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1,but : , : 1)M: How about joining me for a cup of coffee? W: I'd love to, but I'm exhausted. I was up till 3 this morning, writing a paper for my literature class. Q: Why does the woman decline the man's invitation?(2008.12) A)she wants to get some sleep B) she needs time to write a paper C) she has a literature class to attend D)she is troubled by her sleep problem 2)W: I' m sure the Smiths' new house is somewhere on the street,but I don' t know exactly where it is. M: But I' m told it' s two blocks from their old home. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?(2007.6) A) The speakers want to rent the Smiths' old house. B) The man lives two blocks away from the Smiths. C) The woman is not sure if she is on the right street.

D) The Smiths' new house is not far from their old one. 3)M: How do you like the new physician who replaced Dr. Andrews? W: He may not seem as agreeable or as thorough as Dr. Andrews, but at least he doesn't keep patients waiting for hours. Q: What can we infer from the woman's answer?(2006.6) A) Dr. Andrews has been promoted for his thoroughness. B) She disagrees with Dr. Andrews on many occasions. C) Dr. Andrews used to keep his patients waiting. D) She dislikes Dr. Andrews as much as the new physician. 4)M: It seems that we'll have another fine day tomorrow. Let's go to the seaside. W: Ok, but we'll have to leave very early, or else we'll get caught in the traffic. Q: What does the woman suggest? (2001.1) A)They go to the seaside. B)They set off early. C)They go sightseeing. D)They wait for a fine day.

5)W: Airports are sad places. M: Sometimes,I guess. But we'll keep in touch.And I will fly over to see you with Christmas. Q: What are the speakers doing? (2002.1) A)The woman is meeting the man at the airport. B)They are complaining about the poor airport service. C)They are discussing their plan for Christmas. D)The man is seeing the woman off. 2,,: ,,: 1)W: Have you heard about the plane crash yesterday? It caused a hundred and twenty deaths.I am never at ease when taking a flight. M: Though we often hear about air crashes and serious casualties, flying is one of the safest ways to travel.(2001.6) Q: What do we learn from this conversation? A)The man thinks traveling by air is quite safe. B)The woman never travels by plane.

C)Both speakers feel nervous when flying. D)The speakers feel sad about the serious loss of life. 2)M: Though we didn't win the game, we were satisfied with our performance. W: You did a great job. You almost beat the world's champions. It's a real surprise to many people. Q: What do we learn from this conversation?(1999.6) A)They both enjoyed watching the game. B)The man thought the results were beyond their expectations. C)They both felt good about the results of the game. D)People were surprised at their winning the game. 3,: ,: 1)M: It's already 11 now. Do you mean I ought to wait until Mr. Bloom comes back from the class? W: Not really. You can just leave a note. I'll give it to her later. Q: What does the woman mean?(2006.12)

A) She isn't sure when Professor Bloom will be back. B) The man shouldn't be late for his class. C) The man can come back sometime later. D) She can pass on the message for the man. 2)M: The taxi driver must have been speeding. W: Well, not really. He crashed into the tree because he was trying not to hit a box that had fallen off the truck ahead of him. Q: What do we learn about the taxi driver?(2006.12) A) He turned suddenly and ran into a tree. B) He was hit by a fallen box from a truck. C) He drove too fast and crashed into a truck. D) He was trying to overtake the truck ahead of him. 3)M: Jessica, could you send this emails to all the club members? W: Sorry, the computer broke down this morning. I will do for you as soon as I have fixed. Q: What does the woman imply? (2002.1)

A)She has to post a letter instead. B)She has to turn down the man's request. C) She's not sure if the computer is fixed. D)She can't send the message right now. 4)M: Are you going to return to your present job after the vacation? W: No, I plan to graduate next semester. That means I'll have to be a full-time student. Q: What will the woman do? (2002.1) A)She plans to go to graduate school. B)She will drop out of school. C)She will stop working and concentrate on her studies. D)She will take a part-time job. 4,: ,: What about? How about? Why not? Why don't? You'd better;Let's; Let me;be supposed to do;. A) M: Hi, Jane, do you have some changes? I have to make a call on the payphone.

W: Payphone? Why not use my mobile phone? Here you are. Q: What will the man most probably do?(2001.1) A) Get some change form Jane. B) Use the woman's phone. C) Go to look for a pay phone. D) Pay for the phone call. 2)M: I hear that the Edwards are thinking of buying another house. W: Should they be doing that with all the other expenses they have o pay? Anyhow, they are over 70 now, their present house is not too bad. Q: What does the man imply?(2006.6) A) The Edwards are quite well-off. B) The Edwards should cut down on their living expenses. C) It'll be unwise for the Edwards to buy another house. D) It's too expensive for the Edwards to live in their present house. 3)M:This is hopeless. These figures still don't add up right, let's do the calculations over again. W: Yes ,but why not do them tomorrow? It's very late now. Q: What does the woman suggest they do? (2000.6)

A)Check the figures later today. B)Do the calculations again tomorrow. C)Bring a calculator tomorrow. D)Calculate the number right now 5,: ,: 1)W: What would you do if you were in my position? M: If Paul were my son, I just not worry, now that his teacher is giving him extra help and he is working hard himself. He sure to do well in the next exam. Q: What's the man's suggestion to the woman?(2007.12) A) Teaching her son by herself. B) Having comfidence in her son. C) Asking the teacher for extra help. D) Telling her son not to worry. 2)W: Having visited so many countries, you must be able to speak several different languages. M: I wish I could. But Japanese and, of course English are the only languages I can speak.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?(2006.12) A) The man can speak a foreign language. B) The woman hopes to improve her English. C) The woman knows many different languages. D) The man wishes to visit many more countries. 3)M: I think the hostess really went out of her way to make the party a success. W: Yes, the food and drinks were great, but if only we had known a few of the other guests. Q: What did the two speakers say about the party?(2006.6) A) They went a long way to attend the party. B) They didn't think much of the food and drinks. C) They knew none of the other guests at the party. D) They enjoyed the party better than the other guests. 4)M: To collect data for my report, I need to talk to someone who knows that small city very well. I was told that you'd lived here for quite a long time. W: Oh, I wish I could help. But I was only a child then.

Q: What does the woman imply?(2001.6) A)She doesn't remember much about the city. B)She's never been to the city. C)She would find someone else to help. D)She would talk to the man later. 6,,,: ,,,: 1)W: May I see your ticket please? I think you are sitting in my seat. M: Oh, you are right. My seat is in the balcony. I'm terribly sorry. Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place?(2008.6) A) On a train. B) On a plane. C) In a theater. D) In a restaurant. 2)W: I'll have the steak, French fries, and let's see, chocolate ice cream for dissert. M: Oh, oh, you know these things will ruin your health, too much fat and sugar, how about ordering some vegetables and fruit instead?

Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place?(2006.6) A) At a clinic. B) In a supermarket. C) At a restaurant. D) In an ice cream shop. 3)M: If you can make up your mind about the color, I can start on the outside of your house early next week. W: Well, right now I think I want white for the window frames and yellow for the walls, but I'll let you know tomorrow. Q: Who is the woman talking to?(2008.12) A) A painter. B) A mechanic. C) A porter. D) A carpenter. 4)M: Hello, Mary. This is Paul at the bank. Is Torry home? W: Not yet. Paul. I don't think you can reach him at the office now, either. He phoned me five minutes ago to say he was stopping for a hair-cut on his way home. Q: What do you think the woman probably is?(06.6) A) Tony's secretary. B) Paul's girlfriend. C) Paul's colleague. D) Tony's wife.

1. How could you do sth (200101-5) (200201-9) really? (200201-8) Should he do that(200206-6) 2. Would you like to? --(199301-9)(199401-3)(199501-6)(199506-5)(199706-9)(200001-8)(200 006-1)(200312-8) If I were you I'd (199306-7)(200006-4) I hope you will(199501-7) How about? (199506-10) It would be better for you (199601-3) Let's (199601-8)(199701-1)(200101-7)(200106-5)(200306-9) Why don't we (you ) (199606-7)(199906-3)(199906-4)(200106-6)(200106-9)(2004 06-6) I wish(199806-3)

Wouldn't be wiser? (199906-5) Why not (199906-8)(200101-1) Why +V. (199906-10)(200301-5) Id better do ...(200001-4) Want to join me for(200101-10) Shall I/we ...? (200201-4)(200301-1)(200501-3) what about....? (200206-3) Would you (200301-1) Listen to me (200301-9) Just forget about it (200301-9) Id like you to (200306-2) You should ...(200306-5) Isnt it nice to....?(200312-3) 3. What

what's the matter with (199306,2) What do you want(199306,6) What do you think of ?(199601,9)(199801,3)(200001, 2)(200501,4) What happen to you (199801,8) what can I do for you ?(200001,1) what are we going to do(200206,4) what happens if ?(200206,4) What should I (we) do? (200309,4) Why why do you ...? (200312,9) Who Who can do ...?(200406,10) Would Would you like to?(199301, 9)(199401, 3)(199501, 6)(199506, 5)(199706,9)(200006,1) (200312,8)

would you get me through to sb? (200001,10) wouldnt you do? (200006,7) Would you pass me the sports section please? (200501,9) Do Do you want?(199306,10)(199506,4) Do(Did) you mind?(199401,2)(199501,5) Do you enjoy(199401,5) Do you know(199501,9)(199606,6)(199901,4)(199906, 6)(200101,8) Do you think its worth (199806,2) Do you think I (we)should ...? (200306,6) (200309,1) Can/May/Should Could you please tell me (199401,6)(200101,2) Could you give me a ride ? (200309,6) Can I help you?(200312,4) Can you give me a hand? (200312, 6)

May I ask you a few question (199906,3) should he do that.....? (200206,6) How How about you ? (199701,3) How are you doing? (200006,5) How could you do ? (200101,5)(200201,9) How did you like sth.? (200106,10) How is it going ? (200206,5) Am/Is/Are Is there any possible of (199401,7) Is that really the good reason to do sth.? (200501,2) Are there any more question (199701,7) Are you going to do...? (200201,6) Anything wrong ?(199506,6) Anything else?(199601,2)

Have Have you done sth.? (199706,2) (200306,7) (200406,9) Havent seen you for quite a while. Are you fine? (200306,8) I/You/He/She I hear youre doing (200101,4)(200106,3) I wonder if(200106,7) Tom looks ,doesnt he ? .you seem,dont you ?(200001,7)/ (200201,10) 4. (1) If I were you I'd (199306-7) (199601-9) (199706-10) (200006-4) If only (199401-9)(200312-3) It would be betterif(199601-3) If it hadn't I might have (199606-3) If you try doing sth ,you'd (200001-5)

I wouldnt have trouble him so much if I had know (200006-3) Wish I wish I could(199301-9)(199306-3) I(only)wish (199401-9)(199806-2)(199806-3)(200106-4) Its high time --(199706-6) (2) It isthat/ who It was the third time(199501,4) It's difficult to (199501,4) It's high time (that)(19976-6) Its one of the best that Ive heard on this topic. (200101,5) It was very important(200201-9) 5. DO: : We do need but(199506,10 But if it does rain, the whole thing will have to be canceled. (200206,4)

6. How could you do ? (200101,5)(200201,9) should he do that.....? (200206,6) This is ,didn't you (199906,09) Isn't it nice to (200312-3) 7.: : You dont feel very well, do you? (199306,1) It sounds as if its coming from next door, The Nelson arent back yet, are they? (199306,9) Four, isnt it? (199501,9) Janet is quite interested in camping, isnt she? (199606,4) You really get to know the country when you go by train, dont you? (199806,10) So I don't have to write to him, do I? (199901,3) Tom looks awfully nervous, doesnt he? (200001,7)

We havent had such a severe winter for so long, have we? (200006, 9) You were seen hanging about the store on the night when it was robbed, werent you? (200006,10) Wonderful day, isnt it? (200101,10) You seem very confident about the job interview, dont you? (200201,10) You took an optional course this semester, didn't you?(200206,5) 8. But So did I. but (199301-7) I wishbut (199301-9) I want tobut (199301-10) plan to but (199306-3) I'm sorry to hear it but (199306-4) I'd love to but(199301-8)(199401-3)(199501-7)(199701-8)(199801-9)

I'd like to but(200309-2)(200312-6) I'm sorry you feel that way but(199506-3) surebut(199506-4) But the problem is that(199601-6) That may be true for you , but it certainly isn't true for me (199701-6) I will but. (199706-9) Thank you for your advice but(199706-10) That is truebut (199801-6) But isnt everything (200312-3) I thoughtbut(200312-5) Sounds great. But ... (200501-3) Not/Never doesn't agree with me (199306-1) I don't think so (199306-9) No, thank you. (199501-6)

I'm not used to doing sth (199501-6) (200001-7) I've never (199606-6) (200501-1) There is no need to (199901-3) It doesn't matter (200001-3) I don't think it (200006-7)(200501-8) I dont know for sure (200101-2) Im afraid I cant (200301-7)(200312-1) I can't believe it (200309-4) I dont care(200312-8) I really can't afford (200312-10) 9." " You must be thinking of someone else (199606-2) You must have made a mistake (200006-10) 10. As far as I know is yet to be decided (199701-9)

That's his opinion (200206-7) That's easier said than done (200301-9) Tooto (200306-3) (200312-7)(200406-2) to tell the truth (200312-8) I doubt it. (200501-4) Certainly(1998 06/5)(2001 01/8) Sure I will, if (1999 06/2) She is counting the days.(1999 06/7) Very delicious indeed (2000 01/2) I realize that now.(2000 01/7) Thanks, if its not too much trouble. (2000 06/1) Ill try to (2001 01/3) Certainly, in fact(2001 01/8) Thanks! Im sure you also did a good job. (2001 06/1) OK, we can drop it this time (2002 01/4)

Yes, I feel ready for it (2002/10) Good idea. I really can't wait another minute. (2002 06/3) It's worthwhile to make the effort (2002 06/10) Never mind. (2003 01/7) Sure, Id love to(2003 06/2) There is no hurry(2003 06/6) believe it or not (2003 06/10) Yeah, I guess so.(2003 09/10) Thats okay. Im glad. (2004 06/2) Youve asked the right person (2004 06/7) I share your feeling (200406/10)


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