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(CET-4) 10 28.6%, 10% skimmings canning 1. (skimming) 2. (scanning) , , 1. , . . Y(YES)N(NO) NG(Not Given) ,: Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the

passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer Sheet 1. For questions1-7, mark
Y (for YES) if the statement agrees with the information given in the passage; N (for NO) if the statement contradicts the information given in the passage; NG (for Not Given) if the information is not given in the passage. not given not given ا ֦ ا 1

ا 2 2 ħ ĝp 1 Not Given ( ) 1 2 1 2 Yes() 1 2 1 2

No 2. , , ------ Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the

passages quickly and answer the questions on Sheet 1. For questions 8-10, complete the sentences with the information g iven in the passage.
CET-4 1. 5 2. է 3. զ 9 8 1. : 1) TitleSubtitle Section heading Illustration 2) ʦŦ Title: Land fills, Section heading: How Much Trash Is Generated? How Is Trash Disposed of? What Is a Land fill? Proposing the Landfill Bu ilding the Landfill What Happens to Trash in a Landfill? How Is a Landfill Operated?

(Landf ill) Economist notice in the 15th century, Japan had large cities, hi gh literacy rates and even a futures market. 15th century Japan u The passage gives a general description of the structure and u se a landfill.( ) general description landfill landfill Yes In most parts of the world, there are regulations that govern where a landfill can be placed and how it can operate. In most parts of the world, the selection of a landfill site is governed by rules and regulations. a landfill site regulations Yes like, as, most, most of, least, less, less than, much, many, many of A landfill is not like a compost pile ,where the purpose is to bury trash in such a way that it will decompose quickly.

Landfills are like compost piles in that they speed up decom position of the buried trash. like compost piles, 10 No 1. Original news reel foot age shows the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison throwing herself under King George Vs horse at a well-k nown racecourse. Emily Wilding Davison K ing George V , 2. Compared with other major industrial countries, America buries a much higher percentage of its solid waste in landfills. America ,, In the late 1930s, a movement to ban the drug marijuana resulted in the beginning of the hemp plant. In the late 1930s d է 1. Fortunately, these days credits for having passed a subject a t High School or at a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Col lege. TAFE 2. The carousel is filled to capacity with 72 frames. A switch is flipped and the frames begin to whirl at 300 revolutions per minut e. 3. In general, it is unrealistic to start a course with insufficie nt funds in the hope that some thing will turn up. ???some thing will turn up? §֧ئ ֦ ֧ا ۧ 2.

. ,, , No More Than Three Words() with words taken from t he reading passage()., ؎ ؎ 8. Typical customer of a landfill are _____________. Customers are typically municipalities and construction co mpanies, although residents may also use the landfill. , municipalities and construction companies ئ է ئ 9. To dispose of a ton of trash in a landfill, customers h ave to pay a tipping fee o f __. Customers are charged tipping fees for using the site. The tipping fees vary from $10to $40 per ton. These fees are used to pay for operating costs. a ton of trash tipping fee fee $10 t o $40



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