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2010-2011 V. ABC 21. The Great Wall is a great tourist _____, drawing millions of visitors every year. A. guide B. attraction C. agency 22. John had his clothes made at the _____. A. tailor B. tailors C. tailors 23. Look at that _____ boy. He is so cute. A. five-year-old B. five years old C. five years old 24. The room is terrible mess, it _____ have been cleaned. A. cant B. shouldnt C. mustnt 25. The weather in China is different from _____. A. one in America B. America C. that in America 26. The medicine is for sale everywhere. You can get it at _____ drugstore. A. each B. some C. any 27. I have two boys but _____ of them likes sweets. A. both B. neither C. none 28. The terrible accident happened _____ the afternoon of Mar.11, 2011. A. in B. on C. at 29. Which do you think is _____ important, wealth or health? A. more B. the most C. much 30. The flower looks beautiful, but is _____ A. dead B. deadly C. died 31. The students _____ busily when Miss Brown went to get the book she _____ in the office. A. had written; left B. were writing; had left C. had written; had left 32. Your phone number again? I _____ quite catch it. Its 69568441. A. didnt B. couldnt C. cant 33. Have you _____ been to our town before. No, its the first time I _____ here. A. even; have come B. ever; have come C. ever come 34. Look at those clouds! ______. A. Its going to rain B. Itll rain C. Its raining 35. This is one of the longest bridges that _____ on this river. A. has been built B. is built C. has built 36. You will be late _____ you leave immediately. A. unless B. until C. what 37. The only thing _____ I care is the result of the experiment. A. that B. which C. what 38. The light in the office is still on. Oh, I forgot _____. A. turning it off turnit off C. having turned off

39. He speaks Chinese very fluently as if he _____ a Chinese. A. were B. had been C. is 40. I havent finished my homework yet. ________. A. So has John. B. Neither has John. C. He has too. VI. ABC One morningSue was riding her bike to school. She was late, so she decided to take a short cut(). But she ___41___ a mistake and turned into a one-way street. The street was not very __42___. A car was coming from the other direction. The driver quickly drove to one side and drove into a shop window. The shop assistant was greatly __43___! There was ___44__ everywhere. Sue rode into the other side of the street and __45___ a man, then an apple cart. The apple cart turned over and the apples went in all directions __46___ the shoppers.A group of students were having breakfast in a small cafe. Quickly they ran ___47___ the street. ___48__ their help, all the apples were picked up and put back on the cart. Luckily, __49___ Sue nor the driver of the cart was hurt. A policeman came by and saw what happened. He stopped Sue __50___ riding to school and asked her some questions, so Sue was even later for school. 41. A. made B. did C. had 42. A. narrow B. long C. wide 43. A. interested B. glad C. surprised 44.A. grass B. glass C. trouble 45. A. touched B. knocked C. pulled 46. A. by B. among C. along 47. A. through B. over C.across 48. A. With B.From C.Without 49. A. each B. neither C. both 50. A. for B. by C. from VII. (A) How can kids get closer to their families? Parents are the closest people to you in the world. They love you just because youre you. And they would do anything for you. Like a lot of middle school students, ZhuangShuxia has a problem. She and her parents dont get on well. I really want to be my daddys good girl. But it seems that he just doesnt understand me. He talks at me and doesnt listen to me, said Zhuang, a Junior 3 student in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Do you and your parents also have problems? Well, why dont you all take a walk and have a talk on Saturday? Its the International Day of Families. On May 15, people around the world give thanks for good things about their families and work on family problems. A study last year showed that 1,500 Beijing families had the same problem as Zhuangs family. The children, 12 to 15 years old, didnt like talking much with their parents. They werent

happy at home. Of course, lots of kids feel that way. But you and your parents will be much happier if you can be friends. Here are some ways to have a good talk with them: Find a good time to talk. like when you are eating dinner, going out for a walk or watching TV.Tell them something you are interested in, or ask them about their lives when they were young. They love to talk about that! Listen to them carefully, and look at them in the eyes. Be honest. Your parents will trust you more. And a trusting family is a happy family. 51. ZhuangShuxia and her Daddy dont get on well because _____________. A. her daddy doesnt talk to her B. her parents dont love her C. they cant understand each other 52. The purpose of _________ is to let people in the world think more about families and family problems. A. the writer of the article B. the International Day of family C. the study of Beijing families 53. The problem discussed in the text mostly happens to _______ . A. junior school students B. families in Beijing C. families in Hebei 54. The underlined word that in the last paragraph means ________ A. going out for a walk or watching TV B. something your parents are interested in C. your parents lives in the past 55. Which of the following isnt a good way for kids to get closer to their families? A. Find a good time to talk. B. Dont talk to your parents. C. Listen to them carefully. (B) Kids Wall Art Large wall posters for kids. Your kids will love these cool posters by artist Carla Daly. Zebras boarding in the skateboard park, a group of jungle animals paly in the playground and two giraffes take a drive in the city. Your kids will enjoy decorating their bed room walls with these posters and their friends will think they are the coolest. Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Name: Alphabet Wall Art Size: 4472 cm Dispatch() time: at 9:00 am every day Prices: $ 6.8/piece Colorful alphabet art for your kids bedroom and playroom.A fun, educational art piece that all

kids will enjoy. Kids and babies will love learning their animals and the ABC at the same time! Name: Kids world Map Size: 4575 cm Dispatch time: at 5:00 pm on Wednesday Prices: $ 7.2/piece A colorful, print by artist Carla Daly. Your kids will love this illustrated world map showing the lands, oceans and the fun animals that live in them. An educational map that will keep your kid amused for hours! Name: Skateboard Park Size: 4460 cm Dispatch time: at 9:00 am on weekends Price: $ 8.8/piece Fun zebra childrens wall art! Children and kids will love these fun animals. Boys and girls will enjoy decorating their bedroom walls this colorful bedroom wall art. Name: City Slickers Size: 4455 cm Dispatch time: at 2:00 pm every day except Friday Cute kids wall art of two cool giraffes take a drive through the city, unusual, fun style for kid walls! Your kids will love this fun giraffe wall art. Boys and girls will have fun decorating their bedroom walls with this colorful bedroom wall art. 56. Of the four posters, which one is the cheapest? A. Alphabet Wall Art B. Skateboard Park C. City Slickers 57. __________ has the biggest size? A. Alphabet Wall Art B. Kids World Map C. Skateboard Park 58. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. Kids can just learn some English letters on Alphabet Wall Art. B. Kids can get some geography knowledge on Kids World Map. C. We can buy Slickers Posters at 2:00 pm every day in a week. 59. What does the underlined word educational mean? A. B. C. 60. We can buy the Skateboard Park posters __________. A. at 9:00 am on Sunday B. at 9:00 am on Friday

C. at 5:00 pm on Friday (C) Microsoft Corp founder Bill Gates is the richest man again, overtaking investor Warren Buffett, as the global financial meltdown wiped out $2 trillion the net worth of the worlds billionaires, Forbes Magazine said on Wednesday. The number of billionaires in the world fell by nearly a third to 793 in the past year, with large numbers dropping off the list in Russia, India and Turkey. Gates regained his title as the richest man in the world, with $40 billion after slipping to third last year when he was worth $58 billion. Buffett, last years richest man, fell to second place with $37 billion, down from $62 billion. Mexican telecommunication tycoon Carlos Slim took third place with $35 billion, down from $60 billion. Collectively, the top three billionaires lost $68 billion in the year to February 13, when Forbes took a snapshot of wealth around the world to make its annual list of billionaires. Chief Executive of Forbes Magazines Steve Forbes said that, while few would shed a tear for the trouble of a billionaire, it was bad for the economy when entrepreneurs were in trouble. Billionaires dont have to worry about their next meal, but if their wealth is declining and youre not creating numerous billionaires, it means the rest of the world is not doing very well, he told reporters. The typical billionaire is down at least one third on their net worth. The net worth of the worlds billionaires fell from $4.4 trillion to $2.4 trillion, while the number of number of billionaires was down to 793 from 1125. Its the first time since 2003 that we have lost billionaires, but weve never before lost anywhere near this number, said Luisa Kroll, senior editor of Forbes. Its really hard to find something to cheer about unless you get some perverse pleasure in realizing that some of the most successful people in world cant figure out the global economic turmoil() better than the rest of us. Notes: overtake: meltdown: net worth: regain: drop off: tycoon: collectively: snapshot: shed a tear: entrepreneur: decline: perverse pleasure: 61. Bill Gates was the third richest man in the world when he was worth ________. A. $40 billion B. $58 billion C. $62 billion 62. There were _______ more billionaires before than now. A. 793 B. 1125 C. 332 63. It was bad for the economy when ________. A. entrepreneurs were spending much money B. the number of billionaires was reducing C. Bill Gates went back to the top of Forbes 64. It happened _______ that the number of billionaires was down since 2003. A. once B. twice C. three times 65. We can know from the passage that _________.

A. Carlos Slim once was the richest man in the world B. the top three billionaires effected the economy of the world (D) Making the Earth move Pictures are falling off the wall. Lights are turning on and off. Your bed is shaking. Whats going on? Its an earthquake! Asia has been hit by a number of earthquakes recently. A size 7.8 earthquake hit Sichuan province on May 12, 2008. It killed about twenty thousand people. It also damaged many schools, and caused lots of students to miss important classes. Another earthquake, size 9.0 earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. It also triggered a massive tsunami. Lots of people lost their lives in the earthquake. Earthquakes are measured on a scale of 0-9 called the Richter scale. A size 9 earthquake is the strongest and most dangerous. What causes earthquakes? The top layer of the earth, its crust(), is made up of huge pieces of rock. They move past each other all the time along fault lines(). But sometimes two pieces get stuck together. When they finally move away from each other, they move suddenly. This makes the land above them shake. This is the most common cause of earthquakes. But there are others. Every year there are over 8000,000 earthquakes around the world. Most are small and not felt by humans. What happens in an earthquake? A strong earthquake is very scary. During a small one, you will fell a little shaking. But during a strong one, you will be thrown about. Cracks() will appear in the ground and windows will break. Buildings may even fall down. So watch out. If an earthquake happens at sea it can make big waves called tsunamis(). When these waves reach land, they can destroy villages. The size 9 earthquake off Japan this March caused tsunamis 10 meters high! 66. A size ________ earthquake does the worst harm. A. 6 B. 9 C. 8 67. An earthquake is caused by __________. A. the layer B. two pieces C. the movement of the earth or something else 68. During an earthquake all the following happens except that _________________. A. a picture falls off the wall B. houses are destroyed C. there is a rain 69. After the earthquake in Sichuan, many students __________. A. didnt attend school B. were very happy C. went to school as usual 70. Which of the sentences is NOT true? A. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes at sea. B. You should look out of the window in an earthquake. C. A strong earthquake is terrible.




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