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2015PEPUnit 2

PEP Unit 2

A. does B.did (Rearrange the words.( 1.I stayed at grandma last weekend home with your ( . ) 2. you 3. the do we anything tea did else afternoon ( .) (?) (.)

in drank

. Read and choose.b 1.A.stayed B.danced C. eating 2.A.yesterday B.last Sunday C.Saturday 3.A. bigger B.made C. cleaned 4.A. was B. am C. are 5.A.went C. lives է 1.well( 2.swim( 3.stay( 4.cry( 7.have( 8.plan(

4. I stayed weekend and slept at home all 3. at your hotel our weekend was bad ( . )

() Read and write.( 4. -----I cleaned my room last weekend. 5. ? ------It was good, thanks. Read and fill in the blanks.( 1. ---What did Mike do yesterday ? -- He . 1 2. John 3. Chen Jie 4.The boy was ill , he for two days last week. 5.---Did she ---Yes, she did. last weekend? 5 3 4 yesterday, so he didnt go to school. all day.

2 10.drank( Read and choose.(,) 1.What did you do yesterday? A. Shes a coach. 2. What does your mother do ? B. Yes, I did. 3. What did Mike do the day before yesterday? C. Yes, it was. 4.Did you go hiking last Sunday ? D..I did my homework. 5. Was it interesting? E. He played basketball. ] Choose the best answer. () ( ) 1. Did you clean your room? ______. A. Yes, I did. B. No,I dont. C. No, I did. ( ) 2.What did Lisa do yesterday? She______ to music. A. listens B. listen C. listened ( ) 3. Did John__ ___ a cold yesterday? A has B. had C. have ( ) 4. Lisa usually her homework after super. A does C. did ( ) 5. he football last weekend? A. Did, played B. Did, play C. Did, plays ( )6. What did John do yesterday morning? A. He went boating. B. She made the bed. C. He sleep all day. ( )7. I went to the park________. A. tomorrow B. last weekend C. everyday ( ) 8.My mom busy yesterday. A. was C.are ( ) 9.Sarah funny stories last night. A. reading B.readed ( ) 10.What Linda do the day before yesterday ? She visited grandparents with her parents.

Read and answer. Zhang Peng had a long holiday last month. He went to Hangzhou and visited her grandparents. He went there by train. Zhang Peng played with his cousin on the first day of the holiday. The next day, he visited the West Lake. It was very beautiful. He went boating. He climbed a mountain, too. He stayed in Hangzhou for five days. For the last day of the holiday, he came back home and did his homework, then prepared to go back to school. 1. Zhang Peng went Guangzhou on his holiday. 2. How did He went there by plane. 3.He visited the West Lake with his cousin there. 4. He went back home on the fifth day. 5. Zhang Peng visited his grandparents last month.



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