother and I went shopping. We bought a lot of food that Granny liked. It was 400.when we finished our work in the kitchen. And we sat around the table waiting for Granny. At last, the door opened. And came in my father alone. Wheres Granny? We asked. Father laughed and said, April Fools! Today is April 1. April Fools Day! We were disappointed after we heard these. But we all laughed.

____________ ___________

1---5 __________________ 6---10__________________ 11--15_________________ 16--20_________________ 21--25_________________ 26--30_________________ 31--35_________________ 36--40_________________ 41--45_________________ 46--50_________________ 51--55_________________ 56--60_________________ 61--65_________________ 66--70_________________ 71.______;72.__________;73.________74.______75._____

76.______; 77._________;78._______;79.______;80.______ 81.______;82._________;83._______;84.______;85.______ . ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ___________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________



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