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1On average, a successful lawyer has to talk to severalda day. Acustomers Bsupporters Cguests Dclients 2 How are you, Mary? bHelen. AHow are you? BIm fine. Thank you CHow do you do? DNice to see you 3 Hello, Im John Smith. Hello, my name is Charles Miller, butb. Acall my Charles Bcall me at Charles Ccall me Charles Dcall Charles 4 Peter, a? Not too bad. Awhats up Bwhat are you doing Cwhats wrong with you Dwhats the matter 5 Hi, Tom, hows everything with you? d. ADont mention it BPretty fast CThanks DThe same as ever 1It does not alter the fact that the man was cfor the death of the little girl. Aashamed Bguilty Cresponsible Dobliged 2Faced with all the difficulties, the girlcher mother for comfort. Aturned over Bturned from Cturned to Dturned up 3Excuse me, sir. - b C Id like to cash a check. Would you please tell me which window should I go to? AWhat can I help you? BYes, may I help you? CIts all right. DIt doesnt matter. 4C Good morning. Id like to check out now please. C c AThank you! I will do it immediately. BSorry. Wait a moment. CYour name and room number, please DOK. Ill check the computer. 5C May I take your order, sir? Cd AGive me the bill, please. BBut the price is too high. CI like the surrounding here. DId like some roast beef and chicken. 1Can you tell me the house c you once lived last year. Athat Bwhich Cwhere Din that 2The new skirtb me 200 yuan. Apaid Bcost Ctook Dspent 3 What can I do for you, sir? b. AYes, please. BId like to buy some eggs. CNo, thanks. DHere you are. 4 Excuse me, sir.c is it to the nearest hotel? About 15 minuteswalk along this road. AHow much BHow soon CHow far DHow long 5 Its cold here. Could you close the door for me. B. AHere you areBWith pleasureCThats all rightDThanks a lot 1Japanese businessmen are very bthe details, especially in the aspect of quality. Ain particular Bparticular about Cparticular in Dparticular on 2 Congratulations! You won the prize for best photography. c AYes, I am proud of myself. BIm fine. CThank you. DIts nice. 3 I think you look very nice in the red jacket. c AOh, no, I dont look nice at all. BYou are very kind. CIm glad you think so. DI dont like red color but my mom made me wear it.

4 What a beautiful picture youve drawn! c ANot at all. BYou are great. CThanks. DIm proud of you. 5 Do you think our basketballers played very well yesterday? D AThey are not nervous at all. BThey are still young. CThey played naturally.DThey couldnt have done better. 1Aat a distance, the hill looks like a peacock. ASeen BTo see CSeeing DWhen you see 2The traffic policemanDhim to stop but he pretended not to see. Aordered Bcaused Crequired Dsigned 3 He went out to chat with his friend,Bthe machine. Aleaving?to run Bleaving?runningCleft?running Dto leave?run 4Would you like to go shopping with me? A. AYes, Id like to. BYes. Thank you. CYou are welcome. DNo. You are so kind. 5Lets go swimming, shall we? C. ANo. We dont. BNever mind. CYes. Lets go. DSorry to hear that. Im feeling too tired to drive any more; will you takeb? Aafter Bover Con Din 2Im afraid he cantbto the idea of having a woman as his boss. Aaccept Badopt Cadapt Dacquire 3It may still be many years bthis problem could be finally settled. Auntil Bbefore Cafter Dunless 4 How about coming with us to the cinema? C AThats all right.BDont mention it.CWith pleasure.DNever mind. 5 Would you come to our party, please? b AIm afraid I can. BId like to, but Ive already had plans for tonight. CThank you for asking me, but I will come. DI wish I could, but Ive brought you a lot of trouble. 1Last year the interest rate for loand by 20 percent. Araised Barose Caroused Drose 2The man was just about tob the riddle, when suddenly he found the answer. Aarrive at Bgive up Csubmit to Dwork out 3The students are kept c cleaning the classroom. Abusy with Bbusying with Cbusy in Dto busy in 4 Can I help you, sir? d. A Yes, you can help me B No, I don t need any help COf course, if you like DNo, thanks. Im being served 5Would you like some more soup?, bIt is delicious, but Ive had enough AYes,please BNo, thank you CNothing moreb DIlike some 1A completely new situation willawhen the examination system comes into existence. Aarise Brise Craise Darouse 2Cancer is second only Bheart disease as a cause of death.

AofBto Cwith Drom 3Ken, c, but your TV is too loud. Oh, Im sorry. Ill turn it down right now. A I d like to talk with you B I m really tired of this C I hate to say this D I need your help 4 I was really anxious about you. You shouldnt have left without a word. d AWhy not? BReally? CI dont know. DIm terribly sorry. 5 You shouldnt have chosen that kind of book for me. b AOh, dont complain about gift. BSorry, Ill give you a better one next time. CWhats wrong with you? DWhat can I do for you? 1Is this b looking for? Ayou are Bwhat you are Cthat you are Dwhat are you 2The classroom was almost empty b a desk or two. Abesides Bexcept for Cexcept Din addition to 3John is busy D his girlfriend with herpaper. Ato help Bhelps Chelp Dhelping 4 a Yes. I want a pair of shoes. ACan I help you? BWhat do you want? CGood morning. DWhat are you doing? 5 Is that everything? a AThats it. Thanks BI like the red one. CEverything is ok DI am looking for a T-shirt 1I was sodthe night before my examination that I could not sleep. Aworrying Btired Chappy Dnervous 2The little girl showed the policeman the cornerdshe was knocked off her bike Aand Bwhich Cthat Dwhere 3Do you think its going to rain over the weekend? D. AI dont believeBI dont believe itCI believe not soDI believe not 4Is c here? No, Bob is absent. Aanybody Bsomebody Ceverybody Dnobody 5 d? Id like to buy a skirt. AWhat do you want BWhat are you looking for CDo you want to buy something DWhat can I do for you



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