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a series of , above all , after all , ahead of ... ahead of time all at once , all but ;... all of a sudden all over again , as regards , anything but as a matter of fact apart from ...(/) as a rule , as a result(of) , as far as concerned ... as far as ,... as for , as follows as usual , as to , as well ,, as well as ...(),... aside from ...() at a loss , at a time , at all costs at all events , at all times , at any rate , at best , at first sight , at hand , at heart , at intervals ,... at large , at least at length , at most ,

at no time , by accident at one time ,; at present , at sbs disposal ... at the cost of ... at the mercy of ... at this rate at times , back and forth , before long beside point , beyond question by all means , by and by , by far ,... by hand , by itself , by means of , by mistake , by no means , by oneself , by reason of by virtue of , by way of ,... due to , even if/though , ever so , every now and then , every other for good for the moment/ present , for the sake of ,... for the time being , from time to time , hand in hand , head on , heart and soul in a moment , in a sense in a way in a word , in accordance with ..., in addition ,

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addition to ...() advance , all , any case/event brief charge of , common , consequence(of) ; debt , detail difficulty effect , general , favor of , hand , honor of , itself , line with ... memory of order , other words part particular , person , place place of ,, practice , proportion to ... public , quantity question regard to , relation to ,p return // return for ... short , sight ; spite of step , step with .../ tears , the course of .../ the distance the event of ...,

in the face of ;... in the first place in the future in the least , in (the)light of , in the way in the world , in touch , in vain , just now ; little by little many a more or less , no doubt no less than ...;... no more than ,... none other than , on ones guard , nothing but , now and then , off and on , off duty on a large/small scale / on account of on(an/the) average , on behalf of on board (/) on condition that on earth , on guard , on hand , on occasion(s) , on ones own , on purpose on sale , on schedule , on second thoughts on the contrary on the grounds of ,... on (the) one hand on the other hand on the point of ... on the side / on the spot ;

on the whole , once(and)for all once in a while once upon a time one another or else , or so , other than ; out of ...;; out of burath out of control out of date out of order out of place out of practice , out of sight , out of the question out of touch , over and over(again) , prior at ... quite a few , rather than ...() regardless of , right away , side by side , so far sooner or later , step by step thanks to , to the point , under the circumstances up to date up to ;;; what if with respect to ... with regard to , word for word with the exception of ... CET-4 800 abandon absorb accommodation accompany

accord account accumulate accuse vt achieve vt acknowledge vt acquaint vt acquire vt adapt vt vito) adequate a adjust vt admission n adopt vt advantage n advisable a advocate vt n affection n aggressive a allowance n alter v ambition n anniversary n annual a n anticipate vt vi approach v n appropriate a vt approve vt vIof arise vi from arouse vt artificial a aspect n assert vt assign vt assist n assumption n assure vt attain vt attempt n vt attraction n attribute vt to n available a award vt t n aware a bargain n vi

barrier n beneficial a benefit n vi vi boom n vi boost vi n bound a breakthrough n breed n vi vt budget n vi vt burden n vt cancel vt capacity n certify vt challenge n vt circumstance n claim vt n clarify vt clue n collapse vi n collision n comment n vt commitment n companion n comparable a comparative a compel vt competent a competitive a comprise vt conceal vt concede vt vi concern n vt p concerning prep concession n conclude vt vi condense v confess confident a confine vt n confirm vt conflict n vi confront vt confuse vt conscience n

conscious a consent n vi consequence n consequently a d conservation n conservative a n considerable a considerate consistent a constitute vt constrict vt consult vt vi contemporary a n content n a vt contest vt context n continual contract n vt contradiction n contrary a n contrast n vt vi contribute vi vt k controversy n convenience n convention n convert v convey vt convince coordinate vt n a council n counsel n vt course n çء credit n vt critical a crucial n crush vt  cue n vt cultivate vt curiosity n deadline n debate n v decay vi n deceive vt decent a

declaration n decline n vi vt defeat n defect n vi define vt definite a delete vt deliberate a v delicate deliver vt ()t demonstrate vt vi deny vt depart vi dependent deposit n vt depress vt depression n derive vt vi descend vi deserve vt desirable a despair n vi desperate a destruction devise vt devote vt discard vt discharge vt vi n discipline n vt discount n vt disguise n vt dispose vt vi dispute n vt vi distant distract vt distress n vt disturb vt diverse a document n vt domestic a dominant a dominate vt vi donation download vt

drain vt vi n durable a duration ease n v elegant a eliminate vt embarrass vt embrace vt n emergency n emigrate vi emit vt enable vt enclose vt encounter n vt endure vt vi enforce vt engage vt vi enhance vt enlarge v enlighten vt enrich vi enroll vi vt entitle vt entry vt episode n equivalent a n erect a vt essential a n estimate n vt eternal a evaluate vt evidence n evolve v exaggerate v exceed vt excess n a exclusive a n execute vt executive n a exert vt expectation n expense n exploit vt n explore v

expose vt extend vi extent vt exterior n a external a eyewitness n facility n faculty n fade vi vt faint a vi n faith n fantastic a fascinating a fatal a fatigue n v faulty a favorable a feasible a feature vt feedback n fierce a finance n vt flash vi n flee vi vt flexible a flourish vi vt focus v n forbid vt forge vt forgetful a fraction n frequency n frown v n frustrate vt fundamental a n furnish vt gap n gaze v n gear n vt generate vt genuine a gesture n v glare vi n glare vi n

glimpse vt n grant n vt grief n gross a vt guarantee vt n guidance n guideline guilty a handy a harbor n vt harden v harmony n harsh a hazard n vt heading n hail vt vi hesitate v highlight vt n horizon n hostile a humble a vt ideal a n identical a identify vt vi idle a vi vt ignore vt illustrate vt image n impact n v implement vt n impose incidence n incident n incline v n incredible a index n indifferent a indispensable a induce vt inevitable a infer vt inferior n influential a inherent a

initial a n innocent a initiative n input n vt insert vt insight n install vt instinct insult vt n insure vt intact a Ħ integrate v integrity n intend vt intense a intensity n intention n interaction n interfere vi interior a internal a interpret vi vt interrupt vt vi interval n intimate a vt n intimidate vt invade v investigate v invisible a involve vt isolate vt issue n vt vi justify vt lag vi n landscape n vt leak v n liable ٦ liberal a likewise a d launch vt layout n lodge vi vt n magnificent a maintain vt

maintenance n management n manual a n margin marginal a marvelous a i massive a mature a v maximum a n mechanism n media n medium n modest a morality n Z motion n v motivate vt motive n mutual a myth n nationwide a d neglect vt n negotiate vt vi noticeable a notify vt notion n objective n a obligation n oblige vt obstacle n occasion n vt occupy vt occurrence n odd a n offend vt opening n opponent oppose vt optimistic a option n outcome n outline n vt outlook n output n vt outset n

outstanding a overall a d n overlook vt overtake vt overwhelm vt



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