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Use of English515 1A: Shall I take your luggage? B: ________3 ANo, many thanks. I can do. CNo, you needn@t. Thank you anyway. 2A: May I take your order, sir? B: ____________.3 AGive me the bill, please. CI like the surrounding here. 3A: Sorry, I have kept you waiting. B: ________________. AI don@t care CNo, not at all 4A: What size do you have? B: ___________3 AWe got various sizes. CThis size is not for me. 5A: Li Hua failed in the math examination. B: ____________3 AIm sorry to hear that. CWhat a pity! Reading230 Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that theres a big difference between being a writer and them, not writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours alone at a typewriter. Youve got to want to write, I say to want to be a writer. The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there are thousands more whose longing is never rewarded. When I left a 20-year career in the U. S. Coast Guard to become a freelance writer, I had no prospects at all. What I did have was a friend who found me my room in a New York apartment building. It didnt even matter that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and felt like a genuine writer. BBad luck! DBad news. BWe want a small size. DI want size 26. 3 BI@m sad DThat@s all right BBut the price is too high. DId like some roast beef and chicken. BNo, not necessary. Thank you anyway. DNo, thanks. I can manage it.

After a year or so, however, I still hadnt gotten a break and began to doubt myself. It was so hard to sell a story that barely made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write. I had dreamed about it for years. I wasnt going to be one of those people who die wondering what if. I would keep putting my dream to the test, even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the Shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there. ]

1. The passage is meant to _________. A) warn young people of the hardships that a successful writer has to experience B) advise young people to give up their idea of becoming a professional writer C) show young people its unrealistic for a writer to pursue wealth and fame D) encourage young people to pursue a writing career 2. What can be concluded from the passage? A) Genuine writers often find their work interesting and rewarding. B) A writers success depends on luck rather than on effort. C) Famous writers usually live in poverty and isolation. D) The chances for a writer to become successful are small. 3. Why did the author begin to doubt himself after the first year of his writing career? A) He wasnt able to produce a single book. B) He hadnt seen a change for the better. C) He wasnt able to have a rest for a whole year. D) He found his dream would never come true. 4. ?People who die wondering what if (Line 3, Para.3) refers to those __________. A) who think too much of the dark side of life B) who regret giving up their career halfway C) who think a lot without making a decision D) who are full of imagination even upon death 5. Shadowland in the last sentence refers to _______. A) the wonderland one often dreams about B) the bright future that one is looking forward to C) the state of uncertainty before ones final goal is reached D) a world that exists only in ones imagination Sports fans all over the world recognize the name Michael Jordan. From Taiwan to Tennessee, kids wear clothes with his picture on them. Jerseyswith his number 23 on the front, jackets with the Bulls on the back, and Air Jordan sports shoes all reflect the fame of this superstar. Michael Jordan has become the most famous attraction of the worlds favorite spectator sport.

Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, Michael did not look like a future superstar. He was very shy and didnt like to talk to other When he tried out for the freshman team in high school, people Michael about himself. He was also very short. He showed little promise of having a future career in basketball. didnt make it. The next year, however, he grew tall enough to join the team. Michaels road to fame began at the University of North Carolina. He brought an acrobatic style to the game that few had seen before. Michael used his quickness and reporter strength to reach the basket again and again. He became famous for his powerful slam dunk) , Basketball fans from all over the world began to take notice. One nicknameAir Jordan. wrote that when Michael went up to dunk the basketball, it looked like he could fly. He was given the

1. Kids all over the world wear the things related to Jordan except ____. A) shoes B) jerseys C) jackets D) socks 2. Which of the following is NOT the reason that Jordan didnt look like a future superstar? A) He was poor. B) He talked less to others. C) He was too shy D) He was short. 3. Jordan grew much taller ____. A) after he joined NBA B) in the first year in high school C) in the second year in high school D) in the first year in college 4. According to the passage, which is not mentioned about Jordans advantages? A) Quickness B) Strength C) Skills D) Patience. 5. When did the name Air Jordan become well-known? A) After a reporter compared his dunk to flying. B) After he won the Most Valuable Player in NBA. C) In his freshman year in the university. D) In his first year in NBA. Vocabulary and Structure515

1The furniture in his room is quite different ________ in yours. 3 Afrom those Cfrom that one Bfrom that Dfrom those ones 3

2The government official explained that theres no point ____ about the cultural gap in that city. Ato worry Cin worrying Bwith them worrying Dworry

3He gave me ________ on how to study English well. 3 Asome advice Can advice Badvices Dthe advice

4Strict ________ measures have been taken during the Presidents visit.3 Asecure Csafe Bsecurity Dsave

5Little John caught a ________ fish this morning.3 Aalive Clonely Cloze110 What do we mean by a perfect English pronunciation? In one sense there are as many different kinds of English as there are speakers of it. (1) two speakers speak decide in what exactly the same way. We can always hear differences (2) them, and the pronunciation of English shifts a great deal in different geographical (3) . How do we learners of English. (5) you live in a part of the world like India or West Africa, where there is a long (6) of speaking English for general communication purpose, you acquire a good (7) should tend to model (10) of the pronunciation of this area. On the other hand, if you live in a country (8) there sort of English to use as a model? This is not a question that can be (4) in the same way for all foreign Balone Dliving

is no traditional use of English, you must take as your way is to take as your model the sort of English you can most often.

some form of native English pronunciation. It does not (9) very much which form you choose. The most effective

1. A) No C) Not

B) None D) Nor

2. A) between C) among

B) of D) from

3. A) areas

B) countries

C) parts

D) spaces

4. A) given C) responded

B) satisfied D) answered

5. A) Because C) When

B) If D) Whether

6. A) custom C) use

B) tradition D) habit

7. A) variety C) fashion

B) practice D) method

8. A) where C) which

B) that D) what

9. A) care C) affect

B) trouble D) matter

10 ]Translation and Writing430 1Advanced technology is expected to benefit people rather than hurt them.5

2Translate the following sentence into Chinese. She made a living by working as a waitress.5

3The hotel provides foreign guests with very good service.5

480 Write an essay on Knowledge is Power Outline: 1. 2. 3. 15 if we have no knowledge, we cannot succeed in doing any work. why? because knowledge is power. with knowledge we have conquered nature and invented steamers, trains and airplanes. we can send messages by telegram. we can talk with our friends by telephone. as is well known, we students are the future masters of the nation. she (it) needs us very much. if we do not make efforts to acquire knowledge, how can we render service to her (it)? how to get knowledge? for example readding, search for knowledge from Internet, larn from anyone and anytime! ??.



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