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2017-2018学年高二级上学期英语复习题(第4周)必修5 unit2 The United Kingdom

2017-2018 学年高二年级上学期英语周末资料(第 4 周)
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unit2 The United Kingdom 一、重点词汇 1.consist vi. Learning and personality do not always consist together. [词汇拓展] consist of be consistent with 2.clarify vt. I am happy to clarify any points that are still unclear. A bank spokesman was unable to clarify the situation. 3.accomplish vt. The explorer accomplished the voyage in three weeks. [词汇拓展]:finish,accomplish,complete,conclude,end 4.convenience n. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.Please give me a reply at your earliest convenience. [词汇拓展] for convenience convenience food convenient adj. if when it is convenient 5.attract vt. Suddenly,a round of applause attracts their attention. [词汇拓展] attract sb to sth have no much attraction for sb be attractive to attraction n.[U] [C] attractive adj. 6.possibility n. [U] & [C] A hundred years ago few people believed in the possibility of flying. [词汇拓展] possible adj. There is a no possibility that... There is a possibility that we will win the competition. 7.quarrel n.& vt. Mary quarrelled with her brother over their father's will. [词汇拓展] quarrel with sb over about sth at one's convenience convenience store It is convenient for sb to do sth consist with consistent adj.

have a quarrel with sb over about sth 8.arrange vt.& vi.① ② She arranged all her business affairs before going on holiday. [词汇拓展] arrangement n.[C] & [U] arrange to do... arrange sth for sb arrange with sb about... I've arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cats. arrange for sb sth to do sth make an arrangement arrangements for 二、重点短语 1.divide...into [词汇拓展] divide among divide between divide separate,part,divorce。 2.break away(from Modern music has broken away from 18th century rules. [词汇拓展] break down break into break off break through one's credit 4.leave out, , You left out the possibility that the train might be late. [词汇拓展] with Before we went on a journey,we left the cat with my cousin.。 5.take the place of (=take one's place [词汇拓展] in place in place of in sb's place take place out of place adj. in the first place replace break in break into a loud laugh song break out break up

Ⅲ. 写作句式必学 1.Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. 2.What interested her most was the longitude line. 3.It's a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. Ⅳ. 核心单词集中串记

短文语法填空,然后背诵短文,熟记本单元的重点词汇。 Sightseeing in the United Kingdom After the wedding,my cousin and his wife went to the United Kingdom for nationwide sightseeing. He faxed a letter to me in English yesterday. ________1________ my delight,he no longer made any tense error. And his description ________2________(rough)clarified my questions about the UK—its currency,its administration,the institution which divides ________3________into four provinces , and the historical conflicts and quarrels when Southern Ireland broke away from the UK. Unwilling to leave out any ________4________(attract),my cousin arranged his enjoyable journey carefully. One attractive place he visited was a castle in the countryside of Scotland,which lies near a port. It used to be the headquarters of the Communism Union but ________5________(break) down during the war. Finding nothing could take________6________ place of this splendid architecture,people accomplished rebuilding it in 1952. It was to their credit that all furnished rooms are ________7________(consist) with what they used to be. My cousin ________8________ (thrill) by its collections consisting of statues plus royal uniforms ________9________(fold) in glass tanks. Though there was no possibility to buy some of these exhibits, it was ________10________(convenience) to take photos,which he sent me along with his fax.

必修五 Unit2 The United Kingdom(含答案和解析)
Ⅰ. 单句语法填空 1. It was sad to me that they, so poor themselves, ________bring me food. 2. The two countries are going to meet to break ________ some barriers to trade between them. 3. Sam has been appointed manager of the engineering department to take________place of George. 4. Oldfashioned phones matter when wireless networks break ________in disasters. 5. The secretary arranged a(n) ________(convenience) time and place for the applicants to have an interview. 6. He had to pause from time to time to wipe the sweat from his forehead, because the airconditioning system broke ________. 7. Thousands of foreigners ________(attract) to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. 8. Even the best writers sometimes find themselves ________(lose) for words. 9. “Chinese Dama”, mainly ________(consist) of married woman between the age 40~60,beat Wall Street tycoons(大亨) in gold buying in 2013. 10. It's beyond our prehension that Jim, who tops the class in English, ________ have difficulty translating such a simple sentence. 11. In the job interviews,job applicants often find themselves ________ (ask) unexpected questions, some very difficult to answer. 12. I missed ________ meeting. Would you please give me ________ brief description about it? 13. ________(attract) more tourists,travel agencies from both China and the DPRK have developed a package of new products. 14. ________(divide) into six groups, the students began to discuss the topic left over last time. 15. Only teachers are permitted to enter the readingroom, that is to say, the readingroom is only ________(access) to teachers. Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. He found that there was not any possibility for him ________ (摆脱这个坏习惯) because he had been addicted to it. 2. ________(让我极为高兴的是), I came across Mr. Smith in the countryside who was doing some research in ricegrowing. 3. Undoubtedly, they were so absorbed in their business that they ________(遗漏了几个重要细节). 4. Neither side is to blame for it, because discussions between the two sides ________(已经破裂) and they are

dissatisfied with each other. 5. ________(值得称赞的是), the famous writer has contributed himself to creating detective stories. 6. ________(真遗憾) that you missed the famous expert's lecture about the history of the United Kingdom. 7. Actually, my sister and I ________(长得不像), but many people around us are often confused by our appearance. 8. You had better not waste time on computer games and TV programs if you are going to ________(使每天都有价 值). 9. Although, nationwide, the two colleges ________(不像中国一些大学那么大), they have trained and brought up many excellent graduates for our society. 10. My heart was full of thrill when I learned that plastics ________ (已经取代了木头) in many ways and are widely used all over the world. Ⅲ. 单句改错 1. My husband arranged me to ride in a hot air balloon for my birthday. 2. The problems he referred to requiring careful discussion. 3. To his delighting, he got the first place in the maths exam. 4. Computers can not take place of human brains, and nor can other machines. 5. Hiking is an outdoor activity which consist of walking in natural environments. 6. Divide into four groups, the whole class began to discuss the topic.

Ⅳ. 教材原句 1. England is the largest of the four countries, and for convenience it is divided roughly________three zones. 2. It is a pity that the industrial cities________(build) in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 3. There you will find________more about British history and culture. 4. ________(worry) about the time available, Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London. 5. ________her great surprise, Zhang Pingyu found the Queen's jewels________(guard) by special royal soldiers. 6. ________interested her most was the longitude line. 7. When she saw many visitors________(enjoy) looking at the beautiful old Chinese pots and other objects on show, she felt very proud of her country. 8. The next day Pingyu was leaving London________Windsor Castle. Ⅴ. 语篇填空 England is the largest of the four countries, and ①________ convenience it is divided ②________(rough) into three zones. The zone nearest France is called the South of England, the middle zone is called the Midlands and the one nearest to Scotland is known ③________ the North. You find most of the population settled in the south, ④________ most of the industrial cities in the Midlands and the North of England. Although, nationwide, these cities are not as large as ⑤________ in China, they have worldfamous football teams and some of them even have two! It is a pity ⑥________ the industrial cities ⑦________(build) in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. For historical architecture you have to go to older but ⑧________(small) towns built by the Romans. There you ⑨________(find) out more about British history and culture. The greatest historical treasure of all is London with ⑩________ museums, art collections, theaters, parks and buildings.

Ⅵ. 话题写作 用本单元所学知识完成下列句子,并按照逻辑连成短文。 1.We are so__delighted_to_have_the_opportunity_to_visit__the provincial museum. 我们很高兴能有机会参观省博物馆。 2. The museum__consists_of_three_parts__, one for historical architecture, one for painting collections, and another for statues. 博物馆分为三部分,分别为历史建筑、收藏画和雕塑。 3.All of them will__bring_you_much_delight__. 所有三部分都会给你们带来无限乐趣。 4.__For_convenience__,all of us will__be_divided_into__three groups to see them. 为了方便起见,我们将分为三组去参观。 5.Don't__break_away_from__your group,in case you__leave_out__important attractions. 参观时不要脱离集体,以免遗漏了重要的景点。 6.I wish all of you__an_enjoyable_time__. 希望大家玩得愉快。 组篇公式:将句 3 改为定语从句。 【参考答案】 We are so delighted to have the opportunity to visit the provincial museum.The museum consists of three parts, one for historical architecture, one for painting collections, and another for statues, all of which will bring you much delight.For convenience, all of us will be divided into three groups to see them and don't break away from your group, in case you leave out important attractions.I wish all of you an enjoyable time.

核心单词集中串记【参考答案】 1. To 2. roughly 3. it 4. attraction 5. broke 6. the 7. consistent 8. was thrilled 9. folded 10. convenient Ⅰ. 单句语法填空 1.should 2.down 3.the 4.down 5.convenient 6.down 7.were_attracted 8.lost 9.consisting 10.should 11.asked 12.the , a 13.To_attract 14.Divided 15.accessible

Ⅱ. 完成句子 break away from the bad habit 2.To_my_great_delight/Much_to_my_delight 3.left_out_several_important_details 4.have_broken_down 5.To_his_credit 6.It's_a_pity 7.don't_look_alike 8.make_every_day_worthwhile 9.are_not_so_as_large_as_some_colleges_in_China 10.had_taken_the_place_of_wood Ⅲ. 单句改错 1.__me 前加 for__ 2.__requiring→require__ 3.__delighting→delight__ 4.__take 后加 the__ 5.__consist→consists__ 6.__Divide→Divided__ Ⅳ. 教材原句 1.into 2.built_ 3.out 4.Worried 5.To,guarded 6.What 7.enjoying 8.for Ⅴ. 语篇填空 1.for 2.roughly 4.but 5.those 6.that 7.built 8.smaller 9.will_find 10.its

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