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Lets Take a Drive

This afternoon, Lets take a drive, Through village street, to the countryside, on highways so straight Get in, Lets take a ride. Park by the sea, Get out of the car, Sit on the beach, Watch the ships from afar, At night well drive home We like a drive in the car. Learning Tips can you drive me?means can you take me in your car? can you drive me? Mum! Im late for my basketball gameCan you drive me? e Certainly! Get in! Were in a hurry! May we leave our car here? Youd better not! Look at the sign!

NO PARKING LETS DO IT! Make up a dialogue with a partner. Suppose you are going to the beach, but on the way, your bike breaks. What will you do? 1. Lets take a drive. ? drive n. Shall we go for a drive? My father took me out for a drive. Its an hours drive from my home to the city. drive vt. The gale drove the ship out of its course. The policeman drove the old man to his home. drive vi. Can you drive? Father drives to work. The clouds are driving across the sky. drive??home ?? He drives her home every day. Can you drive me home? drive sb. mad Her husbands death drove her mad. drive out (of) Please drive the dog out . They drove the enemy out of their country. driver n. My father is a bus driver. ? take a drive = drive § take a walk = walk take a bow = bow take a lok = look take a rest = rest take a drink = drink

take a bath = bathe 2. Lets take a ride. ? ride n. Its a five yuan ride on a bus. 5 We went for a ride on our bikes. ride v. I could ride a bike when I was seven years old. He has never ridden a horse before. ? take a ride = ride 3. on highways so straight straight adj. adv. The smoke rose straight upward. A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. 4. Park by the sea, ? park vi. You cant park here. No parking here. park vt. You cant park your car in this street. A black car was parked in front of the classroom. õ park n. Im looking for a park to park my car. park n. Lets go to the park. I usually take my son to play in the park on Sundays. . There is a small park near my home. ? by the sea by ?? The telephone is by the bed. He passes by the park every day. by prep. ?? We must finish the task by the end of the month. He said that he would certainlycome by five oclock in the afternoon. 5 by prep. He makes a living by writing. I went to Guangzhou by plane last year. 5. Get out of the car. ?? of from I saw my teacher get out of her office. She is getting out of the car.

get out of He tried to get out of helping her mother. The teacher asked the boy to get out of a bad habit. How did he get out of it? get out of get into, She got into her room without say anything. get in get into. He got in the car and smiled at me . get in , The farmers got in lots of crops again this year. 6. Watch the ships from afar. afar adv. He came from afar. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. 7. Im late for my basketball game be late for ?? Dont be late for school. She is never late for school. 8. Can you drive me? ? can may Can I borrow your pencial? Can / May I ask your question? Yes, you can. / Certainly. / Yes, please. / / No, you mustnt. / No, you cant. / ? drive sb. I drive him to the station. 9. Were in a hurry! ? hurry n. In his hurry he forgot to leave his address. There is no hurry about it. ? in a hurry hurry a He had to leave in a hurry. Lets go in a hurry. There is no time left. He went to school in a hurry without breakfast. hurry vt. Hurry him, or he will be late. More people hace been hurried to the construction site. hurry vi. No need to hurry. hurry up

Hurry up, or we will be late . 10. May we leave our car here? ? may I , we can You may have lunch now. May I borrow your bike? may might, may He may know the answer. Be careful! You might be hurt. This book may belong to me , but I am not sure. ? leave Please leave your coat on the table. Dont leave the window open. leave vt. ???? Leave the children at home. Please leave your umbrellas in the corridor. His heroic action has left a deep impression on our minds. Did he leave any message for me? leave vt. I left my notebook in the dormitory. He may leave his keys in the office. Dont leave me behind! ! leave vt. When will you leave Beijing? He decided to leave medicine for art. I decide to leave Shanghai for Hangzhou tomorrow. leave vi. We leave tomorrow. Its time for is to leave. leave (?? )for?? ???? When will you leave (China) for Japan? () I will leave for Shanghai tomorrow. leave I am leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. leave be away from leave He has been away from here for two years. He has left here for two years. It is two years since he left here. leave left

There is a little milk left in the bottle. Hurry up. There is no time left for us. leave n. I want to ask for three days leave. He asked for a sick leave of five days. leave n. He asks leave to go home. You may have oue leave to visit the workshop. 11. NO PARKING no () No smoking No spitting No photos



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