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Think About It:

1. What kind of image does a superman produce in your mind? Answer:A superman in my mind should look very strong and very smart, and with super-natural perseverance and a warm heart. 2. Have you ever watched a horse-riding competition? Answer:Yes, I have, but it was on TV. Horse-riding is very popular in many other western countries. It is very exciting and attracts huge crowds of people. But sometimes an accident may happen if it is not handled properly. 3 .What are the biggest difficulties you have met with in your life and how did you overcome them? Answer:One of the biggest difficulties I met with was that when I was in senior high school I had a bicycle accident. My leg was broken and I stayed in hospital for several weeks. At that time, the national entrance exam was around the corner. So I spent days and nights in the hospital reviewing my lessons and finally I succeeded. The information in a passage can be organized in different ways. In what way can identifying passage organization help you in your reading?

Read and think
1.Work with your partner and answer the following questions.

1. How did Christopher Reeve fall off the horse?

Answer:The horse stopped suddenly, but Christopher kept going. This caused him to be thrown

forward over the horses head.

2. What did Christopher Reeve manage to do after the operation?

Answer:He managed to breathe on his own.

3.How long did Christopher Reeve stay in the hospital?

Answer:He stayed in the hospital for about seven months.

4.Why did Christopher Reeve begin to make public speeches after he left the hospital?

Answer:He made speeches to advise people not to give up whenever they face challenges.

5.What can we learn from Christopher?

Answer:He was just like a Superman in real life. He was dashing, handsome, and strong. He skied,

sailed, flew planes, went scuba diving, rode horses, played tennis and did it all with skill and ease.

2. Choose the best answer to each question with the information from the passage.

Anwser: 1.B, 2.D, 3.B, 4.D, 5.A

Language Focus
3. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. Anwser: 1. bound 2. sustain 3. obstacle 4. restored 5. approval 6. shift 7. emphasize 8. undergo 9. invincible 10. appearance

Read and complete
4. Complete the following sentences with phrases or expressions chosen from the passage. Change the form where necessary. Anwser: 1. set out 2. at a time 3. in ... shape 4. stopped short 5. turned to

Read and translate
5. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. (brake, pitch forward) Answer:All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply. 2. 尿q車(break through, obstacle) Answer:This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade. 3 .忍朝(soon after) Answer:The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it. 4. (no matter) Answer:My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home. 5 .辰(break down) Answer:Talks between the two companies completely broke down, because neither of them wanted to give in

Reading Skills Practice

Answer: 1. The paragraph is organized in time sequence. Christopher set out to prove the doctors wrong. First of all, he wanted to breathe on his own. Five months after the accident, he asked to be taken off the respirator. He managed just 10 feeble breaths before being reconnected to the breathing tube. Refusing to be discouraged, Christopher took a few more breaths the next day. By the fourth day, he was able to breathe seven minutes without assistance. After three months, he could sustain himself for 90 minutes at a time. By the end of 1995, he was able to go home. 2. The order of his recovery process is as follows: ?He asked to be taken off the respirator and managed just 10 feeble breaths. ?He took a few more breaths. ?He was able to breathe seven minutes without assistance. ?He could sustain himself for 90 minutes at a time. ?He was able to go home.


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Language Points

1.approval: 1) admiration for someone Examples: Oliver looked at Simon with approval. We all like others to show approval of what we do. 2) the act of approving Examples: He expressed his approval of the arrangement. Dad indicated his approval with a nod of the head.

2.invincible: too strong to be overcome or defeated Examples: Young athletes think of themselves to be invincible. That football team was once reputed to be invincible.

3.ease: 1) the ability to do something without difficulty Examples: The wall is so low that they jump over it with ease.

I was impressed by the ease with which the information would be retrieved. 2) the state of being comfortable and without worry and anxiety Examples: The retired couple lives a life of ease. Let me put you at ease; we are all here as your friends, not to make life difficult for you.

4.relax: become less tense Examples: The music will help to relax you. His face relaxed in a smile.

5.obstacle: something in the way that stops progress or makes it difficult Examples: A tree fallen across the road was an obstacle to our car. Fear of change is an obstacle to progress.

6.communication: the act or action of communicating Examples: Speech and writing are mans most important methods of communication. Good communication is vital in a large organization.

7.break down: fail; (of machinery) fail to work Examples: The peace talks have broken down. We are sorry to arrive late, but the car broke down.

8.short: suddenly Examples: The rider pulled his horse up short. The driver stopped short when the child ran into the street.

9.pitch: (cause to) fall heavily or suddenly forwards or outwards Examples: The man lost his balance and pitched down the cliff. His foot caught in a rock and he pitched forward.

10.result in: have as a result; cause Examples: The accident resulted in the deaths of 2 passengers. His angry words resulted in a fight.

11.on ones own: without help Examples: I cant carry it on my own; it is too heavy. Do you mean youve left her to do that on her own? the time: at the moment when something happened Examples: He called at my office yesterday morning, but I could not see him, as I was having a meeting at the time. I told you at the time that you could do it.

13.despair: (v.) lose hope of Examples: Dont despair: things will get better soon. During the war, the soldier despaired of ever coming home alive. (n.) complete lack or loss of hope Examples: Defeat after defeat filled us with despair. His despair of becoming a great artist made him stop painting.

14.give up: stop having or doing Examples: She had to give up her attempt to swim across the Channel. John had given up attending the Board meeting.

15.undergo: experience (especially suffering or difficulty) Examples: The explorers had to undergo much suffering. I hope I shall never again have to undergo such an unpleasant experience.

16.restore: bring back to a good or desirable state, especially of health Examples: He feels completely restored to health after a period of intensive care. The doctor restored her power of speech.

17.emphasize: place special attention on Examples: He emphasized the importance of being honest.

The teacher emphasized the importance of care in crossing the road.

18.aid: support; help Examples: The family lived on government aid for two years. A dictionary is an important aid in learning a new language.

19.set out: begin a course of action Examples: He set out to break the world record. He set out to cut the grass, but he finished up talking to the neighbor over the garden wall.

20.sustain: (enable to) keep up, maintain Examples: They had nothing to sustain them all day except two cups of coffee. The teacher tried hard to sustain the childrens interest in learning English. a time: one (two etc.) on each occasion; separately Examples: He took the stairs two at a time. Im away a couple of weeks at a time.

22.turn to: shift to Examples: After he left the university, he became a teacher, but later he turned to journalism. In a time of grief, it often helps to turn to some new activity.

23.despite: in spite of Examples: He came to the meeting despite his illness. Despite a shortage of steel, industrial output has increased by five percent. TOP


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