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book5 unit1 reading 2

Unit 1, Book 5
Extensive Reading


Match the main ideas with the paragraphs.

C Para.1

A. the result of Copernicus’ study

B Para.2
D Para.3 A Para.4

B. the cause of Copernicus’ study
C. the background of Copernicus’

D. the procedure of Copernicus’ study E. Copernicus’ theory replaced the Christian idea and proved correct

E Para.5

Try to find some phrases:
导致 ......的中心 只有…… 说得通,有意义 太阳系

lead to the centre of only if … make sense the solar system
move backward go forward at times…at others

向后移动 向前移动 有时…有时…

Para 1--2

think long and hard 苦苦思索 从事对…的研究 work on… 完善/ 修改理论 improve the theory

绕着…什么转 对…热情 对…小心谨慎 收到…攻击 临终 违背 直接的联系

go round be enthusiastic about be cautious about be attacked by… lie dying be against a direct link

Para 3--5

1. Only if you put the sun there did the movement of other planets in the sky make sense.
1) 只有这样你才能学好英语。 Only in this way can you learn English well. 2) 只有当你失去它时,才能意识到它的价 值。 Only when you lose it can you realize its value.

2. He placed a fixed sun at the center of the solar system with the planets going round it and only…


1) With leaves falling here and there, I suddenly notice autumn is here. 2) With supper finished, I began to watch TV. 3) With lots of homework to do, I had to stay at home all day.

3. The Christian Church rejected his theory , saying it was against God’s idea and people who supported it would be attacked.

doing 做伴随状语
He shook his head , saying “no”.

Complete the sentences.

1. He came into the classroom ______________ . (脸上带着微笑) 2. Mother looked at me ________________. (眼里含着泪水) 3. The man came into the room ______________. (手被绑着) 4.__________________ , they went to the cinema. (没什么事情可做) 5. She sat at the desk, _____________ (读着报纸). 6. He wrote to me, _______________________. (告诉我他非常想念我) 7. Only at night ___________ . (你才能看到它开花)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

with a smile on his face with tears in her eyes with his hand tied With nothing to do reading a newspaper telling me that he missed me so much 7. can you see it blossoming



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