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Additional architecture artificial average boring cancer Coupled crossed describe despite destroyed distant Emotionally ensure established experiences familiar focused Historical increasingly instruments investigated mysterious Normal commom plain percent perhaps permitted popular printer quality quantity Recommend relatively retirement romantic ruining species success typical uniform value

1 2 success, process, necessary, recommend. 3 է 4 island, exhausted, isle, comb. 5 1 ͦed,ing,s 2 al natural.personal.emotional.artificial.additional, 3 ly wholly, completely, emotionally. Campaign, species, apparent, calendar, category ,changeable, committed, conscious, definitely, discipline, equipment, exceed, guarantee, leisure, license, miniature, noticeable, occasionally, possession, referred, recommend, restaurant, relevant, separate ՝I 1 I 1 Ive got to go over my notes for tomorrows midterm.(study) 2 Well have to leave very early.(set off) 3 It looks like he bought out the bookshelf.(bought a lot of books) 4 Ill have to get my ticket of the flight changed.(switch to) 5 Jane is counting the days to go home for the summer.(is eager to) 6 Therell be another bus in two or three minutes.(soon) 2 I 1)You can use my new car if you drive it carefully. I agree to lend you my new car. 2)The reading list of English course is enormous Its going to require a lot of reading of the English course. 3)The teacher went over last Fridays lesson today. The teacher reviewed a previous lesson today. 4)The train is behind the schedule. The train is late. 5)I hate to tell you this, but I cant seem to find them.


The tools I borrowed from you are missing. 6)If I were you, I would turn it in to the security office, its behind the administration building. Hand in the ring to the security office. 1 pre C listening 1. (topic)(conclusion) 2.

˧ A,the No ˧ To 2 1.

˧ Be ˧ while-listening

2. break down B D 3. experience exp 4. more than > less than < equal to = 5. u 3 after-listening 1. a (in ,on, at )(a ,an , the)( it , this , that ) b 2. a b 3. () 4. breakbrake sail----sale dyeingdying sightsite For---four steal-----steel tiretare threwthrough Weather---whether wood----would passed---past hear----here All together---altogether flewflu sauce---source Floor-flaw bread---bred sent---cent heal---heel hourour Fare---fair peacepiece find---fined full----fool cut---cart hut---heart loose----lose track---truck First---fast pull---pool appeala pill bald---board avoidaward Pass---path poor---pour sleep---steep 2

Accent: Agent: Appeal: Apply: Ball; Bank Blank: Bear: Break: Brief: Cabinet: Character: Chief: Crash: Draft: I I 19 2006.6 11 got on well with each other-----never a fight, had a great time 12 does her own housework-----you clean it up by yourself 13 be unwise to buy another house----their present house is not too bad 14 turn cold all of a sudden-----the weather turn so quickly 15 restaurant--------how about ordering some vegetables and fruits? 16 did not feel any danger ------Id go and buy things when I was 8 years old. 17 same company------I work on the 9th floor 18 looking for an appointment------can I take a look at it? 20 2006.12 11 suggestions 12 go without dessert-----watch my weight 13 can speak a foreign language----but Japanese ,English is the only language I can speak. 14 see professor Smith-----go to his office after class 15 pass the message to the man----- leave a note, me give her more information------any

Fine: Gift: i Iron: Kid: Last: Lean: ҧ Manual: Moderate: Ring: Sack: Safe: Spoil: P Stock:

I can give it to her 16 got emotional problems------get upset easily over little thing 17 buy the tickets beforehand-------in advance 18 ran into a tree------crashed into a tree 21 2007.6 11 appeal more viewer over 40--------people over 40 might find it interesting 12 admire her in writing----I had no idea you were a marvelous writer. 13 save some trouble ------picked it up from the waste paper basket and left it on the desk. 14 he quit teaching in june-----not since June 15 only part of the book-----read a few characters 16 attend her husband-----her husband is in a car accident 17 not far from their old one-------I dont know exactly where it is 18 had a hard time find a parking place-------I drove two blocks before I spotted a place. 22 2007.12 11 overweight------a little out of shape 12 hotel reception------had reserved a room for

13 having confidence in her son-------he is sure 3

do well in the next exam 14 have a short break------go out and get some fresh air. 15 in perfect condition-----never felt better in my life 16 keeps some old furniture in her new house-----just the useless pieces, 17 forgot lending the book --------sorry not to returned it earlier. 18 doesnt look like a sportsman--------dont think so eiter. 23 2007.12 11 give his ankle a good rest-------stop regular activities. 12 theater---balcony 13 sad occasion-------attend the funeral 14 focus on the main points of the

the pile of 17 get some sleep-----up thill 3 this morning 18 chance is slim----the other two seemed better qualified. 25 2008.12 11 enjoyed great popularity-----she was popular even when she was a child. 12 have a holiday--------well be getting away for a whie. 13 courageous-------I really admire his courage. 14 buy a new machine------invest in a new model 15 not excited about new position--------the workload has doubled 16 offer a drive to the party------give her a ride 17 finalizing the contract---------go over all the articles of the contract once more 18 ordered some paper---------completed the order form on line yeaterday. 26 2009.6 11 get some small change--------you can get it through the money changer 12 buying a gift for a child------Id suggest this toy train 13 taking photographs---------do you lt people know when you re taking pictures of them? 14 privade little information------but I was really young at that time 15 he knew his own limitations---------but I know I need more experiences 16 his gym exercise has yield good

lecture--------concentrate on 15 spilt the coffee on mans shirt-------have you jacket cleaned, 16 hard to understand------complicated 17 attending every lecture------never miss a lecture 18 not provide anything better--------I doubt theyll have anything different 24 2008.6 11 lost contact with------out of touch
12 painter---color 13 make inquires elsewhere------have you inquired ? 14 gain some weight-----a larger waist 15 doesnt like abstract paintings--------havent acquired a taste for 16 put notebook amid in the journals--------check help

results---------your effort has paid off 17 suggestion is constructive---------that might

18 indifferent---------I am somewhat tired of working here. I

Be interviewed=received your resume
Lead a team=in charge of a team Be satisfied with=you might just be the person weve been looking for Brush up=practice Historical=old : - [Examda.Com] Originate =come from Talk to the manager=complain to the manager A half=fifty present


Be fed up with my job=be tired of my present job See a piece of property=a farm Has passed away=has been died Ideal=swift action A finical trader=trading in finical market A good thing=a positive thing 1) quite quiet 2) affect v , effect n , 3) adapt adopt adept 4) angel angle 5) dairy diary 6) contend , content , context contest , 7) principal , principle 8) implicit explicit 9) dessert desert v dissert 10) pat tap slap rap

11) decent descent n , descend v 12) sweet sweat 13) later latter latest lately adv 14) costume custom 15) extensive intensive 16) aural oral 17) abroad aboard 18) altar alter 19) assent

ascent accent 20) champion champagne campaign 21) baron barren barn 22) beam bean been have 23) precede proceed 24) pray prey 25) chicken kitchen 26) monkey donkey 27) chore 5

chord cord 28) cite site sight 29) clash crash crush 30) compliment complement 31) confirm conform 32) contact contract contrast 33) council counsel consul 34) crow crown clown cow 35) dose doze 36) drawn draw drown

mental medal model meddle 44) scare scarce 45) drought draught , draughts () 47) assure ensure insure 48) except expect accept excerpt exempt 49) floor flour 50) incident accident 51) inspiration aspiration 52) march , match 53) patent potent potential 54) police policy politics 55) protest protect 56) require inquire enquire acquire 57) revenge avenge ... 58) story storey store 59) strike stick

37) emigrant immigrant 38) excess n exceed v excel 39) hotel hostel 40) latitude altitude gratitude 41) immoral immortal 42) lone alone lonely 43) mortal metal


strict 60) expand expend extend 61) commerce commence 62) through thorough (al)though thought think 63) purpose suppose propose 64) expect respect aspect inspect suspect 65) glide slide slip argumentative favorable adj. facetious adj. casual adj.

66) steal steel 67) strive stride 68) allusion illusion delusion elusion 69) prospect perspective 70) stationery stationary 71) loose lose loss n lost lose 72) amend , emend

73) amoral unmoral immoral amoral

reverence(irreverence) sarcasm(sarcastic) scathing adj.

enthusiastic adj. supportive adj. defensive objection /opposition detestation/ hatred n. didactic adj. critical adj. dogmatic adj. skeptical adj. contempt n.k Respectful affection(affectionate) approval(disapproval) 1.bill

indifferent nonchalant adj. deprecating adj. contemptuous cynical bitter(bitterness) self-righteous insincere nostalgic adj. stick to established facts noncommittal paradoxical and witty


(1) I will pay the bill this time because last time you did it. (2)
(wwwE xamdacom) bound to The movie starts in 5 minutes and there's bound to be a long line. 5 tired of lose one's temper() I'm tired of movies about romantic stories. worn out (1) I'm usually worn out at the end of the day. (2) My soles were worn out after a long time trip. 9.better (1)'d better I'd better read one of the articles for the class. I think you'd better find another partner. (2)make it better ...... I'd rewrite the last two paragraphs to make it better. ը (3)be better

We all passed the bill on yesterday's board meeting. (3) Here's a 10-dollar bill. Give me two tickets for tonight's show please. 10 ݧ 2. apply p apply for(); letter of application() confident about yourself job interview() give a good impression() require much traveling( ) find a way out() ͧ well If the weather is this hot tomorrow, we may as well give up the idea of playing tennis outside. soon as ...... I will do that for you as soon as I have fixed the machine. 5.awfully awfully nervous ;awfully cold ;awfully sorry Tom looks awfully nervous. I am awfully sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.

I told you it would be better for you if you took fewer courses during the first semester. (1) (2) be booked up ;booking office All the morning flights have been booked up. 11.briefing (1) Give a briefing. Mrs. Lung's briefing seems to go on forever. Lung


(2)news / press briefing 12.change (1) I'd love to see a different type of movie for a change. I'll have to get my ticket changed. (2) Two tickets and here's a dollar forty cents change. Jane, do you have some change? I have to make a call on the payphone. Jane? 13.check (1)check our baggage Could you check for me who borrowed it? ? Did you check the power plug and press the play button? ? (2)check-in counter Is this the check-in counter for Flight 914 to Los Angeles? 914 ? (3)check on it Maybe I should call to check on it. (4) Sign the check.




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