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1_____chapter inOxford English often consists of four parts Thats rightAnd this chapter mainly talksabout _____environmental problems AThean BAnthe Cthethe DAthe 2Have you ever corrected these compositions ? Of courseThey are based on true storiesMost of them are from personal _______ Aexperiences Bexperience Cex perienced Dexperiencing 3The live football match between Brazil and America will begin ___________ Really ? Lets watch it __________ Ain one and a half hours timeat my uncles Bin one and a half hoursat my uncle Cafter one and a half hours timesat my uncles Dafter one and a half hours timein my uncles home 4There are so many flowers on ___________ side of the street YesI hope that all the flowers belong to _______________ Aeveryme and you Beitheryou and me Cbothyou and I DeachI and you 5There is a tiny window__the wall of the room and I saw something strange______it Really ? Why so strange ? Ainthrough Bonacross Cinacross Donthrough 6If you have the chancewhich dress will you choose ? I cant decideMaybe the second one is _______________ the two Athe better in Bbetter in Cthe better of Dbetter of 7I ___________ a science fiction from the library Really ? How long ________ it _________ Awas borrowedhas been kept Bhave borrowedhas been kept Cborrowedwas kept Dlenthas kept 8Could I finish it today or tomorrow ? Either day is OKTake your timeYou _________ do it as you like Acan Bmust Cneed Dmight 9When will the engineer go to Singapore? OhI dont know when he ___SingaporeWhen he ____ SingaporeI will call you Aleaves forleaves for Bwill leave forwill leave for Cwill leave forleaves for Dleaves forwill leave for 10I told you not to be absent from the class meeting again________I ?

SorryI am afraid that I forgot it Ado Bdid Cdont Ddidnt 11You wont pass the oral English test ______ you practise speaking more I am sure that I will be the bestDont worrymum Awhen Bif Cunless Dafter 12_____________computers are not so clever as man Thats trueMan can control it easily ARight now BAt the moment CFor the time being DJust now 13All the happiness was_________ when we heard the bad news from Yushu But what happened to you ? Adisappeared Bmissed Clost Dgone 14_________ terrible news ! Heavy snow and serious earthquake ! Yeah______ ____ I hope to fly there and help them AWhathow BWhat aHow CWhatHow much DHowHow much 15I dont know _______________ Dont mention it He is always so strange Awhat the matter with him Bwhat is the matter with him Cwhat matter with him Dwhat the matter is with him ABCD 10 1

Cars are very popular in AmericaWhen the kids are fourteen years oldThey dream of having their own 16 Many students work after school to 17 a carIn most places 18 people learn to drive in high schoolThey have to take a 19 test to get a licenceLearning to drive and getting a drivers 20 may be one of the most exciting things in their livesFor manythat piece of paper is an important symbolthat they are now grown-ups Americans seem to love their cars almost more than anything elsePeople almost never go to see a doctor when they are 21 But they will take 22 cars to a hospital at the smallest sign of a problemAt weekendspeople 23 most of the time in washing and waxingtheir cars For some families it is not enough to have 24 car They often have two or even threeHusbands need a car to go to workHousewives need a car to go shopping or to take the children to school or 25 activities 16Acars Bcomputers Cbikes Dhouses 17Aborrow Bbuy Clend Dsell 18Aold Btall Cstrong Dyoung 19Alanguage Blistening Cdriving Dbody 20Aaddress Bbook Cdrivi ng Dbody 21Asick Bhealthy Cpleased Dangry 22Ahis Bher Cyour Dtheir 23Acost Btake Cspend Dpay 24Ano Bone Csome Dseveral 25Aother Banother Cothers Delse 25 AB CD 25 1 A


My son Joey was born with club feetThe doctors told us that he would be able to walk but would never run very wellBy the time he was eightyou wouldn't know he had a problem when you saw him walk The children in our neighborhood ran around playingand Joey would join them run and play tooWe never told him that he probably wouldn't be able to run as well as the other childrenSo he didn't know In seventh grade he decided to go out for the cross-country teamEvery day he worked harder and ran more than any of the othersAlthough the entire team runsonly the top seven runners score for the schoolWe didn't tell him he probably would never be on the tea mso he didn't know He continued to run four to five miles a dayevery day - even the day he had a high feverI was worriedso I went to see him after schoolI found him running all aloneI asked him how he felt"Okay" he saidHe had two more miles to goYet he looked straight ahead and kept runningWe never told him he couldn't run miles with a high feverSo he didn't know Two weeks later name s of the team runners were called the Joey was Number Six on the list Joey was on the team! He was in seventh gradeWe never told him he couldnt do it! 26The doctor believed Joey would never run very well because ____ AJoey didnt like running BJoey couldnt jump CSomething was wrong with his feet DJoey was too young to run 27Few people know Joeys club feet before ____ Ahe was eight years old Bhe was in seven grade Che ran for the cross-country team Dhe was on the cross-country team 28How many runners can score for the school? ASix BSeven CEight DThirteen 29Which of the following is true according to the story? AJoeys parents didnt love him BJoey was a boy with a strong mind CJoeys parents stopped him joining the team DJoey knew he couldnt run as well as others 30The writer wants to tell us _____ Achildren shouldnt do what they cant do Bchildren with clu b feet cant take part in sports Cparents should tell their children what they can do Dparents should know how to help their children in the right way BLightning In old times considered lightning to be one of the great mysteries man nature of In fact a single flash of lightning 1.6 kilometers long has enough electricity to light one million lamps The American scientistBenjamin Franklinwas the first to suggest that lightning is in fact electricity formed between the earth and clouds high aboveIt happened in 1752In the same yearhe also built the first lightning rodto protect buildings from being struck by lightnings Modern science has discovered that lightning is very strong and powerfulA lightning between a cloud and the earth may be as long as 13 kilometersand travels at a speed of 30 million meters per secondScientists have the opinion that there are about 2000 million flashes of lightning per yearIn the United States alone it kills almost one person per day The safest place to be in during an electricalstorm is a closed carOutsideone should go close to low ground for cover and not stop under a treeAlso one should stay out of

water and away from metal fencesInside a house people should keep away from open doorways and windows and not touch wires or metal things 31From this passage we know lightning is____ Aone of the great mysteries of nature Belectricity high above the earth Ca kind of light Dthe sound from the clouds 32In the US____ Aevery person can see lightning every day Bat least one person is killed by lightning every day Cthere are about 6 million flashes of lightning per year Dabout one person per day dies from lightning 33During a lightning stormit would be best if you____ Astand under a tree Bgo outside Cstay in a closed car Dstop near windows 34A lightning rod can______ Aprevent accidents caused by lightning Bstop lightning Cprotect buildings from being washed away Ddelay the coming of lightning 35A lightning between a cloud and the earth may be 13 kilometers longand travels at a speed of ______ A30 kilometres per second B3000 kilometres per second C3 kilometres per second D30000 kilometres per second C Driver Wanted House for Sale Drive for busy restaurant some 150000built in 1995 evening and weekend work The house with 3 bedro omsa bathroom a living rooma kitchen and a breakfast All meals are free roomIts on the south side of the city Ring 33335678 Yingbin Supermarket the biggest Roses Special Concert shopping centre in our city will Time2 p.mJuly 3Saturday open on July 82005.Everybody with PlacePeoples Statium todays Tianjin Daily will get a Ticket Price small present that day You are RMB150 yuan for adults wellcome 70 yuan for students June 252005 Tel27984321 Add No.6 Huanghe Road tianjin Daily June 12005 36If you work as a driver in the restaurant you may ______ Anever pay for meals Bpay a little for meals Cwork on weekends Dwork in the afternoon 37If you buy the houseyou ______ Amay pay more than 150000 for it Bmust have breakfast in the kitchen Chave to take a bath in the public bathroom


Dmay live on the south side of the city 38Any customer with a Tianjin Daily of June 12005 will get a small present from ___ Aevery supermarket BHuanghe Road CTianjin Daily DYingbin Supermarket 39When will the concert be? AJuly12005 BJune 82005 CJuly 32005 DJune 252005 40If two adults and two students want to go to the concertthe tickets will cost RMB___ A220 yuan B440 yuan C270 yuan D370 yuan D The early history of the city of Rome involves Romulus and Remustwo orphan boys who legend sayswere raised by a she-wolfThe boys' mother had been murdered by an evil king and the two babies tossed into the river TiberWhen the wolf found them they had washed up on the shoreShe perhaps took pity on the crying of the babies andgently picking them up in her teeth she carried them back to her cave and fed them on her milkThe boys grew bigger and stronger andeventuallywere found by a herdsman who took them homeHe and his wife raised the boys like their own childrenWhen they reached manhood they sought revenge on the king who had killed their mother and driven them from their home They decided to build a cityUnfortunatelythey argued over the appropriate site and Romulus killed his brother RemusRomulus ruled this city called Roma for thirty-seven years The city of Rome is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the worldIf you travel there you can see a statue of the two baby boys feeding from their mother - the wolf 41What i s the main idea of the passage? AWolves like to take care of human children BThe city of Rome had many wolves in the old days CThe city of Rome was founded by a wolf DRomulus established the city of Rome 42What is a herdsman? Asomeone who builds cities Bsomeone who cares for children Csomeone who cares for domestic animals Dsomeone who can hear very well 43"they sought revenge on the king who had killed their mother" means AThey attacked the king who had harmed their mother and made them orphans BThey went to court to sue the king for his crime against their mother CThey hired some gangsters to take care of their problem with the king DThey went to talk to the king about his crime against their mother 44Which is true according to the passage? AIt was the king who made Romulus and Remus orphans BThe boys didnt grow well for lack of food CThe herdsman killed the wolf and took Romulus and Remus home DThe herdsman treated the boys well and told them to kill the king 45We can infer from the passage that ____ ARomulus was cruel and became a bad ruler BAnimals can be as smart as humans CLove is more powerful than revenge DPeople of Rome want to pass on the story of the wolf boys E If an American is satisfied with youhe will put his thumb and forefinger into a circleThat means OKBut in Brazilthe very sign is considered to be rudeIn Polanda guest usually presents flowers to his hostessThe number must be an oddoneBesidesthe hostess isnt expected to remove the cover of the bunch of flowersAnd usuallythe red rose is a sign of love

Usually we nod to express our agreement and shake our heads to show disagreementTo our surprise these body movements mean the opposite in Bulgaria The differences in customs and cultures in the world are really noticeableWe should learn more about them to avoid embarrassment Thenwould you please rememberWhen in Rome do as the Romans do 46In Polandif a man gives some odd red roses to a woman as a presentit means that he ____ Awill invite her to a dinner party Bhas not been in love with her Cwill invite her to a party Dhas fallen in love with her 47If an American puts his thumb and forefinger into a circleit shows that he_____ you Awill be friends with Bis not been in love with Cis willing to help Dis satisfied with 48In Polandit is _____ for the hostess to remove the cover of the bunch of flowers somebody has presented to her Aimpolite Bpolite Cstrange Dpopular 49In Bulgariaif a man nods it means that he_____ with you Awill have a talk Bdisagrees Cwill shake hands Dagrees 50The sentenceWhen in Romedo as the Romans doMeans that______ Awe should learn from the Romans Bwe should work as the Romans do Cwe should obey its customs when we are in a foreign country Dwe have been Romans (10 )

A A practice B interesting C boring D cheering E worried Fnervous ANowTonywhat do you like best about being a football star? BI love to hear the 51______especially when I score a goalAnd the pay is good ADo you get 52 ______? BYesbefore the games ACan you tell us something about your training? BWe train very hardespecially before the big gameWe run and53______ the skills again and againIts a little bit54_______ AAre you55______ about tomorrows game? BNoWe are the best team in the world and Im sure we can win the game AThank youTonyAnd good luck tomorrow 51_________ 52_________ 53_________ 54_________ 55_________ B


AI believe he was BSomeone came to look for you early this morning CLet me see DHe has a medium build I think EHe was about 30 years old or so FI am not so sure now GYes A 56______I told him you were not in and he left without any words BEarly this morning? That was strangeWhat did he look like? A 57________ BWas he tall or short? AHe was neither tall nor short 58_______ BWas there anything unusual about his looks? What kind of face did he have? A 59_______ It was roundbut not very I didnt notice BWas he wearing glasses? A 60______You seeI was too sleepyI didnt pay attention BWellI seeThank you anyway ADont mention it 56_________ 57_________ 58_________ 59_________ 60_________ ](10 )

61They liked running more than walking _____________________________________________________________________ 62How do you like their performance? _____________________________________________________________________ 63You cant make progress unless you follow my suggestions _____________________________________________________________________ 64Father got up early in order to cook for his son _____________________________________________________________________ 65The swimming pool is as deep as that one _____________________________________________________________________ ( AB 15 )

A܉^ The burning and cutting down of trees is making the greenhouse effect66_________because trees take in67_________gasesIt will also cause68_________because trees can help69 _________soil togetherand soil70_________water when it rains B How to live a low-carbon life 80 Low-carbon life save energy green consumer ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________


2011 ԧ 2 15 15 1-5 CACDC 10 10 16-20 ADCBD 25 25 26-30 ABDBA 41-45 CBDAC 10 10 51-55 CEAFD ]10 10 61The diver drove slowly because it snowed heavily 62If you exercise moreyoull be healthier 63I want to know where I can live tonight 64The classroom was too noisy for Jim to study in 65He has been a League member for two years 15 15 66how long 67of 68sounds 69seafood 70for Sample composition Hellofriends ! Welcome to Shenzhen ! Shenzhen is a wonderful city that can provide you with a valuable experienceYou can go to Splendid ChinaThere are many mini parks or buildings which represent cultures and customs from different provinces in ChinaYou can go to OCT where you can play various kinds of gamessome are very dramaticAnd the views are wonderful tooLianhua mountain is also a good choice for youyou can climb the mountain as well as enjoy fishingOn the top of the mountain you can see the Statue of Mr Deng Xiaoping who is respected by all Chinese peopleThe Book City is a place where you can buy all kinds of books on different topicsI hope that you will have a wonderful time in Shenzhe n! 56-60 DFABG 31-35BCDAB 46-50 ACACD 36-40CDABC 21-25 AACDB 6-10 CBBAA 11-15 BBAAB




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