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一 单项选择题
1. Why are some cancers cured by chemotherapy alone,__ others are unaffected by drugs? (5.0 分) as while however where 知识点: 用户解答: while 2. In China, children( (5.0 分) has to start can start have to start must to start 知识点: 用户解答: can start 3. Let's not wait any longer, he might not( (5.0 分) turn on turn over turn up turn down )at all. )school at seven.

知识点: 用户解答: turn up 4. The lab was being( (5.0 分) to rebuild rebuilding rebuilt rebuild 知识点: 用户解答: rebuild 5. The farmer caught the boys( (5.0 分) stole to steal stealing would steal 知识点: 用户解答: stealing 6. A__word is often on a higher pitch and it has a longer duration ,i.e. the vowel appears to be longer. (5.0 分) pressed stressed impressed crucial )his apples. )when we visited the university.

知识点: 用户解答: stressed 7. The room was so noisy that it was several hours__I got to sleep again. (5.0 分) after before since unless 知识点: 用户解答: before 8. (5.0 分) He is unable to go to work () the fall from his bike. in a result of in a result as a result of 知识点: 用户解答: as a result of 9. Many college students like to chat on the Internet.They think talking with friends on the Internet is __casual and exciting __face to face. (5.0 分) not only …but also more…than neither…nor less…than as a result

知识点: 用户解答: more…than 10. Not always( (5.0 分) )they want(to).

people cannot do what can't people do what can people do what people can do what 知识点: 用户解答: can people do what 11. For the good of both parties,the discussion soon struck the real__. (5.0 分) consideration question problem difficulty 知识点: 用户解答: problem 12. It has been such a long time__I saw him that I'm not sure if I will remember him. (5.0 分) since as before that

知识点: 用户解答: since 13. Nick is very __about using computers, though he is only a freshman. (5.0 分) confident dependent interested good 知识点: 用户解答: confident 14. You shouldn't have called me while I was giving my class.You __me after my class. (5.0 分) must approach might approach could have approached would have approached 知识点: 用户解答: could have approached 15. The big man has always been eating on the go,( stomachache. (5.0 分) as because however so )he has got

知识点: 用户解答: so 16. After stopping for a few minutes, the bus moved( (5.0 分) off with forward on 知识点: 用户解答: on 17. We are( (5.0 分) )in the future of our motherland. )to its next stop.

aware certain confident sure 知识点: 用户解答: confident 18. He gave us a __ statement of the case in question. (5.0 分) useful particular specialized definite

知识点: 用户解答: definite 19. ( )they are doing has never been done before. (5.0 分) What Whether That Why 知识点: 用户解答: What 20. I can't __ that he will be there in time. (5.0 分) make sure make safe make clear make certain 知识点: 用户解答: make certain

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