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2011 6 4 :

1. (10 32) Jack described his father, who _______a brave boy many years ago, as a strongCwilled man A. would be B. would have been C. must be D. must have been : :D. :. : . " ", must have been . 2.(10 23) You buy a gift, but you can if you want to. A. must B. mustn't C. have to D. don't have to :D : :don't have to "",,:", ,." 3. (10 23) I have told you the truth. ______ I keep repeating it? A Must :A :. : must , can , may will , , , , , , ? 4. (10 25)I_______ have watched that movie it'll give me horrible dreams. B Can C May D Will

A. shouldn't

B. needn't

C. couldn't

D. mustn't

:A :. :"----."" " shouldn't have done, A . 5. (10 9) Mark A. needn't :A.

have hurried. After driving at top speed, he arrived half an hour early. B. wouldn't C. mustn't D. couldn't

:. :.,. : , Mark , needn't , have done ,"". 6. (10 3) A. Will :B :. : can, may, could, might , can, may. : "?""". may. B. 7. (10 29) .Just be patient .You ______ expect the world to change so soon . A. can't B. needn't C. may not D. whether :A :,. :,can't ,, , ,,,, mustn't , , A,can't . 8. (10 25) I haven't got the reference book yet, but I'll have a test on the subject next month. Don't worry. You______ have it by Friday. A. could B. shall C. must D. may _ :B, :shall ,,,,. . 9. ( 23)
w w_w*w.k_s*5_u .c_o m

I take the book out? I'm afraid not.
w_w w. k# s5_u.c o*m

B. May

C. Must

D. Need

May I take this book out of the reading room? No, you A. mightn't . You read it in here. B. won't C. needn't D. mustn't

:D :. could,might , can may could might, may might mustn't, D. 10. (10 17)I'm afraid Mr. Harding _________see you now. He's busy.

A. can't : :A

B. mustn't C. shouldn't D .needn't

: :.,,can't. 11. (1079) It's said that they have swum to the island from the continent, but they ________() because the ocean in between is too wide. (do) :can't/ couldn't have done it : :, "can't/couldn't+have+done" 12(10 26) .Doctors say that exercise is important for health, but it _______ be regular exercise. A.can :C :,. :.Can ",";will "";may ", ";must "". 13. (10 23) ---Good morning. I've got an appointment with Miss Smith in the Personnel Department. --Ah, good morning. You A. might :B :. :,," Mrs. Peters " A,C.D 14. (10 17) "You ____ have a wrong number," she said. "There's no one of that name here." A. need B. can C. must D. would :C




be Mrs. Peters. C. would D. can

B. must


15. (10 29)---Sorry, Professor Smith. I didn't finish the assignment yesterday. ---Oh, you A. must :C : :, should + have + ., 16. (10 26) Bob would have helped us yesterday, but he-_______ A. was busy : :A. :. :, but ,. 17. (10 29) If he A. followed :C :. :"wouldn't have lost" if , C . 18. (10 15) John went to the hospital alone. If he A. should tell :D. :. :.,. : , would have gone ,

have done it as yesterday was the deadline. B. mustn't C. should D. shouldn't

B. is busy

C. had been busy. D. will be busy

my advice, he wouldn't have lost his job. B. should follow C. had followed D. would follow

me about it, I would have gone with him. D. had told

B. tells

C. told

., had +. 19(10 34) . George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I'd rather he_______ more on its culture. A. focus : B :would rather ,, 20.( 15) If we ___ the other road, we might have arrived here in time for the meeting. A. take :B. :., might have arrived , had+, B. 21. (10 76) Mr. Johnson insisted that the problem worthy of attention ________ () at the meeting. (discuss) :(should) be discussed : :"insist", "should" (), "problem" "" . 22.(10 34) --The weather has been very hot and dry. --Yes. If it had rained even a drop, things would be much better now! And my vegetables A. wouldn't die C. hadn't died :D : :. : If ., !.,

B. focused

C. would focus

D. had focused

B. had taken

C. took

D. have taken


B. didn't die D. wouldn't have died

. If it had rained even a drop, my vegetables wouldn't have died. If+ had done, couldn't/ shouldn't/ wouldn't have done. 23. (10 10) Had I known about this computer program, a huge amount of time and energy A.would have been saved C.will be saved : A :. : : I had known about If if , this computer program, a huge amount of time and energy ,. . A.: B.had been saved D.was saved .

1. (09 29) Some people who don't like to talk much are not necessarily shy;they people. A. must B 2. (09 25) One of the few things you ____ say about English people with certainty is that they talk a lot about the weather. A. need B 3. (09 35) But for the help of my English teacher, I Competition. A. would not win B .,

just be quiet

B. may

C. should

D. would

B. must

C. should

D. can

the first prize in the English Writing

B. would not have won C. would win

D. would have won

would/should/could/might + have done , B. 4. (09 30) It's the office! So you Oh, sorry. A. must A :!.must "" . 5. (09 25) What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There A. should A ,?.should ",". 6. (09 27) It_____ have been Tom that parked the car here, as he is the only one with a car. A. may C 7. (09 13) I don't care what people think. Well, you _______ A. could C .. should ,:C 8. (09 15) This printer is of good quality. If it _______ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would B 9. (09 32)

know eating is not allowed here.

B. will

C. may

D. need

be twelve C. will D. shall

B. would

B. can

C. must

D. should

B. would

C. should

D. might

B. should

C. could

D. might

Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is? She_____in the classroom. I saw her there just now. A. shall be C 10. (09 20) I can't leave. She told me that I A. can B 11. (09 28) He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he A. could express C. could have expressed C it differently. B. must stay here until she comes back. C. will D. may B. should have been C. must be D. might have been

B. would express D. must have expressed

1.(08 17) Liza A.will D.may D :Liza ᧳.may well ,, . ,will can well ,must . 2.(08 21) John promised his doctor he since. A.might D.would D

well not want to go on the tripshe hates traveling. B.can C.must

not smoke, and he has never smoked ever




, D . 3.(08 6) She A.can't D.needn't A :,.can't ; wouldn't have done ;shouldn't have done () ;needn't have done ( ) . 4.(08 26) What a pity!Considering his ability and experience, he A.need have done D.might have done D :!,.need have done () ;must have done ," " can have done ; ; might have done " " . 5.(08 28) You don't have to know the name of the author to find a book.You find the book by the title. A.must D.would C : . .can "," .

have left school, for her bike is still here. B.wouldn't C.shouldn't


B.must have done

C.can have done



6.(08 9) What sort of house do you want to have? Something big? Well, it A.mustn't D.won't B : "??" ",,. " be bigthat's not important. B.needn't C.can't

...that's not important. ,"" , needn't. 7.(08 10) Although this A.must D.should B :,.must , sound like a simple task,great care is needed. B.may C.shall

;may ,; shall ;should .I, may . 8.(08 30) I can't find my purse anywhere. You A.may D.would A may ,"" . have lost it while shopping. B.can C.should

9.(08 11) You A.wouldn't D.needn't B :,!can't ;mustn't

be hungry already you had lunch only two hours ago! B.can't C.mustn't

,; Needn't . 10.(08 24) It is usually warm in my hometown in March,but it sometimes. A.must D.would B must ,;can ;should ;would(),. B.can C.should be rather cold

"" . 11.(08 22) Peter general. A.shall D.must C :,.can , . 12.(08 35) I'm sorry.I at you the other day. B.should C.can be really difficult at times even though he's a nice person in

Forget it.I was a bit out of control myself. A.shouldn't shout C.mustn't shout B : ",.". " B.shouldn't have shouted D.mustn't have shouted

. " shouldn't have done sth.(). 13.(08 24) Thank you for all your hard work last week.I don't think we


without you. A.can manage D.can have managed B could have done () . B.could have managed C.could manage

1.(07 27) How's your tour around the North Lake? Is it beautiful? It A.will D.must C .will ";" ;would " ;( );should "," " ;must ";," . , should .: ", . " 2.(07 26) In crowded places like airports and railway stations, you care of your luggage. A.can C.must C :,.must D.will B.may take be, but it is now heavily polluted. B.would C.should

",". 3.(07 29)

Guess what? I have got A for my term paper. Great!You A.must D.should have C "have got A","+have done". must have done "" ,. 4.(07 23) The teacher wasted time on him, I suppose. A.should D.must D must have done ,"" . B.can C.would have thought Johnson was worth it or she wouldn't have read widely and put a lot of work into it. B.should C.must have

5.(07 27) Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday. You A.must put D.might have put D . yesterday A,C ;should , ;might ,, D . 6.(06 24) There's no light onthey A.can't D.shouldn't A .: (),.

it in the wrong place. B.should have put C.might put

be at home. C.needn't


, "" , can't .must , mustn't ", " ;needn't "" ;shouldn't "" , A . 7.(06 31) Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it A.was happening D.happened D .as if ,,.: B.happens yesterday. C.has happened

Eliza ,! remembers , as if . 8.(06 10) We hope that as many people as possible tomorrow. A.need D.can D :. can.. 9.(06 25) What's the name? Khulaifi. A.Shall D.Might A shall ,.: " I spell that for you? B.Would C.Can B.must C.should join us for the picnic

?" 10.(06 11) We have proved great adventurers,but we have done the greatest march

ever made in the

past ten years. A.needn't D.mustn't B : , 10 . may not. 11.(06 19) Could I have a word with you,mum? Oh dear,if you A.can D.should B .:,?" ",, . "must . 12.(06 27) If it were not for the fact that she party. A.couldn't D.might not C . that . "she can't sing", ,,. 13.(06 32) Some aspects of a pilot's job work at inconvenient hours. A.can;have to D.ought to;must A .:,

B.may not


. B.must C.may

sing,I would invite her to the



be boring,and pilots often


C.have to;may

., can; ,, have to,"" . 14.(05 26) Tom,you A.wouldn't D.may not B . wouldn' ; t mustn' , t ; needn' t ;may not . Tom . 15.(05 19) John,look at the time. A.Must D.Need A must ,"". B.Can you play the piano at such a late hour? C.May leave all your clothes on the floor like this! B.mustn't C.needn't

16.(05 26) He by the seaside. A.should D.can't B . ";, . ". 17.(05 27) There practised a lot in the driving school. A.mustn't D.needn't C

have completed his work; otherwise, wouldn' be enjoying himself he t



be any difficulty about passing the road test since you have




.mustn't "," ,; shan't "" ;shouldn't "" ;needn't "" . 18.(05 14) I have been more than six years old when the accident happened. B.couldn't C.mustn't

A. shouldn't D.needn't B

.couldn't have done , , "" shouldn' have done . t ,;needn't have done , ;must ,. B . 19.(05 26) This cake is very sweet.You A.should put D.must have put D :,.. 20.(05 9) The World Wide Web is sometimes jokingly called the World Wide Wait because it be very slow. A.should D.can D , can, .should ,, must ,,will ,. 21.(05 31) Catherine,I have cleaned the room for you. Thanks.You it.I could manage it myself.

a lot of sugar in it. C.might put

B.could have put



A.needn't do D.shouldn't have done B

B.needn't have done

C.mustn't do

.needn't do ;mustn't , ; needn' have done ; t shouldn' t have done . 22.(05 24) Lucy doesn't mind lending you her dictionary. She A.can't D.shouldn't C ."I've already borrowed one" , C . 23.(05 32) Do you know where David is? I couldn't find him anywhere. Well,he A.shouldn't D.wouldn't C , "" ,,, have gone farhis coat's still here. B.mustn't C.can't .I have already borrowed one. B.mustn't C.needn't

can't have done. 24.(04 32) I'll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. You A.ought to tell D.should have told D "+have done".: her last week. B.would have told C.must tell


25.(04 26) Excuse me.Is this the right way to the Summer Palace? Sorry,I am not sure.But it A.might D.can A "I am not sure",, might. B.will be. C.must


1.(07 24) The biggest problem for most plants,which when threatened,is that animals like to eat them. A.shan't D.mustn't B : , .Sahan't ;needn't ,mustn't ,. 2.(07 14) I told your friend how to get to the hotel,but perhaps I her there. A.could D.should D .could have done();;must have done() ;might have done();should have done () . " ,. " D . 3.(07 24) What does the sign over there read? "No person area." A.will D.must C shall ,,,,,. B.may C.shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette,cigar or pipe in this B.must C.might have driven B.can't C.needn't just get up and run away

4.(07 29) What do you think we can do for our aged parents? You do anything except to be with them and be yourself.

A.don't have to D.can't A

B.oughtn't to


don't have to ;oughtn't to ;mustn't ,;can't . : " ,. A . 5.(07 15) My cat's really fat. You A.wouldn't D.mustn't C s h .:.. o u l d n ' t h a v e d o n e s t h have given her so much food. B.couldn't C.shouldn't

() . 6.(07 25) My MP4 player isn't in my bag.Where A.can D.would A ." MP4 .?" A.can have done must have done"" ,;should have done () ;would have done . 7.(07 22) She looks very happy.She have passed the exam. B.must I have put it? C.should

I guess so.It's not difficult after all. A.should D.might



C must have passed the exam , "happy" "not

difficult after all" . 8.(07 32) They two free tickets to Canada,otherwise they'd never have been able C.have

to afford to go. A.had got got B D.get

"otherwise they' never have been able..." d ; "",. 9.(06 31) fired,your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off. A.Would you be D.Might you be B :,g. , B . 10.(06 30) May I smoke here? If you A.should D.must D ,"", must. 11.(06 24) The weather turned out to be fine yesterday.I my umbrella with me. A.should have taken

B.Should you be

C.Could you be

,choose a seat in the smoking section. B.could C.may

the trouble to carry

B.could have taken C.needn't have taken C :,ҡ.could have done " " ;should have done "" ;mustn't ", " ; needn't have done "" .take the trouble to do sth." " . 12.(06 21) I think I'll give Bob a ring. You A.will D.should D .will ,, ", " may ; ", " ; , have to "" should ; ,,,"," ., .:() ,. D . 13.(06 22) Must he come to sign this paper himself? Yes,he A.need D.will B , must, needn't. 14.(06 32) Is Jack on duty today? It A.mustn't D.needn't

D.mustn't have taken

.You haven't been in touch with him for ages. B.may C.have to

. B.must C.may

be him.It's his turn tomorrow. B.won't C.can't

C can't ,must . 15.(06 19) As you worked late yesterday,you A.mayn't D.needn't D :,. B.can't have come this morning. C.mustn't

"" . 16.(05 33) If I through as much of it as possible. A.would D.ought to B :,. B.could C.had to plan to do anything I wanted to,I'd like to go to Tibet and travel

,,, ,"" ,could . 17.(05 33) I was on the highway when this car went past followed by a police car.They at least 150 kilometers an hour. A.should have been doing C.could have done B must have done ,,"," . D.would have done B.must have been doing

,, can/could have done .

18.(05 34) He paid for a seat,however,he A.could D.need A paid ,could have done Ҧ ; need have done; must have done . 19.(05 22) Tom is never late for work.Why is he absent today? Something A.must happen C.could have happened D .must have done "" . :,"" . D . 20.(05 26) Helen A.shall D.can C .may .,B, D ,. 21.(05 31) The woman biologist stayed in Africa studying wild animals for 13 years before she returned. Oh,dear!She A.may go through C.ought to have gone through D

have entered free. C.must


to him. B.should have happened

D.must have happened

go on the trip with us,but she isn't quite sure yet. B.must C.may

a lot of difficulties! B.might go through D.must have gone through

"+have done" .,, , must have done.C should have done ,"" ,. 22.(05 33) Don't you think it necessary that he I agree,but the problem is A.will not be sent;that C.should not be sent;what B not be sent , should not be sent. 23.(04 24) "The interest made by both sides, " declared the judge. A.may D.shall D shall .shall ,,,,, ,;should/must . 24.(04 29) There are eight tips in Dr.Roger's lecture on sleep,and one of them is: to bed early unless you think it is necessary. A.doesn't go D.don't go D don't. 25.(04 29) Isn't that Ann's husband over there? No,it be him.I am sure he doesn't wear glasses.

to Miami but to New York? he has refused to. B.not be sent;that D.should not send;what

be divided into five parts,according to the agreement



B.not to go going

A.can't D.may not A



.can't ;must not ;won't ;may not . "I'm sure he doesn't wear glasses() ",: . 26.(04 28) Children under 12 years of age in that country supervision when in a public library. A. must D.need A : 12 ."" B.may C.can be under adnlt's

must ,have to . 27.(04 31) Who is the girl standing over there? Well,if you A.may D.shall C must ", " . 28.(04 28) Excuse me,but I want to use your computer to type a report. You A.shan't D.shouldn't A shall .shall ,,,.shall have my computer if you don't take care of it. B.might not C.needn't know,her name is Mabel. B.can C.must


29.(04 29) You might just as well tell the manufacturer that male customers like the design of the furniture. A.must D.need C "" ,may not "" . B.shall C.may not

1.(2010 ) ________ you break this $ 100 bill for me? Just a moment. I will see if I _______. A. May ; can B. Can ; can C. Will ; will D. Should ; may :B. can , can . 2.(2010 ) The soccer team has been doing well this season,so they win the championship. A. should B.might C.would D.could :A 3.(2010 ) I _______stop by sometime and thank her for all her help. A.need B.have to C.must D.may

:C. ݧ. must .need to.have to"", may "",I.

4.( 2010 ) ---Why didn't you reared him of the possible danger? ---But what otherwise? He never listens to me. A.could I do B.could I have done C.should I do :B 5.( 2010 ) How A.can ___ I help them to understand when they won't listen to me? B.would C.may

D.must I have done


:A 6.( 2010 ) ---Ann looks hot and dry. ---So A. do :D 7.( 2010 ) ---John, how did your English exam go? ---I thought I ____, but in fact I came in the top 10% in the class. A. should have failed C. might have failed :C 8/.( 2010 ) ---Is there any flight to New York? --- I think there ______ be, for it is snowing so heavily. A. shouldn't B. mustn't C. can't :C 9.( 2010 ) ----You just think of yourself! You kept me waiting for at least three hours. ----I am sorry that you _____ think so. A.would B.might C.could :D 10.( 2010 ) Don't you think it essential that every resident of Guangzhou contributions to the 16th Asia Games? A. should :A 11.( 2010 ) __________ I hand in my report as soon as the class is over? No, you needn't. Anytime this week is okay. A. May :B 12.( 2010 )

you if you had a high fever. B. are C. will D. would

B. couldn' t have failed D. mustn' t have failed

D. needn't


spare no effort to make

B. will

C. shall

D. would

B. Must

C. Shall

D. Can

---Did you listen to the lecture given by the famous herbalist doctor Zhang Wuben? --- No, we ______ it. But we had a lot of traffic on our way. A. could have attended C. could attend :A 13.( 2010 ) There school. A.mustn't :C 14.( 2010 ) He ________ comb his hair at the table, even though he knows I don't like it. A.shall B.may C.will D.can :C 15.( 2010 ) --She looks very happy.She ________have passed the exam. --I guess so.It's not difficult after all. A.should B.must C.could :B 16.( 2010 ) How I help them to understand when they won't listen to me? A.can B.would C.may D.must B.shan't C.shouldn't D.needn't be any difficulty in passing the oral test since you have practiced a lot in the B. must have attended D. shouldn't have attended


:A :.: "(can) " 17.( 2010 ) She _______ have left school, for her bike is still there. A. can't :A 18.( 2010 ) Those farmers who _________ move from place to place with their animals in the past have moved into new houses at last. A. could B. might C. would D. should :C 19.( 2010 ) John, how did your English exam go? I thought I _____ , but in fact I came in the top 10% in the class. A. should have failed C. couldn't have failed B. might have failed D. mustn't have failed

B. wouldn't

C. shouldn't

D. needn't

:B 20.( 2010 ) I can't find my cellphone anywhere. You _______ have left it at school canteen just now. A. may :A 21.( 2010 ) But for their help,we the program in time. A.Can not finish B.will not finish C.had not finished D.could not have finished :D 22.( 2010 ) What do you mean.there are only ten tickets? There A.should B.would :A 23.( 2010 ) ---Is there anything wrong, Bob? You look sad. ---Oh, nothing much.In fact, I of my friends back home. A.have just thought B.was just thinking C.would just think D.will just be thinking :B 24.( 2010 ) When the teacher speaks, we have to keep quiet, ? A.don't we B.mustn't he C.haven't we :A 25.( 2010 ) --the new housemaid cook some supper for you, Tom? ---No, tell her I'll eat outside tonight. A. Shall :A 26.( 2010 ) ---Jenny took the 8:00 bus to Guangzhou this morning. ---Really? He the 9:00 train. It's much more comfortable and safer to travel by train. A.could have taken B.should take C.must have taken D.can take :A B. Would C. Will D.Could B. can C. should D. would

be twelve. C.will


D.doesn't he

27.( 2010 )

. CWho has broken the window in my room? --Who else ___ it but your naughty son! A. could do B. could have done C. might do D. must have done
:B 28.( 2010 ) Can I pay the bill by check? Sorry, sir. But in our hotel payment ______ be made in cash. A. need B. shall C. will D. can :B 29.( 2010 ) The young man had made so much noise that he not have been allowed to attend the concert. A.should B.must C.could D.need :A 30.( 2010 ) My cat's really fat. You ______ have given her so much food. A.wouldn't B.couldn't C.mustn't :D 31.( 2010 ŧ) -Any information about your son? -No,if only I those tough words to him. A.didn't say B.hadn't said C.shouldn't have said D.couldn't have said :B 32.( 2010 ) ______ it have been the failure to pick up directions from the ground control that caused the air crash? A. Must B. Could C. Would D. Should :B 33.( 2010 ) Shall we go skating or stay at home? Which _____ do yourself? you rather C.will you rather B.would you rather D.should you rather




: B would rather do .. ...

( ) (2010 1 )

1. ( 2010 ) In fact, you _________ go outside at all. There's a supermarket just downstairs. A. couldn't C B. mustn't C. needn't D. shouldn't

2. ( 2010 ) --I'm felling cold today. --You more warm clothes. B should have worn C need putting on D can wear

A. should wear A

3. ( 2010 ) -----Did Mary come to the party? ---I don't know. She _____while I was out. A. may have come A B. must have come C. might come D. could come

4. ( 09-10 ) Alice looks sad. Did you tell her about the accident? Yes, but I her just before her final examinations. B. shouldn't have told D. must have told

A. should have told C. needn't have told B

5. ( 2010 ) "I know she was in because I heard her radio, but she didn't open the door." "She ______ the bell." A. may not be hearing C. must not have heard B B. may not have heard D. must not be hearing

6. ( 09-10 () ) -----Look, Tom has fallen asleep. -----Oh, he _____ too late yesterday evening. A. might stay up

B. should have stayed up

C. could stay up D

D. must have stayed up

7. ( 2010 ) We would join them for dinner_______. A. should they ask A B. shall they ask C.if they ask D.whether they ask

8. ( 2010 ) _______ it be true that the road is being blocked at this moment, for cars are moving like snails inch by inch A. may C B. should C. can D. must

9. ( 2010 ) As it turned out to be a small house party, we ________so formally. A. needn't dress up C. did not need dress up D B. did not have dressed up D. needn't have dressed up

10. ( 2010 ) -----I'll tell Mary about the new job tomorrow. ----- You ______ her last week. A. ought to tell D B. may tell C. would have told D. ought to have told

11. ( 2010 ) Did Jim come? I don't know. He _______ while I was out. A. might have come A B. might come C. mush have come D. should have come

12. ( 2010 ) According to the school rules, no student_______ go out of the school after eleven o'clock at night without the teacher's permission. A. will B.shall

C. must

D. may


13. ( 2010 12 ) Mike have won the competition easily yesterday, but he gave up. B.might C.should D.must

A.could A

14. ( 2010 ) According to the requirements of the competition, any essay to be presented accompanied by a brief summary between 50 and 300 words. A. must A B. could C. might D. ought be

15. ( 2010 1 ) As we all know, he has regretted wasting the precious time when he playing computer games at school. A.should have A B.would have C.might have D.must have studied hard

16. ( 2010 ) Hellen _______have thought she had got well prepared for the coming exam, or she wouldn't have wasted time watching TV, I suppose. A. should D B. can C. would D. must

17. ( 2010 12 ) In freezing weather, snow ___________ turn into ice, which is easy to ____________. A. may; be slipped C B. can; slip C. can; slip on D. must; slip on

18. ( 2010 ) --- Mr Wang, I got zero on Answer Sheet One. Could you help me correct it? --- No, it_______ be marked by the machine. Mark your test number with a pencil 2B next time. A. need C

B. can

C. shall

D. may

19. ( 2010 12 ) You A.shall A fail to pass the entrance examination if you don't study harder. B.could C.must D.should

20. ( 2010 ) Looking people in the eye ______ sometimes make them nervous and embarrassed. A. must B B. can C. should D. might

21. ( 2010 () ) Oh my god! You__ wear slippers to attend the conference. I'm sorry I forgot there is a conference. A.must C B.can C.should D.shall

22. ( 2010 ) How much shall I pay for the phone call? You ________. This is free of charge. A.shouldn't C B.can't C.don't have to D.mustn't

23. ( 2010 Ҧŧ) Has Tim started? He said he would join in the party. He . He is a man of his word. B. must have left D. won't be coming

A. could have left C. can't come B

24. ( 2010 ) Why can your teacher know so much about London? He ________ have been there before. A. may B B. must C. ought to D. should

25. ( 2010 )

_______ it have been wrong directions from the control room that caused the air crash? A. Must B B. Could C. Would D. Should

26. ( 2010 ) You'll have plenty of time tomorrow, so you____ work too late tonight. But if you______, I don't have much to say. A. don't have to; must C. cannot; need A B. mustn't; should D. shouldn't; can

27. ( 2010 ) ---The two astronauts had been trained for long before they flew to space. ---Oh, they ______ quite a lot of difficulties. A. might go through C. should have gone through D B. may go through D. must have gone through

28. ( 2010 ) Mr. White ______ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn't show up. A.should have arrived C.shouldn't have arrived A B.should arrive D.should have had arrived

29. (ާ 2010 12 ) -----Is there an express to Beijing tonight? -------There______be;I will ring the railway station and find it out A.will C B.can C.might D.need

30. ( 2010 ) Hello, Peter. Would you please go shopping with me after school? Sorry. Our school is a boarding school. In school days nobody _____ go out of school without the head teacher's permission. A. will B. can C. may D. shall



2010 (9 ) ( )
1. ( 2010 ) Hi, Johnson, any idea where Susan is? It's class time, so she ______ in the classroom now. A. can be D 2. ( 2009 ) Tom, turn down the music. Why you make such a big noise while your baby sister is sleeping? A. could D 3. ( 2010 ) This wall of air is an effective answer to the problem and it ____ work. But it is a question to put such a wall of air around the statue. A. may C 4. ( 2010 ) When I lived with my roommates in the university, we A.might D 5. (, 2010 ) Nowadays, a graduate with a master's degree ___________ which discourages a lot of college students. A. B 6. ( 2009 9 ) ---I've told Nancy many times about the meeting, but she still forget it! ---I understand. Actually, anyone ____ be very forgetful at times. A. must B. should

B. must have been

C. might have been

D. should be

B. would

C. should

D. must

B. must

C. should

D. could

often talk into the night D.would



fail to find a high-paying job,




C. ought to

D. can

D 7. ( 2010 ) Tom, look! It's 12 o'clock at night. _____ you shout so loudly? A. Can D 8. (2010) If he hadn't spent so much of his time playing computer games, he ______ something useful. A. need have done C. can't have done D 9. ( 2010 ) --- Who ________it be that hasn't handed in his homework? --- It ______ be Bob. He handed it in yesterday. A. can;mustn't C 10. (æ 2010 ) It's really a wonder that all the passengers on board ______ while the plane itself sank into the freezing Hudson River in New York. A. must have been saved C. would be saved B 11. ( 2010 ͦ) There in school. A. mustn't C 12. (2010) If the first few sentences of your application letter fail to win the reader's attention, the rest of the letter A. must no be read at all. B. shall

B. Shall

C. Will

D. Must

B. mustn't have done D. might have done

B. must; can

C. can;can't

D. may;must

B. should have been saved D. might be saved

be any difficulty in passing the PETS oral test since you have practiced a lot

B. shan't

C. shouldn't

D. needn't

C. may

D. can

C 13. ( 2010 ) ---My goodness! We have missed the flight. ---We ______ it, but we were caught in the traffic jam. A. could have caught A 14. ( 2010 ) --- Do you still remember when we went to Nanjing ? --- I can't remember now but _________ sometime last summer? A. might it be C. could it have been C 15. ( 2010 ) When he was there, he A. must C 16. ( 2009 ) My suggestion is that you A. wouldn't take C 17. ( 2010 ) I'm sorry. I ______ at you the other day. Forget it. I was a bit out of control myself. A. shouldn't shout C. mustn't shout B 18. ( 2009 ) How I want to have studied harder when I was in school. If you _________, you wouldn't work into late every day nowadays. A. did B. should

B. ought to catch

C. might catch

D. must have caught

B. could it be D. should it have been

go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day. B. should C. would D. might

much meat. B. shall not take C. not have D. won't have

B. shouldn't have shouted C. mustn't have shouted

C. had

D. would

C 19. ( 2010 9 ) ---Shall I help clean the kitchen, Mum? ---Thank you. But you _________it because I can do it myself. A. mustn't have done C. mightn't have done D 20. ( 2010 ) --- ________ he come and visit you as planned? --- Of course. And I'd rather he ________ me what he saw with his own eyes in Greece. A. Will; will tell B 21. ( 2009 ) We can provide any type of printing work you_____ need and it is our goal to be the best at what we do every time with every customer because here, image is everything. A. should C 22. ( 2010 ) ______, please try your best to solve the problem in time. A. Ought you get into trouble C. Can you get into trouble D 23. (2010) ---Who ____ it be that hasn't handed in his composition? ---It ____ be Robinson. He ____ it in yesterday. A. can, will, should hand C. may, may, can't have handed B 24. ( 2009 ) ---You just think of yourself! You kept me waiting for at least three hours.

B. wouldn't have done D. haven't got to do

B. Shall; told

C. Shall; will tell

D. Will; told

B. must

C. may

D. can

B. Must you get into trouble D. Should you get into trouble

B. can, must, should have handed D. will, can, could have handed

---I am sorry that you _______ think so. A. would C 25. ( 2010 ŧ) Did you pass the driving test? No. I it. but I had little time practising. B.must have passed D.shouldn't have passed B. could C. should D. might

A.could have passed C.can't have passed A

26. ( 2010 ŧ) I didn't see her in the meeting room this morning. She ___ at the meeting. A. mustn't have spoken C. needn't have spoken D 27. ( 2010 ) --- Who's the man giving the speech? --- Well, if you ____ know, his name is Lyric. A. may D 28. ( 2010 ) Jack ______ yet, otherwise he would have telephoned me. A. mustn't have arrived C. can't have arrived C 29. ( 2010 ) _______ it rain tomorrow, we would have to put off the visit to the Yangpu Bridge. A. Would B 30. ( 2010 ) Many women ______ a good salary, but they chose to stay at home for the family.

B. shouldn't have spoken D. couldn't have spoken

B. can

C. shall

D. must

B. shouldn't have arrived D. need not have arrived

B. Should

C. Were

D. Will

A. must make C. should make D

B. must have made D. could have made

2010 (10 )
1. ( 2010 ) The warm-hearted neighbor and they appreciated it very much. A. should C 2. ( 2010 ) You__________ any money on the software. It was available at for free. A. needn't have spent A 3. ( 2010 9 ) CAny information about your son? -- No. If only I _____ those tough words to him. A. didn't say C. shouldn't have said B 4. ( 2010 ) Hello, is Helen in? Sorry, she A. won't C 5. ( 2010 9 ) He has much money at the beginning of every month, but by the end of it he A. can have A

take care of the little girl when her parents were on business, ( C. would D. might )

B. could

B. needn't spend

C. needn't to spend

D. don't need spend

B. hadn't said D. couldn't have said

come to the phone right now because she is getting changed. B. mustn't C. can't D. wouldn't

little left.

B. will have

C. should have

D. must have

6. ( 2010 9 ) They must have enjoyed themselves there, otherwise they A. can't have stayed C. can't stay B 7. ( 2010 ) Being constantly exposed to advertisements is annoying, but it ________ be pleasant sometimes. A. shall D 8. ( 2010 ) The situation has become extremely tense. A war _____ break out between the two sides. A. shall D 9. ( 2010 ) You can't imagine that the mayor who led a simple life ________ be a person guilty of corruption. A. might D 10. ( 2010 ŧ) --- We ________ as well go straight home. There's nothing better to do. --- OK, though I hate to do so. A. might A 11. ( 2010 ) You ______ her in her office last Friday; she's been out of town for two weeks. A. needn't have seen C. might have seen D 12. ( 2010 )

so long.

B. wouldn't have stayed D. wouldn't stay

B. need

C. must

D. can

B. will

C. must

D. could

B. need

C. should

D. would

B. can

C. should

D. must

B. must have seen D. can't have seen

--- Did you punish him for that? --- Yes, but I don't think I ______. A. should have done so C. should do that A 13. ( 2010 ) Alice _______ a good salary in a job but she stayed at home for the sake of her family. A. must take D 14. ( 2010 ) A mature individual is one who can see a problem from all sides. In fact, those who cannot or _______ not apologize are not truly mature people. A. may B 15. ( 2010 ) -Who are the teenagers gathering at the school gate? -Well, if you _____ know, they are all my visiting students. A. shall D 16. ( 2010 ) Can you imagine that a smart man like him_____ make such a stupid mistake? A. might B 17. ( 2010 ) --- Can I pay the bill by cheque? --- Sorry, sir. But it is the management rules of our school that payment cash. A. shall A 18. ( 2010 )

B. need to have done so D. ought have done that

B. should have made

C. would make

D. could have made

B. will

C. must

D. could

B. can

C. may

D. must

B. should

C. would

D. need

be made in

B. need

C. will

D. can

The lesson drawn from the coal mine accidents is that safety measures are so important that we _____ take them too seriously. A .can't A 19. ( 2010 10 ) ---I didn't take notes at yesterday's meeting because I had left my pen at home. ---You _____ mine. I _________ it. A.must have borrowed; wasn't using C.could have borrowed; wasn't using C 20. ( 2010 10 ) I didn't know you were good friends . You___________. I have known her since she moved here. You were studying abroad then. A. may have C 21. ( 2010 ) -- I missed the first part of the film. It was really a pity. --You ____ home half an hour earlier. A. should have left C. should leave A 22. ( 2010 ) Jack fell off a ladder yesterday but he's all right.He's lucky.He A.might B 23. ( 2010 10 ) -- Isn't it Ann's husband over there? -- No, it ______ be him---I'm sure he doesn't wear glasses. A. can't B. must not

B. should

C .mustn't

D. shall

B.may have borrowed; didn't use D.should have borrowed; hadn't used

B. needn't have

C. couldn't have

D. must have

B. must have left D. must leave

hurt himself badly. D.should have

B.could have


C. won't

D may not

A 24. ( 2010 ) ---Can I keep the book any longer? ---Yes, but it _______ be renewed when time is due. A. shall A 25. ( 2010 ) --- Is it Tom that playing basketball? --- It __________ be him. He is so crazy about basketball. A. might B 26. ( 2010 ) Who _____ it be that is knocking at the door? --It _____ be father, but I'm not sure. A. can, may A 27. ( 2010 ) ---I have looked for my lost pen everywhere, but I just can't find it. ---I think that you _______ have left it at home. A. should B 28. ( 2010 10 ) Mike is often absent from class. Tell him he ________ answer for it if he goes on behaving like that. A. shall A 29. ( 2010 10 ) Where A. might C

B. need

C. will

D. can

B. should

C. can

D. would

B. may,can

C. may,must

D. need, should

B. must

C. can

D. need

B. will

C. would

D. must

the old man have been? He has been missing more than twelve hours. B. may C. could D. must

30. ( 2010 9 ) --- No wonder you caught a cold. You _____ out last night without a coat. --- I know how silly I was. A. shouldn't have gone C. couldn't have gone D B. mustn't have gone D. mightn't have gone

2010 (11 ) ( )
1. ( 2010 ) -You must say sorry to Mary, Jack. -Why ________ I say sorry to her? It's her who hurt me first. A.should A 2. ( 2010 10 ) I dressed very warmly for the trip, but I ____________ so. The weather was hot. A. needn't do C. can't have done B 3. ( 2010 ) ---I hope you're enjoying your stay here. ---If it ______ for the climate, I would like it here very much. A. isn't C 4. ( 2010 ) Talking to people online may seem like no big deal, but it ______ be very dangerous. A. need B 5. ( 2010 10 ) I waited ages for you C you A.could B.would have said that you weren't coming! C.might




B. needn't have done D. shouldn't have done

B. hasn't been

C. weren't

D. hadn't been

B. can

C. shouldn't

D. mustn't


A 6. (Q 2010 ) --Johnson, come and look at the sea! It is beautiful, isn't it? --Absolutely! If only I _________ here by the sea. A. lived A 7. ( 2010 ) Had we been here a bit earlier, we __________ able to catch the last bus. A. must have been C. had been B 8. ( 2010 10 ) Why didn't you go to Mike's birthday party yesterday? Well, I ______, but I forgot it. A. should C 9. ( 2010 ) James didn't turn up last night, did he? No. He _____. We had changed our plan. A. shouldn't have come C. didn't need to come C 10. ( 2010 ) In those days, the old woman ________ sit at the gate for hours, waiting for her son to return from the front. A. could D 11. ( 2010 ) I really don't know what my son _____ without the bike you lent him. Glad to have given him some help.

B. live

C. had lived

D. will live

B. would have been D. should be

B. would

C. should have

D. must have

B. needn't have come D. needn't come

B. should

C. might

D. would

A. could do C

B. must have done

C. could have done

D. may have done

12. ( 2010 ) If you_____ my advice, you_____ your failure now. A. took; wouldn't cry over C. had taken; aren't crying over D 13. ( 2010 ) Many drug users wish they A. can D 14. ( 2010 ŧ) ---Where have you been? ---I got caught in traffic, otherwise I _______ here earlier. A. would be D 15. ( 2010 ) If there is anything that I _____ say for sure about the English, they are a humorous people. A. must C 16. ( 2010 ) A man is waiting to see you outside, ______ he come in now? A. will C 17. ( 2010 ) -Is John coming by train? -He __________, but he can't. All the trains have been cancelled because of the snow. A. may D 18. ( 2010 )

B. had taken; wouldn't have cried over D. had taken; wouldn't be crying over

rewind their lives and start over again. C. should D. could

B. may

B. have been

C. had been

D. would have been

B. shall

C. can

D. will

B. need

C. shall

D. Do

B. will

C. must

D. should

Must I see a doctor right now? No,you A.can't C 19. ( 2010 ) ----His wife is seriously ill but he should be so lighted-hearted. ----He____have learnt about it, or he______ be that cheerful. A. can't; mustn't D 20. ( 2010 ) It's too late now. You A.may not C 21. ( 2010 ) Training by yourself in a gym________be highly dangerous. A. must B 22. ( 2010 ) To be on the safe side,we should fill up the tank now,because we the way. A.could B 23. ( 2010 ) _______ he have been chosen as captain of our school football team? Yes, he _______. Can't you see he's wearing an armband()? A. Can; can C 24. ( 2010 ) Pamela doesn't care what others think. Well, she_________.

see a doctor for the time being. B.shouldn't C needn't D.mustn't

B. cannot; may not

C. may; cannot

D. may not; cannot

have wasted so much time playing computer games. B.mustn't C.shouldn't D.that

B. can

C. will

D. shall

run out of gas on




B. Must; must have

C. Can; must have

D. Must; must

A. could D

B. would

C. must

D. should

25. ( 2010 10 ) I expected him to be nervous before his interview, but he was as cool as a cucumber He it seriously. B.might have prepared D.can't have prepared

A.should have prepared C.must have prepared C

26. ( 2010 ) --- I have gone through a hard time in the last few years. --- Really? I wish you A.told B 27. ( 2010 10 ) I________ here earlier. I never thought the car would break down halfway. A. could come C 28. ( 2010 ) Why didn't you attend Linda's wedding? I wouldn't like to . It is strange that she _____ have married to that good-for-nothing guy. A.would B 29. ( 2010 ) Did you attended Mary's wedding ceremony last August? I wish I A. had, would study C. do , had studied D 30. ( 2010 ) I find it astonishing that he ______ be so rude to us.I ______ make a complaint to his company.

me about it earlier. After all, we are friends. B.had told C.would told D.tell

B. should come

C. would have come

D. may have come





abroad. B. did. Have studied D. had, was studying

A.could, must B

B.should, shall

C.shall, should

D.dare; have to

2010 (12 ) ( )
1. ( 2010 ) ----Tom graduated from college at a very young age." ----Oh, he ____ have been a very smart boy then." A. could D 2. ( 2010 ) Why did you leave without a word of warning to John? But what A. could I do B 3. ( 2010 ) Why didn't you tell me there was no meeting today? I _____ all the way here _____the heavy snow. A. needn't have driven;through C. mustn't have driven;through A 4. (, 2010 11 ) --- Did you visit the famous museum? --- No. We_____ it, but we spent too much time shopping. A. shouldn't have visited C.can have visited B 5. ( 2010 ) This time next week, that famous singing group A. would give C 6. ( 2010 ) You ____ her more help, even though you were really very busy.

B. should

C. might

D. must

otherwise? He never likes to listen to me. B. could I have done C. must I have done D. should I do

B. can't have driven;across D. shouldn't have driven;cross

B. must have visited D. could have visited

us a great performance in the stadium. C. will be giving D. shall give

B. will have given

A. ought to have given C. might give A

B. must have given D. ought to give

7. ( 2010 ) I did not know you were good friends. You__________. I have known her since she moved here. You were abroad then. A. may have C 8. ( 2010 ) Mr Wang is waiting outside, Doctor Smith. _______ he come in now or wait for a moment? A. Will C 9. ( 2010 ) You ________pay too much attention to your handwriting, as it is so important. A. can't A 10. ( 2010 ) I'm not feeling well in the stomach. You ______ so much fried chicken just now. A.shouldn't eat C.shouldn't have eaten C 11. ( 2010 ) My father insisted that every minute ______ made full use of ______ the work well. A. be, to do A 12. ( 2010 ) Sorry indeed, I ________ to your birthday party if Forget it. I know you were out on business. A. must come B. would come C. must have come

B. needn't have

C. couldn't have

D. must have

B. Can

C. Shall

D. Would

B. shouldn't

C. mustn't

D. needn't

B.couldn't eat D.mustn't have eaten

B. has been, doing

C. be, doing

D. has been, to do

D. would have come

D 13. ( 2010 ) Do you know where David is ? I couldn't find him anywhere. Well. He ______ have gone farhis coat's still here. A. shouldn't C 14. ( 2010 ) The police declared that several persons A. be blamed C 15. ( 2010 ) How _____ you say that you have made great progress since there are so many mistakes in your test paper ? A. can A 16. ( 2010 ) They didn't attend the discussion, although they ____. A. should B 17. ( 2010 ) The imperial tombs must have been under the protection of the state government, or they _____ suffered severer damage. A. have had B 18. ( 2010 ) ------ The research on the new swine flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding. Who do you think can do the job? ------- ____ my students have a try? A.Shall A

B. mustn't

C. can't

D. wouldn't

for the traffic accident. C.were to blame blame


B. must

C. need

D. may

B. should have

C. should have to

D. would have to

B. would have

C. need have

D. should have




19. ( 2010 ) ---What's the matter with the man hanging his head there? ---Well, if you _____ know, he was caught stealing my bike. A. may C 20. ( 09-10 11 ) --- Have you ever heard about the collapse of a high-rise building in Shanghai on June 27, 2009? --- Yes. I feel strongly that the work ___________ so carelessly. A. shouldn't have been done C. mustn't have been done A 21. ( 2010 ) -Can children swim in this pool? -Yes. However, at no time _______ they do so by themselves. A.may B 22. ( 2010 ) ---Guess what! Tan Weiwei failed in the last round of the Super Girl Contest. ---How _______ it be? She is second to none in singing in my opinion. A. shall C 23. ( 24 2010 ) While many studies claim that vitamins and herbs controversy about their safety. A.can A 24. ( 2010 ) I was really anxious about you.You A.mustn't leave C.couldn't have left

B. shall

C. must

D. can

B. needn't be done D. can't be done




B. might

C. can

D. must

improve health, there are a lot of




home without a word. B.shouldn't have left D.needn't leave

B 25. ( 2010 ) Students A. would B 26. ( 2010 ) Mary insisted that her advice ______ correct and that it ____ taken right away. A. was; be A 27. ( 2010 ) CDid Mary go to the concert last night? --Yes. But she paid for a seat when she ______ free. A. could enter D 28. ( 2010 ) --- Where are the students ? How could they keep us waiting for so long? --- They started an hour ago and they____ be here in fifteen minutes, I think. A. might C 29. ( 2010 12 ) Mr. Green requires that the students ______ cheat in any exam. A. won't D 30. ( 2010 ) This computer is of good quality.If it ___break within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A.would B B.should C.could D.might B. can't C. wouldn't D. not B. would C. should D. must B. might enter C. might have entered D. could have entered B. was; must be C. be; should be D. be; would be go to the society and learn something from life. B. should C. could D. might


1. 09 ) ( ) Did you say that there were only ten tickets? There I said it was twelve. A.can C B.may C.should D.will be twelve.

2. 09 ) ( ) They live on a busy road.There ______ be a lot of noise from the traffic. A.must A B.may C.would D.could

3. 09 ) ( ) Your room is terribly dirty; you angry. A.can C B.might C.must D.may get it cleaned in two hours, or Mum will be

4. 09 ) ( ) You the parcel home. The shop would have delivered it if you had asked. B.couldn't have carried D.shouldn't have carried

A.needn't have carried C.mustn't have carried A

5. 09 ) ( ) I ________ be slow, but at least I don't make stupid mistakes. A.must D B.need C.should D.may

6. (09 ) ) _____ he have been chosen as captain of the football team? Yes, he______. A. Can; must have B. Must; must have A

C. Can; must

D. Must; must

7. (09 ) ) ______ your timely warning, we would have been unaware of the danger. A. In spite of B B. But for C. Instead of D. As for

8. (09 ) ) When the ship sailed out from Thailand, the 16 sailors on board __ that only half of them would return again. A. will never think C. needn't have thought D

B. can never think


D. couldn't have thought


9.(09 ) (09 ) You may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommended that you ________. A.continue A B.will continue C.continued D.must continue

10.(09 ) My mother is a great cook and we _____ never get enough of her cookies. A.may D B.need C.should D.can

11.(09 ) After inspecting the building, specialists discovered some faults that otherwise______. A.had been overlooked C.were overlooked B B.would have been overlooked D.would be overlooked

12.(09 ) (09 ) Margaret ______ stay at home all day long in front of the TV. That' s right.She ought to go to the fitness center with us. A.couldn't D B.mustn't C.needn't D.shouldn't

13.(09 )) ( these people are living in such poor condition. Never in my wildest dreams

A.I could imagine C.I couldn't imagine B

B.could I imagine D.couldn't I imagine

14.(09 )) ( In order to make our city green, . is necessary to have planted more trees B.many more tress need to plant C.we must plant more trees D.our city needs more trees C

15.(09 ) ( ) He back to work without the doctor' permission. S Now, he has to stay in bed for a couple of days. A.wouldn't have gone B.couldn't have gone C.needn't have gone D.shouldn't have gone D be

16.(09 ) (09 ) According to the newly-made traffic regulation, whoever drives through red light fined at least 200 dollars. A.shall B.may C.would D.should A

17.(09 ()) ( For Senior 3 students, choosing which college to attend ____________be the most exciting time in their entire school lives. A. must B. should C. would D. can D not have been allowed to attend D.need

18.(09 ֦ ֦) The young man has made so much noise that he the concert. A.could B.must C.should C

19. (09 ) Jenny took the 8:00 bus to Shanghai this morning. Really? She_______ the 9:00 train. It's much more comfortable and safer to travel by train. A. could have take B. should take C. must have taken D. can take

20. (09 ڧ()) ڧ() President Hu Jintao urged that every effort _____to rescue and treat the injured when the

earthquake happened in Sichuan this year. A. is made D B. must be made C. should make D. be made

21. (09 ڧ()) ڧ() You should have informed me that the lecture was canceled. I _____ all the way here through the heavy rain. A. mustn't have run C. shouldn't have run D B. can't have run D. needn't have run

22.(09 ) (09 ) According to the newly-made traffic regulations, whoever drives through the red light fined at least 200 dollars. A.may B B.shall C.would D.need be

23.(09 ) (09 ) Want to ride on the roller coaster()? No way! I A.wouldn't ride C.would ride A on the roller coaster even if you paid me a million dollars! B.would have ridden D.wouldn't have ridden

24. 09 (09 ) He_____ be lazy,but he can work very hard when he feels like it. A.may B.must C.should D.will A 25. 09 ) ( ) You late for yesterday'S class meeting,as it was so important. A.couldn't be B.shouldn't be C.mustn't have been D.oughtn't to have been D 26. 09 ) ( ) -Why didn't Tom give you one of his paintings? -I didn't want one,but he would have given me one if I A.did B.would C.will D.had D

27. (09 ) ) Madonna _______ a straightCA student, but it was dancing that she was really crazy about. A. must be B. could be C. must have been D. could have been D 28. 09 ) ( ) Amazing!You ______ wear slippers at work! Don't,you know it's a fashion? A.must B.should C.can D.may B 29. (09 ) ) I feel bored with nothing interesting to do. You _______ watch TV. There will be a very good Hollywood film on this evening. A. need B. could C. would D. shall B 30. (09 4 ) ) It's nearly eight o'clock.I must hang up and get down to work.My boss be here at any moment. A. should B.must C.could D.would A 31. 09 4 ) ) ( Did you go somewhere on holiday? I to goto Hawaii,but I didn't sign up for the tour in time. A.would hope B.was hoped C.had hoped D.have hoped C 32. 09 4 ) ) ( Where ale you goingfor your holidays? I haven't decided yet goto England. A.carl B.may C.must D.ought to B 33. 09 ) ( ) It________ sound like aperfect destination,but it is realy adventurous to go there. A.will D B.must C.shall D.may

34. 09 ) ( ) How I wish I_______my mouth before I shouted at my mum! A.shut B.have shut C.had shut D.would shut

C 35. 09 ) ( ) -Steve come back because the window is opened. -Yes , but he left it open last night A must have; might have B might have ; can't have

C can have ; should have D might ; must have A 36. 09 ) ( ) There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened. a sudden loud noise. A.being there B.should there be C.there was D.there having been B 37. 09 ) ( ) It is usually warm in spring in Anhui,but it be rather cold sometimes. A.shoutd B.would C.must D.can D 38. 09 ) ( ) Has Mr. Tom White arrived? Yes, already. he wait outside or just come in? A.Shall B.May C.Could D.Must A 39. 09 ) ( ) abroad. My uncle suggests I I would rather you at home. A.go; stay B.went; stayed C.go; stayed D.went; stay C 40. 09 ) ( I still cannot figure out why he missed his flight. He an accident on the way to the airport. A.could have had B.should have had C.would haye had D.must have had A 41. 09 ) ( ) The girl is seriously ill,otherwise she working instead of staying in bed all day long. still B.will still be C.would still be D.was still C 42. (09 ڦŧ) ڦŧ) I can't thank you ______ much because without your help I ______ have won the first prize. A. too; wouldn't B. very; shouldn't C. that; might not D. so; couldn't A 43. 09 ڧ) ( ڧ) -Jim,it is time you went to bed.You need to get up early tomorrow. -It's not fair,Mary_____ stay up till ten hut I have to go to bed at eight. A.should B.need C.can D.must C 44. 09 ڧ) ( ڧ) Mike,it's a pity you didn't come to last night's was really great! Really?If I _____ so busy,1 would have gone with you. A.hadn't been B.weren't C.shouldn't be D.wouldn't be

A 45. 09 ) ( ) The meeting is important and he be here in timehe started early enough. A.can B.might C.should D.will C 46. (09 ڧ) ڧ) ڧ Mary looks sad and disappointed So you if you had failed the NMET. B did C will D would D 47.(09 ڧ) ( ڧ) You did turn in your report on time, but it ______ better, you know. A. could be done C. could have been clone C B. must be done D. must have been done

1.(08 ) What did mother say to you just now? She told me that I my homework today. A.must D.shall D 2.(08 ڦŧ) I such a foolish mistake if I had been a little more careful. B.wouldn't have made C.hadn't made B.need C.will go to grandma's birthday party tomorrow if I finish

A.wouldn't make D.didn't make B 3.(08 1 )

When we worked in the same office,we A.might D.would

often have coffee together. C.could


D 4.(08 ) I drove my car at a speed of 150 kms an hour this afternoon.It was great fun! Did you go crazy? You A.might kill D.must have killed B 5.(08 ) Please carry a cellphone to make it easier for me to get hold of you. OK,Dad.But I am eighteen.You A.can't D.wouldn't C 6.(08 ) These grapes look really beautiful. They A.would D.should D 7.(08 I1 ) "You smoke in the bedroom,"Rose said to her husband and pushed him out of !See the price,$3.99 a pound. Too expensive,aren't they? B.could C.might B.mustn't worry so much. C.shouldn't yourself. B.could have killed C.could kill

the room. A.needn't D.won't B B.mustn't C.dare not

8.(08 ڧ) When shall we hold the meeting? It A.must D.will

be better to put it off until next week. B.could C.can

B 9.(08 ڧ) If you think the price of beef is too high,you depends on you! A.should D.may D 10.(08 ) Guess what? I have passed the driving test. Great!You A.should spend D.must have spent D a lot of time practicing. B.must spend C.should have spent B.will C.would as well buy some pork.It

11.(08 ) When you phoned me,I was having a meeting,otherwise I A.answered D.would have answered D B.would answer your call.

C.had answered

12.(08 ) The school rules state that no child day,unless accompanied by parents. A.can D.should B B.shall C.must be allowed out of school durign the

13.(08 ڧ) It is required that the students them using one. A.not use;will you see C.don't use;will you see

mobile phones in their school,so seldom

B.should not use;you will see D.not use;you will see


14.(08 2 ) Being physically examined for free twice a year is what every clerk ensured in any company of the state. A.must D.need B B.shall C.ought to be

15.(08 ڦ) Are you coming to the musical of the 42nd Avenue from Broadway()? I'm not sure.I A.must D.should C go to see a movie instead. B.would C.might

16.(08 ) I lived with my brother this winter and didn't have to pay rent.So I save most of my salary. A.could D.was able to D B.would C.might

17.(08 ) Is there anything else I can get for you except the scarf? No.That A.could D.might C be it.Thanks a lot. B.must C.should

18.(08 2 ) What are you doing,dear? I'm watching the football game. What? You your homework first. B.must have done

A.would have done

C.should have done

D.may have done C

19.(08 ) The international agreement, to encourage children not to smoke and

help people kick the habit,was signed on February 27. A.intended intend A B.being intended C.intending

20.(08 3 ) Why didn't you buy the gold ring? I ,but I didn't have the money. B.bought C.would like to

A.would have D.had bought A

21.(08 "") I have been writing a book on UFOs.It A.can D.need C B.must be ready early next month. C.should

22.(08 ) Can I pay the bill by check? Sorry,sir.But it is the management rule of our hotel that payment made in cash. A.shall D.can A B.need C.will be

23.(08 3 ) I can hear the water running in the bathroom. Yes,Bira A.should be taking another shower. B.need


D.can C

24.(08 ڦŧ) I hear your journey was not very pleasant. But for the sudden rain we A.will have D.had B a wonderful time. C.should have

B.should have had

25.(08 ) "You can't imagine that a well-behaved gentleman A.might D.would C B.need be so rude to a lady.


26.(08 3 ) I believe Shackleton waste time on regrets. A.must have mourned D.could mourn A B.must mourn C.can have mourned this unexpected end to his expedition,but he did not

27.(08 ) Have you found your book yet? No.I'm not sure where I A.leave D.was to leave C it. C.could have left

B.had left

28.(08 ) Anne,if your leg A.may D.should D

become more painful,do not hesitate to call me. B.would C.could

29.(08 ) The leader, A.finding;banned D.finding;be banned D the rule unfair for women,suggested it find;banned C.found;to . be banned

30.(08 ڦ) this afternoon,you would have to come again next week. A.The boss didn't return C.Were the boss not to return C B.The boss were not to return D.Didn't the boss return

31.(08 4 ) When can I come for the computer? I need it next Tuesday. It be repaired by next Monday afternoon. B.should C.might

A.have to D.need B

32.(08 ) They are still discussing whether I think was not necessary at all. A.could come D.must have come B B.should have come C.should come to the meeting yesterday , which I

33.(08 ,,,) It's hard to say what kind of person he is.Sometimes he is very friendly;at other times he be very cold. A.can D.shall A



34.(08 4 ) There was a lot of fun at yesterday's party.You A.should come D.ought to have come D B.must have come ,but why didn't you? C.may have come


1.(07 ) the bike be repaired by him? it repaired. B.Shall;had C.Should;have

No,I'd rather he A.Will;has D.Can;has B

2.(07 ,) English is a language that many young people around the world perfectly but at least understand. A.may;can D.could;might A 3.(07 ) I want to go to the dentist's,but you A.need not to go D.need go not C 4.(07 ) Don't you want to go to a karaoke bar with us? I wish I A.may D.should B 5.(07 ) It's important for you to be there on time.You A.may D.should D 6.(07 )





with me. C.need not go not need go

,but I have an appointment. B.could C.can

be there before 8:00. C.can


Their basketball team has lots of excellent players,so if there is no unexpected thing to happen, their yeam A.would D.need C 7.(07 ) It be difficult to discover the truth about Iraq War if people refused to win the championship. B.may C.should

consider anything that might be true. A.would D.should A 8.(07 ) Where will you start your work after graduation? Mmm,it's not been decided yet.I A.need D.might D 9.(07 ) When winter comes, A.must D.can D 10.(07 2 ) you make so much noise? spring be far behind? B.should C.will B.must continue my study for a higher degree. C.would B.can C.need

Sorry.I'll take care not to. A.Can D.Would B



11.(07 ,) The importance of saving gas 70 billion gallons of gas a year. A.shouldn't D.may not C B.mustn't C.cannot be stressed too much.Automobiles use up some

12.(07 ) Had the visiting delegation set out earlier this morning,they airport so far. A.might reach D.may reach C B.may have reached C.might have reached the

13.(07 ) Even if you are an experienced teacher,you sometimes mistakes. A.can D.will A B.must C.should make some

14.(07 3 ) Since you have made such good preparations,there passing the coming exam. A.mustn't D.needn't C B.shan't C.shouldn't be any problem about

15.(07 ) No student permission. A.will D.shall

go out of school after eleven o'clock at night without




16.(07 ) What's that terrible smell? Oh,I forgot about the chicken!Go and look,it A.may be burnt D.must be burning D B.ought to be boiling ! C.can be cooking

17.(07 ) I didn't go to work today. You ;it is Sunday. B.mustn't have C.can't have

A.didn't need to D.needn't have A

18.(07 ) I'm afraid I'll be too busy to go with you. Well,I'll keep a seat for you in case you A.can D.may C B.will change your mind. C.should

19.(06 ) I have taken someone else's T-shirt by mistake.Is it Jane's? It A.won't D.mustn't B be hers.She seldom wears red. B.can't C.needn't

20.(06 ) I had explored space in Shenzhou VI spaceship! A.If only D.In spite of that A

B.Now that

C.With the help

21.(06 ) The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding.Who do you think can do the job? A.Shall D.May A my students have a try? B.Must C.Will

22.(06 ) Bus No.66 comes every ten minutes,there A.should have D.may be C B.must have one coming. C.should be

23.(06 ) All visitors are waiting outside,Doctor White. separately? A.Will D.Would C B.Can C.Shall they come in together or

24.(06 ) Our holidays were ruined by the weather; may be as well C.we might just as well C have stayed at home! was just as well we D.we might do as well as we

25.(06 ) The careless man received a ticket for speeding.He A.mustn't have driven C.can't have driven D so fast.

B.wouldn't have driven D.shouldn't have driven


1.(07 ) for the free tickets,I would not have gone to the films so often. A.If it is not D.If they were not C 2.(07 ) Jane's pale face suggested that she she medical a examination. B.was;have C.should be;had ill ,and her parents suggested that B.Were it not C.Had it not been;should have D.was;has B 3.(07 )

In such dry weather the flowers will have to be watered if they A.have survived D.should survive C 4.(07 ) A man is asking to see you. Let him in. A.Must D.Dare B 5.(07 ) B.Shall C.Will he come in? B.would survive C.are to survive


every student aware of the importance of study, they would study efficiently.

A.Were D.Had A 6.(07 2 ) If you us. A.should D.might A



require any further information,please do not hesitate to contact



7.(07 ) Shall we invite Mr. White to our wedding? That'll be nice if you D.should A 8.(07 ֦) his teacher,Li Ming wouldn't have passed the English exam so easily. A.If it hadn't been D.Were it not for C 9.(06 ) Had the boy worked harder,he A.must have got through C.ought to get through D 10.(06 ) How did you do in the test? Not so well.I A.will have done D.may have done

. B.shall C.want

B.Hadn't it been






the exams. B.could get through D.would have got through

much better but I misread the directions for writing. B.could have done C.must have done


11.(06 ) I don't think you should use your dictionary all the time while reading. ,but I can't do without it. B.Yes,I shouldn't C.No,I shouldn't

A.No,I should D.Yes,I should C

12.(06 ) Can I borrow your car? Well..., A.if you must D.if you should A . B.if you need C.if you can

13.(06 ) Make sure that the windows are shut before you leave. OK,I A.will D.can A . C.must

14.(06 ) Although he was badly hurt,he A.could D.could not C B.might explain what had happened. C.was able to

15.(06 ) Robin told me that he would leave tonight. What a pity! My brother wishes that he A.can stay D.would stay D

with him for a chat. C.had stayed

B.will stay

16.(06 ) he have been chosen as captain of the football team? . B.Must;must have C.Can;must

Yes,he A.Can;must have D.Must;must A

17.(06 ) the present unemployment continue,the society would face a more troublesome situation. A.Would D.Could B B.Should C.Might

18.(06 ) Jim! Did you have a good time at the party? Yes,but I really A.needn't D.couldn't C have,because I had lots of work to do. B.mustn't C.shouldn't

19.(06 ) John looks sad.Did you tell him about his grandpa's passing away? Yes,but I him just before the College Entrance Examinations. B.needn't have told

A.ought to have told

C.can't have told D

D.shouldn't have told

20.(06 ) Mom's gift? She She ` have chosen a better one for me.

be very happy to know it. B.might;wouldn't C.couldn't;must

A.should;must D.mustn't;can't



21.(06 ) It is said that China has been a member of WTO since December 11,2001. Well,it's wonderful that the Chinese people progress these years. A.must D.may C B.can C.should have made so much

22.(06 ) Jackie says she can't help because she's got a lot of work on. Well,she A.should D.would D say thatshe always uses that excuse. B.may C.can

23.(06 ) You A.won't D.mustn't C pay too much attention to your reading skill,for it is very important. B.needn't C.cannot

24.(06 ) All my family are looking forward to meeting you.You have dinner with us this weekend. A.will D.shall B B.must C.may come over and

25.(06 3 ) he come to see you as he promised? me the truth. C.Should;will tell

Of course,please.And I'd rather he A.Will;tells B.Shall;told

D.Can;is telling B

26.(06 ) Shall we have a smoke here? No,we A.won't D.needn't B .Because the worker is carrying some petrol. B.mustn't C.can't

27.(06 ) Something A.being;could D.went;would D wrong with the car,and it B.going;should not start. C.was;might

28.(06 ) We are sorry that you A.will D.should D feel uncomfortable. B.could C.must

29.(06 ) Have you heard of Wang Meng? Yeah.She A.should D.couldn't D have done better.She won China's first gold medal at Turin. B.might C.needn't

30.(06 ) If you keep quiet and read your book,child,you will buy you a box of chocolates. A.are going to;that D.are to;which

have my promise





1.We have class in the last week of February,but I'll let you know for sure as the time approaches. A.shouldn't D.needn't C 2.It is written clearly in the requirements that all passengers board thirty minutes before the plane takes off. A.may D.shall D 3.The manager's health was getting worse and worse because of heavy burden,so the doctor strongly recommended that he a holiday.


C.may not





A.took D.take D

B.would take

C.must take

4.There's plenty of time for you to think about it carefully,so you rush now. A.can't;Would D.won't;Might C 5.I'm thinking of losing weight to participate in "Super Girl"these days. Oh,you A.will D.must D 6.It's so cold! Why not close the door? Sorry.It A.won't shut D.isn't shut A 7. Tom start at once or wait for a while,manager? .I'll have it repaired soon. B.won't be shut C.hasn't shut be out of your mind.You're 40 kilograms at the most! B.should C.may you change your mind,I wouldn't mind. B.shouldn't;Could C.needn't;Should

Let him start at once. A.Will D.Shall D B.Would C.Does

8. We weren't sure which way to go.In the end we turned right. You the wrong way.You left. B.have gone;must turn D.had gone;must have turned

A.went;should have turned C.went;would have turned A

9.There is a chance that I will be in Shanghai in October,so I for a few days.



A.might D.have to A


C.would rather

10.It has been announced recently that all the schools attend school at weekends. A.need D.ought to B B.shall C.could




11.May I smoke here? If you A.should D.must D not let me ,choose a seat in the smoking section. B.could C.may

12.I tried to call on you last week but your fierce dog simply come through the gate. A.could D.might B B.would C.should

13.This is for you. You A.mustn't D.shouldn't D observe the rules of the road,Madam. I read them to have!I don't know how to thank you. B.couldn't C.needn't

14.But everyone you? A.must;May D.can;Will C



15.Our monitor A.may give

you more help,even though he was very busy. B.may have given

C.might give

D.might have given D go and do the

16.Naturally,after I have told her what to do,my daughter opposite! A.may D.should C B.can C.must

17.Whatever may happen,go on until you succeed,and you about. A.should know D.will know 18.You D B.must know




C.have known

repay this debt this week according to the agreement. pay it off before the deadline. B.shall;must C.should;am due to

Don't worry.I A.must;will D.shall;am bound to D

19.Facts prove that the world's economic development is not a winlose game but one in which all be winners. A.can D.would A the last woman on earth. C.had been B.shall C.must

20.I wouldn't marry Pat even if she D.were 21.It was D the old worker came that we B.was

the experiment. B.not until;began D.not until;didn't begin

A.until;didn't begin C.until;began

B spring be far behind? B.should C.will

22.When winter comes, A.must D.can D

23.He denied once. A.having;be have;was A

stolen these watches and insisted that he

set free st have;be


24.The contest is so easy,but you fail to pass it. I'm sorry it A.could D.would B be this way. B.should C.shall

25.Werer you told to attend the meeting?Ididn't see you anyway. ,but I had an accident on the way. B.I would C.I should have

A.I was going D.I'd like to C

26.Listen!Someone is knocking at the door. be Mary.She has just been to Beijing. B.It can't C.It must

A.She mustn't D.She may C

27.As a keen netizen,she thinks there government to deal with the







Internet cafes rather than to shut them down. A.would D.might



B to the cinems yesterday,but I had to stay home,looking after

28.I would love my sick mother. A.going have gone D

B.having gone go

29.During their stay in Britain,they

get on a bus at the weekend and let it

take them anywhere it went,exploring the beautiful countryside. A.would D.must A B.should C.might




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