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15 1. On hearing the sound, the birds flew away in every___________. A. way B. direction C. place D. side 2. This exercise is certainly not so difficult as it _______. A.shows B. appears C. expects D. happens 3. I have some _____ in my pocket.. In other words, I have some _______ with me. A. coin, change, B. coins , change C. coin, changes D. coins , changes 4. It was the training that he has as a young man ____led to his success. A. that B. it C. who D. which 5. ---_______________. ---You did? Thats great! Congratulations. A. My wife had a baby girl last week B. Today is my birthday C. I failed my driver test D. I just got a big rise. 6. Because of my ________ Russian, I cant make myself ________. A. broken, understood B. broken, understand C. break, understood D. breaking, understood 7. The university graduates have decided to go _____ they are most needed. A. to the place B. where C. when D. whether The general at last got a chance to visit the village ___he used to fight, ___he had been dreaming of for years. 8. A. that, which B. where, that C. in which, what D. where, which 9. What do you raise on the farm? A. Cattle B. Cattles C. The cattle D. The cattles 10. The boy was caught ______in the examination room, and later was punished for that. A. cheated B. cheating C. to cheat D. being cheated 11.Work starts at 7am every day and goes on until late afternoon _____ a break at midday. A. by B. with C. for D. after 12. Once you make a promise, you must ________. A. get it through B. keep it up C.carry it out D. carry it on 13--How much will I pay for the meal? ---Thirty dollars will _____all you want to have. A. use B. cover C. cost D. spend . 14. The black colour of your shoes doesnt ________the white colour of your suit. A. fit B. agree C. match D. suit ( ) 15.You should try to get a good nights sleep ____ much work you have to do. A. however B. no matter C. although D. whatever ( )16.This new dictionary is very useful. It _____well and ______ already. A. sells, has been sold out B. sold, had sold out C. sells, sells out D. is sold, has been sold out ( )17.The higeway ______ to the city is under repair now. A. led B. leads C. to lead D. leading ( )18.We were lost and couldnt get any help, _______, in brief, was the condition we were facing. A. Such, B. so C. What D. It ( ).19.The driver asked all of the passengers to remain _______ until the bus stopped completely. A. seating B. to seat C. seated D. seat ( )20.The result is that the theory he insisted on ________right. A. proving B. proved C. being proved D. was proved ( )21. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was ________. A. out of order B. out of sight C. out of place D. out of reach

15 On May 27, 1995, our life was suddenly changed. It happened a few minutes past three 22 my husband, Chris, fell from his horse as it 23 over a fence(). Chris was paralyzed () from the chest down, 24 to breathe normally. As he was thrown from his horse, we entered into a life of _25 with lots of unexpected challenges. We went from the "haves" to the have-nots". Or so we thought. 26 what we discovered later were all the gifts that came out of sharing difficulties. We came to learn that something__27 could happen in a disaster . All over the world, people __28 Chris so much that letters and postcards poured in every day. By the end of the third week in a medical center in Virginia, about 35,000 pieces of __29 had been received and sorted. As 30__ , we opened letter after letter. They gave us comfort and became a sourceof strength for us. We used them to __31 ourselves. I would go to the pile of letters marked with "Funny" if we needed a __32__ , or to the "Disabled" box to find advice from people in wheelchairs or __33__ in bed living happily and successfully. These letters, we realized, had to be shared. And so 34__ we offer one of them to you. Dear Chris, My husband and I were so sorry to hear of your _35_ accident last week. No doubt your family and your friends are giving you the strength to face this difficult challenge. People everywhere are also giving you best wishes every day and we are among those who are keeping you __36__. Yours Sincerely, Nancy Reagan ( 22.A.since B. before C. when D. while 23. A. walked B. climbed C. pulled D. jumped 24. A. able B. unable C. suitable D. unsuitable 25. A. disability B. regret C. sorrow D. disappointment 26. A. So B. For C. Or D. Yet 27. A. terrible B. similar C. wonderful D. practical 28. A. wrote for B. cared for C. hoped for D. sent for 29.A. news B. paper C. equipment D. mail 30. A. patients B. a family C. nurses D. a group 31. A. encourage B. express C. control D. treat 32. A. cry B. laugh C. chat D. sigh ( ) 33. A. much B. never C. even D. seldom ( ) 34. A. here B. there C. therefore D. forward ( ) 35. A. driving B. flying C. running D. riding ( ) 36. A. nearby B. close C. busy D. alive 34 (A) MONTREAL (Reuters) C Crossing the US-Canada borderto go to church on a Sunday cost a US citizen 10,000 for breaking Washingtons strict new security rules. The expensive trip to church was a surprise for Richard Albert, who lives right on the Canadian border. Like the other half-dozen people of Township 15, crossing the border is a daily event for Albert. The nearby Quebec village of St. Pamphile is where they shop, eat and go to church. There are many such situations in these areas along the largely unguarded 5,530-mile border between Canada and the US-which in some cases actually runs down the middle of streets or through buildings. As a result, Albert says he did not expect any problems three weeks ago when he returned home to the US after attending church in Canada, as usual. The US customs station in this area is closed on Sundays, so he just drove around the locked gate, as he had done every weekend since the gate appeared last May, following a tightening of border

security. Two days later. Albert was told to go to the customs office, where an officer told him he had been caught on camera crossing the border illegally. Ottawa has given out special passes to some 300 US citizens in that area so they can enter the country when Canadian customs stations are closed, but the US stopped a similar program last May. That forces the people to a 200-mile detour along hilly roads to get home through another border checkpoint. Albert has requested that the customs office change their decisions on the fine, but he has not attended a Sunday church since. I feel like Im living in a prison, he said. ( )37We learn from the text that Richard Albert is______________________ . Aan American living in Township 15 Ba Canadian living in a Quebec village Ca Canadian working in a customs station Dan American working in a Canadian church ( )38Albert was fined because he__________________. Afailed to obey traffic rules Bbroke the American security rules Cworked in St. Pamphile without a pass Ddamaged the gate of the customs office ( )39The underlined word detour in paragraph 5 means __________________. Aa drive through the town Ba race across the fields Ca roundabout way of travelling Da journey in the mountain area ( )40What would be the best title for the text? AA Cross-country Trip BA Special Border Pass CAn Unguarded Border DAn Expensive Church Visit (B) When I was a boy, I belonged to the Boy Scouts so I used to go camping every summer, and once something happened which I have never been able to explain. We were camping in a place above a river. After arriving, we all rushed down to the river to have a swim. Standing by the river, we noticed that it was surrounded by cliffs someone wanted to reach the river at this point, he had .If to walk past our camp. Several days later, the scoutmaster() had to be away for a day. That afternoon, we had supper early. We were sitting round the fire, eating and talking, when a man walked past and went down towards the river. We all felt that this man looked very strange, but, because each of us was afraid of looking very stupid, no one said anything. We ate rather slowly, talking as long as possible. After finishing, we collected our plates together so that we could take them to the river where we always washed them. But no one moved towards the river we stood looking at each other ashamed. Then all shouting at once, we began talking about the man who had walked past us. We agreed how strange he looked and we wondered what he could be doing by the river. We knew that he could only return by passing through our camp. An hour passed. Then one of the boys suggested we should creep down by the river so that we could see what the man was doing. Moving very slowly and keeping in the shadow, we crept down towards the bank. One boy climbed a tree so that he could see everything clearly. He called us that there was no one there, so we ran down to the bank, looking everywhere carefully. We could not understand where the man had gone. When it got dark, we went back to our camp feeling bewildered. We told the scoutmaster what had happened in the evening. Smiling, he doubted that we had seen the man, but finally suggested we go and look again. We did, but there was no one there. Many years have passed, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. What did we see? I do not know. 41. The writer in the text mainly tells us _________. Athe story of his childhood Ba strange camping experience Cabout a stranger by the river Dabout a good place for camping. 42Why did the boys eat their supper slowly? AThey wanted to delaygoing to the river bank. BThey were waiting for their scoutmaster.

CThey had a supper earlier than usual. DThey were taking while eating. 43The wordbewilderedin the text probably means _________. Aashamed Bnervous Cunable to understand Deager to know something 44When he heard what had happened, the scoutmaster __________. Arealized who the man was Bstarted to worry about the man Cwent back to look for the can Dfelt it hard to believe the boys 45The writer still remembers the event because________. Athe boys acted foolishly Bthe camping place is beautiful Cthere has been no explanation for the event Dhe particularly enjoyed his camping that summer. C When a rather dirty , poorly dressed person kneels at your feet and puts out his hands to beg for a few coins , do you hurry on , not knowing what to do , or do you feel sad and hurriedly hand over some money ? What should our attitude to beggars be ? There can be no question that the world is full of terribly sad stories . It must be terrible to have no idea where our next meal is going to come from . It seems cruel not to give some money to beggars . Certainly , most of the worlds great religions () order us to be open-hearted and share what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves .But has the world changed ?Maybe what was morallyright in the old days ,when one knew exactly who in the village had suffered misfortune and needed help ,is no longer the best idea. Quite a few people will not give to beggars .Let us look at their arguments. First ,some believe that many city beggars dress up on purpose to look pitiable and actually make a good living from begging .Giving to beggars only encourages this sort of evil().Secondly ,there is the worry that the money you give will be spent on beer ,wine or drugs .Thirdly ,there is the opinion that there is no real excuse for begging. One might be poor ,but that is no reason for losing ones sense of pride and self-dependence. Related to this is the opinion that the problem should be dealt with by the government rather than ordinary people .Some people think beggars should go to the local government department and receive help. It is hard to come to any final conclusion ;there are various cases and we must deal with them differently .A few coins can save a life in some situations ,and even if the money is wasted ,that does not take sway the moral goodness of the giver. ( )46What is mainly discussed in the passage? AMoral deeds of people. BReligious activities of the church. CMoral goodness of the giver. DArguments on giving to beggars. ( )47What can we infer from the sentence But has the world changed ?in the second paragraph? APeople no longer know who suffers misfortune in the village. BSome people will not do what was morally right in the past . CWe dont meet with those who need help any more. DNow it is the governments duty to help the beggars. ( )48Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? ASome people dress up to pretend to be beggars . BSome beggars want money to help their children go to school. CSome beggars use the money to buy drugs. DSome beggars have no excuse for begging. ( )49In the last paragraph ,the writer thinks that it is hard to come to any final conclusion ,because

Bthere are so many beggars Dthere are so many different arguments (D) The scene in the Hollywood movie The Day After Tomorrow, when global warming could soon turn the global climate into a new ice age, may never occur, according to new research. The next ice age could be 15,000 years away, say European scientists who last month announced a continuous record of 7.40,000 years of climate data () obtained from the Antarctic ice. Scientists from 10 nations have now almost completely drilled through a 3,000-meter.depth of ice high in the Antarctic mainland. They figure out that the area where summer temperatures can fall to C40, has at least 900,000 years of snowfalls, kept as neatly as the growth rings of a tree. And the ice and air caught in each layer() have begun to answer questions about the climates in the past.. The results show that there have been eight ice ages in the past 740, 000 years and eight warmer periods. And by comparing the pattern of global conditions today with those of the past, the researchers reported in Nature that the present warm period could last another 15, 000 years. Research suggests that there is a very close connection between greenhouse gas levels and global average temperatures. It also shows that carbon dioxide () levels are the highest for at least 440,000 years. "If people say to you: the greenhouse effect is a good thing because we would go into an ice age otherwise, our data say no, a new ice age is not hanging over our heads,said Eric Wolff from the British Antarctic Survey. "Now we have eight examples of how the climate goes in and out of ice ages and you can learn what the rules are that go into the climate models that tell us about the future." Scientists found that whenever temperatures rose in the frozen record, so did carbon dioxide level. "In 440,000 years we have never seen greenhouse gas get as thick as it is today," said Dr Wolff. ( )50. In drilling through the ice in Antarctica, scientists have found that___________. A. the lowest temperature there is C40 B. the depth of ice is 3,000 meters C. the ice has existed for 15,000 years D. snowfalls are kept in certain patterns ( )51. The information of the global climate conditions in the past can be obtained through______. A. separating carbon dioxide from the air B. examining the growth rings of trees C. comparing temperatures in different areas D. studying the ice and air caught in each layer ( )52. We can infer from Eric Wolff's words that___________. A. there is something wrong with the data B. greenhouse effect is always a bad thing C. a new ice age will not come in the near future D. greenhouse gas will get thick in the future ( )53. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Research over the Antarctic area. B. Warm period to last about 15, 000 years. C. Report on the eight ice ages in the past. D. Hollywood movies and the global climate. 9 There are such many English dictionaries in the shops that it is difficult of students to choose a dictionary suitable for his needs. Unfortunately most students choose the dictionaries that give most words for the least money. Such dictionaries as are seldom suitable for students learned English as a second language. A middle school student should have a dictionary that provide not only simple definitions() of words and also examples of these words correct used in sentences.

Athe cases can be so different Cthere is so much money wasted

׳ (13 ) 1.We all regard it as an i________________() for us to continue our trip on foot. 2.As an expert on ENT, he does much research into i________________of ear, nose and throat. 3.We bought the house for its __________________(). Its very near the shop where I work. 4.According to his _________________()the police caught the criminal two days after the murder. 5.The acceptance of new members is ____________()controlled. 6.A great many words and e_______________ have come into the language form American English. 7.Your passport and visa will be checked at c________________,when you go in and out of a country. 8.Women are f______________ from going out without a veil in Arab, while women in China enjoy more freedom. 9.The ____________() of the 30th Olympic Games in London is Inspire a generation 10.I want to make a call to Mike, but the line is always busy. I cant get t_________________. 11.One of the e_______________ in the supermarket was crowded with people, so wed better try another one. 12.Your luggage must be ______________() before it is put on plane. 13.There are many s________________ sold in the places of interest. 8 1. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________________________________________






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