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---Easy 1. : [ ] [ ] head had set sat bet bat ---Hard really we pen quite [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] rarely way pain quiet [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] hide sight bite [ ] 2. hit it is [ ] [ ] heat hate eat eight ease As ---Harder ego mirror south checking [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] eagle measure sauce check in [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 3. read write road [ ] lead light load [ ] need night node

? Happy ---Mocca Life is just a bowl of cherries, Sometimes its afraid filled with ______ Don't be afraid When things______, just_____ When thing seems up in the air And everything is so ______ And you stumble and fall Just pick yourself up and ______ If one day you lose your way Just remember one thing, my Friend When youre under a______ Just visit music and sing If one day you lose your way Just remember that I'm here to _____ Don't you ______, keep your ______ And be happy

1. 2.

1. thirty---thirteen, forty---fourteen, fifty---fifteen, sixty---sixteen, seventy---seventeen, eighty---eighteen, ninety---nineteen

1)__________________________________ 2)______________________________

2. 1 3/4__________1/2__________2/3___________1?__________ 0.7___________1.6__________ 20%________________



_______ _______ _______ ____________ ___________

____________________________ ____________________________ ______________ Exercise: 1M: The radio costs _______, but I have only _______. W: I have _______. Q: ______________________ do they have between them? 2M: I have a single and a double room for_______ nights. W: ______ a night, plus VAT. Q: __________________________ for two nights? 3W: Heres a _______ bill. Give me _______ tickets for tonights now, please. M: Sure. ______ tickets and heres _______ change. Q: _____________ does one ticket ______? 4M: Your son seems to have made much progress in playing the piano. Does he attend any piano classes? W: Yes, he takes lessons ____________, but from____________on, he will go to the class on_____________too. Q: ________ will the womans son have piano lessons from next week on? 3. 1 9:45_________________________5:30_________________________ 11:40________________________12:20________________________ 24:00________________________ 2 ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________ __________________________ _____________________________1990 ______________________________ 3

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _________________________________ _______________________________

Exercise: 1W: Bob, are you going straight home after school today? M: No. I have a class_______________, and _______that Im going to___________________ at the library______________. Q: _______ is Bob going home this afternoon? 2W: Did you go to the football match last Saurday? M: Oh, yes. It was supposed to start at ____________, but it was_________________. Q: _______ did the football match start? 3W: How much time did you have for writing the paper? M: We were given____________, but I finished in__________________________. Q: ____________ did it take the man to write his paper? 4M: Whats the time for departure? W: ______. That only leaves us ________ to go through the customs and check our baggage. Q: ____________did the conversation take place? 5M: Have you seen my brother? W: No, I havent seen him __________________________________. Q: When did she last see the mans brother? A. Yesterday B. Three days ago C. Two days ago D. Early last week 6M: May I have your time? W: My watch has_______, but it is _______________________. Q: __________________? A. 2: 35 B. 2:25 C. 2:15 D. 2:40 Assignment 1. contend , context principal , dessert decent costume precede compliment confirm protest assent champion contact except

content , contest , principle desert v. descent n. , custom proceed complement conform protect ascent champagne contract expect

accent campaign contrast accept

2. 831 8:31 1,23412:34 585:08 356 3:56 1,15011:50 343:04 118 1:18 1,11111:11 676:07

7407:40 9169:16 6156:15

1991 2012 1987

2 1[ a: ]_______ after, answer, bath, path, class, dance, cant father, rather 2 [ t ]_______ better, letter, writer, matter, water return 3 [? ]_______ nobody, everybody, college, bottom, 4[ ?: ]_______ watch, water, 5 [ju:]_______ duty, issue, suit, stupid, attitude Maybe I can get some ______ information to add to it. 6 r fear, loser, car, far, first, work r idea, delicious, really, famous Thats really a very nice idea. course---cause once more---one small career---Korea worse---was Exercise: 1) They_______at the dorm last night. 2) ---The snow is _______ coming down, isnt it? ---_______ do we have so much snow in December. Q: What does the man mean? A. It is typical December weather for this region. B. It wont really snow until December. C. Such a large amount of snow is unusual for this month. D. There has never been much snow down South. 7 clerk [ ] [ ] cassette [ ] [ ] garage [ ] [ ]



record [ ] [ ] laboratory [ ] [ ] schedule [ ] [ ]

cupboard [ ] [ ] secretary [ ] [ ] ordinarily [ ] [ ]

neither/ either [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] dictionary [ ] [ ] schedule [ ] [ ]

1 1 + Its going to run out of film Im afraid its put of stock. The cinema is a little out of the way. She was a little out of shape. 2 + /h//h/ trust him, come here, Tell him to ask her.

does he know?

he Has he gone? Should he leave? 3 + Stop Peter, want to = _______, It's not to bad.

got to =_______

4 + 1) [i:] [i] [ei] [ai] [oi]+v _____ be on time, stay up, can you see it, enjoy it 2) [u:] [u] [au] [ou]+v _____ grow up, just do it, go out, how are you doing Exercise: one apple, two apples, three apples, four apples, five apples, six apples, seven apples, eight apples, nine apples, ten apples 2 Tip: 1. +[p][b] [t][d] [k][g] goodbye, update, take care, sit down, a great deal Its a big cake. I like Gavin. 2. + [m] [n] admit, let me out, set me free, good night at night, get married, take me away, I don't know. That might help. 3. + [l] Badly, lately job list, good luck, at last, 4. ¦ Whats up? Are you late?

at least,

look like

3 1 [t][j] Last year, I met you. And next year, I forget you. 2 [s][j] This year, I miss you, and God bless you.

Cant you do it?

3 [d][j] could you, would you, did you Did you do it? Could you pass me a glass of water? 4. [z][j] because you, as usual, I advise you,

I use your book.

1 W: May I come in? M: Come in, please. Do you know what time it is? W: Its _______. I am very sorry to be late again. And I am also sorry to _______you and others. M: All right, whats you excuse this time? Dont tell me your _______ didnt __________ or your _______stopped. I dont __________________. W: Excuse me, sir. I ______________________. You just cannot imagine ____________________. M: Why dont you ___________________to avoid this time? W: Im sorry, sir. I indeed ____________________, but__________________________________. M: Im never late for work, you see. _________________________________________________. W: Oh, thats a good idea!__________________________________ to avoid hitting rush hours. I promise I wont be late in future. And I hope you could forgive me once more. M: Thats right! _________________________________, if this happens again, you will be _____. 2 ? The Climb ---Miley Cyrus ____________________ That dream I'm dreaming but There's a voice inside my head saying you'll never ____________ Every step I'm taking Every move I make feels Lost with no direction My faith is shaking But I, I gotta keep trying Gotta___________________ There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna ______________ Always gonna be an ____________

/ / / / / / / / , / , / / / /

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose Aren't about __________________________ Aren't about___________________________ It's the climb The struggles I'm facing The chances I'm taking Sometimes might ____________________ No I'm not breaking I may not know it But these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most, yeah Just gotta keep going But I, I gotta be strong Just be pushing on ? Butterfly Fly Away ---Miley Cyrus You tucked me in, _____________________ Kept me safe and sound at night Little girls _____________ things like that Brushed my teeth and combed my hair Had to drive me everywhere You were always there when I looked back You had to do it_____________ Make a living, make a home Must have been ________________it could be And when I couldn't sleep at night Scared things wouldn't _____________ right You would hold my hand and sing to me Caterpillar in the tree How you wonder who you'll be Can't go far ___________ can always dream Wish you may and wish you might Don't you worry, hold on tight ________________ there will come a day Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away Flap your wings now __________________ Take those dreams and make them all come true Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away We've been waiting for this day All along and knowing just what to do Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly fly away

/ / D / / / / / / / / / / ?? / / 1. 2. 3.


1 I usually eat sushi for lunch. I ate noodles today. I usually eat sushi. For lunch, I ate noodles today. My mother listens to the radio in the evening, plays tennis in the afternoon, and cleans the house in the morning. 2. What time do you come in in the morning? Look your papers over over the weekend. Exercise: In the next few decades, people are going to travel very differently from the way they do today. Everyone is going to drive electrically-powered cars, so in the few years, people wont worry about running out of gas. Some of the large automobile companies are really moving ahead with this new technology. F&C Motors, a major auto company, for example, is holding a press conference next week. After the press conference, the company will present its new electronically-operated models. Transportation in the future wont be limited to the ground; many people predict that traffic will quickly move to the sky. In the coming years, instead of radio reports about road conditions and highway traffic, news reports will talk about traffic jams in the sky. But the sky isnt the limit. In the future, you will probably even be able to take a trip to the moon. Instead of listening to regular airplane announcements, you will hear someone say: the spacecraft to the moon leaves in 10 minutes. Please check your equipment. And remember no more than 10 ounces of carry-on baggage are allowed. 1 addict, convict, perfect, permit perfect 100% correct to make sth. Perfect

I want to perfect my English. = I want to make my English perfect.




2 1 n. v. adj.adv.

be Exercise:
1. ---What subjects are compulsory in your school? ---In my school we have to take language and maths but we can choose history or chemistry. 2. ---What are your favourite subjects? ---I really like English because its so interesting and the teacher is so funny! 3. ---What subjects do you not like? ---I hate maths because its boring and its too hard. 4. ---Tell me about discipline in your school. ---Our school is very strict. There are lots of rules. You have to wear a uniform and you cant talk in class. 5. ---What exams do you take? ---At the end of Senior High everyone takes University Entrance exam. Its really difficult and we have to do a lot of work. 6. ---How much homework do you have? ---Lots! I have to work every night and I get so tired! 2 You dont speak Chinese, do you? I do speak Chinese. Tip: did+ Exercise: W: Youve been doing weather reports for nearly 30 years. Has the weather got any worse in all these years? M: Well, not necessarily worse. But we are seeing more swings. Q: What does the man say about the weather? 3 : You put your pen on your desk? No, in my desk. 4c an & cant I can drive a car, but I cant drive a motorcycle. I can do it, but I cant understand why. You can learn it from radio, but you cant see it on TV. Exercise 05.6 : 1.__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.__________________________________________________________________________________________

5.__________________________________________________________________________________________ 6.__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7.__________________________________________________________________________________________ 8.__________________________________________________________________________________________

Transcripts: 1. W: Simon, oh, well, could you return the tools I lend you for building the bookshelf last month? M: Oh, I hate to tell you this, but I cant seem to find them. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 2. W: I found an expensive diamond ring in the restroom this morning. M: If I were you, I would turn it in to the security office. It is behind the administration building. Q: What does the man suggest the woman do? 3. W: I am going to Marthas house. I have a paper to complete. And I need to use her computer. M: Why dont you buy one yourself? Think how much time you could save. Q: What does the man suggest the woman do? 4. W: Daddy, I have decided to give up science and go to business school. M: Well, it is your choice as long as pay your own way, but I should warn you that not everyone with a business degree will make a successful manager. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 5. W: I just read in the newspaper that Lord of the Rings is this years greatest hit. Why dont we go and see it at the Grand Cinema? M: Dont you think that cinema is a little out of the way? Q: What does the man mean? 6. W: Bob said that Seattle is a great place for conferences. M: He is certainly in the position to make that comment. HE has been there so often. Q: What does the man say about? 7. W: Mr. Watson, I wonder whether its possible for me to take a vacation early next month. M: Did you fill out a request form? Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? 8. M: Do you want to go to the lecture this weekend? I heard that the guy who is going to deliver the lecture spent a year living in the rainforest. W: Great, I am doing a report on the rain forest. Maybe I can get some new information to add it. Q: What does the woman mean?


1 Face the Music! Father: We need to talk. Patrick: Can this wait? Its after two. Im tired. Mother: Youre hardly ever home, Patrick. We cant put this off any longer. Patrick: Fine. What? Father: We want to talk to you about your life. Patrick: Here it comes . . . Father: You need to be more responsible. You stay out too late. Youre not taking your graduation very seriously. Patrick: Give me a break! I do have a job, you know. Father: Actually, youve had three different jobs in the last six weeks. You seem to brush them off like theyre games. And you arent putting away any of your money. You burn through it and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Patrick: Well, its no skin off your nose. Its my money, right? Mother: Yes, but you dont seem to be thinking at all about your future. We cant support you forever, you know. Youve got to start to make your own way in the world soon. Father: Patrick, youre smart. You have to get a real job. If youd like, I can help you get the ball rolling. Id like to get you a job working at my company. It will be a way to get your feet wet in business until you find something on your own. Patrick: Its like talking to a wall with you two! How many times do I have to tell you? I dont want to work in business! Im going to be a writer. Father: Patrick, thats an admirable goal, but you cant go about it with your head in the clouds. You need to start somewhere concrete, but even before that you need to earn a living somehow. Patrick: Ive told you a thousand times, I dont want to sell out and work for a corporation! Mother: Who put this idea in your head anyway? Was it Marcie? Patrick: I knew it. Thats what this is all about. Just because you dont get along with Marcie! Father: Patrick, its true that we dont see eye to eye with you on girlfriends. But this is not about Marcie. This is about you taking charge of your life. Mother: Wake up and smell the coffee, Patrick . . . Marcie hasnt set very high goals for herself in life, and if you . . . Father: Honey, we agreed wed focus on the job situation first. Lets just . . . Patrick: Oh, I cant believe this! Father: Your mother just wants the best for you. But your relationship with Marcie is neither here nor there. The point is you are twenty-three and havent had a decent job since you graduated. Patrick: Must you constantly be on my case about this? Look, the way I see it, its my life now, and Im the only one who should have to worry about it. You two have to cut the cord. Father: Well, were glad you think so son, because your mother and I have decided its about time you moved out. Patrick: What?! Father: Time to face the music. Its sink or swim, Patrick. Welcome to the real world. Patrick: Youre just cutting me off? Mother: Oh, of course not, son. Your father is just being dramatic. But it really is time for you to face the real world. Were doing this because we love you. Well be there to help if you need it. Patrick: Oh. Okay . . . So, does that mean I can drop my laundry off here for you, Mom?

2. Honey, Theres something on My Mind . . . Al: Hi, sweetie! How are you? Dont you normally work on Fridays? Beth: Yeah, but I had to talk to you. It couldnt wait. Al: Oh, sure . . . Um, whats up? Beth: Well, I need to get something off my chest. Al: Thats good, because theres been something on my mind, too. Beth: Let me go first; this is important. Al: Okay. Beth: Im sorry to spring this on you, but I think we should break up. Al: Wow . . . Thats big news. Well, how . . . I mean . . . Well, why do you want to dump me? Beth: I suppose it would be fair of me to give you a reason. Al: Well, yeah! This comes out of nowhere. A reason would be nice. Beth: Im breaking up with you because youve become a real couch potato. All you do is watch TV. And the only thing you like to watch on TV is cartoons. Al: But I thought you were crazy about cartoons! Remember that time we saw the movie A Bugs Life? You were smiling during the whole thing . . . And you were in seventh heaven for the rest of the night. Didnt you enjoy it? Beth: I thought it was cute, but I then I moved on! Youre still obsessed with cartoons. Al: Well, what else? Beth: Youve really let yourself go, too! We used to go biking and play tennis, and now you just sit around eating cereal, watching your cartoons! Al: So, I dont turn you on anymore? Isnt it a bit shallow to break up with someone just over looks? Beth: But thats not all. You never want to go out and do anything. We stay here all the time, and your apartment is a pigsty. You never do the dishes or the laundry. There are empty pizza boxes from two weeks ago on your kitchen table. It really drives me up the wall! Al: Mmmm . . . But weve been going out for two years now, and Ive never exactly been tidy . . .Why didnt you bring this up sooner? Beth: I thought it was cute at first . . . I thought I would get used to it. Later, I thought you would grow out of it. Anyway . . . thats not the point. I just dont want to see you anymore. (Silence) Beth: So . . . you said you had something you wanted to tell me? I suppose how you hate that I try to control your life and change you . . . Al: Noactually, I wanted to ask you if you knew where I left the remote control for the TVI havent been able to find it for weeks. Beth: It figures.


Warming-up 1.__________ 2._________ 3._________
1____________ 1. Did you eat dinner? No, I didnt. You didnt have dinner Thats correct. 2. W: According to the paper the police are warning people especially pensioners not to admit anyone unless they have an appointment. Its a bit sad. One old lady told them shed just been to the post office to draw her pension when he called. She said he must have followed her home. He stole the whole lot. M: But what does he look like? Surly they must have a description. W: Oh, yes, they have. Lets see, in his thirties, tall, bushy dark hair, slight northern accent, sounds a bit like you actually. 2___________ M: Ive brought back your Oxford Companion to English Literature. I thought you might use it for your paper. Sorry not to have returned it earlier. W: I was wondering where the book was. I 1____________ W: I hear that the Edwards are thinking of buying another house. M: Should they be doing that with all the other expenses they have to pay? Anyhow, they are over 70 now, and their present house is not too bad. Q: What does the man imply? 2____________ W: You havent seen a blue notebook, have you? I hope I didnt leave it in the reading room. M: Did you check that pile of journals youve borrowed from the library the other day? Q: What is the man trying to say to the woman? 3____________ I just read in the newspaper that The Lord of the Rings is this years greatest hit. Why dont we go and see it W: at the Grand Cinema? M: Dont you think that cinema is a little out of the way? Q: What does the man mean? 1 ________ Shes beautiful, isnt she?

2 ________ Shes beautiful, isnt she? () M: Jane missed class again, didnt she? I wonder why? W: Well, I knew she had been absent all week. So I called her this morning to see if she was sick. It turned out that her husband was badly injured in a car accident. Q: What does the woman say about Jane? 1 You should do 2 Youd better do 3 If I were you, I would do W: I found an expensive diamond ring in the restroom this morning. M: If I were you, I would turn it in to the security office. It is behind the administration building. Q: What does the man suggest the woman do? 4 Why not do :_______________ W: I am going to Marthas house. I have a paper to complete. And I need to use her computer. M: Why dont you buy one yourself? Think how much time you could save. Q: What does the man suggest the woman do? Why do:_______________ M: I am doing to New York next week, but the hotel I booked is really expensive. W: Why book a hotel? My brother has 2 spare rooms in his apartment. Q: What does the woman mean? 5 How about doing M: Ill have the steak, French Fries, and lets see, chocolate ice cream for dissert. W: Oh, oh, you know these things will ruin your health, too much fat and sugar. How about ordering some vegetables and fruit instead? Q: Where did the conversation most probably take place? ] 1 1) Id love to, but M: How about joining me for a cuo of coffee? W: Id love to, but I m exhausted. I was up till 3 this morning, writing a paper for my literature class. Q: Why does the woman decline the mans invitation? 2) I doubt W: Have you heard about the new digital television system? It lets people get about 500 channels. M: Yeah. But I doubt theyll have anything different from what we watch now. Q: What does the man mean?


3) I wish I could W: Having visited so many countries, you must be able to speak several different languages. M: I wish I could. But Japanese and, of course English are the only languages I can speak. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 2 1) not really 1M: Its already 11 now. Do you mean I ought to wait until Professor Bloom comes back from class? W: Not really. You can just leave a note. Ill give it to her later. Q: What does the woman mean? 2M: The taxi driver must have been speeding. W: Well, not really. He crashed into the tree because he was trying not o hit a box that had fallen off the truck ahead of him. Q: What do we learn about the taxi driver? 2) not yet M: How is John now? Is he feeling any better? W: Not yet. It still seems impossible to make him smile. Talking to him is really difficult and he gets upset Q: What do we learn about John from the conversion? 3) no M: Are you telling me you dont have a housekeeper? W: No, we dont. If you make a mess, you clean it up yourself. Q: What do we learn from this conversation?

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