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Ralph Ellison invisible man.

" I am an invisible man, " this is the first word of the hero in the novel.Please understand, others can not see me, just because they didn't want to see me. The " I " hiding in the Harlem's basement, lighting 1369 lamp, want to let others pay attention to him . Perhaps just because I am the invisible man, light is so necessary to me.light confirms my existence. The book mainly tells the process of how " I " become invisible man. " I " am an American native gentle black kid bring up under The United States slavery system, Always be respectful on white people ." I " give a speech which tells about explanation of secret at the high school graduation ceremony very an

successfully . As a result , " I " was invited to have a speech again for the leader . Before speech," I " watched a white girl stripteasing , then " I " watched black boys attacking each others in blindfold ."I" am forced to attend this fighting in blindfold ,too. And " I " was beaten by them. After that " I " still give them a speech and achieve a success ,win a state Black University scholarship. When " I " was a third grade student ,a white board named Mr. Norton forced to drive visit the school, " I "am

Mr. Norton to have a tour . Unluckily , we met

a incest black farmers and

had a sleep with the black

farmer's wife and daughter , and Make daughter pregnant . Curiously, although the surrounding black pushed him ,instead white people sympathized with him. The manager

remembered the memories of the night in the farmers home. So the manager rewarded the black farmer. And he let me drive him there again. They went to the golden day restaurant, the hotel also is inn. There are prostitutes and madman. (Near the house of Bedlam, madmen accompanied with nurses often went to hotel to drink a cup) A madman say Norton is his grandfather repeatedly, a prostitute come and strokes Norton's forehead carefully. Norton is frightened , he run away from the hotel. As a result he broken his forehead when he go through the door unfortunately. When they come back to school, the black president see VIP is hurt, he is very angry, he dismiss me from school. After that , I Go to New York with a letter of recommendation to make a living , but what puzzled me a lot is that the employer who have see my letter dismiss me away immediately. I didn't know the reason until I pay attention to the content of letter that the black president have wrote vicious talks on the letter. After

many setbacks, I was hired by a paint company . This is a job to drop ten drops of black liquid and mixing it with the white paint by stirring roughly in order to make it whiter and whiter. Those paint is order by the government and it is used to paint National important buildings. Unfortunately , I make a mistake and caused heavy loss. And I get hurt because of the boiler exploding. In the hospital, the doctor put " I " as the new machine experiment ,Not only work by " I " lost the ability of easily

myself, even " I " loss all of my memory. After get

out of the hospital, I meet a good woman Marie, I rent a house in his home , With her help I gradually adapt to the environment, I Restore a part of black identity, But " I " hate this identity, One day I occasionally found a

black iron casting in the room , I regard it as the symbol of self mockery .pick it up and throw away. One time I walk in the street, saw a pair of black old couple is being forced to

remove from their home by the landlady, their items lie on the side of the road messily. A white police ordered them smartly. A group of black on the side is very angry, they want to have a fight with the white police. My heart filled with complex psychological mixed by hate and fear, I went forward to stop them fighting, say :"Brother, this is not the way, our people are

law-abiding, is not easily provoked. "But white police become more rude to the old couple , And I'm running out of patience, I delivered a speech immediately ,Incite people to fight against the white police, and moved the furniture back to the flat .My behaviour caused a radical organization "

Brotherhood "'s attention ," I " was also invited to participate in the organization and its activities, feel that I finally regain myself. However, " I " soon found the leader of the organization is so ignorant. their background is also very suspicious. I was ordered to do some "things that " I " do not want to do, Myself

regained before gradually lost.I seemed to feel I walked into a blind alley, just like an invisible man .Some white women

pursue me, take me as the sexual function symbol. A woman named Sybil drunkenly asked me to rape her. but " I " did not touch her, just using the lipstick wrote a few words on her body say : " West bill, you are raped by Santa Claus ."

The activities of the brotherhood was opposed by Black nationalism molecular lead by a man named Lars. So they often fight with each other, " I " am also involved in the struggle . Often hide myself from place to place forced by Lars 's

men .One time " I " hide in a grocery store, buy a pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to disguise myself. Who knows suddenly I became Mr. Reinhardt, won a identity content the rogue, gambler, lover and the multiple .This makes me lost in thought. Who am I , what is my real identity, why a

pair of sunglasses and a white hat can make me change into another person? And this means I am whoever, and I am not anyone meanwhile; I have all kind of identity ,and I have no identity meanwhile. If so, " I " would not bear any responsibility, whether black or white, north or south. Since the world abandoned me ,don't admit me ," I " will also turn my eyes into the inner world of my heart.

This book is a classical contemporary novel write by black American .This book content many characteristics of western contemporary novel . This novel made bold artistic

innovations ,mixed Realism with surrealism ,create a new way in American Post-modernism literary. Therefore, this novel was praised by British and American critics after it published in 1932.Someone says it is the best American novel. There are

also some people praise this book that it have a lot of characteristics of American literature. This book mostly describe


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