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100 150

105 ******* 30 *******
. 1.55=7.5







D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . 1.55=7.5 6. A. Kunming is the Spring City. B. Id like to go to Kunming. C. Ive been to Kunming twice. 7. A. English, of course. B. Reading story books. C. Playing basketball. 8. A. By bike. B. Lets go there by bike. C. Because my bike is broken. 9. A. Mountain Emei. B. Mountain Tai. C. Mountain Heng. 10. A. Twice a week. B. On foot. C. I like skating there. . 1.56=9 11-13 11. The boy was in the park. A. riding a bike B. playing with a cat C. walking the dogs 12. The boy hurt his head yesterday because . A. he fell off the bike B. the dogs ran after him C. he had a car accident 13. The boys mother . A. hurt her arm B. stayed in hospital C. was all right 14-16 14. Which part is the most difficult one in the program? A. Searching B. Collecting C. Carrying
1 12



15. What color cans are for waste? A. Pink. B. Blue. C. White. 16. What you hear might be . A. an advertisement B. an introduction C. a piece of news . 1.54=6 17. Ted missed the only bus and went to school . A. by taxi B. by bike C. on foot 18. Mary has had Tonys books for months and forgotten to return it. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 19. Sandy failed her test because she missed some classes. A. English B. science C. math 20. A got in Jakes way to the school and he nearly hit it. A. taxi B. car C. dog

******* 25 *******
. 151=15 21. My uncle has worked in the USA ten years. A. since B. for C. in 22. --- Would you like to drink? --- Yes, please. Id like a cup of coffee. A. anything B. nothing C. something 23. --- Have you the ticket to the film So Young? --- No, its sold out. A. get B. got C. getting 24. The population of Shanghai than that in Fuzhou. A. is larger B. are larger C. is more 25. of the girls in this school can play soccer. A. One ten B. One tenth C. One tenths 26. --- Emma writes very well among them. --Alice. Shes ever won the writing competition. A. So did B. So is C. So does 27. --- You look so happy! Whats up? --- Jack says that I am pretty. has ever told me that before. A. Somebody B. Everybody C. Nobody 28. I like Fuzhou very much. Its a good place . A. living B. to live C. live in 29. In the past thirty years Fuzhou a lot. Its much more beautiful. A. has changed B. changed C. changes
2 12

30. You neednt explain any more. Jack has told me about it . A. in the beginning B. in detail C. in need 31. I wont go to her party she invites me. A. if B. when C. unless 32. Uncle Lin Japan five years ago. A. has gone to B. has been to C. went to 33. --- How long have you this new mobile phone? --- For a couple of days. My wife bought it for me. A. bought B. had C. sold 34. --- What do you think of the talk show? --. A. I dont think so. B. I agree. C. I cant stand it. 35. Air pollution may cause problems and even cancer. A. breathing B. breath C. to breathe . 101=10 I am a photographer from London, England. Last year, I went to the United States to take photos of city parks. One Saturday, I was at Central Park in New York City. I noticed a large, happy 36 of people taking photos in front of a fountain(). It was a charming scene-green grass, the 37 water of the fountain, and eight very pretty young women. One of the young women wore a very long and white dress. She had 38 in her hair. The other young women wore pink. I started taking photos, too. I spoke to one of the people near me. Did the wedding() just 39 ? He looked at me 40 and he asked, What wedding? The celebration was for the young woman in 41 . It was her fifteenth birthday. Her family was originally from Mexico. Their celebration was a quinceanera. This is the 42 when Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican and other Central American girls traditionally become 43 . A quinceanera looks like a 44 . People wear formal clothes. There are many 45 and there is a special cake. But there is no groom(). 36. A. way B. mean C. group D. hand 37. A. ringing B. falling C. watching D. fixing 38. A. flowers B. grass C. vegetables D. branches 39. A. last B. happen C. finish D. stay 40. A. strangely B. suddenly C. completely D. excitingly 41. A. white B. pink C. red D. black 42. A. place B. life C. time D. work 43. A. old B. adults C. young D. future
3 12

44. A. party 45. A. guests

B. lecture B. strangers

C. graduation C. prisoners

D. wedding D. passengers

******* 252=50 *******
. 202=40 (A) Is that you, Bindi Irwin? Bindi Irwin is the daughter of Steve Irwin, who died in 2006 and was a well-known wildlife expert() and television host in Australia. Bindi was born on July 24, 1998. She grew up at the Australia Zoo, which her parents ran. When she was a kid, she loved running around the zoo. Snakes, koalas and even crocodiles made the girl go wild with excitement. Now, Bindi isnt a little girl any more. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. Her life is full of new and exciting things. She has tried her hand at acting, appearing in the 2010 film Free Willy: Escape from Pirates Cove. She is also a writer. In 2011, she began to write a book series for young readers, Bindi Wildlife Adventures. The talented girl has also released() an exercise video, Bindi Kidfitness, and started her own clothing line, Bindi Wear. Bindi is a girl with musical talent, too. She has released several songs. Recently, Bindi acted in a new film Return to Nims Island. She played a girl trying to save an island from developers, who want to turn the island into a tourist attraction. The movie really reflects() a part of my life, said Bindi. Im trying to follow my dads footsteps, to make sure his message never die. My dad is my greatest hero Im so lucky to have so many memories with him. 46. Which of the following isnt TRUE about Steve Irwin? A. He is Bindi Irwins father. B. Hes a famous wildlife expert. C. Hes an American TV host. D. He has been dead since 2006. 47. What does the underlined word ran in Paragraph 1 mean? A. B. C. D. 48. What isnt mentioned about Bindi Irwin according to this article? A. Hosting B. Acting C. Singing D. Writing 49. Who had a great influence on Bindi Irwin A. Her mother. B. Her teacher. C. Her hero. D. Her director. 50. Which word can describe Bindi Irwins life best? A. unlucky B. hard C. common D. colorful
4 12

(B) The Famous Stars Who Failed in College Entrance Exams The following people are famous actors, but as you and I, they all had some common but unusual stories. Guo Xaiodong was from Yimeng mountain area and called himself a famous North drifter. Before he got into Beijing Film Academy, he was a North Drifter for three or four years. He worked as an engraver(), shrimp keeper, postman, singer, host He was living a life which has no access to() the entertainment world. Then, a friend asked him to apply for ()the Beijing Film Academy with him by chance. He failed that time and then kept living his drifting life. A year later, he decided to give himself another chance and applied the college for a second time. Then he became a student of Beijing Film Academy and majored in() Acting. It was said that ever since his first year in high school, Ang Lees dream was to become a director. He failed at his first college entrance exam with only 6 points under the entry score. At the second year he failed again with only 1 point under the entry score. At this time, his math score was only 0.67 point under the entry score. Ang Lee was frustrated and ran from his house after throwing his lamps and books on the floor to relax himself. Later, he was recruited()by the National Arts School and majored in the Drama and Film Department. He described his experience in this school as the first release() of my soul. It was then he realized that life is not about getting into great college. Sun Honglei, who became so popular after the Undercover, was a fat boy when he tried to enter the Central Drama Academy. The director of the academy said to him, Ah, go home. You are too fat. But Sun Honglei didnt give up. He succeeded in entering the academy after losing 20 kilos. Notes: North drifter college entrance exam 51. Guo Xiaodong didnt use to be a before his entering college. A. shrimp keeper B. postman C. teacher D. singer 52. had a dream of being a director when he was a senior student. A. Guo Xiaodong B. Ang Lee C. Sun Honglei D. None of them 53. acted in the popular film Undercover. A. Guo Xiaodong B. Ang Lee C. Sun Honglei D. None of them 54. The underlined word frustrated in Paragraph 2 means . A. disappointed B. excited C. hopeful D. proud 55. These famous stars stories mainly tell us . A. To be a famous star is not easy. B. Only when we failed, we could succeed. C. Its not important to face the failure (). D. Never give up your dream.
5 12






(C) Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012. Mo, who was born in 1955 into a farmers family in Gaomi County in Shangdong Province, is the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. In his early years, life was not easy and he experienced hunger(being hungry). These things have influenced Mo Yans later writing.

60-year-old, Park Geun-hye() was elected the new president of South Korea in December, 2012. She became the first female head of the country for the first time. Her term will last 5 years from 2013. I will become a president who puts peoples living before anything else, she told the cheering people in central Seoul as she accepted her win. I will keep my promise.

Barack Obama (born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961), who was elected the 44th President of the United States in 2008, has been elected again to a second term, fighting against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. His father was from Kenya. And his mother was born in Wichita, Kansas. 56. When Mo Yan was young, his family might be . A. big B. poor C. small D. rich 57. Park Geun-hye was born . A. in 1952 B. in 1955 C. in 1961 D. in 1987 58. Barack Obama was born . A. in Kansas B. in Kenya C. in Columbia D. in Hawaii 59. According to the passage, is Not true. A. Mo Yan lived in a big city before he got the Nobel Prize. B. Park Geun-hye will lead South Korea till 2018. C. Obama fought against his challenger Mitt Romney in the election. D. Among the three people, Park Geun-hye is the oldest.
6 12

60. The three passages most probably come from . A. an email B. a letter C. news D. an ad. (D) In Europe many people died during the Second World War. As a result, at the end of the war, there were many orphans there. A man named Hermanna Gmeiner wanted to help these children. His idea was simple. He wanted the orphans to have a home, and he wanted them to have care and kindness from parents. Gmeiner asked people to give him some money. With the money he built the first SOS Childrens Village at Imst, in Australia. It opened in 1949. This is how the SOS Childrens Village started. The letters SOS stand for Save Our Soul(). This means Please help us! An SOS Childrens Village gives help to those orphans. Hermanna Gmeiners idea of helping orphans soon spread all over the world. By 1983 there were 170 SOS Childrens Villages in the world. People in many countries give money to help the villages. Today the children from the first village have grown up. Now some of them work in other SOS Children Villages. In SOS Villages orphans live in family groups. There are several houses in each village. The biggest village has 40 or 50 houses; seven and ten children live in a house together. A woman lives with each group of children and looks after them. She gives the children a lot of love and kindness. She cooks for them and makes a comfortable and happy home for them. Of course, the children dont spend all their time in the village. They go to school, go out with their friends and also go into town. But the village gives them a home-sometimes for the first time in their lives. 61. Of the following sentences, came last. A. People gave Gmeiner some money. B. There were many orphans at the end of the war. C. Gmeiner built the first SOS Childrens Village with the money. D. A man called Hermanna Gmeiner wanted to help the orphans. 62. An orphan is a child who has . A. no brother B. no sister C. no parents D. none of the above 63. There are houses in the biggest SOS Childrens Village. A. 17 B. 170 C. 40 or 50 D. about 30 64. The money for helping the SOS Villages mainly come from . A. the government B. special organizations C. the orphans themselves D. common () people 65. The woman working in an SOS Village usually . A. gives the children a lot of love and kindness B. lives with each group of children C. cooks the meals for the children D. does all the above
7 12

. ֧ 65 52=10 Overhead bridges can be seen in many parts of Singapore. In the places traffic is very heavy and crossing the road is not safe. 66 Overhead bridges are used in very much the same way as zebra crossings(). They are more efficient(), though less convenient() because people have to climb up and down a lot of steps. 67 When people use an overhead bridge, they do not stop traffic. But when they cross a busy road using a zebra crossing, traffic is stopped. 68 The overhead bridges can help people and keep traffic moving at the same time. The government of Singapore has spent a lot of money building these bridges. For their own safety, 69 . Old people may find it a little difficult climbing up and down the steps, but it is still much safer than walking across the road with all the moving traffic. Overhead bridges are very useful. They will stop accidents from happening. People, both old and young, should always use them. A. This is inconvenient to the old. B. This is why the government has built many overhead bridges. C. These bridges can help people cross roads safely. D. People should be advised to use them instead of rushing across the road. 70. What is the best title for this passage? A. Overhead bridge in Singapore B. The traffic in Singapore C. The overhead bridge is good for the old. D. We must obey the traffic rules.

45 ******* 20 *******
. 5 die, recently, develop, harm, difficult 71. With the of Fuzhou, there are more and more visitors. 72. She had no working out this math problem. 73. Playing computer games too much is to our eyes. 74. Her grandma has been since last year. 75. Jack has joined the board() of the company.
8 12

. 100.5=5 76. Davids brother works in a shoe factory . 77. She felt sorry because she no last term. 78. This book the school library and the rest are mine. 79. Dont worry. My father already for me. 80. The teacher told us the earth around the sun. . 10 1 2 3 4 է Dear editor, We are the students of Class 3 Grade 9 in Fuzhou Foreign Language School. Last weekend, we 81 () a paper 81. factory. The paper factory is c 82 to the river which 82. gives us 83 () water. But we found that the factory 83. was 84 /p? : ri?/ waste water directly into the river. Now 84. The water in it is very dirty. Lots of fish have d 85 . Some 85. farmers reported that some of their 86 () and cows 86. have become ill and some have already died 87 they 87. drank the water from the river. So we are w 88 to you 88. to see 89 you can do something about this. We think the 89. 90 /p? lu: ? ?n/ must be stopped right now. Thank you! 90. Yours sincerely, Jerry and Tony






******* 101=10 *******
. 51=5 A: Hi, Andy! Its so long since we saw each other last time. Where have you been? B: 91 A: For the Beijing Olympic Games? B: Yes. A: What did you do there? B: 92
9 12

A: How do you like living there? B: 93 I like it because I can practice my English with foreigners. A: Its so exciting. By the way, 94 B: Yes, I have. But I watched them on TV. A: So did I. Who is your favorite sports star? B: 95 He won eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympic Games. A: He is great, but I like Yao Ming best. He is my super star. A. Its tired but exciting. B. Why dont you watch TV? C. Michael Phelps, of course. D. Oh, Ive worked as a volunteer in Beijing. E. Have you watched any games during the Olympic Games? F. I showed the foreign visitors the way to the gyms. G. I like Yao Ming. . 51=5 A: Have you 96 todays Fuzhou Daily? B: No, not yet. Is there something important in todays newspaper? A: Yes. A report 97 that Fuzhou has got 5000 new cars this season. B: Thats really too bad. The roads and the streets will be 98 more crowded. A: Yes. I quite 99 with you. Wed better not use cars too often. B: The government also should do something to 100 the problem. A: You are right. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100.

******* 15 *******
101. ̦ 1. 8:30 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 90 1. chat 2. meaningful adj. 3. cheer up Fellow students, We will pay a visit to the old peoples home this Sunday.
10 12


100 150
10 13 101

էզ 30






21-25 36-40 26-30 41-45 56-60 71. 75. 72. 76. 78. 80. 82. 86. 90. 97. 83. 87. 91-95 98. 99. 84. 88. 31-35 46-50 61-65 73.

Name Class ---------------Grade

51-55 66-70 74. 77. 79. 81. 85. 89. 96. 100.

11 12

101. Fellow students, We will pay a visit to the old peoples home this Sunday.


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