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6.Who must the book belong to ? A.Lily. B.Lucy. C. Jane. 7.What kind of life does the woman want to have? A. A busy life. B.An exciting life. C.A peaceful life.

8.Where is John? A.In the classroom. B.On the playground. C.In the library. 9.When does the meeting begin? A. At 7:50. B.At 8:00am. C.At 8:10am. 10.Why does the man think the most helpful invention is the light bulb? A.Because it gives people more time to work and play every day. B.Because it was invented in 1885. C.Because theyre used for seeing in the day.
C. 5 5 5 15

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
D) 5 5 5 5 50

16.My family lived in __ __before I was 12 years old. 17.I spent _____hour walking to school every morning . 18.I could meet _____on the way to school. 19.There were about _____students in my class. 20.I could see many kinds of ____ there.
A A.B.C.

21.When I speak English ,I always make . Don't be afraid of that .That's how we learn. A.trouble B.mistakes C. influence 22.Tom stressed out when he failed in the exam. So did I. B.used to be C.use to 23.I think students should wear uniforms. .We look smarter in our own clothes. A.I agree B.I disagree C.I think so 24.How many people are there in your city There are people in our city. A.millions of B.three millions of C.three millions 25.Don't make any in class.Listen to me carefully. Sorry,Mr.Wang. A. voice B.noise C.sound 26.The ticket is on the floor ,please _____. A.pick up it B.pick it up C.look for

27.I like writers who explain things well. ________________. A.Me,neither B.Me,too C. So I do 28.Good afternoon .Mr.Brown!Would you please tell me the result of the exam? Ok.You did quite well.You made mistakes. A.few B.little C.a few 29.What kind of music do you like? I like music ____I can sing along with. A.who B.that C.what 30.Wow!Your city looks very beautiful! Yes.Lots of trees and grass ____last year. A.are planted B.have planted C.were planted
B) A.B.C

Do you often communicate with your parents ? Some parents are always comparing their 31.___with themselves when they were 32.__,or with other people when they were children . When I was your age,a father said to his sixteen year-old son one day,I was at the top of the my class every term.33.___you are always at the bottom()of your class. The son said 34.___.He had already heard that from his father many times. And 35.___your elder brother was your age,the father 36.__on, he studied hard .But you just 37.___your time. And the man's son still said nothing. Finally ,the father said,And when Abraham Lincoln() was your age ,he 38.__all day and studied at night . This time the son couldnt 39.__silent ()anymore. And when Abraham Lincoln was your age,Father. he said .he was the President of the United States.40.___are you now? His father had no answer to this. Are your parents always comparing you with others ?And whats your reply ?Do you have a better way to communicate with them? 31.A.children B.students C.teacher 32.A.old B.young C.tall 33.A.Although B.And C.But 34.A.something B.anything C.nothing 35.A.after B.when C.until 36.A.went B.looked C.put B.take C.waste 38.A.slept B.stayed C.worked B.keep C.make 40.A.What B.How C.Where
p A)اA

B 10

The forty Cfirst World Expo ()was held in Shanghai from May 1st to October 31st.More than two hundred countries and international organizations took part it .The theme of Expo 2010 is Better City,Better life.It represented the wish of the whole world . It was the first time for China to hold the world Expo,so the Expo 2010 Shanghai China was a great honor ()to all of the Chinese .The Shanghai government had made a lot of preparations() for it .The government had paid special attention to the public transport .Shanghai ,as the host city, got more chances to develop quickly. If you went the Shanghai Expo betweeen May and October, Did you remember carrying your camera,notebook and comfortable shoes?For six months,representatives ()of the world came together to share their best and latest ideas for the future .It was sure to be a wonderful experience. 41.The Shanghai World Expo lasted for six months . 42.It was the second time for China to hold the World Expo. 43.Shanghai developed quickly because of the World Expo. 44.You can visit the Shanghai World Expo in December. 45.You probably got many new ideas in the Shanghai World Expo.
B) ABC 3 10 Happiness() is for everyone .You don't need to care about those

people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on.Why? Because those who have big houses may often feel lonely and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads in their free time. In fact ,happiness is always around you if you put heart into it.When you are in trouble at school,your friends will help you ,when you work hard at your lessons,your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health;when you get success,your friends will say congratulations to you;when you do something wrong ,people around you will help you to correct it. And when you do something good to others ,you will feel happy,too.All these are your happiness,if you notice them ,you can see that happiness is always around you. Happiness is not the same as money.It is a feeling of your heart.When you are very poor,you can also say you are very happy ,because you have something else that can't be bought with money.When you meet with difficulties(),you can say loudly you are very happy ,because you have more chances to challenge yourself .So you cannot always say you are poor and you have bad luck.As the saying goes ,life is like a revolving ()door.When it closes ,it also opens.If you take every chance you get,you can be a happy and lucky person. 46.Happiness is for ______. A.those who have a lot of money B.those who have cars C.all people 47.When you do something wrong ,______ may correct it. B.anybody will laugh at you. will happy.

48.When you meet with difficulties ,you can say loudly you are happy because ____________. have more chances to challenge yoursellf. B.your friends will say congratulations to you. will feel happy. 49.Which is TRUE according to the passage ? A.When you get success ,your friends will be very proud of you . B.You can get help from others when you make mistakes . C.All the above. 50.What is the best title for the passage ? A.Happy and Lucky B.Happiness C.Life and Success
C) A.B.C 10

51.When will the basketball match be held? Poster Friendly Basketball Match Organized by the StudentsUnion() of our school.A friendly basketball match will be held between No.3 Middle School team and ours on the basketball court on Thursday ,December 30th ,2010 at 4:00pm.All are welcome. The School Students Union Tuesday,December 28th A.On December 30th,2010. B.On Decemberth 28 ,2010. C.December 27 ,2010. 52. Where is the ticket office? This Weeks Film Name:Modern Times Time :7:00pm Saturday ,January 1stth,(2011) Place:The meeting hall Fare:One yuan Ticket office :The school gatehouse The StudentsUnion the meeting hall. B.In the StudentsUnion. C.At the school gatehuose. 53.You can take ___to join the country walk. Hiking Club Join us for a 10-mile country walk On Saturday ,March 10th Children and dogs are welcome . Meet at the Market Square at 2pm. Call Jeff at 2168543 for more information A.children and cats B.parrots and dogs C.children and dogs 54.If Li Pin goes to share() music with his two good friends, how much will they probably pay?

Pop Music Week Bands from home and abroad will give performances in Chaoyang Park, Beijing .Chinese singers like Zhang liangying will also share() music with fans. Price:40yuan Time:9:00am-9:00pm A.70yuan. B.120yuan. C.160yuan. 55. Why does Tom ask for leave? Asking for Sick Leave Dear Mr Li, Im sorry to tell you that Im not feeling well today .Ive had a headache and a cough .I didnt sleep well last night .I went to see the doctor this morning .The doctor told me I had caught a cold ,and I should stay in bed for two days . So Im afraid I cant go to school today and tomorrow .I hope Ill be all right and go back to school the day after tomorrow .Thank you. Tom A.Because he has caught a cold . B.Because he doesnt want to go to school. C.Because he didnt sleep well last night.
D10 Should cellphones be allowed at school ?

More and more students are using cellphones at school now.The cellphones are more than just phones Cthey are being used as radios ,cameras and MP4 players ,and they are also used to send e-mails or surf the Internet .Some of them can even be used as mini-computers(). People have different ideas about whether students can use cellphones at school or not. Some people think that students dont really need cellphones .If their parents have something important to tell them ,they can ask their teachers for help .If someones cellphones rings during the class.he and his classmates cant concentrate on what the teacher is saying .Some parents also say that their children may use their cellphones to read unhealthy information from the Internet .They are really worried about this . But other people believe students can find some ways to use cellphones to help learn in the classroom .And children learn more quickly about the new technology.() 56. What are your answers to the question? 57.What can the cellphones be used as? 58.Whom can the parents find help from if they have something important to tell their children? 59 .What are some parents worried about? 60.Does someone think that children learn more quickly about the new technology?



M:Good morning ,madam!61.________________________? W:Yes,please.Could you introduce me a nice place for vacation? M:Ok.Qingdao is a nice place to visit .Its the right time to go there now. W:Sounds good .62.___________________? M:You can get there by train. W:Can I visit places of interest by bus in Qingdao? M:63._______________________.Our sightseeing bus will take you around the city. W:Really perfect.64.____________________? M:2200 yuan each person.It includes train ticketshotel and meals. W;Oh.Its a little expensive .Let me think about it . 65._____________________________ M:Youre welcome. 10
Li Tao

Li Tao ---October 26,2010 21:35 I know English is very important ,but I think its difficult to learn .Ive been working hard at it .but it hasnt improved .Soon Ill be a senior high school student. Im very worried .What should I do? ? Li Tao LiTao
1. 2. LiTao 80

p 5 10 ?

1.Peter wants to stay healthy and he thinks food that tastes good is bad for you.Tony agrees with him,he thinks food that is fried,like French fries can taste good.1.But he prefers not to eat too much. 2.Laura loves to eat food that is healthy ,She never eats fast food. 3.She stays away from sugar ,.Laura also thinks food thats been cooked in oil can increase the risk of cancer.

4.Its good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables,.its also fine to eat some meat or fish .People who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuits and hamburgers. 5.The most important thing is to have a good balance. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
p 5 10 ? 1

During the 1890s,basketball was becoming the most popular gym game in America.But basketball was not a good sport for older people to play ,because of much running in the game. So in 1895,William Morgan,a gym teacher in Holyoke,Massachusetts, America ,decided to invent a new game that would be good for older persons too.He invented a game which was played with the same kind of ball as basketball ,but more like tennis. At first Morgan called the game minonettle.But when he watched players hitting the ball back and forth ()with their hands ,or volleying (),he changed the name to volleyball . Volleyball and basketball ,which were both invented in the nineteenth century ,have become two of the most popular games.Today, volleyball has more and more players and spectators( )around the world. Information about volleyball Where was In(6) _______ It invented? Who invented it? A(7) called William Morgan Whats the good There isnt much (8) in the volleyball thing about the game ,so it is (9) for older people volleyball game? Situation now Volleyball has more and more (10) and spectators worldwide


2011 1-10
A.(5 5.) 1.Reading Chinese magazines is my favorite way to learn Chinese.B 2.The girl used to hate swimming ,but now she likes it.A 3.Students should not be allowed to get their ears piereced.A 4.If I had a million dollars ,Id build a beautiful school.C 5.Were going to an old peoples home to visit the old people this weekend. B B) . 5 5 6.W:Whose book is this ? M:It must belong to Lily .Lucy and Jane dont like reading.A 7.M:What do you want to do during the vacation? W:I want to go to the countryside to experience a quiet life.C 8.M:Do you know where John is ,Mary?He said he was in the classroom ,but I didnt find him there. W:He is studying in the library I saw him just now. C 9.W:When does the meeting begin ,Mr White ? M:It begins at 8:10am. Make sure that you get there on time. C 10.W:What do you think is the most helpful invention ?] M:I think the most helpful invention is the light bulb. W:Why is that ? M:Well,it gives people more time to work and play every day.A C. 5 5 11.Do you ever practice conversations with friends? 12.What are you like? 13.Which city have you been to ? 14. What kind of mooies do you like? 15.Where would you like to go on the winter vacation? 1115 D) Before I was twelve years old ,my family lived in the mountains .Our house was far from my school .It took me one hour to walk to school every morning .It was a happy time for me ,because I could meet friends on the way ,and we would go to school together .There were just six classes in my school ,and only about twenty students in each class. We spent most of our time playing ;the mountains were our playground .I could still see the different kinds of flowers ,the songs of different birds ,and the colors of trees in different seasons ---everything was so interesting and beautiful .Even now I still miss my life in

the mountains. 21-25BBBAB 26-30BBABC 31-35ABCCB 36-40ACCBB 41-45ABABA46-50CAACB 51-55ACCBA 56.I agree ( I disagree)57.Radio,cameras .and MP4players. 58.Teacher. 59. Use their cellphones to read unhealthy information from the Internet ..60.Yes. 61.Can I help you?( What can I do for you?) 62.How can I get there ? can. 64. How much do it cost me?/ How much will it cost me? 65.Thanks.(5665 ) I dont think English is difficult to learn .The key point is find a good way .Here Ill give you some advice on how to learn it well. Firstly,you can improved your listening skills by watching Eng lish Tv programs .Secondly ,you can practice conversations with you r friends to improve your spoken English .Thirdly ,reading stories can help you learn new words .Finally,try to find a pen pal to prac tice writing . In a world,practice makes perfect.Work hard,and you will make it. . 1.2.6.America 7.gym teacher 8.running 9.good 10.players




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