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1. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Betty. B. Betsy. C. Adams. D. Ada. 2. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Beckham. B. Berkgam. C. Bergcamp. D. Bergkamp. 3. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Tobey Scott. B. Tony Scott. C. Tobey Hayden. D. Tony Hayden. 4. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Evone. B. Yvone. C. Evonne. D. Yvonne. 5. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Lee.

B. Raymond. C. Allan. D. Not mentioned. W: Hello, John. How do you like your college life? Is everything (1)
all right



It couldn't be (2)


W: M:

Oh, really? Tell me something about it. Well. It really makes me excited to (3)

so many friends here.


So you must have made lots of good friends. Then (4)

your study?


I love my (5) all great. (6)

! It's quite interesting and the professors are you?

What about


I'm just fine.

1. What is the man's name? A. Bob. B. Tracy. C. Ned. D. Ben. 2. What is the woman's name? A. Helen. B. Tracy.

C. Ned. D. Susan. 3. Where does the man work? A. He works at a hospital. B. He works at a school. C. He works at a company. D. He works at a factory. 4. Where does the woman probably work? A. She probably works in a hospital. B. She probably works in a nursery. C. She probably works in a tourism company. D. She probably works in a bus company. 5. Why does the man say "That's really great"? A. He wants to be a nurse in future. B. He is a doctor and wants to marry a nurse. C. He does not know a nurse. D. A nurse once saved his life. 1. The food in the cafeteria is OK, but if you want a change, you can _______ once in a while. A. eat out B. eat outside C. eat at restaurant

D. eat out of a restaurant 2. Hi! I saw you yesterday with John. We _____ together. I'm Michael. A. room B. are roomed C. stay room D. live room 3. To complete this form, I need your name ________. A. in complete B. in whole C. in full D. in part 4. My Dad ______ at the hotel last summer. A. put up with B. put up C. put in D. put 5. Do you like living _____________? A. in the campus B. in campus C. at campus D. on campus 6. Would you mind ______ your middle name for me?

A. about spelling B. on spelling C. to spell D. spelling 7. If you need a loan you'll have to go to the Financial Aid Office ______ you can register. A. since B. after C. before D. until 8. _________ medical assistance, the University has its own health center, and all services are free for _________ students. A. Concerning/enrolled B. Concerned/enrolled C. Concerns/enrolling D. Concerned/enrolling 9. Listening is _______ just hearing; it requires understanding. A. more than that is B. more than it is C. more than what is D. more than 10. When we fail to listen, ____________ receive the message, but we send the message that we are just plain dumb.

A. not only we do not B. not only do we not C. not only have we not D. not only we have not 11. What about you? _________ in a dorm before? A. Have you lived ever B. Have ever you lived C. Have you ever lived D. Have ever lived you 12. But the hotel is __________ from the campus. A. a bit far too B. a bit too far C. too far a bit D. far too a bit 13. I'm okay, but school has been hectic since I ________. A. have come B. had come C. come D. came 14. The truth is that most people in _____________ countries don't speak to each other in such a formal way. A. English-speaking

B. English-spoken C. English-speak D. English-spoke 15. Learning formal English like this _______ to make you feel distant and bored. A. extends B. attends C. intends D. tends 16. Speaking informal English, you will ____________ like a friendly person. A. listen B. hear C. sound D. be listened 17. In an educational __________, listening effectively is critical. A. set B. setting C. back D. ground 18. Some people _____________ in the craze of learning a foreign language in 30 days. A. get caught with B. get caught down

C. get caught up D. get caught for 19. One of the most important keys _________ English is to establish a regular study program. A. to learn B. to learning C. for learn D. for leaning 20. Many American students love having Fridays _________ so that they only need to work four days a week. A. in B. out C. on D. off

Questioin 1 M: Hello, there. We've met at the registration office yesterday. If I remember clearly, you are Betsy Adams. You have the same first name as my little sister. W: Yes, I am. I'm so glad to meet you again. Q: What is the man's sister's first name? Questioin 2 W: Hey, guys. Here is a letter for Bergkamp. "B-e-r-g-k-a-m-p". Any idea whose letter it is? M: It's mine. "Bergkamp" is my pen name.

Q: What is the man's pen name? Questioin 3 M: Hello, this is Tony Scott in the Lost and Found Office. What can I do for you? W: Hello. I'm a student in the PE department and I'm calling to check whether someone's found my ID card. My name is Tobey Hayden. Q: What is the woman's full name? Questioin 4 W: I've registered for an optional course in French. The teacher gave me a French name "Yvonne". "Y-v-o-n-n-e". M: Wow, It sounds great. You're more international now. Q: What is the woman's French name? Questioin 5 M: I heard that there are Chinese twin brothers in our university. Have you met them before? W: You mean the elder Raymond Lee and the younger Allan Lee? To tell you the truth, Allan Lee is in our class. He's a very kind person. Q: What is the elder brother's first name?


M: Well, hello! Long time no see! W: Uh, yeah. M: You look great, Helen. W: Oh, thank you, Ned, but I'm Tracy. You're looking good, too. M: Thanks. Oh, and my name is Ben. W: I'm sorry. Are you still working at that... that company? M: Yep, I'm still at the same company. How about you? W: Oh, I'm still a nurse. M: That's great. That's really great. I don't know any nurses.

1. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. 10 minutes. B. 20 minutes. C. 40 minutes. D. 50 minutes. 2. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. 4. B. 5. C. 8. D. 12. 3. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Tennis. B. Ping pang. C. Basketball. D. Football. 4. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. $210. B. $250. C. $350. D. $380. 5. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Every two years in winters,

B. Every two years in summers. C. Every four years in summers. D. Every six years in winters. M: Sorry to interrupt you, but could you tell me where the basketball court is? Well, Go (1) then (2) M: W:
turn down


this street until you reach the next intersection,

left and you'll see the basketball court on your right.

Is it far? No, you are (3)


M: W:

Ok. Thank you very much. You're (4)



How many names for football are mentioned in the passage? A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

2. In how many countries is football played? A. More than 100. B. Nearly 200. C. More than 200.

D. 250. 3. According to the speaker, why is football so popular? A. Because its rules are simple. B. Because its rules are strict. C. Because its equipment looks attractive. D. Because it is exciting. 4. How many continents did the speaker mention to show the popularity of football? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five. 5. According to the speaker, at what level is football important? A. At the individual level. B. At the local level. C. At the national level. D. All of the above. 1. The stadium can __________ around 20,000 people. A. keep B. be held C. sit D. seat 2. _________ do you jog every morning? 5 kilometers?

A. What far B. What long C. How far D. How long 3. If you're overweight, you should know your _______. A. possibilities B. limits C. restricts D. restrictions 4. Maybe the game will end in a _____. A. tie B. knot C. even D. level 5. When Yao Ming started hitting _______, we were really blown away. A. three point-shots B. three point-shoots C. three-point ball D. three-pointers 6. Football has a long way to go before it is ____ the same level with basketball. A. in

B. on C. for D. as 7. "Want me bring anything?" "I've got most things _______. Maybe just bring something to drink." A. covered B. covering C. having covered D. being covered 8. The mascot () of the Sydney Olympic Games was, _______, a Kangaroo. A. not surprised B. not surprising C. not surprisingly D. not surprisedly 9. How many people do you think will ______ the City Marathon? A. enter B. enter by C. enter at D. enter on 10. Many Americans watch sports weekly, ________. A. though daily B. also daily

C. if not daily D. whether not daily 11. Nike had just signed a _________ to sponsor the Shanghai Sharks. A. contract B. contact C. contraction D. contrast 12. One day he is going to have a real impact _______ the NB A. to B. at C. for D. on 13. There was no doubt that his name would live on ____________. A. in the history B. in a history C. in history D. in histories 14. By doing some form of physical exercise every day, your ______ of energy will increase. A. standard B. level C. extent

D. degree 15. Sports are very important in the U.S. for _________ and participants. A. watchers B. viewers C. on-lookers D. spectators 16. Thousands of people __________ there to take part in the first Summer Olympics of the new century. A. integrated B. gathered C. united D. combined 17. Some new _______ were added to the 2000 Olympic Games. A. incidents B. accidents C. events D. items 18. Australia also played host in 1956, when the city of Melbourne was the _____ of the Olympic Games. A. sight B. site C. seat D. locate

19. To _______ those who did not believe a Chinese kid was that tall, we had to bring Yao Ming to the Nike camp in Paris. A. prove B. evidence C. convince D. trust

Questioin 1 M: You practice yoga to keep fit everyday, don't you? W: Yes, I do. Every evening from 7:30 to 8:10 is my yoga time. Q: How long does the woman practice yoga everyday? Questioin 2 W: I heard that your university basketball team is always in the spotlight. How many players do you have in the team? M: There used to be eight when it was formed. But after that, another four students joined in. Q: How many players are there in the basketball team now? Questioin 3 W: What is your favorite ball game? Tennis, badminton, ping pang, football, basketball... M: Well. I like ping pang and basketball. But if you ask me, basketball is my favorite. Q: What kind of ball game does the man like most? Questioin 4 W: Your outfit for swimming is marvelous. How much does it cost? M: The original cost is $300. But I got a 30% discount. Q: How much does the man's swimming outfit cost?

Questioin 5 W: Can you tell me something about the Olympics? M: There are summer and winter Olympics. The former takes place every four years in summers; while the latter takes place in winters two years later. Q: When do the summer Olympics take place?

Football, sometimes known as soccer, is the most widely played and watched team sport in the world. Football is a ball game played between two teams of eleven players, each attempting to win by scoring more goals than their opponent. A goal is scored when the ball passes over the goal line between the goalposts and under the crossbar. Football is played mainly with the feet, but players may use any part of their body except their hands and arms to deal with the ball. The goalkeeper is the only member of the team allowed to use his hands to touch the ball in the field of play. Football is played regularly by many millions of people in over 200 countries. Its rules are simple and it requires only simple equipment. Those aspects no doubt explain its popularity. In many parts of the world, particularly in Europe, South America and increasingly in Africa, football arouses great enthusiasm and plays an important role in the life of individual fans, local communities, and even nations.

1. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. 6:10. B. 6:20. C. 6:30. D. 6:40. 2. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Going hiking with the man. B. Writing the paper. C. Getting some sleep.

D. Doing a part-time job. 3. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. He did a great job in the exam. B. He worked hard but didn't pass the exam. C. He is happy to get a high grade in the exam. D. He was ahead of his classmates in the exam. 4. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. She hopes the man help her out. B. She thanks the man for his help. C. She believes the man is a true friend. D. She thinks he who is ready to help is a true friend. 5. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. The woman is going to write an e-mail to Sarah. B. The woman will give Sarah the present in person. C. The woman posted the present to Sarah several days before. D. The woman is not sure what to give Sarah as birthday present. David:

Lisa, I heard that you (1) yesterday. Congratulations!

the English speech contest


Thank you. I really didn't (2)




You deserve it. You worked (3)


for that.


Well, that's true. I practiced the speech thousands of times.

David: Lisa:

As long as one works hard, he will get rewards one day! Yeah, I can't (4)

more. No pain, no (5)



1. Who is the man that comes to see Diane? A. David. B. A friend of David's. C. Peter. D. Gary. 2. When did the man and the woman meet for the first time? A. At school. B. At a party. C. At a meeting. D. At a supermarket. 3. How did the man get to know Diane's address? A. He learned it from Gary. B. He learned it from David. C. He asked Diane about it. D. He followed Diane home. 4. What did the man suggest to Diane? A. Going to Gary's party together on Thursday evening. B. Going to Gary's party together on Friday evening. C. Going to a movie together on Friday night.

D. Going to a movie together on Thursday night. 5. Why can't Diane go out that night? A. She does not like the man. B. She has dated another man. C. She has to work. D. She wants to talk to the boss to quit her job. 1. Many of my friends have _________ at the birthday party. A. turned in B. shown up C. present D. disappeared 2. Your friend may not do everything to ______ each of your needs. A. full B. fill C. set D. satisfy 3. Let's give Professor Smith a _______ party. We could go to his office and take him to dinner without letting him know in advance. A. wonder B. miracle C. surprise D. surprised 4. We can hardly wake him up. _______.

A. He is sleeping like a log. B. He is sleeping like a wood. C. He is sleeping unsoundly. D. He is lying wide awake. 5. We could get to know each other _______ a cup of coffee. A. in B. through C. on D. over 6. Every week I get a message _______ my answering machine from one of my friends. A. in B. inside C. on D. at 7. When I have trouble _______, I just take a look at the picture. A. to study B. studying C. for studying D. at studying 8. We take turns _______ each other, so I stay close to her. A. calling

B. to call C. for calling D. with calling 9. You cannot expect your friends to help you ________________. A. no matter the circumstances B. no matter what are the circumstances C. no matter what the circumstances are D. no matter how the circumstances are 10. ____________, a regular income will take her mind off her tragedy. A. Rather than anything B. Instead of anything else C. More than something D. More than anything else

Questioin 1 W: Tonight is Jenny's birthday party. The invitation said all the friends are expected to be there 20 minutes early. M: Then we have to get there at 6:10. We should be quick. Q: When will the party start? Questioin 2 M: What shall we do during the May Day holiday? Do you feel like hiking? W: Well, I've been tied up with my paper day and night; I just want to take some days to sleep then. Q: What will the woman probably do during the May Day holiday? Questioin 3

W: What's wrong, Bill? You look so upset. M: I really can't believe that my hard work was all in vain. I was the only one who failed the exam in my class. Q: What do we learn about Bill? Questioin 4 M: My friends really helped me out of my difficulty this time. I owe thanks to them all. W: Yeah, that's why we say "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Q: What does the woman mean? Questioin 5 M: Have you picked up a birthday present for Sarah, your best friend? W: I haven't decided yet. But once I make up my mind, I'll immediately mail it to her. Q: What can we conclude from the conversation?


Diane: Uh, hi. It's David, right? Peter: No, Peter. Remember? We met at Gary's party last Friday night. Diane: Oh, yeah. Now I remember. You were standing all alone most of the time. Then we started talking about school and stuff. Peter: Yeah, yeah. Diane: Uh, how did you know I lived here? Peter: Well, I just live around the corner, and I asked Gary if he knew how I could contact you, and... Diane: And? Peter: Well, I was just wondering if you'd like to go out this Thursday night. There's this great movie playing downtown at the theater. Diane: Well, David? Or... Peter: No, Peter! Remember? Diane: Oh yeah. Peter. I'm sorry, but I have to work that evening.

Peter: Oh really? Well, I thought you said before that you'd quit your job. Diane: Well, I did, but I found a new one.

1. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. 6697-82132. B. 6697-81223. C. 6967-82132. D. 6967-81223. 2. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. He tells the woman not to count him in. B. He tells the woman to bring some chicken for picnic. C. He thinks the weather report may not be correct. D. He thinks the weatherman is trustworthy. 3. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Mike never saw snow in his hometown before. B. Alice never saw snow in her hometown before. C. Mike's hometown has lots of snow. D. Alice's hometown has lots of snow. 4. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. The speakers are at the beach. B. The man enjoys the sunset very much. C. The woman doesn't trust the man. D. It is going to rain the following week.

5. (Listen to the audio recording for the question.) A. Tomorrow is a fine day. B. Tomorrow is cloudy. C. It will be pretty cold tomorrow morning. D. People should dress fewer clothes tomorrow night. W:
Would you like

Dave, (1)

to go shopping with me now?


Well, honey. I'd (2) It's cloudy outside.


to. But don't you think it's going to rain?

W: M:

The weatherman said there is no rain today. Well, he is the (3)

man in the world I will (4)



W: M:

If you insist, I'll call Ann to go with me. Okay, (5)
take care


1. What would Anthony like to do today? A. He would like to attend classes. B. He would like to play football. C. He wants to watch a football game. D. He wants to study physics. 2. What day is today? A. Thursday. B. Friday. C. Saturday.

D. None of the above. 3. What does "cross my fingers for" probably mean? A. "Cross swords with". B. "Sit idly with our fingers crossed". C. "Wish for good luck". D. "Believe there will be bad luck". 4. What does Anthony want to do if the weather is going to be bad? A. He wants to play football today. B. He wants to play football tomorrow. C. He wants to play football the day after tomorrow. D. He wants to call off the football game. 5. Why does Ann suggest Anthony attend the classes? A. The weather is bad today anyway. B. The weather will be fine tomorrow. C. Physics is interesting to him. D. The Physics class is very important. 1. What number must the general manager dial to _______ that call? A. turn back B. return C. phone back D. give back 2. For further information, please _______ 54362163, extension 205.

A. get in touch B. communicate C. contact with D. contact 3. In spring people's mental abilities are ______ by the same factors that bring about great changes in nature. A. caused B. resulted C. effected D. affected 4. If you see a rainbow in rainy weather in the evening, this is a _______ that the weather will soon be fine. A. sign B. symbol C. signing D. symbolization 5. Sometimes distant _______ such as hills and trees seem to be very clear and near. A. injects B. rejects C. objects D. subjects 6. They'll be here at eleven ______.

A. sharp B. sharply C. exact D. accurate 7. I heard on TV that a storm is ______ Florida. A. reaching to B. arriving C. approaching to D. approaching 8. One method of weather forecasting is ________ your eyes and your brain. A. simple to use B. simply to use C. simple using D. simply use 9. Hey, Jane! Does everyone know ________ time to meet us tomorrow for the picnic? A. which B. in which C. what D. in what 10. Once I saw a complete stranger picking up litter close to _______ we live. A. the place which

B. in the place where C. which D. where 11. You may not believe that our mental abilities _______. A. vary from season to season B. vary with a season C. change in season D. change at season 12. When the manager is back, please ask him to call me _______ this number. A. to B. at C. in D. for 13. What is the complete number the man should dial to ________ his friend in Miami? A. reach B. reach to C. call at D. call for 14. People seem to be ________ in spring than they are in any other season. A. a lot of sharper B. a lot sharper

C. a lot of sharp D. a lot sharp

Questioin 1 W: What a fine day! How about calling John to go cycling together? M: It's a good idea. His phone number is 6697-82132. Q: What's John's phone number? Questioin 2 W: The weatherman said that tomorrow will be a sunny day. So we can go on a picnic. M: Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. The weatherman is not dependable. Q: What does the man mean? Questioin 3 W: Mike, you might be surprised if I told you I've never seen snow in my hometown. M: Not really, Alice. I know it seldom snows in the south. Q: What can we conclude from the conversation? Questioin 4 W: Look at the beautiful sunset. It's incredible. M: You'd better take another glimpse. According to the weather forecast, it will rain on and on for a week. Q: What can we conclude from the conversation? Questioin 5 M: Did you catch what the weatherman said? W: Sure. He said that we could enjoy the warmth of the sunshine tomorrow, but we should bundle up at night as the temperature will drop sharply.

Q: What do we learn from the speakers? Anthony: Ann, it's too bad we have classes and I can't play football today. The weather is so great. Ann: Don't worry, Anthony, maybe you could play on Saturday morning.

Anthony: I wonder what the weather will be like then. Ann: You can call the weather office. I know the phone number. It's 661-3047.

Anthony: Great idea! I'll cross my fingers for perfect weather tomorrow. But if the weather is going to be bad, I'll skip classes today. Ann: That's not a good idea. The Physics class today is very important. If you miss it, it'll take you lots of time to study the book by yourself.

Anthony: But if I can't play football, I can't concentrate in class.



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