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姓名: 成绩 一、翻译成英语。10 分 1.中间的 2.日子 3.第三 4. 温暖的,使温暖 5.沿着 6.春天,春季 7.冬天,冬季 8.工人 9.生长,种植 10.教 二、找出与其它读音不同的单词。5 分 ( )1. A.runner B.summer C.student ( )2. A.ear B.bear C.hear ( )3. A.far B.farther C.warm ( )4. A.fifth B.the C.farther ( )5. A.floor B.door 三、词语分类。20 分 first wind spring hot rainy second summer rain third sunny autumn windy sun fifth cloud winter cloudy eighth cold cool 序数词: 四季: 天气形容词: 天气动词: 四、完形填空。12 分 1.Look at the three (run). 2.Who (run) (fast) in your class? 3.Where’s the teachers’office? It’s on the (two) floor. 4. After some time he (count) the donkeys. 5.It (bring) (drought) and (flood). 6.I’d like (ask) you. 7.Whithout plants (life) will not go on. 8. (I) summer holiday is (come). 五、选择题:18 1.The one the yellow T-shirt. A. at B. for C. in D. on 2. is the reading room? It is the floor. A. What , in ,three B. Who , on ,three C. Where , on , third D. Where , in ,third 3. It’s fine, ?Yes, it is. A. isn’t B. is it C. don’t it D. do it 4. What will Tom when he up? He will be a soldier. A. does , grows B. do , grow C. do , grows D. does , grow

5. Would you like to join us? . A. Yes , I’d like. B. I’d like to. C. No, I would not . D. No , I would . 6. We Paris three days. A. will stay , in B. are go to stay , for C. are going to stay ,for D. is going to stay , in 六、完形填空,然后翻译成汉语。36 1.He thinks cats are the (strong) and (big) animals in the world. 2.A man is (walk) along a road with his six (donkey).

3.This (warm)of the sea will (bring) about great changes in weather. 4.I’ll still (see) my mama. 5.A strong wind will world. 6.I’ll 7.They can 8.Threes and plants can 9. (come ) home

(begin),and it will

(blow) to many places in the

(fly) my plane all the wall to the stars. (make) food from air,water and sunlight. (make) the air clean.

My parents and I (be go to) (take) a trip around the world. (visit) Rome ,we’ll go to Moscow by plane.




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