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15 1 15 6 æƧާ ABC 10 6 6 7 ( ) 6. What does Paul have trouble with? A. Grammar. B. Writing. C. Pronunciation. ( ) 7. What does Mrs. Brown suggest Paul to do? A. Listen to English songs. B. Practice speaking. C. Read the textbook. 7 8 9


) 8. What is the man looking for? A. A bank. B. A restaurant. C. A clothes store. ( ) 9. What would the man like? A. Hamburgers. B. Trousers. C. Vegetables. 8 10 11 ( ) 10. How long has it been since they last saw their primary school classmates? A. Two years. B. Three years. C. Four years. ( ) 11. What did Bill look like? A. He was active. B. He was naught. C. He was quiet. 9 12 14 ( ) 12. How many shirts did the boy buy from Cools Clothes Store? A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. ( ) 13. How much is the shirt? A. 19 dollars. B. 29 dollars. C. 9 dollars. ( ) 14. What are the shirts made of? A. Cotton. B. Chemical materials. C. Nylon. 10 15 17 ( ) 15. Who is Cindy going to visit? A. Her parents. B. Her cousin. C. Her aunt. ( ) 16. How is the weather there? A. Cold. B. Rainy. C. Nice. ( ) 17. When will Cindy start? A. On February 8th. B. On February 18th. C. On February 28th. 11 18 20 ( ) 18. What did the boy lose? A. His school clothes. B. His schoolbag. C. His school ID card. ( ) 19. Where did he lose it? A. In the music hall. B. In the dinning hall. C. In the library. ( ) 20. Who might have it? A. His teacher. B. His classmates. C. His father. 5 1 5 ( ) 21. Where do the writer and her parents spend their holiday? A. In Canada. B. In England. C. In Australia. ( ) 22. What can the writer see from her bedroom window? A. Tall trees. B. Snowy mountains. C. Beautiful lakes. ( ) 23. Who do they go with when taking walks? A. A guide. B. A waiter. C. A manager. ( ) 24. What did they do yesterday? A. went swimming. B. had a picnic. C. took a boat trip. ( ) 25. Why did they come back to the hotel early? A. Because the writer got sick. B. Because it began raining heavily. C. Because a friend came to visit them.

15 1 15 26. ----I understand the passage connecting it the pictures. ----I think it is a good way to study. A by; with B by; in C with; with D to; for 27. ----I hear the first computer was very expensive. ----Thats true. So not everyone was to buy one. A poor enough B enough poor C enough rich D rich enough 28. ----Its so hot today. ----Yes. Why dont you your sweater? A clean off B take off C shut off D cut off 29. ----What do you think of your host family? ----Its nice. I live with the family, I love them. A The longer; the less B The longer; the more C The shorter; the more D The shorter; the fewer 30.----I want to know if Jenny us to hang out tonight. ----I think if she her homework, she will go with us. A will join; will finish B joins; finishes C will join; finishes D joins; will finish 31.----Is your sister at home? -----No. She the supermarket. She there an hour ago. A has gone to; went B has gone to; has been C has been to; went D has been in; will go 32.---I dont know how to my reading speed. ----Dont read word by word. Read word groups. A reduce B rise C increase D fall 33.----I remember my schoolbag on a snowy afternoon in Grade 7. ----Yeah, we all helped you look for it. But we didnt find it and ended up a snowman. A losing; to make B to lose; to make C losing; making D to lose; making 34.---This song reminds me my terrible middle school life . ----Thanks teachers and classmates, my middle school life was really wonderful. A of; for B of; to C with; for D with; to 35.---Were going to have a school trip to Disneyland in July. ----news! I cant wait. A How exciting B What exciting C What an exciting D How an exciting 36.----Could you tell me ? -----Sure. Practice makes perfect. You should do practice as much as possible. A how can I study English well B Why do I learn English well C how I can study English well D why I learn English well 37.---I hear that an 8.1-magnitude earthquake happened in Nepal April 25th, 2015. ----Oh , Im sorry to hear that. A at B in C during D on 38. Lin Feng has to work late, she always wears a smile on her face. A Because B If C Though D Until 39.---will your mother come back? ----In two days. A How soon B How long C How often D How far 40.---These dresses are really nice and I cant decide which one to buy. ----Well, .Try them on and see how they look on you. There is no hurry. A never mind B take your time C its a piece of cake D not at all

15 1 15 A group of grown-ups, who have highly succeeded in their jobs, went back to university to see their old professor(). Soon they began to 41 the stress in work and life. The professor went to the kitchen and returned 42 a pot of coffee and all kinds of cupscrystal, glass, plastic, some nice looking, some plain() looking, some 43 , some cheap. And he told them to 44 themselves with the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hands, the professor said, Ive noticed that all the nice looking expensive cups were 45 , leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is 46 for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source( ) of your 47 and stress. You know that the cup itself 48 no quality() to the coffee. 49 you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, 50 you consciously() went for the best cups. Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and 51 in society are the cups. They are just 52 to hold life, and the kind of cup does not change the quality of our life. Sometimes, by focusing only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee that God has 53 us. God gave us the coffee, not the cups. Please enjoy your coffee! The happiest people dont have the best of everything. They just make the best use of 54 . Live simply. Love excitedly. Care deeply. Speak 41.A.think of 42.A.for 43.A.expensive 44.A.bring 45.A.refused 46.A.normal 47.A.thoughts 48.A.builds 49.A.Who 50.A.and 51.A.position 52.A.cups 53.A.taught 54.A.something B.stick to B.ordinary B.serve B.left B.important B.failure B.adds B.How B.but B.age B.glasses B.provided B.everything C.strong C.take C.chosen C.impossible C.questions C.spreads C.What C.bags C.sold C.nothing 55 . And leave the rest to God. D.end up D.with D.beautiful D.offer D.dropped D.necessary D.problems D.leads D.When D.or D.number D.bowls D.bought D.anything C.complain about

55.A.kindly B.sadly C.directly D.Seriously 32 12 2 24 1 When I was ten, my mother worked all day, so I had to take care of my younger brother. At that time my little brother was about four years old and he missed Mum all the time. One day, after I had given him his dinner, he started crying for Mum. He was so young and really needed Mum. So I dressed him, carried him on my back and walked out. Soon he fell asleep. About half an hour later, I found that he had lost a shoe while sleeping. I took him off my back and put him down. I knew we needed to find that shoe, for our mother couldnt afford new shoes.

We had to go back to find it, so I told my brother to wait right there. A man heard it and stopped me just before I walked off. He asked me, You are leaving your brother here to find the shoe What would you do if he is not here when you return I did not know how to answer that question. He continued, Its OK if you cant find the shoe, but it is not OK to lose your brother. Then he sent us to Mums workplace by taxi. In my whole life I have depended on the kindness of many strangers. I feel regretful that I cannot find them and say Thank you. I do not even remember what the mans face looked like, but he taught me a lessonpeople are more important than things. 56.Why did the younger brother cry for his mother ABecause he was hungry. BBecause he missed his mother. CBecause he wanted to sleep. DBecause he wanted to play outside. 57.What does the underlined word regretful in the last paragraph mean ASorry. BHappy. CEmbarrassed. DMad. 58.What did the man mean by saying Its OK if you cant find the shoe, but it is not OK to lose your brother A.You must find the shoe. B.The shoe is as important as your brother. C.The shoe is more important than your brother. D.People are more important than things. 59.According to the passage, which word can best describe the man AImpolite. BFunny. CKind. DStupid. 2 Values join us together and set us apart. Today, our society has a terrible lack () of values. Here are some social values that everyone needs. Respect () Respect means to respect others in everyday life. Even if you are against a person, it is important to have respect. It is this respect that makes us humans. Without this respect, we become animals. We need to respect our friends for our friendship. We even need to respect our enemies, because they help us to grow up and be stronger. Respect is one of the crucial values in a relationship. Love Love is everything. With love in our hearts, we feel no need to hurt another. With love in our hearts, we will pay more attention to the similarities in opinions rather than the disagreement. If we want others to be good to us, we need to be good to them. After all, we give love to get love, right Loyalty () People often forget the meaning and importance of loyalty. Loyalty is necessary for people to believe in each other. In no matter what kind of relationship, we need to believe in each other so that we can work together towards the same goal. Honesty Honesty is to show other people who we really are. Honesty helps us do better, because it makes us realize our problems and find ways to solve them. It is this honesty that will make others help you out, not because you need it. Others give you a hand because they have problems too, which you can help out with. This honesty will help us follow the other values in society and, truly, heal the world!

60.The Chinese meaning of the word values in the passage is probably _________. A B C D 61.According to the passage, we are different from animals because of __________. Aloyalty BHonesty Clove Drespect 62.With love in our hearts, we will__________________. Agrow up and become stronger Bbelieve in each other Cnever hurt another and be good to others Drealize our problems and find ways to solve them 63.The best title of the passage is ____________________________________. AValues We Need for Our Society BLove and Honesty COur Society DHow to Change Our Society 3 The Segway is the worlds first self-balancing individual transport vehicle() for short distance() travel. It looks like a large stick with two wheels(). The wheels are connected to a platform. The stick has handles() for a person to hold. The person stands on the platform and holds the handles. The transporter moves forward() or backward() when the person moves his or her body in that direction. The driver turns the handles to go left or right. Computer devices on the Segway make it move and balance. It can travel at a speed of nineteen kilometers an hour. In order to reduce pollution and solve other environmental problems in cities, Dean Kamen invented the Segway. But it was not for traveling on roads. A Segway costs about five thousand dollars. Many people say it is too expensive. However, people who have bought a Segway say it is extremely useful. This is especially true for people who have trouble walking. Other people use Segways instead of their cars for short trips. They say it is a great way to save money on gasoline(). People on vacation are also learning to use Segways. It may take you about thirty minutes to learn how to ride a Segway. 64.If you want to turn backward the Segway, you need to move your body ___________. Aright Bleft Cforward Dbackward 65.From the passage we know that the Segway ____________________________. Ais good for the earth Bis easy for long distance travel Ccan take cars place completely Dis useless to all the disabled people 66___________________ may be interested in the Segway. A A runner B.A boy whose leg is hurt C A music lover D A movie star 67.Which of the following is TRUE AThe Segway has four wheels. BThe Segway can run at the speed of 9 kilometers an hour. CPeople could ride the Segway on roads in the past. DLearning to ride a Segway is easy. 4 8 (4) Wang Qige, 14, from Zhejiang:

I love Wang Weis Thinking of My Brothers On Mountain-Climbing Day ( ) the most. The poem expresses his missing of his hometown and the people there. The famous line When it comes to festivals, I miss my family more exactly describes how we think during the holidays. Just like him, I am now studying in Shenyang, a city far from my hometown. So I can totally understand this poem. Zhang Luoyang, 15, from Jiangsu: A Spring Morning () is my favorite poem. It is the first poem I learned when I was a little kidIt is so simple that a 3-year-old like me could understand it. The four sentences paint a picture of early spring. With songs of birds and sounds of wind, everyone can feel the sense of spring in the poem. Lin Yi, 14, from Jiangsu: Li Bai is my favorite poet. I like his Thoughts in a Still Night () best. It is simple but beautiful. And I met my pen pal in the UK because of this poem. He is a big fan of Chinese poems. This poem is also his favorite. We communicate about it and talk about Chinese culture. Im so glad we became friends because of this poem. Zhou Kefan, 14, from Guangxi: When will the moon be clear and bright This is the start of my favorite poem Thinking of You ( ) from Su Shi. The words are beautiful. It tells about how Su Shi wants to leave all his pains behind but he cant. And its been turned into a song. The singer Wang Fei has sung it before. I fell in love with the poem when I first heard the song. People Wang Qige Favorite poems Reasons

The poem not only 68_________ of his hometown Thinking of My Brothers On and the people there, but also describes how we think Mountain-Climbing Day during the holidays. It is the first poem that he learned. Its so simple that three-year-olds can understand it. The four sentences 69____________ early spring, and everyone can feel the sense of spring in it. It is simple but beautiful. He met a pen pal who is 70 ___________ in the UK because of this poem. The words are beautiful. She 71_____________ the poem when she first heard the song that the poem has been turned into.

Zhang Luoyang

A Spring Morning

Lin Yi

Thoughts in a Still Night

Zhou Kefan

Thinking of You

] 5 2 l0 5 APlease watch the news, Jack. B72______________________________________________ AIts about an accident. On the night of December 31 Chenyi Square was crowded with lots of people in Shanghai. Unluckily, the stampede () happened and 36 young people died.

B73_________________________________ I think such accidents will never happen to me. AWhy BBecause I hardly ever go to crowded places. 74___________________________________ AWhere do you often spend your free time BIn parks. I like to spend time in relaxing places. How about you A:Me too. 75______________________________________________________________ B:By the way, why did so many people go to Chenyi Square that day A:They welcomed New Year there. 76_________________________________________ BBy watching TV at home or shopping with friends. A. Crowed places make me excited. B. Im sorry to hear that. C. What is it about D. What do you often do to welcome New Year E. So I often spend weekends on the beach with my family. F. I often feel uneasy in crowded places. G. How do you usually welcome New Year 8 1 8 ڧ 77.conversation Its a good idea friends because it will improve your spoken English. 78.use Jack be too busy to care about how his son studied. 79.hear I look forward to you. 80.put The teacher tells us not what we can do today till tomorrow. 81.attention People food safety than before. 82.wake Because I slept too late last night ,I found it difficult on time. 83.good To drive less the environment. 84.fall As far as I know, Susan has already that man . 15 Mike Mike 1. 2. <Spring Festival ,traditional,decorate,on the eve of the festival,get together,set off fireworks,lucky money> Dear Mike,

Yours, Liu Wei



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