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2015版PEP六年级下Unit 3测试题

PEP 六年级下册周周清 Unit 3
一、写出下列单词。 礼物 吐鲁番 (写词组) 骑了马 去钓鱼了 骑了自行车 去游泳了 去野营了 买了礼物 骡子 劳动节 篮,筐 角色 从(某处)落下 直到

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

伤了我的脚 吃了新鲜食物 照了照片 二、 Read and choose.(读一读,选出每组单词中不同类的一项。 )

did Mike what last do weekend ( ? ) ______________________________________ did go you where winter over the holiday ( ? ) ________________________________ you to go Turpan did (?) _______________________________ go did you there how ( ? ) _______________________________ we there plane by went ( . )

( ( ( ( (

)1. A .licked )2. A. could )3. A. beach )4. A. fell )5. A. was

B. laugh B. see B. mule B. till B. did

C. saw C. went C. Turpan C. stayed C. dressed

They bought some delicious some gifts and ate food( . ) _______________________ 7. we took pictures of the beautiful countryside ( . ) __________________________
十、 Look, read and write. (看图,根据图片提示完成句子。 )

________ ___


go(过去式)_________ hurt(原形)__________ fall( 过去式)_________ lick((过去式)__________ laugh(过去式)__________ can(过去式)____________ rode(原形)__________ buy(过去式)____________ take(过去式)_________ ate(原形)__________ were(原形 )________ am/is(过去式)_________ drink(过去式)_________ ran(原形 )_________
四、Read and choose.(选出正确答语, 把序号填在括号内。 )

( ( ( ( (

)1.Where did you go on your holiday? )2.Did she go to Xinjiang? )3.How did he go? )4.What happened? )5.Are you all right?

A.I’m OK now. B.I fell off my bike. C.I went to Sanya. D.He went by plane. E.Yes,she did.

1. What did Lisa do on the Labour holiday? She _______ _________ . 2. What happened, John? I ______ _____ ________ . (脚受伤) . 3. What did you do yesterday? I__________ __________for my friends.
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1 .



4.Did you _______ ______ ________?

Choose the best answer. (选择正确答案,把序号填在括号内。 )

( ( ( ( (

)1.Where did Mr Guo go last Saturday? ______ A. He went to a park. B.He went hiking. )2.What ____you_____there? We saw lots of grapes. A.did did B.did do )3.______did you go with? My parents and me. A.Where B. Who )4.Did you go to Beijing last week? A.Yes, I do. B.Yes,we did. )5.How did Meimei go to the zoo? A.She went on foot. B.She went to Hainan.
六、 Rearrange the words.(连词成句。)

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No, I didn’t. I _______ __________ with my friends. 十一、 Read and tick( √ ) or cross(× ).(阅读理解。) Monday, April,28 Today was a sunny day. In the morning, Robin and me walked to Wu Yifan’s home. It was his birthday. I bought some dinosaurs’ pictures for him. He liked them very much. We ate the birthday cake and lunch together. We had a good time. ( )1.Today was Sunday. ( )2.Today was Robin’s birthday. ( )3.Wu Yifan liked the dinosaurs’ pictures very much. ( )4.They ate breakfast together. ( )5.They had a bad day but also a good day.
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