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20 60 1. Even though we had lost the ______ of our family, everyone came on Christmas

Day-making an effort to be cheerful. A. bachelor B. master C. doctor D. post doctor 3 2.

Marilyn: Don't you like to eat Korean food?

Robbie: ________. A. No, Korean food is not real to my taste B. No, because Korean food is very good C. No, I prefer to have Chinese noodles D. No, I like very much to eat Korean food 3 3.

According ______ travel agents, the growth trend in travel is the half-week sneak-away

built around a weekend. A. at B. on C. to D. in 3 4.

The health seeking youths can following the ______ of natural living. A. principles B. principals C. principality

D. prince 3 5.

______ I tell you yesterday not to touch that dog! A. Haven't B. Hasn't C. Didn't D. Aren't 3


Speaker A: Want to come over Thursday for supper? Speaker B: _______ . A. I really can't. You'll not mind, I think B. Let's put it off till later C. Thanks, but I have to work that evening D. No, I don't want to 3


I ______ bacon and eggs every morning. A. am used to eat B. used to eating C. am used to eating D. am using to eat 3


Guest: Have you a single room for tonight and tomorrow night with a telephone and

shower? Clerk: We haven't any rooms with a shower free just now, but there's a bathroom available on each floor. Guest: ______. A. All right. That'll do B. Oh, sorry. Forget it C. How regretful! I give it up

D. All right. It does 3 9.

I walked ______ the Seventh Avenue to catch a bus. A. until

B. as long as C. as far as D. till 3 10.

Jessica: I got home very late last night. I hope I didn't disturb you. Landlady:______, A. No. I heard a lot of noise B. Yes, I didn't hear any noise C. Yes. I didn't hear you D. No. I didn't hear a thing 3


There are other techniques that might help you ______ your studying. A. with B. at C. into D. over 3


TeacherWhere is Mike this morningStudentHe's got a cold.Teacher______ A. He is absent. B. What's the matter with him C. Just tell him to take it easy. D. What? Where is he 3


Never ______ , we'll see the film next week.

A. mind B. to mind C. mind you D. in mind 3 14.

Gregory: Let's take a coffee break, shall we? Flora: _______, but I can't. A. I wish I could B. We shall C. Yes, let's D. You will 3


They resort ______ fast food which is fatty and contains high amount of cholesterol. A. with B. at C. on D. to 3


Thad: Gee, Susan. I'd love a cup of coffee.

Susan: ______. Is instant OK? A. Sure thing B. No problem C. I'm sure D. No kidding 3 17.

My I have two ______ instead of beans, please? A. corn's ear B. corn ears

C. ear of corns D. ears of corn 3 18.

Henry Ford was himself a ______ mechanic and could build a car with his own hands. A. bear B. bore C. born D. bearing 3

19. Would you ______ the stamps on to the envelope for me, please? A. stick B. suck C. pick D. spit 3 20.

I can't remember her name. It's on the ______ of my tongue. A. end B. point C. top D. tip 3

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Although stage plays have been set to music since the era() of the ancient Greeks

when the dramas of Sophocles and Aeschylus were accompanied by lyres( ) and flutes, the usually accepted date for the beginning of opera as we know it is 1600. As part of the celebration of the marriage of King Henry IV of France to the Italian aristocrat( ) Maria de Medici, the Florentine composer Jacopo Peri produced his famous Euridice, generally considered to be the first opera. Following his example, a group of Italian musicians called the Camerata began to revive() the style of musical story that had been used in Greek tragedy.


This passage is a summary of ____. A. the Camerata B. opera in Italy

C. Euridice D. the development of opera 3

2). According to the author, Jacopo Peri wrote ____. A. the opera Maria de Medici B. the opera The Camerata C. the first opera D. Greek tragedy 3

3). We can infer that the Camerata ____. A. developed a new musical drama based upon Greek drama B. was a group of Greek musicians C. was the name given to the court of King Henry IV D. was not known in Italy 3

4). The author suggests that Euridice was produced ____. A. in France B. for the wedding of King Henry IV C. originally by Sophocles and Aeschylus D. without much success 3

5). According to this passage, modern opera began in the ____. A. fifteenth century


time of the ancient Greeks

C. seventeenth century D. sixteenth century 3 2.

The origins() of baseball probably stretch back to 1839 when Abner Doubleday, a civil

engineering student, laid out a diamond-shaped field at Cooperstown, New York, and attempted to standardize() the rules governing the playing of such games as town ball and four old cat, the ancestors() of baseball. By the end of the Civil War, interest in the game had grown rapidly. Over 200 teams or clubs existed, some of which toured the country playing rivals; they belonged to a national association of "Baseball Players" that had proclaimed( ) a set of standard rules. These teams were amateurs( ) or semi-professionals, but as the game waxed in popularity, it offered opportunities for profit, and the first professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, appeared in 1869. Other cities soon fielded professional teams, and in 1876 the present National League was organized chiefly by Albert Spalding. Soon a rival league appeared, the American Association. Competition between the two was intense, and in 1883 they played a post-season() contest, the first "world's series". The American Association eventually collapsed, but in 1900 the American League was organized. 1). According to the passage, baseball originated in 1839 because ____. A. Abner Doubleday invented a special diamond-shaped pitch B. civil engineering students became interested in playing games C. the old games died out and a new one was needed D. the rules of earlier games were amalgamated() and regularized 3

2). What was different about "Baseball Players" compared with earlier players? A. They were not professional. B. They belonged to many clubs. C. They played by agreed rules. D. They travelled widely. 3

3). According to the passage, the Cincinnati Red Stockings were formed in 1869 ____.

A. so that the public had the opportunity to profit from a professional team B. to enable the amateur players to become professional C. because baseball had become more popular by then D. to produce a means of making money 3

4). From the passage, we understand that the National League was formed in 1876 to ____. A. authorize amateur and professional teams to combine B. to provide a governing authority for baseball C. reorganize the professional teams D. enable more professional teams to be set up 3

5). According to the passage, at the turn of the century the only remaining baseball organizations were ____. A. the American Association B. the American Association and the American League C. the American League and the National League D. the American League 3

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Ahhh, summer. Time to relax. You cannot have complete rest if you ___1___it too seriously.

But taking vacations seriously is exactly___2___we Americans seem to do. In the same way our kids' free time is now packed with activities, we adults have turned vacations into "active leisure." Anytime you try very hard to relax, that's active leisure. Our vacations___3___with an agenda, a purpose. We're visiting family, attending weddings, going camping, and making sure we ride that roller coaster-no matter how long the line is. We Americans are so active in our leisure___4___we commonly complain we need a vacation from our vacations. We leave home___5___; we come back exhausted. That's why many of us have decided not to go. Americans are___6___a few vacation days (14 days, on average) compared with other developed countries, but ironically, we don't even use them. The average American will leave

four vacation days on the table this year, which adds up to a total 574 million days of___7___vacation. Our relationship to relaxation seems contradictory. We spend more money than anyone else in the world on leisure-fully one-___8___of our income-and yet at the same time we are No. 1 in the world at not taking vacations. One of the top reasons given for not taking a vacation is that it's too much extra work. We have to get___9___of our work in order to leave, and then we have to catch up on our work upon our return. The longer the vacation we take, the bigger the stumbling blocks appear. So only 14% of Americans will take a vacation two weeks or longer this summer. Bottom line: it's simply become too stressful to relax. We Americans take our time off so seriously that you can now get a Ph.D. in leisure studies at Penn State and 17 other famous universities. That's right-a doctorate, not just a bachelor's. It's such an up-and-coming field in academe that there is an actual shortage of___10___educators. We don't have enough people to teach leisure. I am tempted to make a joke about this, but I don't want to get the wrath of the leisure scientists. They'll beat me up with chairs. 1). A. make B. take C. bake D. cake 1 2). A. which B. what C. that D. this 1 3). A. arrive B. go C. come D. leave 1

4). A. that B. those C. these D. this 1 5). A. tiring B. tires C. tire D. tired 1 6). A. giving B. given C. gave D. give 1 7). A. took B. untaken C. take D. taken 1 8). A. thirty

B. thirds C. third D. three 1 9). A. out B. clear C. ahead D. rid 1 10). A. qualifies B. qualification C. qualified D. qualify 1





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